Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 23, 2012

Wow! Where do I begin - there has been a great deal of development over these past several weeks, and I really do need to start updating more often. With that, I'll begin...

Jason has moved out of the hospital and into building 62, with his wife and kids. It is a very happy time and good thing for all of them. He was able to move out as of Thursday this past week, so you're not too far behind the major developments - only I am... ;-). Jason did receive his paragolfer and he got to use it  one time, to take a picture with Dr. Malone (she is going to be deployed sometime early next year, so she will be out of the picture for awhile, it seems). The down side is that some of the doctors seem to be uncomfortable with the chair and are not allow him to use it right now. He can, however, use his other power chair, so at least he has regained some mobility. This is a really good thing for multiple reasons, especially since it came before Christmas.

The wounds have all continued to heal and he is in better physical shape than he has been in for some time now. I am going to attempt to post an updated photo of him, but that may take some extra technical help, since the photo is coming from a text message. I first have to send it to my gmail account and then see if I can pull it down and a jpeg or something else.

I have been working now for a few months as a chauffeur and have begun pulling some much needed money to the household, and things are starting to look better for us. I am still searching for employment, and am hoping that the coming year is a much better one for me, with that regards. Linda and I are headed down to see David and his family for Christmas, and we'll spend some time with them. It should be a great time for all of us, since David is also taking us to Disneyland, for a nice fun visit.

Next month we are hoping to get out to the inauguration, as we have tickets and Jason and his family have tickets, so what the heck, we want to go! The interesting part of this is that Jason was there for the previous Obama inauguration, only that time he was working with the security folks and standing around in a nice suit. He said it was some of the coldest duty he has ever done and didn't want to do it again, if he didn't have to. I hope this year isn't as cold as 2008. Anyway, we'll be taking pictures and I'll post some to the blog. Thank you, all for all your wonderful support and continued prayers - God Bless and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

(I'll get that picture posted as soon as I can - it still hasn't shown up in my gmail yet

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Yes, I'm still alive and able to write this blog... I've just been remiss in getting to it. My life schedule has really gotten a bit out of hand, and I need to work on being a bit more regular, so I apologize for the delay since the last post.

Anyway, Jason is doing very well, and he has now received his Paragolfer cart. He texted me a photo, and I need to figure out how to transfer it to this blog, so the rest of you can see it. He looks great and he is standing with Dr. Malone. As it turned out he isn't supposed to be using it very much at all right now, and I think she only allowed him to get in because he has been waiting for so long to get out of bed. It will be another couple of weeks (maybe only 10 days) before he can ride it on any kind of regular basis. Bottom line is that he has it now, and it is exactly what he wants.

The wounds, obviously, have healed in a great deal more now, and the pain level has gone down. These are very good signs and we are all hopeful that it will continue to improve. Jason gets to go down to the MATC now on a much more regular basis, and this is good for him physically, as well as emotionally/socially. The interaction with the other guys, in a "non-hospital room" setting is valuable beyond expression. You can see from the picture, once I finally get it posted, that the physical efforts are going pretty good, too! Thank you, all for all your continued prayers and support. It has been an amazing pillar of strength for me and my family. God has a plan and obviously Jason is a player in that plan - as we all are.