Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 28, 2012

Today started out as most other days, with a chaotic breakfast. Afterward, I was attempting to take care of a little personal business on the web, when technology decided to find ways of causing frustration. After fighting with it for a little while I decided I'd had enough and went down stairs to the rest of the family, and Larry (Monica is here too, but we consider her family). Anyway, we decided to go to the beach today, and go visit with Anthony Netto.

Anthony was at an event, over by a specialized gym, set up for people who have been, though various means, restricted to life in a wheelchair. The main focus was to introduce them to his Paramobile, and show them some of the possibilities, and from the expressions on their collective faces I'd have to say it was a very positive effect for many of them (there were about 12 people there, with their families and support). We had the girls there, along with Monica and Larry, and they were having a great time running around and playing with many of the different folks there. I was wearing my Giants shirt and caught a little ribbing from the Padres fans in the group, but it was all in good fun. Once we were done there we headed over to the beach.

The only challenge about being at the beach today was that the tide was in, so unless you wanted to really get into the water, you were not going to down to the beach (sandy area). That was okay because there is also a nice park area at the top where the kids could play and run around, while the "older" folks could lay back on the grassy area. Actually Stacy and I did venture out to the water and wanted to just get our feet wet when a wave came in, while my back was turned, and we got a little wetter than originally planned. Stacy had a great time, and so did I. I also took Jackie out, but she was a little nervous of all that water rushing around. By the end of the afternoon both girls were very tired (so was I) and on our way back home Jason rode in the van backwards. He was facing the girls, in their car seats, and talked with them all the way home. It was an effort to keep them awake, so we could be sure to have them lay down for a nap, once they got home. Actually, Linda gave Stacy a bath before her nap, and I think it helped Stacy sleep better.

Tomorrow we go to church and let the girls experience Sunday School. We think they will have a good time, so we're looking forward to it. It feels good getting involved again, as that has been a big missing piece for the past year, and it does help all of us. Thank you, for your continued prayers and support - Also, I will probably not be posting for the next couple of days as Linda has told me she is taking me away for a little get-away. I'm really not sure where it is, but I do know that Spa has been said a couple of times. I'll be back again, once we get back... ;-)

Friday, April 27, 2012

April 27, 2012

Jason had one appointment today, and wanted to get a hair cut. His appointment was with OT and then it was a matter of working with PT and OT to schedule out the rest of May for the month's appointments. Once that was done we headed back home. The girls were at daycare so we decided to let them stay there for a little while - Stacy asked to go to see Miss Nancy, and seemed pretty happy to see her once at daycare. After getting back to the house, and making sure that Jason was comfortable I did a quick check on my email and then headed back to pick up the girls. Not too much happen the rest of the day, until Linda and Monica arrived for the weekend.

I was very happy to see them, and it is really great that Monica was able to come down with Linda. Linda and I plan to get away for a couple of days, and Monica is going to be filling in for me, with Jason. Jason has known Monica since she was a toddler, enrolled in Linda's day care, and she has always looked up to Jason as a second big brother. Both the girls already know Monica, since she now works occasionally for Linda, and was there when Stacy and Jackie stayed with Grandma. Its a win-win all the way around. All I have to do is set up the medications for Jason, and show Monica how they are given and when.

We are all going to the beach tomorrow, and I hope get a little more relaxation time in, along with Jason being able to play with a paramobile. Thank you, for all the prayers and continued support, it is appreciated.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 26, 2012

Today was kind of an exciting day for Jason. He was able to get over to the Urology department and set up an appointment at the same time as his OT appointment. He recognized that he was at the beginning stages of another infection, and it was important to get it taken care of. While he was at Urology I went over to OT and let them know he would not be coming. They were very understanding and wished him well. The appointment at Urology was set up to be 20 to 30 minutes (actually listed out on his appointment list at 20 minutes) and we ended up being there for over 90 minutes. They initially had some trouble with the catheter and the doctor had to come in and take care of it; something that the corpsmen usually handle. Apparently once they had that done there was other examinations that had to take place and this time the medical team came back with a more comprehensive plan on what to do. Jason will be on a two week regimen of another strong antibiotic and then they want him to take a "maintenance" antibiotic on a daily basis, to help insure the infection doesn't come back. It seems like they really don't know what is causing it yet, and this should help to control it. This was actually all good news, as far as Jason was concerned because this catheter has been about the biggest challenge Jason has had to deal with, over the past several months.

After the appointment, and the picking up of the Rx from the pharmacy we headed back to the house. We had taken the girls over to the day care, since Stacy was asking for it, and at this time we knew the girls were down for their naps. It was after noon, and we were hungry, so we went to Taco Bell. We hadn't been there is awhile so I was good with it, and Jason wanted some for lunch. By the time we got home it was after 13:30 (1:30pm) and Jason wanted to lay back down. This actually provided me some time to just relax a bit and catch up on my email and do some reading.

Tonight we had a simple dinner of hot dogs and pork and beans and apple sauce. Both Stacy and Jackie were happy with the selection and Jackie was able to put away almost an entire hot dog, by herself... she eats like her daddy. The girls were up for a couple of hours longer and then it was time for bed. When I had picked up the girls from the day care they told me that Jackie had not actually had a very good nap today, and now I could tell she was tired. She went down just a little after 20:00 (8pm), and then Stacy went in to see Daddy. Both of the girls were spending more time with him today, and that made me feel pretty good, and then Stacy wanted to have him read her a story. He read the short version of Cinderella. A little while later it was time for Stacy to go to bed, and then Jason put her to bed and then told her another story, and it was a long story. Stacy was very happy to have it happen, and I was probably almost as happy. It made me feel very good that Jason was feeling good enough to spend that much time with her, and I could also tell he was really enjoying it too.

Well, that was pretty much the end of the evening and I worked on some laundry and a few other things, and now on the blog. Thank you, for continued support and for all the prayers for Jason. Obviously things are going in the right direction, so we are very pleased with everything.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

This morning started off a bit better with the fact that there were no appointments to worry about. Unfortunately Jason wasn't feeling particularly good, due to a number of issues but mostly discomfort. I was concerned for a good portion of the day, but he never seemed to really get to the point where I felt I needed to take him in. He did end up taking a little more pain medication today, and that was the first time he had asked for that in about a month, maybe longer. The biggest help was that it allowed him to sleep a little more, and it apparently got him over the hump. By the end of the day he was feeling much better and even got in a couple of good hugs for his daughters when they went to bed. I read them The Story Of Jesus, and Stacy was very interested in it. Jackie didn't seem to have the slightest idea of what I was talking about, and I finally had to just put her in her crib so I could finish reading the story to Stacy. Funny thing is, when I did put Jackie in bed, she just laid down and went to sleep - I expected at least some protest.

Today, I took the girls over to the play ground area and came across the YMCA group there, that brings toys and building blocks for the children of the military families in the area. Both Stacy and Jackie had a great time, and on top of that, Charlie and his two girls came down too, and all four of them were playing together. There were another six or seven kids there, and some mothers, so there were plenty of kids to make the place look full. We stayed for about an hour or so. I had to get them to stop and sit down for a while, as it was warmer today, and I wanted to be sure they had a snack and drank some water. Then they were off again.

Tomorrow we have to go to the hospital again, and we're going to be talking to other doctors, besides those on the appointment schedule. Especially considering the pain of the past couple of days. Jason will start off with a shower, and I am hoping that, that in itself will make him feel better. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012

Google has decided that it was time to make changes to their blogging offerings, so today it looks a little different to me, but what the heck, today has been a different kind of day all around. Jason had the laser treatment yesterday, and he was told it would probably feel a bit like a mild sun burn today. Well, the doctor was right, it did feel like a sun burn, only it wasn't mild. Think of the kind of sun burn where your skin is tender, and it hurts just to put your shirt on. That's what Jason was trying to sit on, in his chair. As you can imagine, he wasn't too happy about it. He was up in his chair for about 20 minutes, dealing with the discomfort when I asked him if he would like to just get back in bed and forget his appointments for today. He said he would and I called his section leader and asked him to cancel all  his appointments. GySgt Parker is a great guy and said it would be no problem at all, and said to make sure that Jason just stayed down and was comfortable. At about that time the house cleaning service came by and I took the girls down to the park, so they could play and be out of the way of the cleaners. On the walk over to the park I stopped at the Linvilles and asked if their two could come along and so we all ended up down at the part, and the girls were having a great time. A little later we headed back to the house as I could see they were getting tired. Then a little later today I was able to speak with the Ortho doctor, who was looking in to what can be done with the HO and he said that things were looking good as far as being able to help with the effort to remove some of it. The decision is simply, when. Jason and I will be getting with that doctor and some of the others and then make a decision and create a time line as to what is to be done and in what kind of sequence. We'll be looking at all the risks involved as well as being able to talk to all the key players to help make this as safe and effective for Jason (Wow, almost sounds like I'm putting together a project plan for his treatment and recovery... I guess I am).

I spent the day with the girls, and we had a good time. Stacy went to the store with me, after Jackie went down for her nap. We picked up a couple of things we needed at the house and generally had a good time scooting around with the shopping cart. It was one of those that had a "car" attached to the front, so she would feel a little like she was driving through the store. She had a bunch of fun and was laughing most of the time, even started making honking noises when we got around other people.

Tonight, after dinner, and after a little clean up, I settled down with the girls and watched Finding Nemo. We didn't see the entire movie, as it was getting late, so I first put Jackie to bed and then let Stacy stay up about another 20 minutes then she went to bed. It was a nice relaxed way to end the day, but now I have a few more things to do and will probably be up until close to 23:00 (11pm) before I get to bed. Tomorrow we have to appointments, so I already know that, and have it planned that way. Thank you, for the prayers and for all the support, and please continue to keep us in your hearts.

Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

Jason had a busy day today, even though there was only one appointment for him to go to. Of course this appointment took several hours, and he was in an operating room for a good part of it. He had the laser treatment done again on his wounds and so far it looks like things are going well. The smaller of the two has gone down much more significantly than first anticipated. The larger of the two has reduced also, but not as much. If they can even close one of the two it would be great, and then they could focus on just the one. There is also the continuing issue of the HO (Hetero-topic Ossification), and we still don't know what is going to happen as a result of that, but that's to be decided soon - we hope.

After his appointment we took the girls to Target, where Jason bought them both a new pair of shoes. Seems the ones they were wearing just don't fit like they're supposed to anymore. Seems like Jason is buying new shoes about every six weeks or so. Its like the girls are continuing to grow. Okay, I remember when Jason and his brothers were all smaller and we had to buy shoes for all of them; and then sports equipment; and, more shoes and bicycles; and, more shoes... you get the picture. It is one of the many joys of parenting, and I do miss those days.

The rest of the week should be relatively easy, with Wednesday being a day with no appointments. We might go do something if Jason is feeling up to it. Then again, we might just stay at home and play around here, and down at the park. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and all the support.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22, 2012 - A day at Church

Jason and I went to the San Diego Community Presbyterian Church today, and it was great. I was very pleased to see that they have a program that is very similar to the Livermore Presbyterian Church, so we felt totally comfortable, and the people there were very friendly. We met the pastor prior to the service, Rev. John Powell and also a member of the choir, Sumpner (he didn't have a name tag on his robe, but that's how he introduced himself), and he was our impromptu guide. We didn't stay too long after the service though as Jason was feeling a need to get back down, though we did get to speak with a few other members of the congregation. Jason said he would like to bring the girls there next Sunday, since they will be with us again, a little later tonight. Actually, the rest of the day was pretty laid back and restful, just like I was hoping it would be. Larry asked for the day off, and I said that it was fine with me - he has been coming nearly every day since he started, so I didn't mind. Jason stayed in bed for the most part and I did a little corresponding and catching up on some reading (Eisenhower The White House Years, by Jim Newton - Good book, even if you're not into history).

Tomorrow we have a couple of appointments and then that's about it. Jason may have an errand or two but the rest of the day will be relaxing with the kids. Thank you for all the support and prayers being sent our way - it is much appreciated.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012

Another laid back Saturday. Jason spent most of the day in bed, and playing his video games or watching T.V. I am so glad that he is aware of the need for him to stay down as much as he can, to help with the healing. I can see it in his eyes that he would like to get out and go do something, but staying down is the best thing for him. Now that I've said that, he and I will be headed over to the Presbyterian Church tomorrow for the first time. We won't be out and about any more than we need to, but it just feels like now is the time to go. I really miss going to church, and I think he does too. Not much else going on today other than my bike ride. I did about 15 miles and it was a nice ride. Actually, I'm not sure if I was just lucky or what, but it seemed that all the people I came across were very friendly. This is in sharp contrast to the last time I went. Most of the folks then were rude, so today was very refreshing. Thank you, for continuing to support us and follow the blog and thanks also for all the prayers. Good night.

Friday, April 20, 2012

April 20, 2012

Today was an interesting day in that Jason had one scheduled appointment that was set for 15 minutes. Yep, 15 minutes and it was the only appointment on the schedule. It was with the Orthopedics team, and since we are working pretty closely with them right now we both considered it to be a very important appointment that we didn't want to miss. It said to get there 15 minutes early so we could check in and be ready when the appointment was to start. Now, all of that sounds fine so far, and we did get there 15 minutes early. Jason went up to the counter and Larry and I went over and sat down in the waiting area. Jason came on over and we started to talk; and, we talked for about 30 minutes. I went up and asked if Jason was going to be going in soon and I was told he was going to be next. Then they called two other patients who went in, and that kind of bothered me a little. Jason wanted to pick up a new Rx since we were at the hospital and said I'm going to get my prescription going, and while he was gone, nothing happened (fooled you, you thought I was going to say they called his name). They didn't call his name until almost 20 minutes later. We went in and there was the Ortho doc, who knew us and he asked, "Why are you here?" We replied, "Because Jason was given an appointment to be here. Its on the list, so we come." He said it didn't make any sense, since they just did the assessment yesterday there was no reason to have Jason in today. We ended up spending nearly 90 minutes for a 15 minute appointment. The doctor did apologize a couple of times, and you could tell he was a bit embarrassed, though I don't think he actually had anything to do with it.

After that appointment Jason wanted to head over to the Credit Union to check on one of the accounts he has set up for the girls, and we were still able to get back to the house and just before noon. I fixed him and I lunch (normally Larry fixes his lunch, but I decided to do it, since I was there anyway). I made a couple of hamburgers (cheese burgers actually) and they came out really good. After he ate he took a little nap and I kind of just relaxed and took the rest of the day off. Not much else happened with Jason, except that we did have a visit from Bob Hammer. He stayed for a short visit and then left. It was nice to see him and it is always good to have company.

Not sure what is going to be happening tomorrow. It all really depends on how Jason is feeling. I would like to make a run out to Costco, to pick up a few things, but really not too much. We might get out and go do something else, but right now I am not aware of any other plans. So with that I'll sign off now and Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19, 2012

Well, today was the big day, for the Ortho visit, and we did get to see the doctor. I guess he kind of gave us an update, in that he said he didn't think there was anything more they could do here. He did want to talk with the plastics folks, and I hope that doesn't take too long, but right now we still don't know what the next step is going to be. The doctor hinted pretty strongly that he thought that something could be done, at another location, just not here. My guess would be that we will be headed back to Bethesda - BUT THAT IS JUST A GUESS, please don't be upset if we find out tomorrow (or Monday) that something else is going to be done. The challenge with this is that there are so many things going on right now that we would need to make some arrangements for all the other stuff going.

There were other appointments today, also, though they were for the regular things that we've been dealing with, for the past several weeks, mainly PT and OT. Actually I was hoping to take advantage of one of the programs that they offer for the C5 guys and their families, and that is wood working. I want to build a meal tray for Jason, so he can eat comfortable while he is in bed. I don't think it would be a difficult thing to build, I just need to find the time to get over there and do it. The class is only open on Wednesday, so I'll have to wait until next week for my next chance.

Not much else to talk about right now. I think I've gotten rid of all the left overs in the refrigerator, and I didn't have to toss anything out. I'll be glad when the girls are back - its easier to cook for the four of us than it is for just the two of us. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and all your support.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18, 2012

Jason only had two appointments today, and then we went back home. The appointments were for PT and then OT, and they were back-to-back. Funny thing about PT is that the appointment comes up as a 30 minute session, and he usually spends an hour or more there. He is worked pretty good, and the biggest thing they are working on right now is loosening up his shoulder and back muscles. One of the therapists commented that she usually just has to push a little on the guys shoulders to get them to move some, with Jason she is putting her entire weight in the push and it still barely gives. He really needs this attention and treatment. While Jason was getting his treatment I took Tommy, the PT dog, for a walk. Tommy is almost always at PT and frequently is up on the table with Jason or one of the other guys. Most of the folks there say his name should be Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh because he shows almost no energy at any time. He just walks around with his tail wagging, looking for attention and/or food. After PT Jason went to OT and there the 30 minute session is usually just that, and sometimes less, if they can get everything accomplished. Sometimes there is overlap in what the two (PT & OT) do, but Jason still gets a good work out.

Once we were done with the appointments we came back to the house and just kicked back for a little while, and then later in the day we went and explored the possible day care areas for the girls. We are hoping that they can get into one of the up coming slots that are now available. We'll see how that turns out. Jason was particularly impressed with the one center, as it is literally less than a year old and all the equipment still looks very good and has the newness still about it.

Once we were done with all the looking around we decided to go out to dinner and used one of the gift cards we have been given. We went to Red Lobster and enjoyed being able to just sit and talk and not have to deal with any outside distractions. Also, most of the time, when the girls are not with us, Jason eats his dinners in bed, so that he doesn't spend any more time in the chair than he needs to. So, today was the first time we have had dinner together, since about two weeks ago, and I didn't have to do the cooking.

That was the end of the day, and now I'm getting the last of the blog typed up. Tomorrow is a very big day for us, and we are hoping to hear the results of the big doctor meeting soon afterward. This is the one where they will be discussing what can be done for Jason's HO and some pain relief. This is definitely something that I would like to have prayers going towards. Thank you, for your continued support and prayers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

Jason's day started off pretty well, in that I made a breakfast of scrambled eggs with ham, hash brown potatoes, toast and juice. On top of that, he ate it all, so that made me happy. We were up and ready to go by 09:30 and the first appointment was at 10:00. We made it there with time to spare, like we usually do. The concern I had today was that he was going to be up in his chair for way too long of a period and that it could possibly result in some damage. While he was at PT I asked him to just lay on the table (its a padded large work out table that the guys use for treatment - there are actually three of them) and then when his appointment started he just stayed on that same table. That was over an hour of being out of the chair. Then the last appointment of the day was with dermatology and again he was out of the chair, so over all he was able to get out of the chair enough that it wasn't too hard on him. Besides, the doctor (dermatologist) was very pleased with the progress of the smaller of the two wounds. He was happy with both, but the smaller one was the one that really catches your eye. We discussed the laser treatment and he wanted to be sure that there wasn't much discomfort associated with it, and Jason said that he was fine.

We left the house at 09:30, and we got back to the house at just a little after 16:00 (4pm). That's a long day for anyone having to deal with appointments. Tomorrow is going to be a much easier day, since there are only two appointments and they are both only 30 minutes long. There is an hour between them, but I think if we get to the second appointment right after the first we will still be able to get both of them done, and back to the house before the second is scheduled to begin. At least that is how I'm thinking.

Once we're back we take care of a few things we need to get done around the house and then probably just lay back and relax. Thank you, for continuing to be there with all the prayers of support and just keeping us in your hearts.

Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012

Good day today, we started out with a bit of a hiccup, in that I didn't look at the schedule until we were already late for our first appointment. I had it in my head that the first one was at 10:00, when in fact it was at 09:00. We managed to arrive at about 09:30, so it wasn't too bad, and they really like Jason in PT so they were happy to seem him there. He also spent a bit more time with them than originally planned, but that was because they still think that his shoulders are way to tight and the muscles in his back (between his shoulder blades) need to be strengthened. On top of everything else, I'm getting quite an education about Physical Therapy.

Once he was done with PT, he had to head over to Occupational Therapy, and we were actually a little early for that appointment. The focus for them is to get strength back in his right hand. His left hand and arm are as good as ever. One of the funny aspects of his treatment was that one of the OT folks suggested that Jason start playing the guitar, and Jason said he has a banjo. The OT guy said, "That's great, you need to practice with it. It will strengthen your hands faster than just about anything we can do here." I guess that's because of the self motivational aspect of playing a musical instrument, because you want to, rather than doing things you have to do. The reason it was "funny" was because I was just talking to Jason about starting to practice with it, again.

Well, the appointments were over and we decided to come on back to the house. We didn't have anywhere else we needed to go, and Jason was feeling tired (They did work him pretty good.) Jason had lunch and took a good nap, and then a little later we finished off the soup from last night. I actually added a few more things to it, just to be sure there was going to be enough, and we were happy.

Tomorrow is going to be an even busier day, with four appointments to get to, and I have looked at the schedule a couple of times, just to be sure I had the right time in my head. We need to be over there by 10:00. I hope everyone has a great evening and gets a good night sleep. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support. I will do my best to get some new pictures out on the blog by tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012

Not much of a post today, all we did was go shopping so that Jason could pick up some PT (Physical Training) gear, as that is what he is supposed to be wearing. The funny thing is, when we got over to the Exchange, they didn't have any, so he bought some new sheets for his bed instead.

We just lazed about the house today, with me doing some laundry and going through and doing a little clean up of my email accounts (I try to do that every now and then). I made some vegetable-beef soup, and I think it turned out pretty good. I tried something a little different this time, and added some pearl onions and they cooked up real nice. Of course Jason isn't a big fan of onions so he didn't appreciate the delicate flavor they have. He just picked them out and didn't eat them... ;-)

Thank you, for all your prayers and continued support, And for continuing to read the blog.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 14, 2012

Today was a day where we got to get out of the house and do a little golfing. Well, at least some practice swings on the putting green, and then Anthony showed us how to hit balls by chipping them from the ruff on to the green... gee I even kinda sound like I know what I'm talking about. To say the least, Jason was a better student and did much better than I did. The down side to all this was that it started to rain. We did get under a cover and didn't get too wet. Jason was riding around in one of the Paragolfers from Stand Up and Play and he was doing well the entire time there. Heck even Larry got in on the act and was hitting some balls. The rep from Cleveland Clubs was there (along with several others) and he was helping Jason and Anthony as well. I think he and Anthony know each other. Anyway, we stayed for a few hours and then we had to get going, and with the rain coming down it seemed like a good time, and I wanted to get Jason back down. He said he thought it was a good time to go too. I could tell he enjoyed the visit though, as he talked about the golfing most of the way back to the house.

Tomorrow we need to go shopping for some food. We actually have some food in the house, but we're down bread and a few other things. Its one of those activities that he likes to do, and we seem to do it well together. Other than that, we don't have much planned for tomorrow, so I'm looking at doing some laundry and maybe a few other catch up items around the house.

Right now I think I need to get to bed as I'm getting a bit tired. Thank you, for keeping up with this blog and for all the support and prayers being sent our way. We appreciate it very much.

Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13, 2012 - Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is supposed to be a scary kinda day, or something like that. Well today was actually kind of nice, though it did get a bit stormy towards the end of the day. We actually had a thunderstorm with a couple of lightening strikes and two loud thunder claps. It rained pretty hard for a few minutes, too. Kind of made me feel like taking a nap or something (I sleep well during a thunderstorm), but it was short lived and adjusted back to a regular San Diego rain pattern. I did get out for a bike ride this morning, and had a good time going no where, for about 15 miles. I ended up back where I started, so I call that going no where.

Jason pretty much stayed in bed all morning, because he didn't have an appointment until 13:00 (1pm), and by that time the weather was starting to turn from overcast to threatening. By the time we were done it was starting to sprinkle a bit, and Jason still wanted to head over to the grocery store to pick up a few things. We had planned on going to see Anthony Netto, to get a little golf practice in, but with the weather changing as it was, the golf was called off. Anthony and Jason decided to get together tomorrow instead, and I was happy with that.

Its kind of interesting that we have spoken to, and shown a few folks the Paragolfer and they all seem to be very excited about it, and all the possibilities for the guys who can get one. I even had a conversation with Dr. Pyo and he was on the very interested side when we started to talk about Jason getting one. He said he was very impressed with how it allowed Jason the ability to "stand" and hug his mom. My guess is that we are going to figure out how to get one of these for Jason, sooner, rather than later.

Once we got back from the store Jason laid back down and I took care of a few things around the house. While at OT today they mostly worked on his right hand and wrist, and then a little on his transfer skills. It wasn't too rigorous, and he seemed fine, then asked for some extra pain meds. He has been staying away from the "extra" meds for some time now, so I was surprised when he asked for more. He did say that his phantom pain was starting to become a bother (I also discussed this with Dr. Pyo), but not so much that he would need extra meds. Now we need to keep an eye on what is going on with that. It may be that he is again starting to do to much and I'm going to have to get him to pull back just a little. This weekend will be a good telling if that is accurate.

Anyway, that is pretty much the day. Jason went to sleep a little early, which makes me wish I didn't have to wake him up for his evening meds, but that goes with the territory. Tomorrow we should be able to get over to see Anthony Netto, and stay there for a short visit, then the rest of the day he will be laying back down. Thank you, or all your prayers and continued support, it is appreciated.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

April 12, 2012

Today was a nice day with only a single appointment with OT and then back home to get Jason back in bed. Actually, after getting back to the house Jason wanted to take a shower, and as a result his dressings were changed out and then he laid back down. I took a good look at his wounds and they are looking better all the time. If they keep moving like they are I would guess that the wounds will be closed, or at least close to being closed, by the end of June. This is a good thing for more reasons than just his skin is his body's first layer of defense against infection. It should allow him to be more comfortable for longer periods and it should also allow him to be able to take longer trips, like maybe back up to Livermore for a visit. Okay, perhaps I'm jumping the gun here a little, but at least it makes me feel better just thinking about it. Actually traveling is one of those things that has forever changed for Jason, since he is unable to fly in a commercial flight now. Anywhere we go we are either going to need help with a private kind of flight (there are actually some folks we've already spoken to that can help us with that) or it will have to be from a ground vehicle transportation.

He is hoping to be able to get another vehicle, so that he can drive again someday, and thinks the Ford F150 or F250 would be the best vehicle for him to use. Especially if he is to get one of those ParaMobiles. I have been told that some of you have not been able to see the videos yet, so what I would like you to do is to get over to www.youtube.com and do a search on Anthony Netto. You'll find a list of videos on the left side of the screen. Scroll down to the one with Jason and take a look. Of course you're also welcome to view the other videos, just to see more about what this great thing can do, but you'll want to see Jason first... ;-)

Tonight we had dinner with Bob Hammer and his lovely wife Debbie. They took us to Jakes at DelMar and we had a great time. We didn't have to drive too far, and we didn't stay too long for Jason. The conversation was excellent, as was the company, and Jason and I were very happy with the evening completely. That is until we got back home.

For some reason the water has been turned off in this house. It was running when we left, just a few hours earlier. I looked all over and didn't find a shut-off valve so I couldn't turn it back on, and there is no after hours phone number to call, so we have to wait until morning to find out what the heck is going on. Well, obviously the power is still on, so I can get this posted, and then I'll just go to bed. I had to brush my teeth with bottled water. I hadn't done that is a long time.

Thank you, for all your continued support and all your prayers.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11, 2012

Busy day today - Jason had three appointments and then I had one of my own with the VA. We started out with an early start and Larry was stuck in traffic. It rained this morning and one of the things we've noticed around here is that the general population does not do well in wet weather. We had to leave for the hospital without Larry, as I didn't want to be late for one of Jason's appointments.

Perhaps I should explain something. With Jason still on active duty, as a Marine, and in the hospital, one might wonder how the Marines determine how he is rated. As a Marine, he has a job to do, and depending on how well he does that job, along with the other aspects of being a Marine, they decide on his rating which is used to determine rank advancement. Jason is recovering from his injuries, and will be doing so for the next several months, and his "job" now is to make sure he goes to all his scheduled appointments, or at least contacts the appropriate people, if he isn't going make it. As long as he does this he will be rated well, and it is possible that he could gain rank even while in the hospital. That's why it is so important for him to get to all of his appointments, and being on time is almost as important.

So, anyway, we went to PT and they worked on him and said that his shoulders are way too tight and they need to get loosened up and he'll be getting some massage therapy on a regular basis, at least for a little while. Then there was some paper work that got goofed up that I had to take care of, and by the time I was done with that it was time for his next appointment. The infectious disease people were a little angry that they weren't contacted when Jason's infections first showed up, and requested that Jason contact them first from now on. I agreed to contact them early, but not a guarantee they will be contacted first. It all depends on the situation.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day in that there is only the one appointment with the OT folks, and then we'll come back to the house. Jason said he will want to take a shower tomorrow, but after OT, rather than prior. Once he is done with that he'll be back in bed until we go to dinner with the Hammers (two wonderful people we have met since we've been here). I might also try to get a bike ride in, during the afternoon, as long as the weather cooperates, so we'll see. That was the day and a glimpse of tomorrow.

And now a bit of a side note - Please check out the following:


If you check out this site you will learn much more about the Paramobile/Paragolfer that Jason was using these past couple of weekends. He will be out again Friday with Anthony Netto, hitting some golf balls. It is great fun for Jason and a good way for him to get some exercise - outdoors.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 10, 2012

Another day, another appointment... Okay, maybe a few appointments. It started out with just one and ended up with a couple more; funny how that happens. The good side is that Jason now has some PT (Physical Therapy) sessions set up again, and I think that is one of the areas he misses. The OT (Occupational Therapy) is good and he likes the folks there, its just that he wants to do more. Then there is the balance needed so that he doesn't over do it, as we know where that ended up last time. Jason is feeling pretty good with how things are going, though it would be nice if the progress were a little faster. Sometimes it seems that progress just isn't paying attention to what he wants, and we just need to work on our patience, rather than just being a patient (pun intended).

We got to the hospital and to his first appointment, and while he was taking care of that I was doing my best to take care of a couple other things. We had borrowed a DVD from the YMCA (Cinderella) for the girls, and now that they are gone for the next two weeks we don't need the DVD. Besides, they saw it about 10 times and I was getting kind of tired of it. I need to find another video for them for their next stay with us... maybe a couple of them. The other errands took me over to a couple of other places and then I was back to C5, where Jason was still at his appointment. Actually, I was only gone for about 20 mintues, so I just sat and read emails and a magazine.

We went over to PT to set up some appointments and Dawn, the Therapist, suggested that she could work with Jason right there. She was free for the next hour so she did a few things with Jason, including an assessment. After that we went over and made sure all the other appointments were correct and then we headed back home. I always check to see how Jason is doing when we leave and he said he needed to get back to the bed so he could get off his feet. He stayed in bed the rest of the day, and is still there now. Aside from dinner, where he watched some T.V., he enjoys playing the video games.

Tomorrow we have an early appointment so we'll need to get going a little sooner than we have in the past. The good news is that we should still be back to the house at about the same time as we were today. I don't think we have any other things to do, at least not right now. I may go for a bike ride tomorrow afternoon, just to get out of the house for a little bit, or I may spend some time with the job search. The search is going kind of slow, so I'm thinking that I may need to look for another method of finding a position. Something will come, I just don't know what it is just yet.

Thank you, for all your support and prayers. Please keep in mind those guys who are still dealing with difficult issues, and for all those who are still in harms way.

Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012

A nice laid-back kinda day with no appointments and nothing to do but take care of a couple of errands. I finished up the laundry and put away a bunch of clothes, then otherwise just took care of Jason's needs. Tomorrow is another day, where he does have an appointment, and anytime we get over to the hospital with just a single appointment we always seem to spend more time there doing other things. Anyway, Linda will be back down in less than 3 weeks, and that will be good. Thank you, for the continued prayers and support. Take care and have a great evening.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8, 2012 - Happy Easter

We had an Easter Egg hunt, in the backyard, with Stacy, Jackie and their cousin Dylan. It was great fun even for Jackie. She didn't really understand what was going on, and so we provided her with a little assistance. Jackie ended up with six eggs to Stacy's 22 and Dylan's 18 (at least I think that was what they ended up with). Even after the "hunt" was over Jackie was having so much fun just running around with her basket she just continued while Stacy and Dylan sat down and took stock of their new found treasures. It was great with all the activity and Jason had a great time with the kids - probably the best he's had so far, though the beach was pretty good.

The sad part of the day was that tomorrow it is back to just Jason and I, and Larry the Home Health Aide. David (Dylan's dad) and his family had to head back up to Los Angeles, Mom (Linda) had to leave tonight to return to Livermore, and the girls will be gone for the next two weeks. These next two weeks should be good, particularly the end of the second week, as we should hear about what was discussed for Jason's next steps with recovery. Stay tuned for the exciting days to come.

Thank you, for all your prayers and continued support. God gave us all a second chance when Jesus was killed and then resurrected and I believe Jason has been given a second chance with his life.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7, 2012

Today was a good day. We all went to the San Diego Zoo for a few hours - that was about as long as the kids and Jason could handle the crowds - and we rode the tour bus all around the park. David and Dylan were with us this time around and it was good to see them again, and we're hoping to maybe see Miriam before they have to head back home tomorrow. Of course Linda has to head back home tomorrow also, so it will be back to just Jason and me after tomorrow night. The girls will also be going tomorrow night. It has been a crazy busy week, but one that was very enjoyable with all the family being here. I think Jason really enjoyed it as well. Tomorrow is Easter, so we will have to get up a little early, to make sure everything is in place. That's about all the update for today. About the only thing different was that Linda and I finally went out and bought some new sheets for the bed. The "old" ones were already beginning to show some wear, and besides I wanted some new ones.

Thank you, all for all your support and prayers. Tomorrow is a special day so please do say a special prayer for all the warriors who are still in harms way as well as for those that are recovering from injuries.

Friday, April 6, 2012

April 6, 2012

I got up this morning, and found everybody still asleep. I didn't think it was that early, only about 06:30, but I guess everyone else did. I went down to make sure that Jason had taken his meds, and found that he was asleep still, and I needed to wake him up to take the meds. That was probably only the third time, since being here, that I have had to wake him. Usually he has taken them before I show up, and if he is asleep I let him stay asleep, today I had to wake him. When I checked on the girls they were both asleep and looking very cute, so I went on back up to my room. Linda was sleeping so I just took a quick look at my email. Jason's first appointment was at 11:00 this morning, so no rush to get everyone moving, and then I noticed that Linda sounded kind of funny, I went in to check on her and found out that she had caught a cold. She ended up spending most of the day in bed, with a good portion of that just sleeping, and that was a good thing. She seems to be much better now, so I am hopeful that she has been able to kick that bug. We think she may have caught it from her mother, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere near as bad as Mom's was - that's why I'm hopeful.

Jason only had one appointment with OT and that went quite smoothly. After I got him back to the house we had lunch and then the girls went down for their naps, and Jason laid back down on his bed. With all of them laying back down and with Larry and Linda still in the house I felt comfortable heading out to Costco. We needed a few things, with one of the most important being Apple Juice (Linda reminded me just prior to going) for the girls. Well, I got everything that was on the list, and then a few other things - just forgot to get the apple juice (it wasn't on the list). Oh well, I can run down to the store and pick some up. Besides the girls seem to like the Trader Joes brand the best.

Dinner was left overs from the big dinner that Linda's mom made the day before. We took the girls up to the bath and they got all cleaned up, after playing in the tub for almost 30 minutes. Then it was time for bed. Both of them seemed to go into very happy mode, as they were running in to see daddy and then running back out, just to turn around and do it again. I think Jason was enjoying their goofy acting, and then they went up to kiss and hug Daddy goodnight. Once they were down and in bed I was able to get up stairs to work on this posting. Today is Good Friday and it has been one for us, in multiple ways. Thank you for all your prayers and for all the continued support being sent our way. There are a number of you who have done a little more to help us, and I know we haven't always been on top of the game by giving thanks, but please do know that we do appreciate it. Heck, there are some who have sent gifts that we don't even know, and I'd like to say a special thank you, to them and hope they read this blog to see it. Take care and God Bless you all.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012

Jason had two appointments today, with one of them being Occupational Therapy and the other with the Dermatology folks - the ones who did the laser treatment. At OT he had a good workout, and was actually sweaty when he finished. I think he likes it when he has a good hard workout and sweats like that. It makes him feel more complete. There was a gap between appointments of about two hours so he decided to take advantage of the time and take care of another "errand" the Gunny had given to him. Then he went to the Exchange and made a couple of small purchases and we still had over an hour to wait. So like any good patient, he said, "Let's go early and see if they can take us in sooner." As it turned out that's exactly what happened, and we were done at about the time we were supposed to be going in.

The visit allowed the doctor to take a look at the wounds and see that they were now looking better than they had before. He had taken a couple of pictures of the initial visit, and compared them to the current state and anyone could see that there was some improvement. There will be another couple of visits, prior to the next treatment, and we expect that they improvements will continue.

Afterward, Jason and I went over to pick up the girls from the drop in day care, on base and headed back to the house. Linda was at the house doing some clean up and making sure there was something to eat for dinner. It was a nice feeling to have her there waiting for us. The girls were happy to see us and all-in-all it turned out to be a very good day. Tomorrow Jason has just one appointment, and should be able to relax most of the day at home. We've talked about going to Costco, so we might do that, but then we might not.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers. I am hoping that tomorrow I will be able to post a link to the Paramobile/ParaGolfer. I know some of you have been asking about it, so I am anxious to get it out to as many as possible, as soon as possible.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012

Short post today, due to the fact that Jason spent most of the day in bed - and that's a good thing.

I got up a little early and went for a bike short bike ride (~12 miles) and when I got back to the house everybody was up and they were just finishing breakfast. We talked a little about what we were going to do today and then Jason said he wanted to go lay back down. Linda's folks were coming back over a little later in the morning to spend the day with us, and prepare an "Easter Dinner" since they won't be here on Easter. They will be heading over to Linda's brother's place in Arizona, and spending Easter with him. We also decided to have an "Easter Egg Hunt" for the girls, and the girls across the street. The other two girls are friends with Stacy and Jackie and they get to play together sometimes, as well as see each other at the day care. Anyway the egg hunt went off about as well as any I have ever seen. The two oldest girls both found 14 eggs and the two youngest found 5 eggs each. The real fun was trying to get the two younger girls interested in the hunt.

Afterward the two neighbor girls went back home with their dad and the meal was prepared. It was probably close to 17:30 (5:30pm) when we ate. The girls had gone down for their naps a little later than normal due to the egg hunt and therefore they slept a bit later than usual. I think they were pretty tired from all the activity, too. It was a very nice dinner, and now Jason and I have a bunch of left over ham for later. Linda's folks (Nana and Tata to the girls) are headed out to Arizona tomorrow morning, early, so they needed to go pack, and headed back to their hotel. The rest of the evening was spent playing with the girls; taking a bath; and, telling a story before bed. The girls were still a little worn out and I think they'll sleep well tonight - just like Linda and I will... ;-)

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

Today was a photo shoot day for the girls, and Grandma (Linda) had it all planned out. Nana and Tata (Linda's parents) were there to help, and join in on the fun, with the girls. They got an early start, as they left the house at about 09:00 and went over to The Picture People. They had a 10:00 appointment, and it was good that they had the appointment because the place really got busy by the time they had left, just a little after noon. I wasn't there, as I was with Jason at the Naval base, where he had some appointments to deal with. Linda told me that the taking of the photographs was a bit of a challenge at times; the girls did start to get restless, and she worried that the pictures were going to look poor, BUT, in fact when we went to go pick up the pictures later she was pleasantly surprised. All the shots came out looking great and they were all better than what was anticipated. It was actually kind of funny how Linda went into the mall, to go talk with The Picture People and then how happy she looked when she came out. I was wondering if they had just given them to her for free or something (I was hoping) and she told me that the pictures all came out better than expected.

While the picture taking was going on Jason and I (and Larry) were taking care of things over at the Naval base. Before going, this morning, Jason took a shower and as such I was able to take a good look at his wounds. I was very pleased to see that the left side was looking better and there was some progress on the right side as well. The appointments went well, and before we were done I spoke with the folks that take care of his OT and ended up getting a bunch of appointments for Jason, for the rest of the month. That's the way it usually works, I am able to get the appointments set up and then another type appointment comes along and he has even more appointments to keep track of.

We won't be getting much of an update on the methods that are being reviewed for future treatments for Jason, until much later this month. First there will be a meeting of the different doctors and then they'll let us know what their suggestions are going to be. As soon as I know more I will let you all know. In the mean time, we are here in San Diego, enjoying the visits from family, and spending quality time with the girls.

Thank you, for all your prayers and all the continued support.

Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

Another enjoyable day spent with Linda's parents, a.k.a. Grandma and Grandpa to Jason. They came over early and we all went to breakfast. Jason was doing well, then he decided that he needed to lay back down, which usually means something is uncomfortable, more than he wants to deal with, or he is just very tired - or a combination of both. We got back to the house and Joe and Jess went back to their hotel so they could also get some rest, and that worked out for us as well. Jason was laying down and the girls were with their mother (special request that Jason said they could go with her even though it is his two weeks), so Linda and I went to do some shopping.

I picked up a router and an external storage device. I'll have the router hooked up tomorrow and I am hoping that it adds some speed to the network for me. The external storage is simply a way of me doing some backing up of important files and pictures. Anyway, that was pretty much it, except for the time Linda was able to spend at one of the thrift stores. She loves going in and browsing around. Every now and then she finds a little gold nugget, and it makes her feel good, and that makes me happy.

Today ended with Grandma and Grandpa bringing an apple pie over, and we just kind of relaxed and enjoyed each others company. And so that is all I have for today's post. Tomorrow we have a couple of appointments, and Linda is taking the girls to get their picture taken. Joe and Jess will be going with her and I'll be going with Jason and Larry. Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012

Today was a day that was truly appreciated. We slept in a bit, and then decided to take Anthony Netto up on his invitation to join him at the car show. Linda's parents, Joe and Jess, were to come over and then we were going to leave. It actually almost worked out that way, and even though we still managed to get out of the house a little later than originally planned, we arrived at the car show with plenty of time to look around and talk with a bunch of people. Funny thing is, that the people were as much interested in Anthony and Jason (riding their Paragolfer carts) as we were in the cars. It was pretty impressive, and there were cars from all over the world, and from all time periods. I didn't see any horseless carriages, but I'm sure they were there, somewhere.

We stayed at the show for a couple of hours and then Jason needed to get going. He'd been up for several hours by now, and even though he was more comfortable in the paragolf cart, he still needed to lay down and "get off his feet." We headed back to the vehicle and then back to the house.

As it was, before heading off to the show, Joe and Jess, also known as Grandma and Grandpa, to Jason, stopped by the house, and we had a nice visit. They were going to be heading to their Hotel, since the first one they checked in to last night, was infested with ants. Considering that today is April Fools Day, you'd think that there was a joke in there somewhere, but there wasn't. There were ants everywhere, and they wanted some other place to stay - I would have too.

Once we got home we just relaxed and played with the girls a bit, and gave Linda a little rest. She had stayed back with the girls so that Jason and I could go. Linda has been a real trooper since being here. She's been doing non-stop Grandma duty and has been enjoying every minute of it. She is excited about planning things for this coming weekend too, with it being Easter, and I'm okay with it.

A little later in the evening we got in touch with Nana and Tata (Joe and Jess), that's what the girls call them, and asked them if they like to go to dinner. We went out to Olive Garden and we all had a great meal together. We did have a party of 7, and that is a little larger than the normal party of four, but for whatever reason they sat us at a table that would accommodate 10, or maybe more. At first it felt a little strange, but we got over that quickly. Both the girls had a great time with their crayons, and Jason was able to sit directly across from his Grandma and Grandpa and talk all his wanted to them. This was the first meal they had had together in way over a year, and I think they all really enjoyed it. After dinner we came back to the house and Joe and Jess went back to their hotel, and we got ready for bed. Everyone was tired, and going to bed sounded like a great idea.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.