April 16, 2012

Good day today, we started out with a bit of a hiccup, in that I didn't look at the schedule until we were already late for our first appointment. I had it in my head that the first one was at 10:00, when in fact it was at 09:00. We managed to arrive at about 09:30, so it wasn't too bad, and they really like Jason in PT so they were happy to seem him there. He also spent a bit more time with them than originally planned, but that was because they still think that his shoulders are way to tight and the muscles in his back (between his shoulder blades) need to be strengthened. On top of everything else, I'm getting quite an education about Physical Therapy.

Once he was done with PT, he had to head over to Occupational Therapy, and we were actually a little early for that appointment. The focus for them is to get strength back in his right hand. His left hand and arm are as good as ever. One of the funny aspects of his treatment was that one of the OT folks suggested that Jason start playing the guitar, and Jason said he has a banjo. The OT guy said, "That's great, you need to practice with it. It will strengthen your hands faster than just about anything we can do here." I guess that's because of the self motivational aspect of playing a musical instrument, because you want to, rather than doing things you have to do. The reason it was "funny" was because I was just talking to Jason about starting to practice with it, again.

Well, the appointments were over and we decided to come on back to the house. We didn't have anywhere else we needed to go, and Jason was feeling tired (They did work him pretty good.) Jason had lunch and took a good nap, and then a little later we finished off the soup from last night. I actually added a few more things to it, just to be sure there was going to be enough, and we were happy.

Tomorrow is going to be an even busier day, with four appointments to get to, and I have looked at the schedule a couple of times, just to be sure I had the right time in my head. We need to be over there by 10:00. I hope everyone has a great evening and gets a good night sleep. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support. I will do my best to get some new pictures out on the blog by tomorrow.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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