Happy St. Patty's Day!

To day was a good day for Jason, as they removed the breathing tube from his mouth and throat, and his medications and pain meds were lowered. All this lead to him being able to begin talking to us, and have visitors, other than from family. On top of that, Bridgette came with the girls today (she went a short time ago to go pick them up), so he'll be able to see and speak with them as well. Of course tomorrow is Friday, and he is scheduled for another surgery (I'll talk more about that later) so we will need to go visit with him early in the morning, and then later tomorrow we will be able to visit with him again.

He was visited by a bunch of different doctors with all of them asking him the same basic questions of, "How are you feeling? Where do you have pain? Can you tell me where you are?" etc., etc. Then came the psychiatrist, who wanted to be sure of his mental abilities and neurological issues. He began with those same questions then asked, "Do you know what day it is?" Jason replied St. Patrick's Day - which it is, and this kind of surprised the doctor. He then asked if Jason knew what the date was, and Jason said, "Yes, it is the 17th.", and the doctor asked if he knew the month and Jason told him it was March. Then came the big question... "Do you know what year it is?" and Jason paused for a moment and said, "1729". The doctor was taken aback a bit by this and then Jason kinda smirked that little smirk he does and then the doctor realized he was joking. The doctor said, "Okay, now you're making me feel anxious - what year is it?" Jason said, "2011." and smiled. The doctor was pleased with his response and said he was doing just fine. They talked a bit more and discussed the challenges of phantom pain, where Jason commented that he had a pain in his foot, and obviously there is no foot. Jason seems to have accepted that he has lost his legs, and he seems to have done so better than the rest of us.

The surgery he is going to be going through tomorrow is much like the ones he has had in the past, only this time, if they can, they will be closing up some of the wounds, and this is a big step towards his being able to get out of intensive care. It all depends on how much they find, as far as the infection and fungal presence. It is possible that Jason can get moved up to the 5th floor, where he wants to be, and then begin the first part of his rehab therapy. We won't know until later in the afternoon, and then I'll update the blog. Thank you, all again, for your support and prayers. I told Jason that he has almost 100 followers now, and each time I look at it the number has grown.


  1. It's a grand day!!! I love the news :) I wonder if Jason and family would be willing to relocate to Livermore? He then can become my personal trainer and he'll kick my ass. We all continue to pray for Jason and his family and for your family George. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY.

  2. You may say it was a good day for Jason, but I would say it was a great day for you and everyone who has been following his progress. The fact that he was showing his sense of humor is BIG, REALLY BIG! It may seem like a small thing, but having a sense of humor in the midst of such a traumatic, upsetting situation is terrific, and it will help him over the rough spots in his recovery.

    Keep us posted! You are doing a great job with this blog. And it is so nice to have an idea of what is happening without actually bothering you and taking away from your time with Jason and doing the things you need to do back there.

    Our prayers are with all of you!

    John and Jerry in Hollister

  3. This is wonderful! Tears were brought to my eyes and I shared the story with the Christian community I am currently living with. We have been holding Jason and the whole family in our prayers. We rejoice with you on this day and look forward to celebrating the little victories along the journey with you all.

    Jessie Alexander

  4. 1729!?!?! I love it. That just made my week. I had to run up to Kitty and read the blog to her. Thanks so much for posting these updates. I hope you all make it up to the 5th floor soon!

    -Jeff & Kitty

  5. I'm so glad it was a great visit with Jason. What a joy for you all to see that he is joking with the doctors and giving them a bit of a run. I can only imagine that for you and Linda to see his sense of humor shine through and a smile must be more valuable that all the wealth of the world. Thank you so much for sharing and allowing all of us to be a part of Jason's prayer warriors on this journey. As always, my heartfelt prayers for all of you. Please let Linda know that I hope she can feel all the love and prayers that are being sent her way.

    Teri Wendt
    VFCCA friend


  7. It reminds me of an old IRISH saying:

    It is easy to be pleasant when life flows by like a song,
    But the man worth his while, is the one who can smile,
    when everything goes dead wrong.

    Please tell Jason that Uncle Larry and I are so proud of him.

    Aunt Joyce

  8. I've always loved St. Patty's day and your blog entry today has forever made the day even more special! That was a wonderful story. To hear his voice! And the sense of humor he showed. I just am amazed at his progress in only 9 days since his injury. We thank you God. Everyone keep praying!! Pat

  9. Jason is awesome! St Patrick's Day has been celebrated in a variety of ways for a thousand years or more. The ninth-century Book of Armagh directed all monasteries and churches in Ireland to celebrate Patrick's death in mid-spring with three days and nights of feasting. In 1631 he was proclaimed a Catholic saint by the Vatican, a move that could be interpreted as part of a wider counter-Reformation strategy. While his canonisation may have had the effect of strengthening Catholic observance of 17 March, it did little to deter the support of the Irish (Protestant) Ascendancy for the celebration. In his later life, Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick's cathedral in Dublin, attributed his partial deafness to the continual bell-ringing in honor of the saint's feast day in 1729.

  10. It is so GOOD to hear this news. Jason is a remarkable man. God truly is faithful. What joy you must have felt at the sound of Jason's voice. Wonderful Wonderful.
    We are all still praying every day!!

  11. Dear Ross Family,
    Jeanne Virgilio is my mom and forwarded me the heartbreaking news about Jason. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers and if there is ANYTHING we can do to support you all both in Maryland and here in the Tri-Valley please let us know. A note of encouragement to Jason ... words cannot begin to describe our heartfelt appreciation for the immense sacrifices you have made. Please know that as each day passes and your strength grows so does that of your supportive community here at home. We may have never met personally but we love you all and are praying for your recovery.
    Katie (Virgilio) Kaplan and Curt Hildebrand

  12. We are glad to hear about Jason's continued progress. All of Livermore Post 47, American Legion are praying for your recovery. We hope to follow nothing but GOOD news. Your father is a special person to maintain this blog and share with us your progress.

  13. Sounds like an awesome day and great news! I just heard about Jason's injury a few minutes ago from my Mom. Praying for him and the whole family. I'll be keeping a close eye on this blog.

    Miss you all and keep the good news coming,

  14. How exciting! I think my neighbors just heard me shout with joy! God is awesome...he hears the prayers. My heart feels happy and hopeful for Jason. Congrats on this milestone. Much love and prayers.

    Friend and VFCCA VP

  15. Father Aris told us about your request for prayers so I visited your blog. I guess I came by on a good day for you all.
    I will pray for your son and check back on your blog.

  16. What a wonderful day for all of you. Jason must be on the mend with his sense of humor. Bill and I are praying for all of you. I am so glad Jason was able to see the girls now that he can talk easier. If you need help here in Livermore with day care just let me know. I am retired so I can make time to help as needed. Hope 5th floor will come soon.

    Ruth and Bill

  17. What wonderful news on St. Patrick's Day for these O'Rourkes. I am so happy to hear Jason is showing some of his humor... humor that I enjoyed. I remember times when I would come to pick up the kids and Jason would come up to me and say hi. I would say hi back and he would just stand there up close with out saying anything. Well I would say hi again and finally notice the iguana on his shoulder. I would offer a polite SCREAM and that was all it took for Jason to offer that great big smile of his and be pleased I gave him the response he was waiting for. I know God is with Jason every minute of the day and that he will help him in his recovery until the day comes he can come home to his family and children.

  18. What a great post for St. Patrick's Day. The O'Rourkes loved to hear that Jason is showing his wonderful sense of humor. It made me think of the days when he would walk right up to me and say, "hi" and I would say,"hi Jason" and he would continue to stand there until I noticed he had his iguana on his shoulder and I would give him the response he was waiting for... a scream. I am absoulutely certain that God is on his side in his recovery. No doubts here. L, Judy

  19. 1729...definitely sounds like him.

    that and he has this thing for "bright red buttons" he wants to push.



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