March 21, 2011 - Continued Progress

Jason was in surgery for several hours and came through in a positive manner. The doctor told me that they basically didn't see any bacterial infection and that the fungal damage was all but gone. They did have to remove a bone fragment from his pelvis, as that bone had died, but it was expected, so I don't consider it a set back, and neither did Jason. The doctor stated that as long as Wednesday's surgery looked as good as(or better than) today's then they will begin closing up some of his wounds, and by Friday we can probably begin to make plans for him to move up to the 5th floor, for the next phase of his recovery. He came out of surgery at about 1:00pm, and by 2:00pm we were in with him, talking about whatever he wanted to talk about, and then we noticed he was getting a little tired. At 2:20pm we left, to let him rest/sleep and thought we would be headed off to go do some other things, when at a little before 3:00pm I received a call from the Master Gunny Sargent, and he asked if we could come over to Jason's room - Scared the hell out of me - to say the least. Then he said that someone wanted to come by and visit with Jason and he thought it would be good for us to be there, so we hurried over to find a full Colonel and a 3-star General visiting with Jason. Oh, and the Master Gunny was there too...

They said they just wanted to see how he was doing and I guess they come and visit with the Marines who are recovering often, but it was the first time I had known about it. Actually it was kinda funny, as Jason was taking it almost as a matter-of-fact kind of visit, and Bridgette was nervous. I guess she gets that way around the high ranking officers, and she wasn't even in uniform. Anyway, Jason felt pretty good after the visit, and I think that was the intended affect anyway.

There is no surgery planned for tomorrow, so we should be able to go over and visit with Jason for more than just a few minutes, but then again we need to get some chores done. The Marines have provided me with a "free" rental car, actually it comes from the Yellow Ribbon Foundation, and the rental agency they use gave me a vehicle that needs some work. I'll be taking it back to them tomorrow, and seeing if they would consider exchanging it for something a little more road worthy. Actually we have been treated very well, since we've been here, and are very grateful for all that has been provided. That along with the prayers and support from all over is just so amazing, and we all sincerely appreciate it, so please keep it coming.


  1. Just had dinner with George tonight to celebrate his birthday. I'm sending him back with a couple gifts and decorations for Jason, since he is going out there in a couple days. I gave him a birthday hug from you. Now can you please give a hug to Jason for me.

  2. George and Linda, Bryan was home for the weekend from college. Today he left and my heart was once again kind of sad.... I know how I felt today and I worried until he called and said he made it home. Can I possibly comprehend the feelings you have with Jason? I just can't. Our children come from love and we love them beyond our wildest imaginations. We are God's children and that means even more. I just have to think.... what is the plan? One thing I know is that prayers work. I can't give Jason a big hug so can you for me? Fifth floor here you come! Judy O'

  3. Hoooray! So happy for Jason, his wife, children and family! We serve an awesome God! Thinking of you all everyday and continuing to pray. Thank you for the updates. Smooches!!

    Friend and VFCCA

  4. Hugs hugs hugs to you all - you are in my thoughts and prayers every day!
    -Shauna Edson

  5. It is so satisfying to read your enteries, & know of Jason's progress. I look forward each day to see how you are all surviving, & the plans (moving to the 5th floor) that you are making.
    It's such a wonderful, supportive family the military has given us, & we never know the extent until one of our own needs it.
    I am so excited for the successes that Jason is making, & that YOU ALL are enduring.
    What can I send YOU? What do YOU, your WIFE & BRIDGETT need? I would love to help.


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