Friday - March 25, 2011

Today was an interesting day, in that Jason had to go in for another surgery, and they were not able to close up wounds, as they found some more infection from the fungus. They are going to have to do some other treatments, and overall the affects of the different infections (bacterial and fungal) are just about under control, but sometimes there will be finds that cause a slight change in the direction the doctors wanted to go. There wasn't much other tissue to remove so there were some very good out comes from the surgery today, it just wasn't what they had hoped.

Jason felt pretty good after the surgery, and was happy with visitors today, just as long as there were only a couple at a time. Linda and I were able to come in at the right time, in that we got to help him with his dinner meal. Mom was in heaven when she got to spoon food, up to his mouth and he asked for the vegetables most of the time. The doctor told us that she wanted him to eat as much he wanted to, and they would be feeding him also via a tube through the night. He just can not consume enough calories right now for multiple reasons. I got to cut up his food and give him his drink, mostly water. His brothers took a few pictures that we had taken of the family, including Bridgette and Jason's daughters, and made some made some larger prints for the room. They are large enough for him to see, while he is laying on the bed, since they are all hung on the wall. It seems to have brightened his spirits. Bridgette came in after us to finish feeding him, so we went to get something to eat with our other sons. It has been great having all the boys here this week, for both us and Jason.

In my last blog I mentioned some of the organizations that have been helping us with our visit and stay out here at Bethesda, but I didn't mention both the Livermore and Pleasanton Military Families groups who have been helping watch and support things back at home. A big thank, you to both groups, for all that they have done. And a big thank you, to all of you for your continued support and prayers.


  1. As always my prayers continue for Jason and all of you. I wish so much I could be there. Give Linda a big hug for me. Tell Jason Nina and Nino love him very much and would like to encourage him to stay positive. One day at a time that is all we can ask for and to make the best of that day. Thanks for all the information George.

  2. George- It is so good to be able to know how you are all doing...thanks so much for letting us share this blog. Hugs to you and Linda, Jason and all of the family. I am glad that Jason can eat but also that they are making sure he gets the calories he needs.


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