March 27, 2011

Today both Sean and George, Jason's brothers, had to head back home. We understand that Jason will be receiving his Purple Heart, in a ceremony they do right there in his hospital room, next month. If it is possible, one or all of them will be back to see it. David and Miriam also said they want to be here for the presentation, so I've asked the Marines to provide me with a date to allow them to plan. It has been a blessing to have all his brothers here, as we really think it helped to bring his spirits up, and to help bring Mom and Dad's spirits up too.

Jason was feeling a little uncomfortable today, due to some minor issues with his stomach. I guess I was a little over reactive (over protective dad?) as I kind of jumped on a couple of the nurses and a doctor, as I didn't feel they were moving fast enough to help him with his discomfort. His discomfort went on for several hours, and Jason said he didn't have "pain" - just discomfort. But things are much better now, as we just left Jason's bed side and he was in pretty good spirits, and a big thing was that he was moving all his fingers on is right hand. It looks like he has regained just about all functionality of his left hand, even though there is still a brace on that hand supporting his index finger. The braces on both hands will probably be there for another couple of weeks. As a result of Jason being uncomfortable he didn't get to see his daughters, and now with the surgery in the morning it looks like it will be another couple of days.

One of the things that happened two days ago, that I had forgotten to mention in that day's blog, was a letter that we had brought with us, from a dear friend of the family, Denise F. She was the youth pastor that worked with Jason several years ago, and Linda read the entire letter (6 pages!) to Jason. He still wasn't able to hold the letter himself, at the time, and the medication he was on made it difficult for him to read on his own. He really enjoyed the letter, and is looking forward to hearing from others, as we have told him that cards and letters are coming. One of the things we have started doing is putting up pictures of family, and he would like to also have some of friends. They need to be big enough for him to see, so if you would like send a picture or two, you can got to CVS, or Costco, or some other place have have 5X7 or larger prints made. The pictures are being put up on the walls around his bed, and since he won't be able to get out of bed for at least another 2 months we want to have as many photos as we can, for him to look at. I'll be headed over to the postal office, and pick up any General Delivery that has come in so far, as I didn't have time to do it on Friday, and they're closed on weekends.

Keep all those prayers and good thoughts coming our way as I think they are really helping to move things along in a positive way. Little set backs like today are going to happen and we want to make them as minimal as possible. Thank you, all...


  1. We had a "pack-out" on Saturday for the troops
    (care packages) and we all got together for a group pictures and many of us signed a couple posters for Jason. I have put it in today's mail. You should receive it on Wed or so.

    Please let Jason know that we are all praying for him and to stay strong. Let us know if there is anything we can do from here.

    Sherry - Pleasanton Military Families.

  2. Hey Uncle George,
    Please let me know how I can send letters or cards to Jason. I need to know the address. Thank you and tell Jason that I am praying for him.

    Love you all,


  3. Good morning, I am very happy to hear of Jason's progress. I thank you again George for your blog. It is wonderful to see how you all are doing without bothering the family. Please let Linda know that all of us at the VFCCA are praying for Jason and the entire family. I put some cards in the mail today. Please let me know if there is anything that we can do for her or any of you.

    Much love and prays,
    Teri Wendt


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