March 19, 2011 - Saturday

Jason had a rough night last night, experiencing bad dreams and waking up in a sweat a few times. As a result he was very tired this morning and basically asked if he could be pretty much left alone, so that he could get some rest. The doctors and medical staff have ways of helping with these kinds of issues, as there have been several other guys, before Jason, to have to go through the same type thing. Mom was able to visit him early this morning for a short while, with our friend Chris Greenlaw, and then Bridgette came a little later (she was delayed because of getting the girls ready, and I stayed behind to help). Bridgette spent about 10 minutes with Jason and let him sleep, and we all came back to the hotel and took a nap. Later in the afternoon I went over to see how Jason was, since I hadn't seen him all day, and he was still pretty tired. He asked me if I had a lemonade, to which I said no, and then asked the nurse about when he was going to be able to start drinking water, but I guess that isn't going to happen before Monday. He is scheduled for another surgery on Monday, for the continued effort of cleaning out the bad stuff. We are just hoping that it continues in a positive direction. I was only with him for about 10 minutes and then told the nurse that he was not to have any visitors, other than immediate family or from the medical staff. The nurse on duty said they would see to it.

I'll be updating more tomorrow, and think we will be able spend some time with him so look for a more complete update tomorrow. Actually today gave us some time to take care of some other things that have simply been sitting, so perhaps it was a good thing. Thank you, to all for your continued prayers and offers of support, it is very much appreciated.


  1. Mr. Ross.. Just stumbled upon your blog from here in Tampa, FL. My heart aches for Jason and your family, but it sounds like strength is prevalent!!! About 3 weeks ago, I finished participating in the "Soldier Ride" here in Tampa, and it was such an honor to support the Wounded Warrior Project in that venture. Please know that that I won't stop praying for the Ross family, and may the Peace that surpasses all understanding, lift all of you up at this time, and always. Jason, thank you for your service sir!

    Steve Cragg,
    Tampa Police Dept, Tampa, FL

  2. Jason,
    First let me say, thank you, thank you thank you. Thank you for your courage, your sacrifice, your honor, your service to our country. Thank you for protecting us. My heart is so full of pride for the service men and women that are serving our country to give us the freedom that we have. My heart also aches for the pain that you and your family have started to journey. My husband and I are friends of your cousin Katie Marrow and her family. We are in a small group with them at church and feel so privilege to know them. Katie has shared your story with us. We are praying for you. We are praying that God will keep all infection from your body, that he would heal your wounds quickly, with as minimal pain as possible. We are praying that God will wrap His comforting arms around you as you venture this path with your family. We are praying for you ad your wife that you may find rest together, connection & strength that can only be described by The Lord's power. We are praying that God gives the Doctor's wisdom and discernment for all of your procedures. I love your strength and sense of humor that is evident even in the blog posts. Keep on! You are an amazing young man who has an amazing journey ahead of him! I have a verse taped to my computer screen for you that I am committed to pray for you every day. Isaiah 40:23-31. May you rest in God's strength as he carries you through this chapter.
    Colette and Rod Foster

  3. Thank you for this so special blog!! I am so hoping that families that are not in the military are following your blog. I have sent the url to many friends that are not military families. It is so important for Americans to realize what our military families are dealing with and that we are such a minority.

    Jason and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers!!

    I look forward to meeting your family in the future!! You are all such an inspiration....Jason the most!!! God speed to you all!!

    Becky and LaMar a USAF family (our son is a 1st Lt. instructor pilot training NATO members on the T-38) in Pleasanton


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