March 24, 2011

Today was another tough day for Jason in that he was having some discomfort and the medical staff was needing to do some procedures with him. Just the procedures alone can be very uncomfortable, and to have all that other pain going can sometimes be almost over whelming. We spent some time with him, and did our best to make him comfortable, but it was one of those days where not much of anything is going to make it less bearable. Other than that I really don't have a great deal more of an update to provide, so I'm going to go with another tack today.

One of the ways that we, Jason's family, are being allowed to be with him, is through the efforts of the Marines, and also through donations that come through volunteer groups like Yellow Ribbon, Wounded Warriors, and Semper Fi Fund. They have stepped up to provide us with the ability to get all his brothers out here, at no cost to us, and provide them with housing and food, while they are here. So I guess what I'm asking here is that if you are in a position to make a donation to one or all of these organizations, please do so as it will surely help others.

Please keep the prayers coming in and we have begun receiving some small "gifts" to share with Jason. Thank you, to all who have, and are sending them. Jason will see them just as soon as I can get them to him.


  1. Thank you for sharing everything with all of us. I think many of us feel as if Jason is a part of our own family. He is always on my mind and I have shared his story with others asking for prayer for not only him but his wife, children, family and friends. I am praying that God will richly bless him as he goes through his healing process both physically and mentally. He is a HERO, we are so blessed to have him!! I am praying that today will be a better day for our brave Marine. God bless him!

  2. Ruth and I are constantly thinking about Jason and his struggles now. Thank God for the wonderful medical facility and the caring doctors, nurses and other hospital personal who are caring for him. We know the struggle is great and wish him the best during his recovery. Thank God also for the organizations that are helping you and the family be there for Jason. Peace, Bill and Ruth


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