Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Today was another tough day for Jason. They have him on so many different meds that he just doesn't feel well, and he looses his appetite. I kind of push him to eat some food, so that he doesn't take the meds on an empty stomach, and he does eat some, but I know it isn't near enough. We'll be meeting with the doctors again in the morning, and at that time I'll be getting more information, and learning as much as I can about what I should be doing. Speaking of that, there was a dressing change today, and it was with the new Medihoney (sp?) product. I watched how they applied it, and it looked rather easy, so I am guessing that, that will be what we will be using once he does get back home. On the good side, all of his wounds did look better, and it seems they are feeling better, from how Jason is reacting.

No visitors today, other than the medical staff, and I think that was a good thing. He was just wanting to rest most of the day. This morning he did start out with OT, and Lynn. She came by to do some exercises with him, and did get through some stuff, then as the afternoon came he began to feel a little more uneasy, as I described above.

I just spent most of the rest of the day with him, with a short trip back to the house, right after he had his lunch. I made sure the trapeze bars were installed, and in the correct locations, and that the house was locked up. Other than that not much else to write about right now.

Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers. I know it seems kind of down right now, but I have the feeling things are going to start getting better, and that that is going to be tomorrow morning.

Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2011

Today was definitely a better day than yesterday. Jason still had some problems with his stomach and there were a couple of moments where he felt a little out of sorts, and almost like he had the flu or something. Only he didn't have a fever, and all his vital signs looked normal or better. At one point his blood pressure did seem to drop a little, but that was only for a short while, and within a couple of hours he was feeling much better. By the end of the day, when I had to head back to the house, he was actually feeling pretty good, and eating a very nice dinner. They are talking about him leaving the hospital tomorrow, and then he can get back home and back on track to his recovery and rehab. There a few things that he wants to get done, since he has been in the hospital for so many days here, that he is thinking about taking a few days of leave. This way he can get his personal business out of the way, and then he can focus entirely on rehab, and not have to push to get all the things done while also having to make it to appointments. Besides, he has so much leave built up now that he just wants to use some of it up, so it can get off the books. We'll talk more about that tomorrow.

Well, the trapezes finally got here, and I've already spoken to the facilities folks here at this community, and they will be getting them installed tomorrow morning. The other positive in the Hoyer Lift arrived today (above I mentioned that I had to get back to the house - it was because the delivery guy came at 18:30 this evening to deliver it - working late I guess) so that will make it a little easier to more about the house. I just hope he likes it. One other thing is that I put the seat from his manual chair on to his power chair, to see if that works for him. The molded seat doesn't do a very good job right now, so I hope this works better.

The general came by to visit with Jason today, and that helped to bring his spirits up. They talked for a while and then he had to get going, as there were a couple of other guys he wanted to talk to. He said it might be a year before he gets back since he was headed over to Afghanistan again. I know Jason will miss him, but he also knows that going to Afghanistan is where the general's skills are needed.

Not much else going on today, though I think it was busy enough for the both of us. I will be headed back over there in the morning in hopes of us leaving by late morning or early afternoon. Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers, and I ask you to continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get through all this.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012

Today was a restful day for both Jason and I, and I actually began the morning with a visit to the gym. It was just a short visit, as I don't want to do to much to quickly, I just want to start going more regularly. Jason had some difficulties with his medications, earlier today, but by early afternoon it seemed he was doing much better. I think they were thinking of discharging him today, but I asked them to consider keeping him there one more day, and that also gives me one more day to get the over head trapeze installed.

One solid positive is that we now have cable activated at the house. The cable guy, no, not Larry, came by this morning and in a matter of a couple of hours he was done. Jason will be able to watch some T.V. from his own bed now, and at the same time I can watch something else in the front room - if I want to. Not sure that I'll be watching much TV anyway, but at least the option is there now.

I do believe Jason will be coming home tomorrow, and he already has a list of things he would like to get done, so I will have my work cut out for me, keeping him resting. I think that perhaps his anxiousness to do too much is why he ended back in the hospital this time. Anyway, please keep your prayers and support coming our way.

Thank you, for all that you have done, and for all the prayers and support you have sent our way.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012

Jason's fever went up again today, and in general he is feeling like he has the flu or something. His attitude is still quite positive, and still demonstrating that sense of humor he is known for, though he has been sleeping quite a bit, fortunately. I have been over to see him for the better part of the day and have spoken with the medical staff, and they think they have the infections under control, since most have almost completely gone, and all new cultures are coming up negative. I suspect that he will be back home in a matter of two days, and possibly sooner.

When I first got out this morning I headed over to the tire repair shop where they found that there were two nails in the flat tire, with one of those being in the side wall, and therefore unrepairable. That meant I had to purchase a new tire, a Michelin, since the others were all Michelin. The good news is that Semper Fi Fund is reimbursing me, along with all the other things I have needed to purchase.

While at the hospital, Van came by to take a look at the seat, and to give Jason another seat. Unfortunately the seat he provided was identical to the original seat that Jason had from Bethesda, and that one didn't work out. We are going to have to continue working with them, and do what we can to find a solution to this conundrum.

Also, while at the hospital, I saw that they were needing to get blood drawn for tests, and Jason HATES getting blood drawn. His veins don't cooperate, and it is a painful experience for him. Another reason for him to want to get out of the hospital, just as soon as he can. Please keep him in your prayers, and also the medical teams, as they continue to try to make his life a little easier.

Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012 - A Sad Day

Today is probably one of the saddest days we'll have this year, and comes at on a week that has had more than it's share of bad news. This morning started out very close to the way yesterday started, only I spent just a little more time with Boomer in the backyard, than I had previously. We had a good time chasing around and going after a soft ball. It just seemed like it was going to be a good day. I went to see Jason and told him that David (his brother) had asked to take Boomer for a while, while Jason continued to get stronger, and Jason liked that idea. I stayed with Jason for a couple of hours and then wanted to get back to the house to finish up some laundry and to let Boomer know he wasn't forgotten. Only, when I got home I found that something had happened and Boomer was lying in the corner and not moving. I went over to see what he was doing and discovered he had died. I don't know when he died, or how (the vet suspects he choked on something), only that he was cold and had been dead for a while. To say that it hit me hard is an understatement. I immediately called Jason, and he took it pretty well, though I could tell he was saddened by the tone change in his voice. I then called David to let him know that Boomer wasn't coming, and why. I made a few other phone calls and then took him over to the vet, as he was going to take care of the remains.

This week has been a particularly rough week for us, and I don't fully understand why things like this are happening. Jason's day, otherwise was pretty good, in the hospital, though they still don't have a solid game plan for how they are going to take care of his wounds. They are trying something new, and have a couple more ideas for what they can do to help his healing. At the bottom of that list is the idea of more skin grafts, and honestly I don't like that idea, and Jason down right hates that idea.

The author and retired FBI agent, Bob Hammer came by, and brought a copy of another book he wrote. It was a very good visit and while we were talking we found out that we actually know some people that he knows. If the opportunity comes up we are going to be taking a ride up to Los Angeles together, but that's down the road a bit (pun intended).

Tonight Jason and I were able to get NetFlix working on the in-room television and watched Stranger Than Fiction. I was pleased with the movie, as I generally don't like Will Farrell characters, this one seemed more like a real person. After the movie, I said good night to Jason, and wanted to get back over to the house, as I still have laundry to get done, and I knew I'd have some difficulties getting this blog started. A few folks had asked to see a picture of Boomer, so I finally had one to put up. Unfortunately, it will be the last one I put up as well.

Please, if you could ask God to help us understand what is going on, and why we are going through this, it would be appreciated. Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

Today was a strange day for me. I had gotten totally used to having Jason here with me and now I'm driving in to visit with him at the hospital again. I have to get the house in order, before I leave in the morning (not much of a chore right now), and also get the dog taken care of, food and water, that sort of thing (somewhat of a bigger chore). Then I head on over to the hospital.

Today I went over and saw Jason, in his room, and I happened to get there right after another of his pain episodes. Fortunately the medical team was right there and they were able to get it under control pretty quickly. Then after talking with Jason, he told me that last night they weren't quite so quick in getting it back under control. I know there are some new people watching over him on the floor, due to turn over and such, but I do wish they'd listen to him when he starts telling them what he needs. He is having to reeducate them, and thus making it a little more drawn out, when it comes to them learning what his tolerance levels are. They must have figured it out because he was feeling better when I arrived.

He had some visitors today, eight Sergeant Majors came in to visit him. It actually happened in two groups, but they both stayed and spoke with Jason, and he very much appreciated it. As it turned out, one of them was a former member of 2nd EOD Company, out of Camp Lejeune, though it was a couple of years before Jason got there. They still knew some common folks so they tended to talk a little more. The funny part was that I even knew one of the guys he mentioned. There are going to be other visitors over the next few days, so again he will be able to talk to some different people.

One of the things that is happening, or perhaps already happened, is the specialty bed. When Jason was brought in he was placed on a regular hospital bed, and he was relatively comfortable (I guess after laying on an ER "bed" for several hours almost any bed feels much better). The Wound Care people came in and said they wanted him on a specialty bed, and it was supposed to have arrived while I was there. I didn't see it, but was told he was going to be changed out soon, whenever that happens to be. He needs the different bed so there can be a continual motion on his wound area. They have also started a new treatment on the larger wound area, so I may be doing something different when he does get back home. We're looking at him coming back to the house this weekend sometime, so it could be Saturday or Sunday - I'm hoping for Saturday.

Tomorrow will be another day of running back and forth between the house and the hospital, as I don't want to leave the dog alone too long. I have some names of groups where we can place the dog for training, and even for adoption if that is what we have to do. Jason isn't too happy about this, but I think he realizes that it needs to be done.

Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support. I'm kind of tired right now, and I think I'm going to be going to bed in a short while.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

I'm sure there are a number of you out there wanting to know what is going on with Jason. Well, in a nut shell, he is again an in-patient and again a no-contact patient. He is dealing with another infection, though this time it is no where near the scope that he had to deal with in the past. He has a bladder infection, as well as another abdominal inflammation and all of this causes a great deal of pain and discomfort for him. We figure that Jason will be in the hospital for a couple of days and then be able to come back home, though we have to wait and see what happens. As a little side note, he is in the room that is right next to the room he had previously.

The sequence of events went something like this...

He went to the ER for the first visit and after several hours they sent him home, and he was comfortable for a few hours. Late this morning I again had to get him transported to the ER, for pretty much the same issue as before. This time, though, Jason was seen by a couple of different doctors and again the first point of attention was to get his pain under control. All seemed like it was working, and despite what Jason and I had said about how his pain, or how it was described, they felt Jason could go back home again. I had to head over to the pharmacy, to pick up yet another prescription; and, while I was gone he had one of the episodes of pain, and it was a significant one. Jason was still hooked up to the monitors, where they were tracking heart and respiration, and when the episode hit the monitors also showed wickedly high levels of activity and this finally convinced the medical staff that he needed to be monitored a little more closely. He was sent up to the 5-West area, where he had been previously.

The people there were both surprised and happy to see Jason, but at the same time concerned for his discomfort. I'm sure that as more find him there again they will also be impacted the same. I am going to be spending my time with Boomer, and doing some clean up around the house. We were supposed to get cable installed today, and missed that appointment, so I need to reschedule. There was also an appointment with Mobility Solutions, as they were going to be working on his chair. Again, I will need to reschedule, as this too, is an important item on the list of things we need to get done.

As for other aspects of his treatment, I was able to speak with the doctor for a little while today, and he is concerned about the rate of progress on the wounds. He said they were going to be working to re-do some of his schedule so that Jason isn't up on his wounds so much, and they can alleviate some of the pressure that is caused by him being up so much. I think this is a good idea, though I don't know how well Jason is going to like it. He has gotten so used to being able to more around, and go where he wants that he will now have to pull that in a bit. Just stay tuned for how this all plays out, I'm sure it will be interesting.

Thank you all, for all your support and prayers, Jason needs the strength more than ever now... and so do I.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

Well, today was an interesting day. The good news is that there is some effort to do reduction in his medications. The bad news is that there is some effort to do reduction in his medications. Jason has been on some of the pain meds for so long there is a bit of a concern that there may be some withdrawal affect, as they reduce the medication. On the other side though, is that there is concern that he might do some damage to his kidneys and liver if he continues to take the medication at the current levels. It is one of those things that you have to trust the medical team, and hope that they know what they are doing. Of course I also have to keep my eyes on Jason and watch for any changes.

Well, just as I am typing this he started to have some issues. Things strong enough that I am going to be taking him to the emergency room. Not because its an emergency, just because there is no other place to go, to find out what is going on. I'll try to post more a little later tonight.

Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012

Today was one of those days where there really wasn't a great deal going on, so much as time consuming events. The first appointment was with Physical Medicine, and going to see Dr. Pyo (I think I spelled it incorrectly the last time). Well, being that this was the first time going to see him, rather than him coming to see Jason, we needed to find out where he is, or more specifically, where his office is. Well, first off we looked for Physical Medicine - It was located on the 4th floor of the C5 building. He wasn't there, and in fact the receptionist we spoke with didn't even know who he was. Of course she worked in urology so that is an entirely different area. We went down to the 2nd level, and there was actually another Physical Medicine area there as well, but again, he wasn't there. Okay, now we were beginning to wonder what was going on. We figured we'd go back up to the 4th and do a little more looking and perhaps we just missed a sign or something. Just as we were getting to the elevators when a couple of wonderful nurses who know us, run into us. They asked how we were doing and other greeting type conversation and then I say, "we're looking for Physical Medicine." Their response is, "Are you looking for Dr. Pyo?" and since we were we thought, "great, somebody knows where we need to go." They took us down to the 1st floor and right to his office. Apparently there was a recent change and not all areas had been updated on where he was now.

Okay, so now we're in his office and we get ready to go over the wounds and some progress and some other things with Dr. Pyo and figure we'll be out in a relatively short time. The appointment was set for only 30 minutes, so we don't expect to be staying very long. WRONG! By the time we were done we had been there for nearly two hours, and as you might imagine, Jason was ready to leave... me too. We did pick up a few more supplies, and while Jason was with the good doctor I took care of a few other little things that I wanted to do. All-in-all the time was used, we just didn't know it was going to take that long.

The only other thing that Jason had going was a meeting (or muster) with the Marines in building 12, later that afternoon. It was an informative meeting, and they gave out a few things to the attendees, so I think Jason was glad he went, I know I was. One of the things they got was a medication dispenser system, and I think that will help in keeping track of Jason's meds.

Along with an interesting and busy day at the hospital, Uncle Larry came down to visit. It was good seeing him, and he and Jason had a chance to talk about all the different things going on. He arrived early enough that we were able to go have lunch, so we did. We also spent some time with Boomer, and did a little work on his training, as well as building up his comfort level with these "new" surroundings. It was kind of funny when Boomer first met Uncle Larry. I don't recall why, but Larry said something in Spanish and Boomer immediately began to bark at him. Both Jason and I were kind of surprised, and I think Uncle Larry might have been as well. We calmed Boomer back down and basically just kicked back for the rest of his visit. He stayed until early evening and then headed off to go see Katie, his daughter and Jake (her husband) and their family. The rest of the day was simply resting and now me doing the blog. Oh, one last update... Jason hasn't had any more phantom pain since that one spike that hit yesterday. The doctor wasn't too concerned with it, as long as it doesn't happen frequently, so we're looking at it as a "one-off" occurrence.

Thank you all for all your continued support and all the prayers you've been sending our way.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22, 2012

Okay, I may have to wait until Wednesday to be able to upload some pictures of the newest member of the household, Boomer. The wifi here is great, and free, with one small challenge associated with it. It is slower that the economic recovery, and has very little bandwidth to accommodate picture transfers. I guess I just got lucky the other day when I posted the other pictures, though even then it did take quite a long while to get those pictures loaded. Be of good cheer, and know that pictures are on their way, and you will get a chance to see Boomer.

Today was a good day for Jason, that is until towards the end of the day. He started to get some phantom pain on his left side. He hadn't had any phantom pain for several months now, and suddenly his "left foot" was hurting, significantly. Now they did tell us that occasionally that type of reaction should be expected, so we're not too worried about it, at least not yet. He will be going in to see his primary doctor tomorrow, though it won't be Dr. Malone (she back at Bethesda). It will be Dr. Piyo and he seems pretty competent, so generally we still pretty happy about the medical support.

Actually, that is the only appointment we have for Jason's medical stuff, so we can get back home and continue with other clean up stuff, and putting away things. Right now I have a bunch of cardboard to cut up and recycle, and that will make some room in the garage. I thought about just giving the boxes away, but some of them are damaged, and others are just worn down, so its time for recycle.

We had pizza tonight, and I think I've found a pizzeria that we will be going back to. Funny thing is that it has the same name as an East Bay City - Berkeley's Pizza. I don't know if there is any connection, but the pizza was good. Too bad about the 49ers. I was hoping to see them in the Super Bowl again. I guess, if you consider how the team started out this year, with a new coach and all their recent history, you'd have to say they did better than expected. Oh well, there's next year... ;-)

Thank you, for all the support and prayers you've been sending our way. Please continue to keep us in your prayers and also all those that placing themselves in harms way, to protect this country.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 - Introducing Boomer

Well, today was a pretty good day for Jason. He had talked about wanting to get moving on a service dog, and would be wanting to start looking at dogs today. He not only looked at dogs, he picked and bought one. Well, technically I guess it wasn't a purchase, more of an adoption as they like to call it. Anyway, Boomer (that's his name) is a 9-week old puppy, and appears to be everything you would expect in a puppy German Shepard mix. He is fully of energy and yet sleeps a lot; everything is new to him and therefore exciting; finding the right food is not difficult, he tries to eat everything. Okay, on that last point, we did purchase the recommended puppy chow for him, and Boomer seems to like it. I took a few pictures of the two of them together, and I will be posting them tomorrow, as I promised Linda that I would show them to her first. Speaking of Linda, she seems to have caught a cold or something and doesn't feel very good right now. She spent a good portion of the day in bed - but I digress. The next step is to coordinate a training program for Boomer, and that will probably be starting in the next few months or so. I believe they would like to begin working with the dogs when they are about 6-months.

Jason spent a couple of hours in his new power chair, and he did alright. There are some things that need to be adjusted, and I hope those adjustments don't take too long as I think Jason is beginning to warm to the idea of the power chair. He still says he would rather have his other chair, so we'll continue to push to get that one done as soon as it can be.

Otherwise, today was spent just relaxing around the house and continuing with the emptying of boxes and doing laundry. Jason seems to be doing well, and tomorrow he said he wants to do a shower and dressing change, since he has an early doctor appointment on Monday. If Jason gets up, around 07:00 and takes a shower and dressing change, he wouldn't be able to get to an appointment before 09:00, and that is without much breakfast. By not having to do a dressing change (or shower) he will be able to get to the early appointment. So, anyway, that is all for today, and I hope you all have a great weekend. And don't forget... Go Niners!

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Friday, January 20, 2012

January 20, 2012

Today was an amazingly good day for Jason (and me). We started out with only one appointment, with OT (that's Lynn), and it was actually going to be at the house, as opposed to the C5 building where it is normally done. Lynn wanted to come out to the house and evaluate it for Jason's needs. Before that, though, Jason and I went to the store to purchase groceries, and then he decided that he wanted to go to a pet store. We pulled in to the shopping center, where the grocery store is located, and to our right was a big pet store. So, of course we went inside there first. Jason had a great time, and I think it was the first time he has been around animals and "pets" since he went off, in August, last year. You should have seen the brightness in his face and expressions. He was in his element again, around animals. As it turned out there is going to be an adoption clinic tomorrow, and he wants to go take a look. Who knows, maybe we will find a dog he can train as his service dog - okay, maybe a long shot but we're going anyway. We've decided to start doing a few things to make him feel as much back to regular as we can. We even drove over to Coronado and just looked around for a little while, and that in itself was fun.

Anyway, back to the grocery shopping. We went in and toured the entire store, going up and down each of the isles. By the time we were finished, Jason was pretty worn out. I kept asking him if he wanted to stop, but he wanted to finish looking at all the things in the store. We didn't buy that much, but we did get what we needed and the important thing is that we had a good time.

After the shopping trip we came back home and Jason got into his recliner and took a short nap. I finished putting away the groceries and then I kicked back too. It gave me a chance to do a little reading, and also take a look at my email, something I don't normally do until later in the day. It was just a nice easy going relaxing day. This is when Lynn came over and Jason got back into his wheelchair, and then walked the house with Lynn. I was very impressed as she checked everything and each room, to make sure it would accommodate Jason, and he would be able to do whatever he needs to do. For example, it is important that he have front loader wash machines (and we do); and, that the shower is set up correctly for him. Her visit took over an hour, and she took several notes, and said she would be working on getting some things improved. I was happy and so was Jason.

We had hamburgers for dinner, and they were good. I know this may sound a little strange, but he and I both like green peas, so the two of us finished off a can of those too. We talked for awhile, and then called it a day. Tomorrow, along with going back to the pet store, we are planning on going to a movie. It will be the first one he has gone to, so I hope it all works. If we do go, I might not be able to get to tomorrow's blog post until later, so don't wait up and catch it in the morning.

Thank you, for all the support and prayers being sent our way. Knowing there are those out there who don't even know us, and yet still support us is wonderful.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

Today did not turn out as we had planned. We both got up kind of early, as we normally do, and ate a quick breakfast. We decided on a quick breakfast because of an early appointment. I was concerned about commute traffic, so I wanted to leave with a little more time than I would normally, because I didn't want to be late. As it turned out, the traffic was all in the opposite direction, and as a result we arrived on the early side, though parking wasn't any easier.

Towards the end of his first appointment Jason started to complain of discomfort and finally it was decided to go see another doctor. It was good that we did as he found out that he has developed a bit of a bladder infection. The urology department ran through some tests and has provided him with some medications to deal with it. The challenge with this was that it took a few hours to get through everything, and we still had the other appointment to attend to. We also had to go to the pharmacy and pick up some new meds, and it ended up by taking most of the day to get back to the house.

Jason is much more comfortable now, and resting in his bed. I have to admit, it was a little scary for me at first, then when we knew what was going on, I was just more concerned about being able to get through the day. Jason had gotten up in his chair early in the morning, and had stayed in his chair for most of the day. The couple of breaks that he did have really helped out with that, but he was still up in his chair for a long period of time. On the positive side, we did go see the wound care people and they were very please with the progress and said that Jason was doing a great job.

One of the things that happened today, that was a bit of a treat for Jason was that Dr. Malone called and talked with Jason for a while. I get to communicate with Dr. Malone every once in a while, and I provide some updates on how he is doing, but it is so much better for her to get the updates straight from Jason. Jason has said more than once, that if it ever came to a point where there was a need for additional surgery he would ask to be flown back to Dr. Malone.

Anyway, I thought we would be getting back to the house around 11:30 this morning, when in actuality, we got back home at about 16:00 (4pm). When we drove up we saw there was another little gift waiting for us (Thank you, Karen and Rob). Jason and I brought it in, and started to relax a little. When I walk in to the house right now, the first thing that comes to mind is that I need to get some of this stuff put away and cleaned up. Jason has just about all his stuff from North Carolina now, so now we need to figure out where to put it. He needs to get a desk and a book case, then that will help with a big portion of the stuff. I need to then get rid of the boxes. The recycle bin is full of cardboard and paper, and tomorrow is pickup day, so I will then be able to fill it again, over the next couple of days.

Thank you, for all you prayers and support. Also, please continue to pray for all those others who are also dealing with other challenges and areas of pain. We'll probably have more days like this, though I hope they are few and far between.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

Folks, not sure what is going on, bur for the past 30 minutes I've been attempting to get pictures attached and all that happens is a spinning dial. I will try again tomorrow, when I have a little more time. Right now I need to get this done and then get to bed.

Jason only had one appointment today, and that was with PT. Actually the appointment was on a verbal request by the therapist to come in at 13:00 (1pm), and then they were going to do some strengthening things. As it turned out, when we got there Jason was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, and some of his dressings had shifted, as they will from time to time. Anyway, I fixed his dressings, and worked with Dawn, the therapist, to get some appointments set up for Jason, and then we went home. I also made a quick run over to the pharmacy, but that didn't take long, so it didn't have any impact on Jason's overall schedule. We are still working with the facilities guys, and they are making some modifications to the house, so all is good. Also the trapezes have been ordered, and should be here by the end of next week. Once they are installed life will be much easier for Jason, getting in and out of bed, and in and out of the shower.

Jason road in his new power chair today, as we went over and checked the mail this morning. Van suggested that his first time in the chair be about 20 minutes, and then each day after that extend that amount of time by another 20 minutes or so. Jason didn't particularly like the new seat and thinks that it had some impact on why he was uncomfortable at PT today (he got in the chair before going to PT this morning). He also said he may have selected the wrong shorts, as they were a bit more silky and kind of slipped and would slide a bit on the new seat. I will give him a different pair of shorts and see if that helps tomorrow. The rest of the day was spent trying to recover from the ride, or at least it seems that way.

Otherwise, once we got back home Jason rested for a while and then got back up and we had dinner. He said he felt better, but still very sensitive to pressure and just generally uncomfortable. His spirits are up and still able to tell jokes and smile, so things are still on a positive.

Thanks, for all your continued support and prayers.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17, 2011

Today was the first day without the girls around, and it was noticeable.

We had a couple of appointments at the hospital today, and also had the opportunity to take care of a couple of other things, like getting the girls set up with their well baby check up, with the pediatrician(s)(not sure if they each get one, or they will be seeing the same doctor). It is rather amazing the amount of paper work that needs to be accomplished when doing anything with the military, but they do manage to keep track of things and people.

OT was good today, though we were just a little late getting in today. We left the house with plenty of time to spare, I thought, then we ran into the road work that was going on. All of a sudden we were just stopped in traffic, and even some of the cars behind us (about five cars back) had to hit their breaks real hard, so that they didn't run into anyone. Kind of scary when you think about it. Just sitting there, and no where to go; so, if the guy behind you isn't paying attention you get hit. Anyway, we were about 5 minutes late, and when we came in, the place was full, with other Marines mostly. It was okay, though, because Jason had an appointment and they saw him right away.

Jason has an appointment with PT tomorrow, at 13:00, and while that is going on, I will be making appointments for him for the month of February. I guess that's the way it is done now. Jason needs to be all booked up for a month at a time, though there will still be days where he doesn't have any appointments.

I was able to put up one new picture, so far. I wanted to put up at least this one, as it was from a visit from a very special person. Dr. Malone's sister, Diane came out to California, and since she was down in the San Diego area she came to visit with Jason and me. She also brought along Susan, her friend. They stayed for a nice visit, and we took a couple of pictures, so I put this one out. I have sent several to Linda (the wife), to get her approval of the other pictures. As I get more time to work on it, I will find a way to get more pictures easily loaded for everyone to take a look at.

Jason's power chair came today, and the custom seat that was made just for him. He actually hasn't sat in the chair yet, so we'll be doing that tomorrow. He needs to gradually work his way up for tolerance of the new seat, but that shouldn't take more than a few days to accomplish. If by this time next week he isn't using the power chair more, then something went wrong.

Well, that's all the update for today. I'm tired right now so I'm going to be going to bed in a few minutes. Thank you, for all the continued support and all the prayers coming our way.

Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16, 2012

I know many of you have been waiting to see some new pictures, and I promise I will have some posted tomorrow. A bit of a crazy day today, as we tried to get in a few last minutes things while Linda was still here. The girls are really going to be be missing grandma after today, heck, right after we took Linda to the airport Stacy started to ask where Grandma was and when was she coming back. She also said she wanted to go to Grandma's house (me too).

We all went to Babies R Us today, to pick up a few things and the girls, all three of them, had a great time. Jason and I did our best just to keep up. I guess shopping is one of those things that women are better at than men... usually. After the shopping was done we needed to get back to the house so that the girls could take a nap and the rest of us could just lay down and relax a bit. Besides, Linda still had to do some packing, and we didn't want to be panic packing just before leaving - that's never any fun.

On a real positive side, Martin Luther King Day isn't a holiday for everybody because I received a call from Van, the wheelchair guy, and he told me that he would be coming over tomorrow afternoon, late, with Jason's power chair and his new custom seat. The manual chair is still not ready, and apparently there are some not so easy engineering challenges associated with this chair. It all has to do with the special needs Jason has. Having the power chair is going to be good, because in the past Jason has really worked hard to keep the current chair moving at a "walking" pace, and the ride has not always been very comfortable. Now I'm going to be the one trying to keep up with him... ;-) It also means that he will be able to work harder at OT and PT, and not have to worry about having the strength to push the chair after the work out.

Tomorrow we have a few appointments, and we should be able to get them out of the way comfortably. As things develop with the appointments I'll let you know. Thank you, all, for all your continued support and prayers.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 15 - take two...

Apologies, I nearly forgot the most important thing...

We went and had some pictures taken of Jason and the girls, even got a couple of the girls with Grandma. Jackie was getting a little tired by the time we were done with the picture taking, so I didn't get any time in front of the camera. Anyway, in a day or two we will have some very nice pictures of the girls and Jason, and as a celebration I'll even put some out on the blog (that I took, can't use the studio's pictures, they're copyrighted). While at the studio, Jason and I took a small side trip and picked up some Cinnabon, cinnamon rolls. First ones we've been able to get in several months, and they were good. It has been a blessing that Linda has been able to come down and stay with us for these few days, because without her we would not have done the photo shoot.

(Okay, now just imagine that the above is in the previous post... ;-)

January 15, 2012

Okay, we're half way through this month and things are starting to look better. As long as the folks come through with what they told (promised?) us last week, we'll be in pretty good shape. We should be getting some updates on Jason's chair; updates to things around this house; and, finally getting some of the organization of his on going treatments under control.

Today was another good day with Jason and the family. We all went shopping, after a nice breakfast, and Jason picked up a couple of things he wanted in the house. One of the things he wanted was a trash can with a lid, that would open by just waving his hand over the lid. We found it at Bed Bath and Beyond. We spoke with the manager and he was able to give Jason a discount. The next thing we would like to do is work out a wireless method for turning off and on the lights in his bed room; Once he's in bed he is stuck with the lights on or off, unless he calls me to make adjustments. I don't mind running back and forth, but he would feel a whole lot better if he could just do it on his own. I'll be getting with the folks that manage the properties to see what we can do.

Along with all that I think we are going to be starting to look into going to church again, as long as he is comfortable in his chair. I've been holding off, for a few reasons, but I think he is about ready to get out again. We've been invited to a few churches, so we have a place to start. In fact, one of those is literally right behind our house.

Not much else going on today. We had a nice relaxing evening. After dinner I told the Stacy a couple of bed time stories (without reading from a book) and Linda read Little Red Riding Hood. Jason went to bed after Jackie, and then Stacy a short while after Jason. It has been the kind of day that I truly enjoy and I thank God for allowing me to enjoy this time with everyone here. Linda will be headed back home to Livermore tomorrow, so we'll be operating without her again, until the next time she is able to come down for a few days.

Thank you, all for all your prayers and support.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January 14, 2012

Jason had a pretty good day today, and with the out come of the 49er/Saints game (he was a bit torn on who should win), one of his teams is still in the mix. It will be good to get cable hooked up so we can actually watch one of the games, but as with many things, it is a lower priority. Speaking of priorities, one of the issues that we have been discussing with the hospital is rest-bit care for me. With Linda being here right now it seems kind of silly to try to get something set up because she is providing some of the rest. We had not used it previously, and getting a test run in seemed like a good idea, so we made arrangements for that to happen. As a result, Linda and I took off for a few hours (6) this evening, to see just how good the care is supposed to be. They came in and we discussed what was to be done; Jason set some ground rules for how he wanted to be helped; and other tasks were given since most of the time is just sitting around. When we came back to the house, Jason seemed pretty satisfied with the help, and the tasks we assigned were all done. We will probably be using them in the future, when it is needed, a little later. Actually, I might want to set something up so that I can get into an exercise routine, and they can come on a very regular basis. A few more things need to be worked out, but that's what I'm shooting for.

I promised to provide an update on George (our son); he came back from Kaiser last night with his Aunt Joyce, and spent the night at their place. The folks at Kaiser really still don't know what happened with him, so they will be taking him back in about a week, for more tests, and attempt to narrow it down. The real good news out of all this is that the doctors felt comfortable with him going back to work, so he did today, after having breakfast and getting back to his house to get some clean clothes. I am glad it isn't anymore serious than that as I don't know exactly how I would be attempting to handle it. It would have to fall mostly on Linda, since she is the one who is home.

Tomorrow is going to be another mostly relaxing day. We'll probably get some shopping in as both Jason and Mom want to get some containers, and will be doing some organizing around the house. Other than that, not too much is going on, so with that, I'll be signing off for the evening. Thank you, for all your prayers and support - it is much appreciated.

Friday, January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

Today was a busy day, in fact probably one of the busiest we have had. It began as a pretty fast paced day, with Linda coming in on an early flight. I had made arrangements for the girls to stay with a neighbor friend (they have two little girls at the same ages so they enjoy going there), so it was just Jason and I to go pick up Linda (a.k.a. Mom). As it turned out, it was a good thing the girls were having a play date with their friends, because the day went into overdrive a short while after leaving the airport.

First we went to breakfast. Jason and I were both hungry, and so was Linda. Breakfast was pretty relaxed and then we were off to the hospital. The first appointment wasn't until a little later, so that allowed Jason to take care of some other things - or at least that was what he was thinking. First he was greeted by Christie, from Bethesda, the first OT person he worked with, and the young lady who was captured in that famous drawing of him, while she worked on his hand. He was very happy to see her, and she him, though the meeting was relatively short, as she had other folks she needed to see. Then a little while after that I received a call from George's support worker (George is my oldest son). While he was at work something happened at work and George was obviously having difficulties. They had to rush him to Kaiser emergency, and I wasn't getting a great amount of detail as to what was going on. The real challenge is that Linda was now with me so we had to find someone else to be with him.

Fortunately, I was able to get in touch with Joyce (my sister-in-law), and asked her if she could go check on George. The best part is that Joyce is a nurse with Kaiser, so she knows the workings better than the average person. She stayed with him for several hours, until the all clear, then took him home to her and Larry's (her husband, that's Uncle Larry and Aunt Joyce) place. From what I understand they don't know exactly what caused the problem, so they wanted to do some tests to see if they could figure it out. Up to right now I don't know what exactly happened, just that George is feeling much better now, and anxious to go home. I'll probably have an update for tomorrow.

While all the excitement for George was going on Jason and I had other appointments we needed to keep. On top of that Jason was feeling uncomfortable a little more than normal. One of the last meetings we had was with the operational folks and it looks like we finally have all the operational stuff lined up like it should be; all of Jason's treatments are what and where they should be; the girls are going to be getting enrolled in day care; and his wheelchair just might be delivered next week, though that last one I take with a grain of salt.

When we got back to the house Jason laid down, as did Mom, and they both took naps, for a little while. I played with the girls and started to get things ready for dinner. We still have a bunch of left overs that we will probably be able to eat our way through, though I think there might be more than we can handle. there was some cleaning accomplished and Linda helped with getting the girls fed, and everyone was back in bed, and I was able to blog. I think tomorrow is going to be a little more relaxed, so I might not have a bunch to put in to the blog, but that's okay, because today made up for it already.

Thank you, all for all your support and continued prayers. Please include George in your prayers, as it would be nice for him to be able to get back to work with little or no problems.

January 11, 2012

(Everybody - It was pointed out that this one wasn't posted on Wednesday, so I went back in and checked, and sure enough, it still was in "draft" status. I guess I must have been tired or something. Well, anyway, thank you, Karen for letting me know - it is now posted)

Today was pretty much a routine day for Jason, in that we got up and fixed breakfast; we made sure the girls were all set; we headed over to the hospital for whatever appointment(s) that he had to do; and, then came back home. The girls didn't get to go over to their new friends house, but that's okay, we enjoy being around them too, and we are getting to a level of routine that allows me to work just a little less hard. Jason is doing well, and he is tolerating the pain much more effectively now. He doesn't ask for his pain medicines anywhere near as often as he used to, and in fact really didn't ask for any until later this evening. The trick is to stay ahead of the pain, so I have to watch him closely. I don't want the pain to get away from him, and then we are stuck playing catch up, and that's no fun.

Tonight I made pizza, and the girls really enjoyed it. It turned out better than I thought it was going to, and (this is the best part) I made enough for all of us and had no left overs. I generally don't like left over pizza anyway, it just doesn't taste the same - though I know some of you survived on it through your teens and early twenties... ;-)

I got Jason comfortable when he went to bed and then read a couple of books to the girls, so they could go to bed. Generally I talk with Linda at the end of the day, and several times during the day, then I do the blog (like right now). Thank you for all your prayers and continued support. We continue to travel this road together and

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012

An interesting little anecdote, about today's date. The military way of righting it is 12 January 2012, or 1212012... Not much, but I thought it was interesting.

Jason had a pretty good day with getting all his appointments in, and establishing a regular appointment schedule with PT. Previously he did not have any time set for going to physical therapy, and I wondered about that. It was all cleared up today, and now it will be 13:00 with PT and 14:00 with OT (that's 1pm and 2pm). We had an early appointment today with the prosthetic team, and it was determined that there is nothing they can do right now, and still be able to keep Jason comfortable. We will be coming back every two weeks, and letting them see what kind of progress has been made in his continued wound healing, and apparently Jason is one of those guys that all of the top folks want to be a part of his treatment. At one point there were five other medical professionals (I honestly don't know if they were all doctors or not) in the room, and they were all talking about the challenges that they see with helping Jason to progress. Some times I have to keep reminding them that they are talking about a person, as well as a challenge, and I will tell them that they are going about something wrong, if I see that happening.

We found out today why Jason hasn't gotten his wheelchair. Apparently there were too many modifications required, and when the final product was presented, it wasn't useable. Jason will be meeting with to order a "new" chair, though I am just a little disappointed that we still haven't heard from him. I called him this afternoon, and asked him to call either Jason, or me, so we could get something set up, and no returned call, yet.

Linda (wife) will be coming down tomorrow, so I am soooo looking forward to that. When we were in Maryland it seemed that I was with Linda frequently. Now that we are back in California I don't seem to see her very often, or at least not as often as I would like. The good thing is that I am now talking with the support team, who is supposed to be helping to identify someone who will be able to provide support and help for Jason, and giving me a bit of a rest, from time to time. Actually, it isn't so much a rest as it is a chance for me to get back home once in a while.

Tomorrow Jason has an appointment with PT, and that isn't until the afternoon, so he will be able to spend some time with Mom in the morning. She is taking an early flight, and will be getting here close to 08:00. Otherwise, we are looking forward to a fun long weekend with Jason and his girls. We might go to the Zoo or Sea World and act a little like tourists. The great part is that Jason and his family get to go into both places for free. Stay tuned to the blog to see what happens.

Thank you, all for your continued support and prayers. We still have some challenges ahead of us, though I believe none of those will stop Jason at any point.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012

Today wasn't much different from yesterday, though the actual appointments were with different people. The girls got to go play with their new friends again, and Jason and I were able to get the things done that we needed to do. About the only different thing that happened was that I now have a vacuum available to use, and it was used. Actually most of the house has vinyl flooring, except for most of the upstairs area and the bedrooms. Oh, yeah, I think I mentioned a couple of days ago that Jason shaved off his mustache, well, today he got his first reaction from doing that (besides from me). Lynn commented that he looked better without it and that he looked five years younger. She also went on to say that she didn't particularly care for facial hair, and I said, "Oh, really?" (For those that don't know what I look like, I have a full beard, and at the time she said that, the bear needed trimming - a bunch). She looked at me and was instantly embarrassed, so I had to give her a bad time and then gave her a hug. I also told her that I still wasn't going to shave mine, besides Linda (my wife) likes it and that's all that really counts anyway. As a side note, I did finally get to a barber and he trimmed my beard up, along with the hair cut. I guess I went about two weeks longer than normal, so I feel much better now.

Not much more to write about today, so I'll be signing off now. Thank you, for all the continued support and for all the prayers that continue to come our way.

Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

We had a pretty good day today, with Jason's appointments being scheduled such that we had plenty of time to get to them, and it didn't interrupt anything else we had going on. On top of that, we have started to get to know some of the neighbors a little better, and found out that one of the couples has a couple of little girls, the same age as Stacy and Jackie, and they got to have a play day with them. We will be doing another day tomorrow as well. The really cool part of the chance meeting was that Charlie, the husband/father, of this new family is also EOD, and he spent some time in Okinawa, just like Jason. As it turned out Jason left before Charlie arrived, so they didn't get to meet until here. They do know some common EOD friends and I think it will provide Jason with another guy he can talk to, who has a common understanding of what Jason is talking about. This also works the other way, in that it allows Jason to be the sounding board for Charlie. The kids had a great time, and Stacy was able to ride one of their tricycles with the older girl and she was both really happy and very worn out at the end. About the only thing I didn't get done today was the hair cut that I wanted to get. I will get one though, some day this week.

Jason will be showering and a dressing change in the morning, and I am anticipating that he will be looking good and healing further along. As long as there are no set backs, Jason should be making some very positive and serious improvements over these next few months.

Thank you all, for all your continued support and for all the prayers being sent our way.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 8, 2012

Today was close to a carbon copy of yesterday, only Jason did get up for a short while and then transferred to his recliner chair. It isn't quite the same as laying down, but it does allow for him to be more involved yet low pressure on the wounds. I helped him with a shower and dressing change today, and everything looked better than it has in the past, and in fact looked much better than I thought it would... I am very pleased with this. Even tonight, when he went to bed the dressings usually would show some signs of "wear" and they were not there this time.

Dinner was very simple - I made hamburgers, and Jason helped. Actually it was his idea again. I was trying to decide on what to make when he suggested just using the hamburgers that were in the freezer. I didn't even know there were burgers in the freezer. They were Bubba Burgers, and I have to admit I was a little apprehensive, as I wasn't familiar with the brand (Jason was), and they turned out pretty good. I used cheddar cheese, sliced from a block, and we had some very good tasting cheese burgers for dinner. Stacy enjoyed her burger, and Jackie couldn't get enough. I thought she might take Jason's fingers a couple of times. It was a fun and simple dinner, and actually quite relaxed.

Not much else done today, other than I took down the Christmas tree. I went through the trouble of wrapping each of the ornaments, and packing them in a box, then went out and got the box for the tree. Inside that box... I found the boxes for the ornaments. I guess that's to be expected, since I didn't put the tree up originally... ;-) Anyway, the house looks good, even without the tree, and the girls had fun with grandpa taking the tree down.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week, and we have a pretty full schedule of appointments. I think Jason will be able to get all the appointments in and still get plenty of rest. Thank you, all for the continued support and prayers.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012

Wow, first week of the new year down, and it seems like Christmas was only a couple of weeks ago... Oh, yeah, I guess it was only a couple of weeks ago. Jason had a bit of a rough start this morning, and was uncomfortable so with some encouragement from me he just stayed in bed most of the day. That worked out as it was kind of relaxing for me too. One thing I need to point out... I mentioned that Jason was supposed to be getting his chair and seat this past Friday. It didn't happen. We will be going back in on Monday and talking with the doctor to find out what happened, so I apologize for not mentioning that yesterday.

Around 17:00 (5pm) Jason was feeling much better and decided he wanted to get up. To be honest I was a little apprehensive about it at first, then saw how well he was doing and thought it was probably a good idea. He came out to the kitchen and started to cook dinner, by making soup. Jason is a very creative person, and especially so in the kitchen. In high school he even took home economics one semester. Linda and I loved it, he would come home and try out some of the new things he had learned, and I don't recall any of the "experiments" that tasted bad. Anyway, he started the soup and then started directing me, as he has a hard time reaching things. I am happy to say the soup came out quite tasty, and we have some left that will be eaten for lunch tomorrow.

We stayed up and talked for a while longer, then it was time for bed, and that was the end of the day for Jason, and the rest of us. Once I'm done with the blog posting I will be going to be too. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Jason was finally able to get his hair cut in today, and I think he feels more like he is supposed to now. I wasn't able to get a hair cut, but I think I can probably get one in on this weekend. Jason was up early this morning and was able to get his clothes, and into his chair, and out to the kitchen all on his own. I was impressed, to say the least. He said it was a challenge, but he managed to get it done, and he was still feeling pretty good comfort-wise. All that is great, and I know it is good to hear about it, though there is a down side to getting into the chair that early. He has a tolerance level that allows him to stay in the chair for so long, then he needs to lay down to relieve the pressure. Today, that time coincided with his visit to PT, and fortunately they have several places where he is able to just lay down. It was actually his first visit with PT, this year, and when he went down he saw several people he knew, and it was a nice feeling going in. We had the girls with us, and they were being looked after by four or five of the other therapists, as the girls are pretty cute, if I do say so myself. The visit lasted for about an hour, so it gave Jason enough time to relieve the pressure just as it was needed.

The stuff from North Carolina came today, and Jason was able to get the important things he wanted, packed away at our house. Actually, we have a few things to take care of now, like getting his TV set up, and cable to the house. Who knows, maybe we'll have it all done in time to see the Super Bowl. Okay, maybe I'm being too optimistic, but it does give me something to look forward to... ;-)

The exterior of the house was painted today, and the movement of the boxes did not cause any problems either way. Jason went out in his chair and did some supervision of the unloading, just like a good Staff Sergeant would do - got'a love the Marines for being that way. There were five guys from the Wounded Warrior battalion who came over to lend Jason a hand, so it was done very quickly.

This weekend we are going to be working on getting some things put away, and even put together. Then we're going to take some time to relax and rest. I think I'll do my best to get some time to go over to Balboa Park, and enjoy a little more of San Diego. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers, and please keep in mind all the others who also need help in so many different ways.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2011

Just a quick update tonight, as things went better today than they have for the past several. Part of the reason is that we finally are getting some things set up and coordinated for helping to take care of the girls, and some of the other chores around the house.

Jason took a shower today, and afterward he (drum roll please) shaved, including his mustache. When I saw him, he looked so much more refreshed, and my first thought was that he looked like a Marine who needs a hair cut (he and I have been trying to find the time to get a hair cut for several days now). We were able to take care of some of the chores/errands that we've been wanting to do, with a big one being the change out of the loaner vehicle for the next vehicle. The van we have now is almost identical to the one we previously had so the learning curve was almost null. Its even the same color - white (which means it will also get dirty just as fast). Also we made a new friend today, Bob S., who helped us in many ways today. He came over to help in one way, and it ended up taking up almost the entire day for him. He didn't complain and even bought us lunch. I didn't ask him if it was okay to write about this so you'll just have to accept the vague description, for now.

Also a good bit of news came in late in the day, that the possessions from North Carolina are supposed to be here tomorrow. This is going to help in multiple ways, and make life a little more stable for everyone. Then finally a delivery came, via UPS, from George B. Our car seats are now here and we don't need to keep swapping seats back and forth from one vehicle to another. Actually, I was getting moderately fast making the change, though it was getting old.

Tomorrow should be a little easier as there aren't too many appointments to keep up with. This should allow us to catch up on a few things. Thank you all for all your continued prayers and support, as George B. wrote to me... we're supposed to look our for each other (Romans 3:38-39).

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

Today started out a little better, but by the end of the day Jason was worn down about as much as I have seen. The demands of keeping up with his needs, as well as those of his daughters has been challenging, but I think we are beginning to get into more of a rhythm, and in a matter of a day or so it should be easier. I'm looking at ways of streamlining our activities so that we don't use so much time to do the different things that we need to do. Like working with the medical folks so that we don't have to go to the pharmacy on a weekly basis, and maybe allow us to have a month supply. Going to the pharmacy, even with Jason's "fast pass", takes about an hour to get a prescription filled. I've hear stories of some of the patients waiting four or five hours to get prescriptions filled. Not sure why it takes so long, in Bethesda it seemed to work much more smoothly and quickly, for everyone.

On the good news side today - we were told that the power chair is supposed to be arriving this week, so that means maybe tomorrow, AND his seat is supposed to be with it. I am so looking forward to the new seat, and I know Jason is also. The one he has right now is getting a little worn and broken down. Not sure about his new manual chair, but we should be hearing something on that soon.

Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers, we continue to benefit.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Not the best of days for Jason, as his HO (I think) is starting bother him again. We will be talking with the doctor tomorrow and see if there is something that we can do to make him more comfortable while we wait for his custom seat. The wounds themselves are looking better all the time, and we went in to see the nurse practitioner, and she felt that everything was coming along well. The funny part is that now when we go in I effectively do all the work with the wound care, because I know how to touch, as well as where to touch safely. The medical staff is sometimes less than caring, and I guess I really can't blame them too much. Most of the corpsmen joined with the idea that they would be out in the field "in the action" and when they get placed in a medical office or hospital they get bored. Over the course of these past 10 months I have had the opportunity to work with some who have been absolutely outstanding and others I hope we never see again. Fortunately, the latter is a MUCH smaller list.

We've gotten to know one of the chaplains these past few days, and he has been a great help with getting some things done. Funny part is that he is actually a patient here as well (neck injury). Like today, Jason and I had to go to the nurse practitioner, and we had the girls with us. Mike was also there, and he said he would be happy to watch the girls while Jason and I were in the procedure room. The girls already know him so it was a great fit. Jason and I will probably end up making a visit to his church, as soon as Jason is up for that type setting. I'd like to get back to going regularly again, as it has been too long since our last visit.

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day for Jason, and I think it will be, though if it is not we'll simply take it as another step in the journey. Thank you all for all your support and prayers, it continues to amaze me how strong you all have been for Jason and all of his family.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2011

Not too bad of a day, though Jason was experiencing some extra pain, and wasn't able to sit in his chair for as long as he usually does. Fortunately we have to head over to the hospital in the morning, and that should allow for them to possibly provide some ideas/solutions to how he can better cope with it. I got him up and we did some things around the house, and we found that we actually had a little free time. He wanted to get back to his bed and take a nap, and this sounded great to me. After he got up I suggested to him that it would be an opportune time for him to take a shower, and then a dressing change. Because of the holiday, just past, his shower/dressing change schedule got a little out of whack (side note: What is "whack"?). Anyway, he agreed and so the shower felt good and he also looked good after.

There were some challenges with the internet, as neither of us could get on, for a few hours (not sure why), but it seemed to clear up later this evening (that's why I am blogging now). We have appointments in the morning so I will need to be moving early, to get him and the girls up and fed before we leave. With that, I'm going to be going to bed now, and will provide a little more in the way of updates tomorrow.

Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012 - Day 1 of the new year!

This blog is dedicated to the recovery and rehab of SSGT Jason Ross, and over the past several months I have, at times, diverted to more esoteric items that really don't have a great deal to do with what my initial intent was. Therefore, since it is the new year, and I have the ability to do so, I am rededicating myself to postings on this blog of JUST Jason's recovery and rehab focus. Having said that...

Today Jason got up at just a little before 06:00, as that is the time when I give him his initial meds of the day. A short time after that I helped him get ready for a nice shower, and over to the shower. The bedroom he sleeps in is not a master bedroom in the more traditional sense of the word, and does not have a bath attached directly to the room (none of the bedrooms do). He gets a little PT each time he does this, so going down the short hall provides him a chance to "warm up" a little, for the day. We're working with the housing folks here to get a couple of trapezes installed, so he can more easily transfer himself (to and from the shower and to and from the bed), and again, it is good PT for him anyway.

Once he was done with the shower I did a dressing change, and I am thinking that the next time the wound nurse sees his progress, she will be pleased. Once he gets to the point of having the wounds FINALLY closed, he can progress more rapidly with his rehab efforts. Dr. Malone had told me that the wounds were simply going to be closing up on their own, and would be taking what will fell like a slow path, so I am now seeing that.

Because it is still a holiday, there really wasn't much more to do today, other than some web surfing and just taking care of some little chores. Not sure about tomorrow, as it is the tail end of the holiday for most of the hospital, so I don't think there will be any activity with OT or PT, but we might head over there anyway. We're both hoping the barber shop is open as we both need a haircut (me more than Jason). If not, we will take care of it on Tuesday.

Thank you, for the support and prayers you have sent our way, because this is more a marathon than a sprint, I will continue to ask for them to be sent Jason's way, for as long as I think I need to ask.