January 17, 2011

Today was the first day without the girls around, and it was noticeable.

We had a couple of appointments at the hospital today, and also had the opportunity to take care of a couple of other things, like getting the girls set up with their well baby check up, with the pediatrician(s)(not sure if they each get one, or they will be seeing the same doctor). It is rather amazing the amount of paper work that needs to be accomplished when doing anything with the military, but they do manage to keep track of things and people.

OT was good today, though we were just a little late getting in today. We left the house with plenty of time to spare, I thought, then we ran into the road work that was going on. All of a sudden we were just stopped in traffic, and even some of the cars behind us (about five cars back) had to hit their breaks real hard, so that they didn't run into anyone. Kind of scary when you think about it. Just sitting there, and no where to go; so, if the guy behind you isn't paying attention you get hit. Anyway, we were about 5 minutes late, and when we came in, the place was full, with other Marines mostly. It was okay, though, because Jason had an appointment and they saw him right away.

Jason has an appointment with PT tomorrow, at 13:00, and while that is going on, I will be making appointments for him for the month of February. I guess that's the way it is done now. Jason needs to be all booked up for a month at a time, though there will still be days where he doesn't have any appointments.

I was able to put up one new picture, so far. I wanted to put up at least this one, as it was from a visit from a very special person. Dr. Malone's sister, Diane came out to California, and since she was down in the San Diego area she came to visit with Jason and me. She also brought along Susan, her friend. They stayed for a nice visit, and we took a couple of pictures, so I put this one out. I have sent several to Linda (the wife), to get her approval of the other pictures. As I get more time to work on it, I will find a way to get more pictures easily loaded for everyone to take a look at.

Jason's power chair came today, and the custom seat that was made just for him. He actually hasn't sat in the chair yet, so we'll be doing that tomorrow. He needs to gradually work his way up for tolerance of the new seat, but that shouldn't take more than a few days to accomplish. If by this time next week he isn't using the power chair more, then something went wrong.

Well, that's all the update for today. I'm tired right now so I'm going to be going to bed in a few minutes. Thank you, for all the continued support and all the prayers coming our way.


  1. So glad the chair arrived! Sure hope the seat works out. Take some pics of the new ride too. So great Diane made it out here to visit!

    We're finally supposed to get some rain here the next few days, boy, do we ever need it.

    Give everyone a hug from me.

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Hi Jason! Wow your days are always full. How wonderful Dr. Malone's sister was able to visit. Your photo looks great, I am always so happy to read how busy you are because it means you are still making progress. As your dad says all a part of the marathon. :-)

    Katie a Marine Mom


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