January 21, 2012 - Introducing Boomer

Well, today was a pretty good day for Jason. He had talked about wanting to get moving on a service dog, and would be wanting to start looking at dogs today. He not only looked at dogs, he picked and bought one. Well, technically I guess it wasn't a purchase, more of an adoption as they like to call it. Anyway, Boomer (that's his name) is a 9-week old puppy, and appears to be everything you would expect in a puppy German Shepard mix. He is fully of energy and yet sleeps a lot; everything is new to him and therefore exciting; finding the right food is not difficult, he tries to eat everything. Okay, on that last point, we did purchase the recommended puppy chow for him, and Boomer seems to like it. I took a few pictures of the two of them together, and I will be posting them tomorrow, as I promised Linda that I would show them to her first. Speaking of Linda, she seems to have caught a cold or something and doesn't feel very good right now. She spent a good portion of the day in bed - but I digress. The next step is to coordinate a training program for Boomer, and that will probably be starting in the next few months or so. I believe they would like to begin working with the dogs when they are about 6-months.

Jason spent a couple of hours in his new power chair, and he did alright. There are some things that need to be adjusted, and I hope those adjustments don't take too long as I think Jason is beginning to warm to the idea of the power chair. He still says he would rather have his other chair, so we'll continue to push to get that one done as soon as it can be.

Otherwise, today was spent just relaxing around the house and continuing with the emptying of boxes and doing laundry. Jason seems to be doing well, and tomorrow he said he wants to do a shower and dressing change, since he has an early doctor appointment on Monday. If Jason gets up, around 07:00 and takes a shower and dressing change, he wouldn't be able to get to an appointment before 09:00, and that is without much breakfast. By not having to do a dressing change (or shower) he will be able to get to the early appointment. So, anyway, that is all for today, and I hope you all have a great weekend. And don't forget... Go Niners!

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.


  1. Oh boy, 9 week old puppy - Y I K E S!! Adorable, but, you thought you were busy before. Here's my suggestions. 1) Hide all the kids toys, 2) Don't leave socks or underware on the floor, EVER. 3) Potty train ASAP. I hope his chair gets more comfortable because Boomer is going to need long walks. That said, CONGRATULATIONS JASON on your new boy doggie :) I love his name, how appropraite :) Post pictures please. He'll need a place to lay down in the van. Awesome, can't wait to meet him. Love the puppy smell. Their teeth are like sharp razors, ouch!! Their kisses, wonderful. PICTURES!! I am missing my Bo doggie right now (alot). Enjoy. Teach him not to run out the door and into the street! Oh boy, wait till the girls get to see him, so cute.

    Praying big time for you now for sure!! LOL

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends
    49er Faithfuls

  2. Can't wait to see pics of the puppy!
    Know that the Lord is always there for you! Praying hard!
    2 Samuel 22:2-3, 7 And he said, The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my saviour; thou savest me from violence. (7) In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God: and he did hear my voice out of his temple, and my cry did enter into his ears.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address

  3. Wow, a 9 week old puppy!!! As someone who is training a puppy in hopes of her becoming a therapy dog, I know very well the work that you are in for. I pray that you have the energy and time, time, time that basic training alone requires. Isabelle is 4 1/2 months old and I have dedicated my every day to her training. We are now in our advanced obedience training classes. All of this is needed before we can even apply to enter the therapy dog training program. A therapy dog has less training and can be trained by the owner, then must pass requirements and tests in order to be certified. I trust that you have aready done the research on what it takes to have a service dog. I thought that you get them already trained for the specific service they will do. I do know that they must be certified by the proper people thru the proper channels in order to be allowed access anywhere with Jason. All of this said, I do believe that having a service dog would be wonderful. I pray that it will work out for Jason and Boomer. Every person in need of a service dog should have a well trained loving dog ready and able to serve. Every dog, and I do mean every dog, should have a loving place in a family.
    Love, Lisa

  4. I love that you were able to get the puppy. Having a service dog and helping train it will be wonderful. I have seen Jason with so many animals over the years...he has the magic touch. I am excited for the girls too, as having a puppy is such fun for kids as well. Here's to quick housebreaking, lots of loving puppy kisses, and not too many puddles on the floor...

  5. Things seem to be moving along. I have been reading on email instead of a computer for awhile which means I read the blog a day behind.

    Dog training, by 13 weeks the dog should know his name. Sit, Stay, come, and walking on a leash training can begin early. We are on our 3rd hunting labrador retriever. The training began at 9 weeks. By the 13 weeks, all 3 understood sit, stay, come, and return with a retrieve. Formal training at the breeder began at 16 weeks. 6 months is a little late to begin training a dog. Our first 2 have since past away at 13 & almost 15 years old. Old for labs. Our current dog Hot Rod Lincoln at 4 months I returned him to Deep Run for a month of training while I was traveling for soccer.


    The link above will have information about training dogs. Pentagon 9/11 were Deep Run dogs. Many of their pups become rescue dogs and they ship all over the world. Stache from Deep Run served in Iraq searching for missing American military. Hit by IED blast he survived and spent time with his human comrades at Walter Reed. Stache received the ASPCA Presidential Award for his work. They are very particular about who they sell to and a large wallet does mean a person leaves with a puppy.

    Hot Rod Lincoln's sire is Jailhouse Rock (Rocky) the owners personal dog. Jack personally picked our dog for us.

    If anything happens and the new puppy does not work out for service training, Deep Run would be the place to look.

    A devoted service dog would be a great asset and companion for Jason. Dogs are good for those with PTSD as well.

    Being a dog person I am interested to hear updates about Boomer.

    Life changed again after the holidays, but the Ross family just keeps on keeping on...

    All of you remain in our prayers.


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