Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012 - Happy 29th Birthday Jason!

Today started off a little rough for Jason, and for a while it didn't get much better. His pain level was such that he wasn't able to come in for any of the therapy sessions he had, or any other appointment for that matter. The good part was that it was early enough in the day that he was able to call in to let the right folks know he wasn't coming in, and therefore the schedule was changed early enough that it didn't cause any problems. Jason hasn't missed many full days of appointments, so I knew he was feeling kind of bad to do this. He pretty much just stayed in bed for the entire day.

 With that being said, as the day progressed the comfort level did begin to go from very bad to tolerable and then finally to able to get up in his chair. Of course that last part didn't happen until later in the evening and just from a planning point of view, I was glad to see that he had gotten better. Today is Jason's 29th birthday and not only were his godparents here, there were also a few people coming over to kind of celebrate with him. Anthony was the first to arrive, and he came in and had a nice visit with Jason when Yolanda and Steven came back. Now all of them were in his room and visiting, and just having some folks to talk to helped to make Jason feel better. I had just gotten back from picking up the girls when Yolanda and Steve showed up, so it was kind of nice walking in together. A short time later, maybe an hour and a half, Gary, Jeff and Matt came in , and that was good, because they brought the dinner. All told, we had 10 people all sitting around the tables sharing food and conversation and it was nice.

Speaking of nice, I think now would be a good time to recognize a man whom we have yet to meet who has been helping Linda and I out with some travel help. He has paid for Linda's air fare down here, and has offered to do it again. The first time was over Mother's day, and as a result the tickets were kind of expensive, and he didn't baulk at all. This next time will be next week, and he is doing this all in the honor of Lt. Chris Salisbury, USMC, his son, who died a few years ago. I am looking forward to the day I get to meet this man, as I'd really enjoy being able to say, "Thank you." to his face.

Anyway, when the "dinner-birthday party" was over everyone recognized that Jason was needing to call it a night, and left. I was just happy that I didn't have to chase anyone out of the house. Even still, after everyone was gone, Jason wanted to help with the little bit of clean up that was still needing to be done. Granted, it wasn't much, but I wanted him to get back down and told him that I would take care of it. Marines, they just have that need to keep helping. Tomorrow Jason does not have any appointments, so we can relax for three days now. Not even sure if we're taking the girls in to day care, so we'll make the call in the morning. It was a good day, overall, and I was happy to see it end the way it did. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

Today started out as a rough day for Jason, as his treatment from the laser was still very tender and he was very uncomfortable. He wanted to get in early to go talk with the Urology nurse, who was to get things ready for the treatment that the doctor had explained yesterday. The treatment probably won't be happening for another week or so, but Jason needed to get in and begin getting things ready now.

After that visit we went on over to PT to schedule some time with Dawn and Van, and also to get a June schedule established for PT, since May is coming to and end. Jason was beginning to feel very uncomfortable so he let Dawn know that he wasn't going to be able to stay for any treatment, as it wasn't going to work today. From there we were on our way to OT. There Jason did a quick session and then we went back home. It was relatively early in the day and Jason laid back down. He slept until Steve and Yolanda came by, and then actually slept a little longer. Yolanda had made some enchiladas for us and wanted to cook dinner for us tonight. As far as I was concerned, it was all good, and on top of that Yolanda is a good cook.

The girls had a bath tonight, since both of them are learning new ways of getting dirty at day care. Stacy wasn't too bad today, though Jackie seemed to have found a whole new meaning to the word, dirty. She was covered from head to toe, literally. I was half expecting them to charge me for the dirt we were taking with us. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating some here, but bottom line - she was dirty and happy. Anyway, I cleaned her up some, after she got home, and then after dinner I gave them a bath. I washed both their hair and cleaned them up, and afterward we had to shiny little girls.... ;-)

They got to say good night to everybody and then I told them a story tonight, and then they laid down and quickly went to sleep. My guess is that they were tired from all their activities. Tomorrow Jason has appointments, though I don't know if he'll be going . He has been hurting most of the day and still has a level of discomfort that is higher than regular. We'll know tomorrow. Thank you, for your continued prayers and for all the support.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012

Jason had a couple of appointments this morning, with one of them being the laser treatment again - the third one. We first got the girls up and I fed them breakfast, and had to do it so that it wasn't in front of Jason. He has to go without eating because of the laser treatment (it is the same as surgery, where he is put under a general anesthesia), and I didn't think it would be fair to him. Anyway, the girls and I had Rice Krispies (its one of their favorite cereals) and then we took off for the hospital, and day care.

It is really cute getting the girls into the daycare center because there is this fish tank close to the entrance. Both girls love to go over and watch the fish, and some times Stacy asks if Nemo is going to be there. They have no problems going to their classes and love to be with the teachers; yet, as I come to pick them up, at the end of the day, they always come running to me. Makes me feel pretty good. Actually today when I picked them up I had gotten Jackie first and then went over to Stacy's class. They were all outside and Stacy was playing in a sandy area. She saw me and jumped up and came running over carrying the shovel she had been playing with. She was a real mess; and, looked about as happy as could be. One of the few times I didn't have my camera, and one where I wished I did. It was such a great sight.

Anyway, Jason's treatments went well today. We had a great talk with the Urology doctor, and it looks like he wants to do some work with Jason, in a couple of weeks. This is great news as Jason is really wanting to be sure to put the infections behind him so that he can concentrate on the rest of his recovery. The laser treatment took a little over two hours from entering the PICU (that's where the treatment is done) to when we were leaving. Jason felt a little woozie but otherwise pretty good, and we came back to the house. Lunch was both quick and easy, and then Jason went to sleep for a few hours.

Not much else happened tonight until I gave the girls a bath. I got them dressed and read for bed and then took them in to see Daddy. Jason read them a story and then they went to bed. The really cool part of this is that they do it without any fight or argument, and that just makes it so much easier for both Jason and I. Right after I got the girls down in their beds I went back in to talk with Jason for a few minutes and then Jason's God Parents showed up. They had been traveling all day and got caught up in the Los Angeles traffic. They thought they were going to get here by 18:30 (6:30pm) but didn't show up until 20:45 (8:45pm). They were both very tired so they came in and visited for a little while, and brought in some enchiladas (Yolanda is a very good cook). They left and said they would be back tomorrow afternoon, after Jason's appointments tomorrow, and visit for a longer period. It was very good to see both Steve and Yolanda, and it was good for them to see Jason.

Tomorrow there are a few appointments and then we'll be back at the house by about noon or 13:00 (1pm). It looks like we're going to be having a busy week for the rest of the week, but that is the way it goes. Thank you, for your continued prayers and support, and may God Bless you all.

Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012 - Memorial Day

Today was a good day for this household - Jason was able to get up and go out to breakfast with the family, and enjoy being out and about for at least a little while. We were only out for a little more than an hour, and he needed to get back down when we got home. That was okay though, as we had a good time together and nobody had to do the cooking. Linda and I took the girls shopping and then a little later Jackie went down for a nap and Stacy played in the back yard and rode her tricycle. The new table and umbrella that Linda's parents bought for the girls, was put together (by Grandpa) and they were very pleased with it (the grownups have their own table with umbrella, and now the girls do).

A couple of guys that worked with Jason over in Okinawa dropped by and visited for a couple hours. It is always good when his friends come by because he just notches his energy level up and he nearly forgets about his injuries. A little later Linda had to get packed up and ready to go back up to Livermore, though we're already planning for the next visit. She said she wants to come back down for father's day, and that would be a real nice thing, as far as I am concerned. I wanted to get her to the airport with plenty of time and just as we were getting ready to go I couldn't find my keys. I started looking everywhere I could think of. We already had the girls in the van, so Linda had to stay out there with them, and that meant I was looking by myself. It took me a few minutes to find them (they were stuck down in the recliner - apparently fell out of my pocket) and then finally got going to the airport. I was now going to have Linda at the airport with less than an hour before her flight, and because it is Memorial Day I "knew" the traffic was going to be crazy. I was wrong - We made it to the airport and we were able to stop close to the entrance she needed and though she couldn't stop and window shop, she still had plenty of time.

Tomorrow Jason has a few appointments, and they start early, so we will be heading out just a little after 08:30. I am looking forward to the opportunity to speak with the doctors, and hope they can provide us with some answers about why there is increased pain. More importantly I hope they are able to provide some ways that Jason can work to reduce the pain level again. Anyway, that's it for the day, and I just want to thank you, all for all your continued support and for your continued prayers.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 27, 2012

Jason stayed in bed for most of the day, though he did get up early this morning. It seems that he spilled water on himself and it wasn't just a little bit. The way we have it set up is that Jason drinks as much water as he wants all day long. He drinks some where in the area of about a gallon a day (maybe a little more). He does this because of all the different medications he is taking, and it helps to make the affect a little less harsh on his kidneys. Anyway, at night he keeps his water container sitting close to the bed, so he can get to it easily, and sometimes he looks like he is even drinking while he is sleeping. Well, last night I guess he did something very close to that, as he picked up the bottle, took his drink, and instead of putting it NEXT to the bed, he sat it ON the bed and then proceeded to knock it over. Thus, at 06:00 this morning he woke up and the sheets needed to be changed out. It wound up messing up some of his bandages too, so I had to take care of those, and I think the extra movement caused him some extra pain as he wasn't very comfortable for several hours. He didn't feel up to getting out of bed until after 20:00 (8pm) tonight. He seemed to be feeling pretty good by then.

Linda and I worked on finishing up a couple of projects I had started a while back. In fact, one of those was actually started by Monica Wolley. It was a kitchen play set for the girls, where there was a 25 step sequence of things to do, in order to assemble the unit. She had gotten the first 5 steps done and I finished the other 20. The other was a musical toy that should drive us a little crazy in a few days, either that or the batteries will wear down. Anyway, the girls have a couple more things to entertain and play with, and because of both of them, it should help them gain more knowledge about how things work.

Linda and I also decided to act a little more like tourists and we went over to Cabrillo National Park. It is right on the coast and is dedicated to a Portuguese explorer who sailed up and down the California coast. I didn't even know it was there, prior to this visit and thought that it is one of the hidden secrets of San Diego. It has some wonderful presentations and artifacts to look at, as well as having some great historical importance. I guess what I'm saying is, if you happen to get down to San Diego, check it out.

We celebrated Jason's birthday today, because Linda (Mom) is here, and the timing works out better for Jason right now. He actually has a birthday on the 31st, so today is only four days early. It gives me a few more days to give him a hard time and tease him about getting older  (like I have room to talk). Anyway, the high point of that little celebration is when Jackie had cake all over herself, and we had to take a bunch of pictures. It is late right now so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to post them to the blog. Thank you, for all you have done in supporting Jason, and for all the prayers you continue to send our way.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 26, 2012

Today started out a bit rough, but ended nice. Jason hasn't been feeling particularly comfortable in his chair, and has been dealing with different periods of pain, associated with the HO, over the past several days (couple of weeks?). Today, with Linda being home we were hoping that he would be up for maybe going out to breakfast, since we haven't done that in several months. Well, he said he would rather just have a bowl of cereal and stay in bed, and not move around too much. I understand about how he is feeling, as I have been watching him over these past several days, and I really wasn't surprised at what he said. I got the stuff together for breakfast and then Linda actually stayed in his room, while the enjoyed breakfast. It was still early in the morning so I decided to take advantage of the fact that Linda was here with him, and I went for a short (12mile) bike ride.  When I got back and cleaned up Linda and I decided that we could run a couple of errands, as long as we weren't gone too lone. I don't mind leaving Jason alone, as long as he has had his meds, and he can get to them should he need to. While we were out we got a call from Tom Lightner and they were able to get a patio set and barbeque grill to us. It was great because that means we were going to be able to grill some food for dinner, and Jason and I have been talking about how we would really enjoy that.

We got back to the house and found out the girls were going to be getting back to the house sometime this afternoon, and that just made the day that much better. By the time Tom and Fred arrived it was getting to be about mid afternoon. I helped them unload the patio furniture and grill, and then we put it all together. By the time we had just about finished the girls showed up, so the entire family was there, and they got to meet Tom and Fred. Tom let me know that the patio furniture and the grill were donated by Home Depot, as it was part of a program where they do what they can to help some of the Wounded Warriors. Jason will be sending a thank you back to the manager of the store, where the equipment came from, and possibly a picture or two.

I used the grill, and the girls played in the backyard, and the first thing I did was cook some hotdogs. Because it was getting to be closer to dinner, I didn't cook too many; and, they were some of the best grilled dogs I have eaten in a long time. For dinner I grilled some steaks, since we had a couple of them, with baked potatoes. Everything worked out great and we were all happy with the results. Jason still ate in bed, but that's okay, he has the tray to eat off of now, and it is much more comfortable for him.

Thank, you for all your continued prayers and support.

Friday, May 25, 2012

May 25, 2012 - Only seven months to Christmas!!... ;-)

Today was a good day for Jason, and not because he only had one appointment (with PT), though that was kind of nice. It was because after the appointment with PT was done we headed over to the galley and had lunch; we leisurely headed back to the house; and, just relaxed for a couple of hours. Afterward we headed back over to the day care center, where the girls are enrolled, and watched a performance that Stacy was in. I got a couple of good pictures, so I will need to get those on the blog, but for right now just know that she looked great and in just a matter of a couple of days of being part of the class, she was one of the better performers. Jason was a very proud Papa watching his little girl do the Hula and sign to the audience (the audience was about 10 parents). I have to give credit to those teachers, they put a great deal of effort into getting the kids to do the dance, and making it coordinated.

After the dance was over I got Jason back to the house and then headed over to the airport to pick up Linda. She flew in today on Southwest, and was supposed to be arriving at about 15:35 (3:35pm). What I didn't know was that they had changed their schedule so that they didn't arrive until almost 16:00 (4pm). That means I was driving around and around, waiting for them to come in for nearly a half an hour. Actually, what I did was, I called back to Jason and asked him to look up on the web, what the Southwest schedule was for the flight. When he told me I was both relieved and a little put out. I wouldn't have felt so pushed to leave Stacy's class room if I'd known the schedule had changed. But hey, its the airline industry and they don't seem to care about passengers like they used to; and, Southwest is supposed to be one of the better ones.

Linda, Jason and I had dinner together, and we'll get to see the girls tomorrow - Linda is very anxious to see them. Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support, and please say a little extra prayer for the girls as I am concerned that they might have caught a cold along the way.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

Jason started the day off with a shower and a dressing change. The wounds don't look any worse and unfortunately they don't look any better. We won't be going in to see the dermatologist until the end of next week, so we have to just wait to see when the hyperbaric chamber work starts. I am hoping that it does fulfill all that we are being lead to believe it can do. On the other hand, I won't be too surprised if it does not. Jason was up in his chair after the new dressings and within a short time he was getting uncomfortable. We had some time before we had to go to his first appointment so I asked him to go lay back down, and he did. I got the girls fed breakfast and finished getting them ready. After they were ready we started to get ready ourselves, including Jason - and then we headed on over to the hospital. There were three appointments and that alone would be enough to wear him out. As it turned out, by the time he was done with his first appointment he was starting to feel uncomfortable and in a short while it was decided to head back home and lay back down. After getting him back in bed, I took off to pick up some lunch. There is a new taco place we hadn''t tried and I wanted to see how they were. The food was good and they got my order correct.

Not much else happened today, other than a call from the bike shop to let me know my bike was ready. I had a new set of gears mounted on the rear wheel (the entire cassette was replaced). This should make it much easier for me to get up some of the hills around here. Jason on has the one appointment tomorrow, and it is for 11:00, so that should allow me the time to pick up the bike in the morning. Speaking of picking up... I'll be picking up Linda tomorrow afternoon and we're going to have the entire weekend together. I am looking forward to this weekend.

Thank you, for all your prayers and support.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

Today Jason was up and moving at a nice early hour, and though I was happy to see him get up and want to get going, it concerned me based on his last few days of elevated discomfort and pain. We got the girls over to their day care, and even Jackie went running down the hall, to her class room. It was great to see this because it showed me that both of them are fitting in nicely there, and they're both happy to be there. Once we had the girls settled in to their class rooms we headed on over to the hospital for Jason's appointment. He only had the one appointment today with Physical Therapy, so it wasn't too complicated.

While at PT we were told, by Dawn, that Van had come by to work with Jason on his chair, yesterday. I told Dawn that Jason would not have been able to attend any extra meeting because of how he has been feeling, so we're going to have to push it again, and perhaps we'll get a chance next week. The good thing about PT is that Jason gets to get off his chair, and though it is only for an hour it does help with relieving some of the pressure he encounters from sitting on the chair. Anyway, Dawn worked with Jason's arms and shoulders, and she even commented that it seemed like his right shoulder was in much better shape than the previous time she worked with him. The efforts and exercises that she has been doing with him are starting to pay off.

When I went to pick up the girls from day care tonight they were "rehearsing" for a performance that will be going on, this Friday. I let Jason know that he is expected to be there on Friday, and he sounded excited about going, so I'm happy. Tomorrow we have our appointments to get done, and then back home. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012

Today was an exciting day, in that it started early with Jason wanting to take a shower and get clean dressings on his wounds, then immediately after that the girls were up and running around. It was actually very rewarding to me in that Jason was effectively taking care of his daughters on his own, while I was doing laundry and cleaning up some things. By the time I was done he had gotten breakfast for them and was feeding Jackie some cereal. I still hadn't eaten breakfast, so I started to get my stuff together, at about the same time both Stacy and Jackie were finished and then found out that Jason hadn't eaten either. With that being said we sat down together and had our breakfast while the girls were having a great time "reading" to each other in the front room. Neither of them can read, but Stacy has a general idea of what the stories are about and can tell them to Jackie. When Jackie starts it is usually just a bunch of sounds since her vocabulary is still developing, though she can now say several words, and knows some names.

We took the girls to day care and I need to get a photo in, of the girls, for their records. I may have to wait until tomorrow to do this, so that I can get a couple of good pictures. Jason's appointments went well, and there was nothing new to report about. The only thing that we need to get scheduled is the hyperbaric treatment that has recently been approved. I've been told we will have to head over to the UC San Diego Medical School to get this done, and there doesn't seem to be anyone who knows how many treatments he is going to be receiving. All I care about is getting his wounds closed up and healed, so I look at this as another possible step to arriving at that point. Otherwise, his appointments today went well and we were back at the house before 12:30, and we even drove through Taco Bell (Jason was in the mood). The down side is that they messed up the order and didn't include Jason's bean burritos (he always orders two). I called back over to the store where we bought them (phone number was on the receipt) and the guy I spoke to was very poor at handling a customer complaint. I finally asked him to have the manager give me a call, and I'll see if I can get this fixed. It is the third time that this particular Taco Bell has messed up Jason's order.

Tomorrow I am going to try to get a bike ride in, in the afternoon and it depends on a number of factors, the most important being how Jason is doing. The appointment schedule is thin, with only one tomorrow so he should be able to stay off his chair for the better part of the day. Thank you, for all your prayers and continued support.

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 21, 2012

Today was a little tough on Jason. He woke up early this morning with a significant level of pain, but apparently not enough that he thought he should wake me. It kept him awake for a few hours, even after taking some pain killers. As a result he was tired for a good part of the day. I saw how he was so I decided to take the girls over to their day care earlier, rather than having them come to the hospital with us. If they came with us they would have also been around the house, and if I needed to work with Jason I didn't want to have to take care of two little girls at the same time. Fortunately Larry came over at about the same time I was ready to take the girls so we didn't have to wait too long and it was comfortable knowing that Jason wasn't alone. Getting them into day care was actually pretty easy, considering it was their first day at this new center. I had anticipated that I was going to have to deal with extra paperwork or something else. As it turned out there wasn't much paperwork, AND (this is the good part) on the stuff they still needed information on, I knew the answers. I felt pretty good that I didn't have to take stuff back to Jason, especially considering how tired he was. He said the pain had gone away, but now he was just tired/sleepy.

We got to OT first and the both of us did a craft exercise. The Therapist got Jason working on it first (kind of a four string weave that ended up looking like a potential bracelet), and I was sitting there, just happy as could be. Of course the Therapist wasn't going to let me just watch, so she handed me the same materials and said I had to do it too. I was a little hesitant at first but then decided, what the heck, we can both have something from our session together. It was kind of fun and looked much better than I thought it was going to look. I think mine looks the best, but Jason may disagree with me... ;-)

We went over to PT next and that's where things got a little tough on Jason. There was a need to check out his vision and perception, and also his balance. The effort required Jason to move his head in different ways, over a prolonged period, about an hour, and when he was done he wasn't feeling too goo. I tried to get him to lay down on one of the padded tables, and he said he was fine. Finally I suggested that we simply go back to the house because the next appointment wasn't for almost two hours, and Jason could lay down for a while. He liked that idea so that's what we did. We also had lunch, with Jason eating his in bed, and then he fell asleep, for about 20 minutes. I would liked to just let him sleep, but the appointment was there and I know that Jason doesn't like to miss his appointments. As it turned out, Jason was glad we went and he had his appointment. He was ready to head back home afterward, and so was I.

Jason got back in bed and I took care of a few things around the house. A bit later I prepared dinner and then a little after that the girls went to bed. Jason and I stayed up a little longer and we talked, then he wanted to get some sleep. I think he was still a little tired from the issues that happened this morning. Tomorrow should be a better day. Also, Tom and Fred came over this afternoon with a nice gift for Jason, and a nice gift for me, too. Tom grows some vegetables at his house and brought over some zucchini... I love fresh vegetables, and zucchini is one of my favorites. Tomorrow we have appointments set up, so we'll get going early again, and I am guessing that this time we'll all go, to take the girls to day care. I think Jason will want to anyway, just to see the class rooms. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers, being sent our way. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

Not much going on today. We had breakfast with the girls, and it was a little different from most of the rest of this past week. Jason typically has his breakfast without getting out of bed, and then only gets out when he has to. Today he got up at about 06:30 and decided he wanted to take a shower. After the shower he had new dressings put on his wounds, and by the way, they're looking better. In fact, all of the area is looking better, and I'm pretty happy about it, considering I've been the one to see it every time. Anyway, after the shower the girls got up and were full of energy as they always are, and Jason decided to get dressed, to come have breakfast with the girls. In hindsight, I think this may have been an error because by 09:00 he was feeling uncomfortable and needed to get back in bed, which lead to us not going to church today. Well, we don't need to attend every Sunday, we just like to attend regularly.

The rest of the day was spent doing some laundry and lazing around the house. I did walk over to the mail box and pick up the Saturday mail, but other than that not much went on. Jason has appointments tomorrow, and more importantly, the girls BOTH start at their day care on the naval base. This will be the first time since we've been in San Diego, that they have both been enrolled in a regular day care program. The drop in center was good, and the folks there got to know the girls, so they will be missed. However, I do believe this will be better for the both of them, as well as us.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers - we're working to make things better all the time and God is guiding us along the way.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012

Jason spent the day at home and just relaxing. Being that it is Saturday there are no appointments, and we really didn't have any place we needed to go. I did go for a bike ride that took me over to Ocean Beach, and there were a couple of hills that caused me to work up a bit of a sweat, and on the really good side was the bicycle shop I found. I've been looking for one since I've been here, semi-actively, so to come across this one was a real nice way to cap off the bike ride. Tomorrow is going to be a day similar to this one, though there may be more laundry that has to be done, and otherwise I'm not sure what is going to be happening. With that I'll sign off now and thank you, for all your prayers and continued support.

Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012

Today was a nice easy type day, that started out slow and really never got going fast - it might have gotten up to a medium pace, somewhere along the line, but not for too long. Jason had the one appointment with PT, and it wasn't until 11:00. That meant the girls got to sleep in, and didn't get up until almost 08:00 and Grandpa (me) was able to play with them while getting breakfast and getting dressed in a much more relaxed manner. We were on our way to take Jackie to her day care center (today was her last day there) a little later than I originally wanted, but that was okay as it was still plenty of time to get to the Naval Base. It just meant that I had to take Stacy into the "drop-in" day care center by the hospital in stead of Jason being able to do it (it was Stacy's last day there too). Next week we begin to take them both to the same day care center and that will make it much easier on everyone.

Anyway, Jason went in to his PT session and he found that Dawn was back - we didn't expect to see her until next week, so that was a good thing. Jason had been working with Mike, and even though Mike is good it is always better to have the continuity of working with just one main person. She worked on Jason's arms and shoulders, with a special focus on his right side. He has gotten most of his range in motion back with his right side, hand to shoulder, and on his left side it is complete. The biggest thing they need to work on is the shoulder area, and that is just going to take time. When the PT session was over we took off to go have lunch with Bob Hammer, and we (Jason, Larry and myself) all drove over to the Boll Weevle hamburger place, and we really enjoyed the food there. It was good to sit down and have a relaxed conversation with Bob, too. After that we headed back home so Jason could take a shower and lay back down; then a little while after that I took off to go pick up the girls.

Jason and I decided that we just wanted to have Pop Eyes for dinner, since I hadn't planned anything for dinner tonight - actually, I didn't know I was going to be making dinner. The chicken nuggets were just what the kids wanted, and we were able to get side dishes to make it balanced. The one thing that I found a little surprising was that Stacy wanted honey on her nuggets, yet she had never had honey on a biscuit before tonight. She was very pleased to "discover" this new flavor combination (Grandpa worked the honey). Not sure what we're going to be doing this weekend as we don't have a bunch of things planned. I am thinking that I will get out and go for a long bike ride, and maybe explore a little farther up this one ride I took past weekend. Oh, and today was laundry day - I got all my laundry done!

Thank you, for all your continued prayers and all the support you've been sending our way. God bless you all.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 17, 2012

Today Jason had just one appointment, and then a hair cut. The appointment was with the OT folks, and, again, they worked his right hand and arm, doing their best to improve his range of motion. Other than that, there really wasn't much else done today... well, except I did manage to get a small update on his treatment... not that that is important... ;-)

First, you have to appreciate the fact that I was with Jason, just after he had gotten his hair cut. The barber shop is in the lower level, below the first floor, and if it were on the first floor it would be directly across from C5, so it is pretty close to where his appointment was. Now, having said that, Jason finished his appointment and I asked him if he would like to go to the C.A.R.E. folks, and get an update (I honestly don't remember what C.A.R.E. stands for, but if anyone should want to know I can get another flier), since the woman in charge there is our point of contact for updates. He said yes, so we headed over to the location where we last spoke to them - it was across the campus. When we arrived I asked to speak with them and the guy behind the counter said he would give them a call, and he did. When Marie answered, she informed me that they had moved back over to C5, to be more convenient; they just forgot to tell us.

Anyway, the update went something like this; Jason's wounds are still improving, though slowly and the Plastics doctors and the Dermatology doctors were pretty happy with the progress. They want to add another treatment called a hyperbolic chamber that forces oxygen to the cells, and that promotes more skin growth. It is very similar to what they use on divers who come up from deep dives, too fast. Once the wounds have improved to a higher level, or at least as far as dermatology thinks it is going to go, then there will be talk about going after the H.O. The H.O. will require at least one more surgery and probably more, and if they are able to do what they want to do it should allow the Plastics doctors the ability to establish more "padding" for Jason and even some possible adjustments to his posture. The surgeries for this work will be done either here, in San Diego or in Bethesda, and it is all up to how Jason feels. It will be his call. My guess is that as far as a time frame is concerned we're looking at sometime in the Fall, if the surgery is going to take place.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

Crazy day today - It was supposed to be an easy day that had been coordinated with the Marines, but for what ever reason, the ball was dropped. Today I had a couple of errands to take care of, as well as my own medical appointment, over at the VA. Because of this I made sure that Jason had contacted the Marines to let them know they were going to be needed to transport him to his appointment, and to make sure they had the times for all his activities. I told Jason that because of the way his appointments were set, and my appointment was set I should be able to come pick him up when he was all done and bring him back to the house.  Well, I got out at a reasonable time and took the girls to their respective day cares (I will be so glad on Monday because they start to go to the same day care then), and then I had time to take care of a couple of errands I needed to get done. As far as I was aware, everything was running smoothly and I even had a great appointment with my new doctor at the VA. Once my appointment was done I hurried back down to the van and immediately called Jason to let him know I would be able to get over to his location (he was at OT) in about 15 to 20 minutes. I drove over and I made it to OT, and then Jason let me know what happened. He not only missed his first appointment, but he also missed the Day Care Orientation. The driver was not able to get over to Jason's place until almost 12:30, and that still made him late for his 13:00 (1pm) appointment with OT. I asked what happened and he really wasn't able to explain it, other than to say they were significantly late, even after he made multiple contacts to them, to be sure he was at his appointments.

As it turned out, Bridgette was able to make the Day Care Orientation, so the girls places were not lost. There is still some paper work that Jason has to turn in to complete everything, but if Bridgette had not been able to be there I'm afraid the girls would be pushed back to square 1, and that would not have been a good thing. A couple of the other Marines have already spoken with Jason and said they would be looking into what happened, and apologized. There are going to be times where Jason is going to need to depend on the Marines to get him to, and from, his appointments, and this was not a good showing of their abilities.

Otherwise today was a good day. My visit with the doctor was good and he said I was in pretty good health, though he does want me to get more exercise in. I explained that I was hoping to get more bike riding in and he was happy to hear that. My cholesterol is in good shape; my blood pressure and pulse are all doing well, and my weight is getting better. Overall, I'm pleased with how things are going. Now to move forward and continue to work with Jason and get him better.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers - I think its working....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012

Today was a pretty smooth day, though we didn't get to speak with Dr. Pyo, like I had wanted to. I even called before leaving the house and left a message on his phone. The problem is that I had forgotten that he told me he was going to be gone this week, so it was my own fault for making that plan. Oh well, we will have to just wait until next week to get an update on what the next steps are. Right now the laser treatment is still moving along, and there has been some progress, though it seems to have slowed significantly. Jason has a dermatology appointment a little later this week, so we'll talk to that doctor then. The overall desire, right now, is simply to make it possible for Jason to be more comfortable while in the chair. The next step, once that is accomplished is to be able to have Jason fitted for a prosthetic, as right now he can not be. It is a little frustrating, sort of just going through the motions, but we both know it is important to have his upper body strength and flexibility, for when he finally does get to the point of possibly "standing" once again. The other appointments today were with OT and PT, as well as with Jason's mental health doctor. They are amazed at the mental resilience of Jason, and I think for good reason. He talks freely about the I.E.D. blast, and all that happened, that he can remember.

Tomorrow Jason will be heading in to the hospital for his appointments, without me, again. I have my own appointment with the VA, and the times conflict. He will be riding in with the Marines, and I will probably be the ride home, as my appointment should be over well before his are. That pretty much wraps up all the activity for Jason, today, other than the visit over to MCRD. Jason wanted to take the girls over to Bridgette's new work place. She has changed her job from driving around in a car most of the time to administrative work that will allow her to have a more regular schedule. I hope it works out, as that would make my life a bit easier too.

Thank you, for all your continued prayers and all the support you've been sending our way.

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

Jason had three appointments this morning, but only two of them were originally scheduled. The first one, with Urology was kind of a walk-in, just to get an update. Jason asked the doctor about some tests that were done last week, and wanted to know the results, we figured on a 10 to 15 minute visit at the most. Well, about 75 minutes later we were leaving the office for the next appointment. As it turned out the doctor had not yet looked at the results, and when Jason asked he brought up the information (as it turned out it had only arrived about an hour before we got there). The result showed that there was now a fungal type infection that Jason was now dealing with and so that created a new need for different action, as well as another prescription. The new meds will run for two weeks, and the doctor is confident that the drugs will get rid of the fungus, and it is good that it was caught early, as it was. The challenge is to figure out where it came from in the first place, so as a result of that visit Jason has another few new visits with Urology, that he didn't have before. I will need to be sure to get him to these new appointments cause I don't want to have to see Jason go through fighting off another weird bug that they don't know about.

Anyway, after the Urology visit we Jason had PT (Physical Therapy) and we were to head on over to the pharmacy for the new Rx and then OT. (Occupational Therapy). Once the visits were all done Jason was ready to head on back home. Frankly, I was too. We got back and found out that there has been some sort of a goof up on the housing, and it happened in December, right as we moved in. I guess the Gate Way (that's the name of the area we're in) people have been working with the Housing folks, and have not been able to get it resolved. They didn't want to bother us because of Jason's Wounded Warrior status, and now have come to the conclusion that it can't be resolved without help from us. The issue is that there is some money that needs to be paid, to get everything squared away, and from Jason's point of view, he isn't going to pay it. It was their mistake, they can fix it. The amount of money isn't much, but it is the principle we're dealing with on this one, and Jason worked with this kind of stuff, early in his Marine career so he feels he knows how to fight the battles and win. I'm pretty  much just along for the ride. Funny thing is, it seemed to make him brighten up and feel better to have this challenge. I guess he feels like he has something to do now.

Not much else going on today, Bridgette and the girls showed up about 19:30 (7:30pm), after she got off work, and it looks like they are going to be staying the night. Still trying to figure out the schedule now, as it continues to be very dynamic, but Jason is happy with the change, so I'll continue to support it. Tomorrow Jason has a few appointments, and I'm going to try to get an audience with his primary doctor, just to find out what the plan is for Jason's comfort. I also need to start pushing a little harder about his chair seat, as it is beginning to show more signs of wear, and I have been asking them about a replacement/fix for several weeks now. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012

Had a great day today. We got up and had breakfast, and then all of us went to church. The message was about forgiveness, and just seemed very appropriate. Jason is feeling like he is making progress, and his wounds are looking pretty good, though the smaller one seems to have stopped shrinking (the bigger one has not). The one thing that troubles me some is that he doesn't seem to be able to be in his chair as long as he used to, without the level of pain starting to go up more quickly. I will be speaking with his doctor tomorrow about that and see if they have any new information to share. I am aware that there is supposed to be another of those meetings this coming week, so I am hopeful that something is going to be shaking free.

Otherwise we spent the rest of the day at home. Jason took a pretty good nap this afternoon (I actually got a short nap in). Then this evening I spent a little time on the web, catching up on the news and then I was going to start reading a new book, Special Operations by Oliver North, when I received a call from a close friend, Larry Soares. He told me that 60 Minutes (the TV show) was airing a segment on Gary Sinise and his efforts to build the Wounded Warriors homes. A short while later I received a text message from Bob Hammer, telling me the same thing. I guess some folks wanted me to see it... ;-). Anyway, I had Jason turn it on too, so we could both see it and it was really cool. We saw a bunch of folks we knew, and places we've been to, as well as it high lighted all the great work that Mr. Sinise is doing for some of these guys. I hope some of you were able to catch it.

Tomorrow we need to get over to the appointments, but not until late morning, so that makes it easier for us to get over and see some of the doctors earlier. One week from tomorrow Stacy will begin going to the Day Care on the Naval base, and Jackie is being transferred at the same time. This is going to make it a whole lot easier for us, and Jason is particularly happy about it. We went over to the Child Development Center (CDC) last week, and Jason likes what he saw, as did I. Let's hope that this is the start of a great week and things only get better. Thank you, for all your support and prayers, and keep in mind those that working so hard to help these guys, people like Gary Sinse and others.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 12, 2012

Not much else happened today, other than I did get out for a bike ride and found some hills to ride up and down. I was only gone for about an hour, and in that hour I was able to generate enough sweat to soak my shirt pretty well. I'm going to be doing as much riding as I can now, so that I can get back in a little bit of shape - not that I'm out of shape, well, okay, maybe I am.

We're all going to church tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to a nice Sunday afterward. I went and did the shopping at Costco today, so there really isn't anywhere we need to go - at least as far as I am aware. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support.

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 11, 2012

This is my 440th post to this blog, and I've tried not to miss a day, though I did take a couple of days off, not too long ago to spend some time with Linda. Even then, there was only one day that I didn't see Jason. Today was a typical day, that had us going to the base, and going to appointments, and it also was a time to go visit the Child Development Center (C.D.C.), as both girls will be going there for their day care. Right now Jackie is over at the Patrick Wade Center and will transfer over at the same time Stacy starts, on May 21, just 10 days from now. It will be so much nicer having the girls at the same place where Jason goes for treatment.

This weekend is going to be a time to do a few things around the house and maybe visit with some friends. I'm hoping to get in another bike ride, today's ride was kind of short, but it had some hills that worked me hard, so I think I may for a different ride tomorrow. Not much else to go over tonight, so I'm going to just call it a night and go to bed in a little while.

Thank you, all , for all the prayers and for all the support.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012

Today was another good day for Jason, though there was some extra bleeding from his wounds, I think he put a little too much pressure on them, when he was doing his PT exercises. He has gotten into a mode of when he is working out there he gives it his all, and perhaps I need to get him to ratchet it back, just a little. Otherwise, he had a short visit with Urology, where they determined that they needed to redo his infection culture (seems no one did the last one, and as a result they have no data), and that should take another few days. We'll probably hear the results early next week. He is feeling better, but then he has completed the regimen of the antibiotic, and it is a very strong one.

We were also supposed to pick up some more supplies today, but it is unfortunately becoming more typical for just about anything that is done with Jason. He is a unique case, and as a result the technicians don't readily see the orders that are place. For example, I worked with his case coordinator and ordered a number of things. She said I should be able to go pick them up at one location; I went to that location and they didn't have what was ordered and said it was going to be sent to the house. We then went over to pick up a Rx from the pharmacy and they said they had part of that previous order I was just talking about. Only thing is we had ordered a month's supply (about 120 pieces) and they only gave us 18. I had to go back to the Coordinator and she walked back over with me and got them to give me all that was requested. As I said, in Jason's case things are different and so they people don't always know what is going on. A little frustrating sometimes, but fortunately I've learned who to go to, to get it corrected.

Tomorrow there are a couple more appointments, and then a restful day at home. I didn't get my bike ride in today, so I'll strive for it again tomorrow. Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012

Jason had a pretty good day today, in that yes we had appointments to  attend to, and they were all done without event. In the middle of them, however, Jason and I were able to go make a couple of pens. There is a group of retired vets who work with the AS/YMCA, or Armed Services/YMCA. They have set up a little wood working shop where the patients can come and turn wood on their lathes. You can make a number of different things, but the main item is to make pens out of wood. The mechanical workings, inside are from Cross Pens, so the quality is pretty good, and when you need to get a refill all you have to do is go to a Cross dealer and buy a new one. This isn't the first pen that Jason has made there, but it was my first, and I'm happy to say it came out looking pretty good. I got a couple of pictures of Jason turning the wood and working on the lath, so you get to see exactly what he is doing.

One we were done with the activity and with the appointments we headed back home. Jason was ready to sit back and eat lunch and so was I. We relaxed for a little bit and then received a call from the New York Times - one of their reporters who works on the artistic articles. She heard about the drawings that were done of Jason, by Victor Juhasz, while he was out at Bethesda and wanted to get Jason's take on what they mean. He and I spoke with Carol Kino for the better part of an hour and actually, Jason did most of the talking. It seems he likes to have new ears to hear his story and I think it makes him feel better, being able to tell it. I provided some details, though for the most part just watched.

We relaxed most of the rest of the day, except for some of the clean up I had to do around the house, and then the dinner I made. We were going to be going to the movies tonight but Jason wasn't feeling up to it, so our plans changed. I had most of the ingredients for beef stroganoff (spell check thinks its spelled wrong - I think its correct), so that is what I made. It tasted okay, but didn't have the "zing" I usually have when I make it. Oh well, next time. That's about it for today, and tomorrow we head back out for a few more appointments. As long as nothing else happens I just might go for a bike ride tomorrow.

Thanks, for all your support and continued prayers.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 8, 2012

Today started off with Jason taking a shower, and me changing his dressings out. His wounds look like they have kind of hit a stall point. They haven't changed, or shrunk, much - though they haven't grown any either. Along with that, there are no new areas to worry about, so over all it was a positive. He had an earlier appointment (09:30) than usual, but not so much that it was a challenge, that is until I went out and locked the car keys in the van.

Of course that didn't happen until just a few minutes just prior to when I wanted to leave. Well, we both (Jason and I) got on our respective phones and called to see if the Marines could get over here quickly so he could get to his appointment, now subject to being late. Funny thing is, we both got through to different people at about the same time and they ended up sending the same guy to come pick up Jason (and Larry). I stayed back so I could get the van opened up by a locksmith. Jason made it to his first appointment only a few minutes late (a benefit of not having to park and walk through the parking lot area). Right after calling for the Marines to pick up Jason I identified and called a local locksmith, and he was over in 20 minutes. A real nice guy who gave me a discount because of the military connection. He had the van open in about 2 minutes of arriving and was about the most pleasant road service guy I've ever encountered. He was from the Busy Bee Locksmith company.

I managed to get to Jason's first appointment before he was done, and just sat in the waiting area until he was done (Larry was already there waiting). Jason had a Physical Therapy appointment next and Dawn worked on his arms and shoulders, then on his core. I will be posting a couple of pictures tomorrow to show how Jason is doing, and I believe everyone is going to be pleased with the results. Once the appointments were done we came back to the house and had lunch and kicked back. I worked on a few things and Jason played video games, and then took a nap. Tomorrow is going to be very similar to today, only it will start with taking Jackie to her day care center. Jason offered to take a pick up the girls any time the help is needed, and apparently tomorrow it is needed...AND we're happy to be able to assist.

Thanks, for all the prayers and for all the continued support.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012

Not much to report about today, other than he had some appointments (three) and we were back home before noon - and that's after going to In-N-Out Burger for lunch (my stomach still has not forgiven me). Maybe I'm just not a good fast-food kinda guy, or perhaps we haven't been going often enough to keep my stomach conditioned for that food. Don't get me wrong, I know their burgers are generally pretty good, and I have been able to eat them easily in the past - maybe I'm just getting too used to eating at home most of the time. This getting healthy stuff is messing with my diet... ;-)

About the toughest things Jason had to work on were the exercises that Dawn put him through at Physical Therapy. All the trainers there like Jason, mostly because of his positive attitude, with a secondary issue of him being able to talk with them. He loves to tell them about some of the things he does, and also things the girls do, when they're with us. But then, he is a proud papa.

The rest of the day was spent at the house, and it has literally just now dawned on me - I didn't check the mail today. I guess I should go take care of that early in the morning, don't want to have the mail carrier think we've forgotten about them. Tomorrow is going to be similar to today, except that Jason doesn't have to go in so early, like he did today. There is a transition going on with the command of the Wounded Warrior Battalion, and originally he was supposed to get to meet the new command. As it turned out something came up and the new guy was not able to get over to the Naval Base, so they're gong to try again later, but not yet scheduled. On the bright side - I've been able to get this post out a little earlier...

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012

A nice relaxed day for us, though there were a number of minor challenges, mostly related to ants coming in the back door. I have to admit, I have not been mopping the floor everyday, like I should. Especially with the fact that Stacy loves her apple juice, and some gets on the floor. Jackie like apple juice also, but not near as much as Stacy. The ants around here are very small, and that kind of surprised me, as I thought the ants up in Livermore were already pretty small; these guys are about half the size of the Livermore ants. Anyway, I spent about 30 minutes cleaning up and doing my best to get rid of them, and will be talking with the Gateway Housing folks in the morning.

We took the girls to church this morning and they both had a great time with Sunday School. We're getting to know some of the folks at the church, since we've been there a few times now, and actually, the family that lives across the street from us also goes there - though they're new too. Because Jason doesn't like to be up in his chair longer than need be we didn't hang around and socialized too much after services. We got home and into the house and that's when we found the ants, so lunch was slightly delayed.

Tomorrow Jason and I both have appointments, with mine being with the V.A. I have to head to a different location than Jason, so the Marines are coming to take him. There is also a special meeting early in the morning so Jason has to head out early. He will be getting a chance to meet with the Lt. Col. and First Sgt., along with several other guys, and they will be discussing whatever it is they talk about. My appointment requires that I leave the house early as well, so we both have to get up early, and with that, I'll sign off now.

Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5, 2012 - Not much of a Cinco de Mayo

Not a bunch to write about today. Jason spent most of the day in bed - in fact, except for one short stint where he went to the bathroom in his chair, he didn't get out of bed at all. I took the girls down to the park, a short while after we had breakfast, and let them play for about an hour. There were a few other girls (not sure where all the boys are) playing there also, though they showed up several minutes after we got there. Jason did play with both of them while in his bed, and read to them - they like it when Daddy reads to them, but he didn't get out of bed. Not much of a Cinco de Mayo, from a celebration stand point.

Otherwise we just stayed home all day and it was very nice. Jackie loves to get outside, so I was letting her run around out on the patio, and she enjoyed that. There were a couple of birds hopping on the fence and that was a special thing for her. She was quite excited to see them, and also the air traffic that is constantly going by. They will be headed back to their mother's place tomorrow evening, so it will be getting quiet around here again. Then when they do come back we'll finally have their day care all set up with the Child Development Center (CDC), and that will be something new for all of us to get used to.

Thank you, for all your prayers and continued support. We'll be taking the girls to church with us tomorrow again, and Stacy is looking forward to "Church School" as she calls it.

Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012

Today was a good day for appointments, in that Jason only had the one with the dermatology folks, and then there was a quick visit with urology (it wasn't an appointment though). When we got to the Naval Base we took the girls over to the day care center and dropped them off. Stacy loves going there, and especially likes Ms. Nancy. I don't know if Jackie has a favorite because she gets along with just about everybody and goes to just about everybody - as long as Grandpa isn't around. If I'm around she wants to be with me, but hey, she's got good taste in people... ;-)

Anyway, while Jason was at his appointment I received an email and it said both Stacy and Jackie would now be able to go to the CDC (Child Development Center) for day care, located right there on the Naval Base. My first reaction was excitement and then concern because Jackie is already enrolled at the Wade Parker CDC, that's close to the house. Besides, Jason has already paid for the first half of the month of May at Wade Parker, and I'm concerned that things will get messed up in the paper work. We'll just need to make sure that all the paper work gets processed correctly, so that no mistakes are made. It will be good to have the girls together, and to have them at the Naval Base is just an extra plus for us.

I was contacted by the New York Times, because they are doing a story on Victor Juhasz, the artist who drew and painted Jason, while he was at Bethesda. She will be talking with us on Wednesday, via telephone or Skype, and I'm guessing it will be about 30 minutes or so. I'm hoping that it helps Victor is some way, since he did so much for Jason with the drawings and paintings.

I've had a couple of interrupts while trying to get this post done, with one of those being from Jackie. Sometimes she will wake, crying, and I just need to take her in to Daddy and he calms her down. I don't particularly like running up and down the stairs this time of night, but it does make me feel good when Jason is capable of calming his children down, and that also means I'll probably get a good nights sleep... ;-)

Thank you, for all your continued support and all the prayers you're sending our way.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3, 2012

When I began this blog, over a year ago, I had no idea that it was going to be still going on as much as it is. Typically there are about 150 views every day, and seldom is there a post that doesn't get some comments. It has been rewarding, in that it has let me have an outlet for some of the challenges that have been faced by Jason, and to a lesser extent, me. It has also allowed me to keep a chronological record of what has happened in Jason's recovery and rehabilitation. I hope all those that have been reading it have enjoyed following along, and will continue as long as I am able to continue posting, and now, with that said, here is some of what happened today.

As I said yesterday, all of Jason's medical appointments were cancelled today, so that he could focus on some of the other stressful areas that have been impacting his life. As it turned out, it was the right thing to do. By the end of the day Jason seems to have regained a great deal of focus on what he wants to do, and how he wants to get there. He felt like there was a (for lack of better description) void, because he just flat didn't know what was going to be happening. He now feels like he has a much better understanding of what is going on, and that "void" is just about erased, or should I say, filled (with knowledge). Knowing something is so much better than not knowing. The morning started out with an elevated stress level and at the end of the day he was playing with the girls and reading them stories, and even told them their bedtime story. I know I felt a whole lot better seeing him engaged that much. His attitude is so much more positive now.

The down side is that I really can't tell you the details of what happened, or who we went to visit, but please be happy that it made both of us feel much better, and especially him to feel better. The way the day ended was a trip down to the park with the girls, where they got to play for about 30 minutes. Then we headed over to the hospital to pick up a Rx that he was just about out of (with the pain medications you don't want to loose any continuity). Then because it was just about 19:00 (7pm) we decided to go to Mimi's for dinner. The girls thought it was great fun, and Stacy was talking non-stop while we were there. Jackie was happy to, as she was saying, "Hi!" to just about anybody that walked close by - it was very cute.

After dinner we came back home and shortly afterward we got the girls ready for bed. It had been a busy day and they were both tired, as were Dad and Grandpa. I think we're all going to sleep well tonight. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and for all the support that is being sent our way.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2, 2012

Today was one of those days that kind of got away from us. We had appointments and then had some other personal issues come up that required Jason to go in a different direction. He did manage to get in to Occupational Therapy, but the other appointments were just cancelled. We ended up having to take another side trip to go retrieve his cell phone, since it apparently dropped off his chair last night. Fortunately for us Anthony Netto found it and it is only about a 20 minute drive to get out to see Anthony, and then another 20 minute drive to get back. Jason needed to get in contact with a couple of folks, and their contact information was on the phone, otherwise we wouldn't have needed to retrieve the phone so urgently.

Once we got back from picking up the phone we immediately headed over to the Patrick Wade Child Development Center, where Jackie is to start day care this coming Monday. Today was the orientation for new parents, and it was important for Jason to be there. We got to see the class room where Jackie will be going, and a chance to meet the teachers. It was actually the second time for visiting the center, so it wasn't all a totally new experience for us. Again, we headed back to the house, and this time Jason was able to lay back down and rest. At this point he had been up in his chair for about four hours, and he was becoming uncomfortable.

Linda had to fly back up to Livermore this evening, and she had stayed back with the girls so that we could go to the Patrick Wade Center orientation. The girls were still asleep when we first got there, but were soon up and awake. Marilyn Carter came over to visit and presented the girls with some gifts. It was almost all Hello Kitty stuff, and Stacy was very excited (one of her favorites). Jackie was happy to see the gifts too, though I don't believe she has formed much of an opinion about who here favorite characters are, yet. It was good to see Marilyn and her son, Christian, and they stayed for a nice visit, then had to get on to the airport. They also took Linda to the airport, as they were all flying back together.

Linda won't be able to get back down here until Memorial Day weekend, so yes, that means she won't be seeing Jason for Mother's Day. It was something we talked about, and it was a difficult decision for her, but it was how she wanted to handle the time off, since she has been taking a lot of time off from her daycare. For me, I'll just be glad to see her again, and possibly for 4 or 5 days. Thank you, all for all the support and for all the prayers being sent our way. Jason is still dealing with some issues that weigh heavy on him at times and the need for divine support is real.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012

Okay, I'm back... I know it was only a "one-day get-a-way" for Linda and I, and it did cross two nights, so that is why I missed two days of updates. As it is, there really wasn't a bunch to write about, since Jason didn't go anywhere (other than to church on Sunday), and Monday there were no appointments, so he didn't go anywhere that day either. When we got to the house this morning it was just as the Marine bus had arrived to pick up Jason, and get him to his appointments. It was a bit chaotic at first, with the girls running around saying, "Hi!" to Grandma and Grandpa, and poor Monica was exhausted from trying to keep up with everything, and on top of that she didn't sleep well last night. I told her she could have gone up to my room and slept on that bed, but she worried she wouldn't hear the girls if they woke up; so, she didn't sleep much at all. She wanted to do a good job, and she did. The girls really enjoyed having her here, probably as much as the rest of us did, and we're going to miss her, now that she has gone back home.

Anyway, Jason had his appointments and while he was at the Speech Therapy appointment I was able to go take care of a couple of other things, and then when he was done with all his appointments the Marine bus took us back to the house. Once we were back home I had to hurry and get Monica to the airport, so she could get back home. She graduates from high school this year and she is looking forward to continuing on with college. Not sure what she is going to study, but whatever it is I'm sure she will do well as she is a pretty bright young woman, and seems quite confident in herself.

Once I was back at the house I had a chance to get up stairs and check my email. It was now almost 13:30 (1:30pm) and the girls were asleep; Linda was taking a nap; and, Jason was resting. We had a dinner to go to  at about 18:00 (6pm) so I had some free time. Just as I logged on Jackie woke and started making all kinds of noise. She doesn't cry much, what she does is yell. I call it the Tarzan yell. Like I said, she doesn't cry much, just yells until someone comes to get her out of bed, and if you don't do it quickly enough she will wake Stacy, and anyone else close enough to be sleeping. Needless to say, I didn't get much of my email checking done, though I did get it started. I finished it late tonight, just prior to doing this blog, but that's okay, I'm happy.

For those wondering what Linda and I did, or where we went - We went to the Hyatt Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, about 20 minutes from here. We were given a gift from the Livermore Military Families and it was a very nice gift that included a room, a couple of nice meals, and a couple's massage. Apparently when they booked the room Tara thought to ask them to upgrade if they could. Not only did they upgrade from a nice room, the folks at Hyatt put us in one of the nicest rooms they had. Then on top of that, our couple's massage was upgraded too; to a private suite that we had use of, after the massage, including a whirlpool. To say the least, we were spoiled... then we had to come back to the real world. As it turned out, we got the chance to thank a bunch of the folks from the Livermore Military Families, who made this trip possible, as they were at the dinner also. Tomorrow we try to get ourselves back on a more normal schedule, though that probably won't happen until next week.

There are many good organizations and people out there who really want to help other people, and especially those who have served in the military, and are now finding that they need assistance. If you find that you want to help some of these groups, please check out Carl's or Hardee's, since they are big supporters for these groups. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support, it has been amazing.