May 25, 2012 - Only seven months to Christmas!!... ;-)

Today was a good day for Jason, and not because he only had one appointment (with PT), though that was kind of nice. It was because after the appointment with PT was done we headed over to the galley and had lunch; we leisurely headed back to the house; and, just relaxed for a couple of hours. Afterward we headed back over to the day care center, where the girls are enrolled, and watched a performance that Stacy was in. I got a couple of good pictures, so I will need to get those on the blog, but for right now just know that she looked great and in just a matter of a couple of days of being part of the class, she was one of the better performers. Jason was a very proud Papa watching his little girl do the Hula and sign to the audience (the audience was about 10 parents). I have to give credit to those teachers, they put a great deal of effort into getting the kids to do the dance, and making it coordinated.

After the dance was over I got Jason back to the house and then headed over to the airport to pick up Linda. She flew in today on Southwest, and was supposed to be arriving at about 15:35 (3:35pm). What I didn't know was that they had changed their schedule so that they didn't arrive until almost 16:00 (4pm). That means I was driving around and around, waiting for them to come in for nearly a half an hour. Actually, what I did was, I called back to Jason and asked him to look up on the web, what the Southwest schedule was for the flight. When he told me I was both relieved and a little put out. I wouldn't have felt so pushed to leave Stacy's class room if I'd known the schedule had changed. But hey, its the airline industry and they don't seem to care about passengers like they used to; and, Southwest is supposed to be one of the better ones.

Linda, Jason and I had dinner together, and we'll get to see the girls tomorrow - Linda is very anxious to see them. Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support, and please say a little extra prayer for the girls as I am concerned that they might have caught a cold along the way.


  1. Oh, Daddy Jason & Grandpa George, you need a video camera now! With the gals doing performances and all? Santa must know how good you have been. THAT is the understatement of the year.

    Glad Lin made it down safely. When I finally got home I heard of some confusion at JFK, glad it all worked out.

    Have a fab weekend! Give the gals a hug from me.

    All our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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