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December 31, 2013 - Happy New Year!

Well, it is time to sign off of 2013 and maybe even reflect a little on the progress that Jason has made. It is a little on the strange side to think that we started this year in Bethesda, MD, and yet are now back here in San Diego, CA. He was an inpatient, not really knowing what was going to be happening and now he is nearly healed, and feeling better, AND Gracie, the service dog, has come into his life. The next steps are an upcoming surgery; the acquisition of a vehicle; and, having a home built for him. All of this is very exciting, and we are looking forward to getting to a more independent and productive life. Heck, he's even looking into enrolling into some college courses, just to get his brain working in that direction again.

Thank you, to all of you. Over these past 2+ years (getting close to 3) you have been showing support and letting us know you're there. All your continued prayers have been keeping us strong and helping to keep Jason moving in the right directio…

December 30, 2013

Today has been another of those great days where we didn't do much but we did enjoy each other's company. We went to Jason's formation this morning and because I was guessing it was going to be a shorter engagement at the base (meaning I really didn't think they would have classes) and I guess I was right because at a short while after 08:00 Jason called me and let me know that he was done. I met him over at the same place I dropped him off for formation and then we were on our way back to the house.

We got back to the house to find the ladies (Linda and the girls) all having fun and still in their pajamas. Jason said he wanted to take us all out for breakfast, and then go on to Costco to pick up some things. It was decided to head on over to a restaurant that was close to Costco and that way we wouldn't have far to drive, after we were done. Breakfast was over, and we all decided that we wouldn't want to go there again; service was poor and the food was done p…

December 29, 2013

We got up early this morning and made ready to head up to Los Angeles to visit with our son David and his family. The only thing was that Jason and Gracie were not going to be going with us. Because of the trouble she is having with her right front leg, the vet said she simply needed to rest as much as possible, and she can only do that if she just stays home. The good news is that the rest seems to have done some good. When we came home this evening she was walking around in a much more normal manner so I am guessing that the pills she has been taking are acting much like an anti-inflammatory medication as well as a pain relief. We'll see over the next couple of days how that goes.

Anyway, we spent the day up with David and Miriam and had a very relaxing and fun time. The four grand kids were great and had a great time together. their ages are (or will be in a couple of weeks) 1 1/2, 3, 4, 5, and they alternate between David and Jason... believe it or not, they didn't do that…

December 28, 2013

Kind of a laid back day, with not much going on. We put the trash and recycle bins out last night, but there was still more to put in. Most of it was recycle, and even afterward I found a box full of cardboard that didn't make it out. That's okay, it is only one box, and they'll get it next week.

After getting up this morning, I went for a quick ride (I'm attempting to stay more dedicated to my riding so that I will be ready for the EOD ride this coming year) and put in a quick 10 miles. Jason had made an appointment for Gracie, with the vet, so I had to be sure I was back in time to clean up. We left for the vet appointment and once at the doctor's office we didn't have to wait very long at all. The doctor is a thorough look at Gracie and couldn't find anything definitive about why she is limping, but there is a noticeable limp. After he and Jason discussed it, it was determined to provide her with some pain meds and Gracie was to be put on bed rest for th…

December 26, 2013 - The Day AFTER Christmas

It was the night after Christmas, when all through the house, everybody was resting and not wanting to grouse. All the energy expended; all the participants drained. Now what do we do, but start over again. The girls came back, to spend the day after with their dad, and Grandma and Grandpa, too. It was Christmas all over again, YEAH! It's Christmas take two!

Okay, so much for my poetry, I suppose I could continue for a few stanzas, but it was starting to feel a little like work, so I'll just use regular prose and see where that takes me... ;-)

The day was spent with Linda heading out early to go mingle with the day-after shoppers, as this is something she really enjoys doing. She sometimes buys a few things, and other times she doesn't; what she really tries to do is just watch the shoppers as they go on their way exchanging or looking for bargains. Jason was engrossed in a program that he found on YouTube, and was happy to just sit back and relax, so I put together a quic…

December 25, 2013 - Merry Christmas

Today has been a very good day for all of us and it started out just as we would want it to. Since there were no kids here, this morning, we all slept in... at least for a little while. I was up at about 08:00 and went out for a bike ride. Both Linda and Jason were still sleeping and it was a wonderful day out. I got on the bike and went in the direction I normally do, and found that there weren't too many vehicles on the road. This made it a very nice ride, and I considered it my Christmas present to me. The cool part was that I was feeling pretty good and made the 12 mile loop in almost exactly an hour - and that includes stops for red lights (there was just enough traffic to trigger a few of the lights).

I got home from the ride and started to work on getting the two of them up and moving. Just as I was becoming a pest to Linda, my brother called from West Virginia. It really wasn't a surprise, I was just happy that his timing was excellent. If he had called sooner he might…

December 24, 2013

This morning the girls came running into our room and jumped into bed with both of us still attempting to wake up. Stacy announced that Christmas is tomorrow and we needed to be ready for it. As it tuned out the girls ran back down stairs and I took the opportunity to get up and at least brush my teeth. I was actually planning on going for a bike ride when I walked into Jason's room and he reminded me that there was an appointment today, this morning at about 10:00. I went back up stairs and let Linda know what was going on and then headed back down to get breakfast for Jason, and the girls.

We all eventually got ready and we headed out to the hospital. Linda wanted to get in some last minute visits prior to the Christmas "shut down" and Jason and I to the appointment. The appointment was with Plastics and Dermatology, at Wound Care. Everyone was amazed at how well the wounds were doing and we got a chance to discuss the next steps with the doctors. We are now looking at…

December 23, 2013

Jason was required to go to formation this morning, as I mentioned yesterday in the blog. The formation turned into a class, so Jason sent me a text and said he would be at a class, but anticipated it would be short. I took the opportunity to go speak to a few people there, and wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and the timing worked out pretty good. As it turned out, I was done and back to the building he was meeting at the class, and I only had to wait for about 10 minutes. Actually, I found out, that he was done with the training class and there was a different meeting going on; one in which he received a few more gifts for the girls. The tree is really looking pretty good with a bunch of stuff for the girls.

While Jason and I were at the base (Balboa hospital and Wounded Warrior Battalion) Linda was back at the house working on wrapping a few more gifts and a few more decorations. When we got back to the house we picked up Linda and headed over to pick up the girls, i…

December 22, 2013

Apologies, that there was no update yesterday... though there really wasn't much to update about. Jason did take Gracie to her training, while Linda and I stayed in the van. We stayed back so that we could catch up on some of the paper work we had to take care of. Otherwise we stayed at home or went to the grocery store. Oh, yes, and one other thing, Linda and I put up some Christmas decorations up, both inside and outside. So now on to today's update.

Jason spent the entire day in bed, and I was glad to see it. He said he was feeling like he had the flu or a bad cold. By the end of the day though, he was feeling much better. The day was spent wrapping some gifts and getting ready for the girls to come back tomorrow. I did get to watch some football, and it was enjoyable as I really didn't care who won the games played today. The Niners play tomorrow and that one I really care about. Okay, I do care a little about a couple of the other teams, but only because of how it cou…

December 20, 2013

Well, the big day finally has arrived. Linda is coming in tonight and I am happy to see that happen. Actually right now I am just waiting for the flight to get in, and then I'm headed off to the airport to go pick her up. Jason said he wants to go also, though he is asleep right now... guess I'll have to wake him up... ;-)

The day started out like most of the past Fridays, with Jason and I getting out of the house early to get over to the base for his formation. I was even talking to him, on the way over, about why they would still have this formation, this close to the holiday. He said he just had to go, and that the schedule is something that he has to work with. Anyway, as I dropped him off I said I was going to be headed back to the house so I could get a short bike ride in, and that he should call me when he was done. He was expecting to have to attend a training class or two, and that usually means he would not be ready to come back until close to 10:00.

As it turned out…

December 19, 2013

Another great day for Jason, in San Diego. We had an early start and we were done before 11:00. We came back to the house and I fixed lunch. We both just sort of laid back and watched the TV for a little while. Then I decided that I needed to do something. It was time for tree decorating. Yes, we have had our tree up for several days now, and there are some small decorations on it, all from the girls. I just wanted to have a few more decorations on the tree for when they get back. I also put a few more gifts under the tree, that came in the mail, so now it looks more like the Christmas tree I remember. I think the girls will be excited to see the changes.

One of the things that has happened recently is that Jason's water bottle broke. It was a CamelBak brand water bottle, and was actually the second bottle he's gone through. I went down to the store today, while he was napping and bought a new, and different type bottle. It has a little greater capacity, and a different pourin…

December 18, 2013

Kind of a laid back day for us today. We really didn't do much out of the ordinary, at least not until this evening. Tonight we had the honor of attending a Christmas pageant, at Stacy's pre-school. She asked us to be sure to come, so we did, and it was great fun. She sang (well, okay, she and the rest of the class sang) The 12 Days of Christmas and another song (right now I honestly don't remember the name of the song). She was very happy to see us there, and the church was packed. It was actually kind of amusing how the parents all acted. Each grade level came up to do their song and each time you would see a few parents come up to make sure they could get some photos. When Stacy's class came up it looked like each of the student's parents and grandparents were all trying to get the best shot. As it turned out,  Jason and I were fortunate enough to already be in the front, so we had clear shots to get pictures. I'll post some tomorrow, as I am too tired right…

December 17, 2013

What a day...

We started out, very much the way we normally start our days, when we have the girls with us, by getting them up and dressed; and, then making sure they get some breakfast. We had an early meeting set up with the Realtor, Tim K. and so we had to make sure we had the girls to their respective pre-schools and then go to meet with him.

We met at the hospital, by the flag pole, and then headed out to take a look at the first piece of property. On the way I let Tim drive as I was needed on a conference call with Linda (and even that call went well), so the beginning of the day was continuing to be busy. The funny thing is that at just about the time I was getting ready to hang up I lost the signal and was disconnected. From that point on my focus was on the search for property. I did get some pictures, and a couple of the lots really looked good. I won't be posting any pictures, though, until a final location has been selected by Jason. On a positive note, one of the prop…

December 16, 2013

Today has been a very good and fun day. We got the girls up early this morning because of the need to get Jason to his formation. Still, there was time for breakfast and a little horsing around, and that continued on into the evening, after I picked them up - but I get ahead of myself.

After dropping everyone off, and getting back to the house, this morning, I took care of a few things and then got my bike out. I needed to top off the tires, as they were a little softer than I like and then I got all my things together. I was making my final arrangements to get out for a ride when I receive a text message from Jason - he's done. As a result I put off going on the ride and headed back over to the base to pick him up. While there I also pick up a few things (med supplies) and then we head on back to the house. Jason wants to take a shower and have breakfast. I get all this done and then I can go for my ride. The ride isn't long, but still long enough for me to get a good work ou…

December 15, 2013

Not a great deal to report on today, other than we had a great lunch with Bob and Debbie Hamer, and a small group of Wounded Warriors, over at Boll Weevil. Generally I have a hamburger when we have gone in the past, but today I tried their chicken. It was pretty good, so I just might try it again when we go next time. It was good seeing Bob and Deb, and they had a Christmas gift for each of the kids there. Stacy and Jackie were pretty excited when they saw theirs.

After the lunch we headed back over to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) where Jason wanted to get a hair cut. Jason wanted me to just drop him off so I could get on back to the house to get the girls down for their nap. By the time I got the girls down and quieted, and a chance to sit down Jason comes through the door. I was quite surprised to see him get to the house so quickly; I guess the line was either very short or no waiting at all. Anyway, he wanted to take a shower because of the hair cut, so that was what we w…

December 14, 2013

Today I was greeted by Stacy, while I was still in bed, and she wanted to know when I was going to be getting up. It is unusual for Stacy to be up and Jackie remaining in bed, but I guess she was tired.  Anyway, by the time I did get out of bed (just a few minutes) Jackie had come up and now both of the wanted to play on Grandpa's bed. They like to jump on it, and since it is so much bigger than their beds it is much more fun. I let them play for a few moments then told them they needed to get back down to their room and that I would be done in just a couple of minutes... which I was.

After breakfast we (Stacy, Jackie and I) put together the Christmas tree that was have had for a couple of years now. The girls were very excited, especially since we already have some presents under it. We had a good time or an hour or so and then I told them they needed to get out of their pajamas and into regular clothes, so we could go shopping - Costco specifically. I told Jason that we would be…

December 13, 2013

Jason and I got up early this morning, with the intention of Jason going to formation, and then on to the "regularly" scheduled classes, that are frequently a part of Friday formations. When we got to Balboa, and only a few guys were there, Jason knew something was up. He contacted his section leader and found out that there was no formation today, and that the only thing to worry about was the Holiday Party going on tonight over at the Crown Plaza. I was going to attempt to get in a bike ride, but that wasn't going to be happening this time.

What we decided to do was to head back to the house and just go to a movie. Jason wanted to get over to The Men's Warehouse, but it was still too early for that, and besides, the new Hobbit movie was out, Desolation of Smaug. If you're in to Tolkien stories you won't be disappointing with movie. It followed the Hobbit very closely, and they didn't attempt to put too much of the story into one movie. The down side is …

December 12, 2013

I got up in a leisurely manner this morning, since we didn't need to be anywhere until 10:30. I took a shower and went down stairs and asked Jason if he'd like a bowl of cereal. He said yes, so I brought him one. That's about when everything changed - Apparently there was a need for Jason to be over at building 26 by 07:30 and it was now 07:15. My reaction was, "That's not going to happen." I still needed to get my shoes on, and Jason wasn't dressed at all. Anyway we hurried and were over to building 26 by 07:53, looking for a place to park. Since we were called in, apparently so was everybody else, and they all got there before we did. As it turned out, I let Jason out at the front of the building and then drove off to find a parking spot. I pulled away from the curb, went about 50 feet and right there, in front of the building (sort of) was a parking spot, and it was actually very accessible for Jason as well. Typically there are trucks parked in these …

December 10, 2013

Not much to write about today, and probably that's a good thing. Jason had a single appointment with the Physical Therapy department, and a few appointments with some of the folks over in building 26; with a focus on getting all the right paperwork and forms done and in at the correct times. Tomorrow, however, is another story...

First we have to get the girls up early and over to their respective pre-schools/day care, by, or before, 07:30. After that we will be heading up to Carlsbad for an 08:00 start time for a class he will be taking. The good news on this is that the instructor has already been informed that he is likely to come in late. This is an all day class, that he is not expected to sit through. I will be dropping him off and then heading back down to the San Diego home area, to get ready for a job interview (but that's all about tomorrow - I still need to update what happened today).

There really wasn't much to be done around the house, and besides Joselyn too…

December 9, 2013

Jason and I got the girls up this morning and had time to play with them, for a little while, and then got them breakfast. They are two typical little girls, full of energy and they love to play, which includes running around when you're trying to dress them. I have been known to break out in a sweat just trying to keep up with them. Today, Jason was there to help, and I have learned that what I attempt to do is to get them to agree to clothes, the night before, so that a bunch of time is saved in the morning, and I don't have to get them to "pick something out."

They had their Cheerios (that has got to be one of their favorite cereals) and in a few minutes we were getting loaded into the van. Jason needed to be at formation this morning, at 07:30, so he and I talked and I would drop him off first, and then take the girls to their respective schools. It all worked well, and I decided to just get back to the house. The truck from Father Joe's was supposed to be ar…

December 8, 2013

A little different format today -

Jason spent most of the day in bed, again, and that is a good thing, as his wounds are really making some positive healing. It seems the more he is down the better the wounds close up. My guess is that there is going to be only one area left in about a week, though that one area has been particularly stubborn. This coming week is going to be different, and fun, as we should be able to start making some headway with the selection and possible purchase of his OWN vehicle. Still a couple of things to work on, but it all looks good.

The PackRat storage container, that is currently sitting in the driveway is now empty. I spent a few hours working on it, and even had the help of the girls for a little while. I let them "move" a couple of the very light pieces, and so much of it was different, that it kept them quite entertained. After lunch and they went down for their naps, I was able to finish unloading everything else, mostly because one of the…

December 7, 2013 - Peal Harbor Day

Today started out a little different, in that it was raining a little, more of a drizzle than a rain, but then the rain did show up a bit later in the day. Because of the wet weather there was no need for a trip to the training park, and so I made pancakes and fried eggs for breakfast, and we just kind of kicked back for a little while. The only thing I was considering doing was getting over to the Post Office to check on the status of the Priority Package, and it was still a little early for that.

When I did get over to the Annex (that's where we're supposed to go, rather than the main post office, which is actually closer. My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that we're in military housing) and went to ask about the package, there was this helicopter flying around, closer to the beach area (we're only about a mile from the ocean) with a loud speaker wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. My thought was that they should have picked a different day, or wa…

Decmber 6, 2013

Jason had formation today, but instead of a uniform he wore a polo type shirt. It seems that the "required" uniform of the day is something that he simply doesn't have right now, and his section leader said not to worry about it. So, he didn't and simply put on something that looked nice, even if it was a little out of place. Anyway, after dropping him off I came back to the house to get in a quick bike ride and did about 11 miles before taking a quick shower and heading back to meet up with Jason. Actually he contacted me before I left the house and asked me to grab an envelop that contained some documents. He was meeting with a VA rep who would be helping secure the financing for his vehicle, and this was the VA grant document. The VA helps to pay for a vehicle, but more importantly they provide funds to help with the required modifications that will need to be done. Actually the meeting went very quickly and we were soon on our way back to the house, where he aske…

December 5, 2013

Had a great start to a nice day, and finished with ice cream... ;-)

Jason and I went to his session at the C5 PT clinic, and while there I got to use their stationary bike. I really didn't do much, other than sit on it, mostly because I wasn't familiar with it, but I think if I get the opportunity again I at least know how to use it this time.

After the session we headed over to building 26, to meet with a few folks, who basically make up some of the support "team" for guiding Jason on what he wants to do with his military career. Jason is thinking that the best coarse of action is to remain with the Marines for a little while longer, maybe as much as a year, and then "retire." His biggest concern is sitting around with little or nothing to do, so we are all engaged in looking for a solid transition, into a job that he will be happy doing. The nice thing is that financially, with the retirement, he should be set for the rest of his life. He won't get ri…

December 4, 2013

Another interesting day, with a busy morning start. We got the girls to their pre-schools after a breakfast of Cheerios (seems to be their favorite), and then we went up to Camp Pendleton, for a USO "event." Actually it wasn't much of an event, it was simply a time that was requested by the USO, to interview some of the Wounded Warriors, and how the USO has been a factor in their military lives. Jason was volun-told to be there, and it was strongly encouraged that he wear his Dress Blues. Jason, being the good Marine, did just that, and went through the effort to make sure everything was set up correctly. He looked good, and as we dropped Jackie off (Stacy was dropped off first) we headed up to Camp Pendleton.

The interview took about 25 minutes, and it seemed like we were the first ones to get there, so actually that was a good thing. As soon as they were set up, Jason was in front of the camera. He had already seen most of the questions, so he was basically ready for w…

December 3, 2013

Today started much like many of the other mornings, when we have the girls. We were able to get them to their respective pre-schools / Day Care centers with time to spare. We then headed over to the base, and then I happened to head on in to see CMD Ledyard, Jason's Medical Recovery Case Manager - she handed me a document that she just recently received and it was something Jason and I have been waiting on, for a few weeks. It is the document that basically says that Jason is capable of driving a vehicle and that with appropriate adaptations he should be allow to go get the vehicle he wants. This is a big thing for him (and me), and now we just need to get things moving with the other aspects of getting it done.

The rest of the day was spent with me going over to the VA and taking care of a couple of things. Actually I was pleased with how well it went, and how quickly I was done. The girls were picked up after I finished and we spent the rest of the day at the house, and just enj…

December 2, 2013

Well, it was a busy Monday morning, with getting the girls up and Jason over to formation, though we managed to get everybody to where they needed to be, in the time they needed to be there. After doing all that, Linda and I actually took some time (FINALLY) for the two of us to have some time together, just the two of us. We went to breakfast and took over an hour to eat and enjoy each other's company. Then we needed to get back to work, as Jason's day was coming to a close at the base, and needed to get back home.

We (Linda and I) went and did a little shopping and then headed over to pick up Jackie, since we were closer to her location, anyway. After that we headed over to pick up Stacy and she was feeling particularly energetic and wanted to walk back to the house. Linda agreed to go with her, and of course Jackie had to go as well. I drove back to the house and waited for them. We live, literally on the other side of the fence from where Stacy goes to pre-school.

One thin…

December 1, 2013

This morning started off with a family breakfast and then David and his family had to get going, back up to Los Angeles. It was really nice having them down here for a couple of days, and more importantly giving some time for the cousins to get to know each other. We will see them again around Christmas, so it won't be too long until we all get together again.

The rest of the day was spent around the house. I did spend a little time working on the back yard, and doing a little clean up. At the same time the girls were running around and playing. Other than that it was just pretty much a lay back and relax kind of day. Tomorrow begins another week for Jason and it also marks the date when Linda will have to go on back to Livermore. She will be back down in a matter of a couple of weeks, or so, so we won't be separated too long. Thanks, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office