December 12, 2013

I got up in a leisurely manner this morning, since we didn't need to be anywhere until 10:30. I took a shower and went down stairs and asked Jason if he'd like a bowl of cereal. He said yes, so I brought him one. That's about when everything changed - Apparently there was a need for Jason to be over at building 26 by 07:30 and it was now 07:15. My reaction was, "That's not going to happen." I still needed to get my shoes on, and Jason wasn't dressed at all. Anyway we hurried and were over to building 26 by 07:53, looking for a place to park. Since we were called in, apparently so was everybody else, and they all got there before we did. As it turned out, I let Jason out at the front of the building and then drove off to find a parking spot. I pulled away from the curb, went about 50 feet and right there, in front of the building (sort of) was a parking spot, and it was actually very accessible for Jason as well. Typically there are trucks parked in these spots, so I generally don't even notice them.

Well, I went inside and found Jason up on the 2nd floor, where they were giving out goody bags and other things, even a new pillow. After all the rushing to get there, we were done in less than 10 minutes. That was okay, though, as we just went over to the other part of the base and went to talk with a couple of the doctors' offices to make some appointments. When we went to Dermatology we actually got to speak with the doctors, and felt kind of lucky, since we didn't have an appointment. They provided us with some updates on what was going on, and a big one was that the biopsy that was taken a few months back, came back with some very good results, allowing for a "next" step in treatment for Jason. The doctor said he had just gotten the information on the results last night, so this was excellent timing. Jason will be going in sometime next month for this next step procedure. We talked with them about other things too, like the medical conference they attended, and Jason happened to be a big subject item there; next year they might even have Jason attend as a special guest.

Wound Care was no where near as exciting, but we did get an appointment set up. Again, it will be sometime in January, and probably much less eventful, other than being able to show them that the wounds are doing well, and Jason is making great progress. By the time we were done with Wound Care it was time to consider heading back over to building 12, where the big event was supposed to take place, and where we were going to meet with Gary Sinise. As we walked to the van (it was now parked over in C5) we happened to see Gary being escorted over to the main hospital building. We went over and made our greetings, and found out that he was going in to see the Admiral. We were actually invited to come in at that point, but respectfully declined as this was supposed to be a meeting with just Gary and the Admiral. We ended up simply going back to the van and then over to building 12. Again, parking was an issue and it took us a few extra minutes to get situated.

By the time we were set, Gary shows up again so we all walked in together. We went up to the meeting room and all the players got together to discuss Jason's house and the property where it would be built. Tim, from Trident Realty was there to show us some of the property he has been scouting out and we felt like there was some serious progress being made. Tim and Jason talked about going out next week to check out some of the properties, and see if any of them looked good, or if he needed to change his search process. I think things are looking pretty good, so I don't see that happening.

At the holiday celebration Jason received another goody bag and more stuff; had his picture taken with the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders; Was able to visit with Gary, Judy, Stephanie and others from the  foundation; and a special treat of sitting down with Jason Redman, the Navy Seal. All of this was good and very much something that I think Jason needed, as he needs to exercise his social skills more and not just stay cooped up in the house.

Once the event was over (for us) we loaded up the van and headed up to the second half of that resume class he started yesterday. This afternoon session was particularly important because it was going to allow the guys to practice interviewing, and the interviewers were real hiring managers from some of the businesses in the area. It was interesting for me, since I didn't sit in on the first class, to sit in the room and simply observe what was going on, and how Jason did. I think all went well, and Jason did well.

Tomorrow we get the girls again, and we will be taking them to a Christmas event, down town, at one of the hotels. It is being put on to allow the children of the Wounded Warriors to have some extra fun, and we're all looking forward to this. Thank you, for all the continued prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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