Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today was a much better day, as far as Jason's physical condition is concerned. He felt better and was up and ready to go kind of early. He had formation at 07:30, so we had to get over to the Naval Base early. When we got there most of the guys were still getting their stuff together and all were getting organized, and it felt pretty much like a "normal" kind of day. After formation we got a chance to chat with SSGT Lacey, as we hadn't seen her in several months. Apparently she has been injured and is now a Wounded Warrior just like the others. Only her's is from a motorcycle accident, where this guy kind of ran into her with his truck, while she was sitting at a stop light. Fortunately, the injuries are much less than what they could have been, but that's easy for me to say... she is still requiring some surgery and rehab on her shoulder.

Once Jason and I had all the little things done at the hospital, and headed back to the house, I went up to Los Angeles to pick up my bike. Jason was all set in his bed; he had a few hours worth of work to get done; and, should there be a need, he had video games available for him to play. I had originally planned to coming back later in the day, so I made sure he wasn't going to be needing anything in the way of food or drink, and it looks like all went well. When I came back from David's house (more on that later) Jason wanted to take a shower, and get the dressings changed. That was okay by me, as it was late enough that I was getting tired, but not too late that it couldn't be done.

When I made it to Los Angeles, and to David and Miriam's house, it was about 13:15 (1:15pm), just like I said it would be, when I got there. I felt pretty good being able to call it that close. I had a great time with the grand kids, both Dylan and Ethan were up and having a great time. Dylan was particularly energetic today, and very happy to see me. He and I played with his bubble wand, and went for a walk, and then played with a bunch of his blocks and toys, in the house. Ethan wasn't really sure what to do about me. I think it was the first time that he has seen me, and able to determine that I am someone different from mommy and daddy. As a result he was a little standoffish. I still had some fun with him, but Miriam had to be involved with just about all aspects. Like I said, I had originally planned on coming back a little later in the day, and staying up and having dinner with the family, but something told me to get back down to make sure Jason was okay. I got back to the house and Jason was fine, so it was just me being a little overly cautious. He did want to take a shower, and if I had not come back when I did it might not have happened.

Tomorrow we have appointments and things to do, so it is going to be an early and busy day for us. Thank you, all for continuing all the prayers and support being sent our way. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Well, first, apologies for not updating yesterday, but we didn't get home until late yesterday, and then I had to go out again to pick up the paramobile. Fortunately the United crew were willing to just hang out until I came back with the truck and they lifted it up and put it in the back of the truck. All-in-all, United Air Lines went way out of their way to make this trip back to San Diego spectacular.

The trip up to Livermore had some bumps and some difficulties associated with it. For example, they "lost" the paragolfer for a short while, once we landed at SFO. As it turned out, it was simply a break down in communications, and they really never lost it, just that for some reason they took their time in getting it out to the baggage area. Once we had the unit back up on the truck we were running smoothly again. When we left San Diego we were escorted up to, and through security, where we were allowed to move up to the front and brought through quickly. When we came back down, from SFO we again were escorted through a TSA security area, only this one was a bit more isolated, and it felt like it was probably where some of the "special" passengers got to go. Of course, Jason and I were beginning to feel very special by the time we had gotten this far.

When we first arrived at the airport, all the players were there waiting for us. One person in particular, LeeAnn (probably spelling her name wrong) from the USO was coordinating everything, or at least it seemed that way. I brought the paragolfer over to a special gate where they picked it up and had TSA do an inspection of it right there. I assisted where I needed to, and it all went very smoothly. They had some questions and I answered them as best I could, then we went into the terminal. When we went into the terminal we were escorted through a different area, where I had not ever seen before, and it didn't have too many people there anyway. Like I said, Jason and I were beginning to feel like celebrities, or dignitaries or something. A really cool part of it was that Linda was able to come along with us, and we had lots of assistance getting through security. Even one of the TSA agents stayed with us for most of the way to the gate. When we got through to about where the gate was, we found out that we were very early, so we were allowed to head over the United lounge area where Jason could get out of the chair and just lay back and be more comfortable. Again, Linda was with us the entire time. We enjoyed some drinks and snacks and then when the time was right we moved on to the gate. Actually, we hadn't known what our gate was up to that point, so we only had an 'idea' where we were going. We go to the airplane and I helped Jason get to his seat and this time the seats were actually a little bigger. I was still able to get the belt around it, but it was just barely able to fit. Again, they allowed Linda to come down the ramp to the plane, so she could say good bye to us, and that was probably the toughest part of the entire trip. She didn't want us to go, and we really didn't want to leave her behind, but it is what we had to do, and then we were off.

We landed at San Diego and again waited for everyone to get off the plane before we could get off. It was actually kind of funny with the way the crew was wanting to help us, and they were almost tripping over each other, but we managed to get off the plane okay, and then all our baggage was simply waiting there for us. The Marines brought one of their buses and we could get Jason's power chair on the bus, but no the paragolfer, so that is why I had to come back with the truck to pick it up. Stephanie S., one of the supervisors there, made sure we had help getting the machine on the truck.

Today, started off a little rough, as Jason apparently miscalculated the number of pain meds he was going to need, and ran out before we came back. This morning it was really beginning to have an impact on how well he was feeling, as well as how well he was able to sleep last night. He was able to call in and get the Rx called in for him and then I took off to go pick them up. Once I had the meds back to him it took about two hours for him to start feeling a little better, so he decided to take a shower. He then said he was hungry and then once he had something to eat he really fell asleep and has slept most of the day. I was able to do some cleaning around the house, and got some things put away, then I just kicked back and had a very nice relaxing day.

Tomorrow we step into the routine again, and then we'll be moving forward again. I've had a couple of conversations with some of the doctors, and they would like to have a conference call with Jason, when he is up to it, so I'll do my best to get that done tomorrow. I am feeling positive about the future, and about the treatments for Jason, so all I can do is ask that you continue to pray for us, and thank you for all the prayer and support you have been sending. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tomorrow we will be heading back down to San Diego, and Jason will be getting back into the routine of his daily medical appointments. I will also be getting back into a regular routine of helping him where he needs the assistance, and doing my best to take care of the girls and the house. Compared to this past week it will be mundane and common, as this past week has been rewarding and unfortunately too fast.

Today was the official home coming gathering for Jason. It was decided to move it to the end of the week, as to do it at the beginning of the week, when we first arrived would have been too much for Jason to deal with. As with the ball game, there were many people there, including Congressman Eric Swalwell, a representative from the state legislature, the Mayor of Livermore, John Marchand, and still many others. There were representatives from VFW organizations and other Veterans groups, as well as several support groups, and finally Warriors Watch Riders. It all started at the First Street Ale House, in Livermore, and the Watch Riders escorted us over to the VFW Hall. There were so many people there, all wanting to say hello to Jason, and I was going around the hall speaking with friends that we didn't get a chance to eat any of the food. 

I will be needing to pack up all our stuff, and fortunately we have enough room to take home all the gifts that Jason was given, including the framed documents from all the different groups and organizations, and elected officials. We need to be ready to head out of here shortly after 15:00 (3:00pm), so that we can get to the airport early enough to insure the safety of the medical equipment (aka - paramobile). I was contacted by the USO, as they will be escorting us once we get to the airport, and they will take us to the gate, even after going through security. Linda will be able to come along to the gate with us as well so it looks like everything is in place now. It will be good to get back to a solid network, so that I can make these posts with out the frustration of the network dropping every few minutes. Not sure what has been going on at the hotel, but they need to get that fixed. 

Thank you, for all your support - especially like what was shown today - and for all the prayers being sent our way. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Today was a nice day for Jason, as it started out slow and he was able to rest most of the day. We did go out and did a little shopping (I needed a new belt), and it was a good way to let Gracie go for a walk. The one funny thing that happened was that as we walked up to one shop there was a large horse statue in front of the store (for locals, it was Baughman's in Livermore). Gracie wanted nothing to do with this strange creature that stood as tall as me, and was four times my size. It took a while to coax her up to the statue, and she finally accepted the fact that it wasn't alive. Jason showed great patience in getting her to walk up to it and smell it.

After the shopping we went to breakfast at the Rail Road Cafe'. The food there is really good and we met up with a couple of friends, Charles and his daughter Natalee. Natalee presented Jason with a little gift she put together, from the ball game, a photo collage, then the folks at the restaurant comped his breakfast. We were only out for a matter of about an hour and a half, and then we headed back to the hotel where Jason remained in bed until we were to head out for dinner. He was really looking forward to going to La Milpa, and so was I. When we got there we were greeted by Martha, the owner and Ramon, her son. They sat us down and the food was excellent, as usual. Then they surprised us by comping the meals and making the day even that much better.

Tomorrow is another big event, where Jason is going to be the guest of honor at a celebration reception, and we are expecting as many people as were at the baseball game, and maybe even more. In fact, if you're reading this blog, and you're in the area, please consider stopping by. It will be at the VFW on 5th and L Street, at 15:00 (3:00pm). We are kind of glad that this is finally happening, and yet also sad as it means that we will be leaving soon, and headed back to San Diego. For me the issue is that it means Linda and I will be apart again, and we'll once again be working to figure out how we can get time together. Yet on the positive side, it will be a solid focus on Jason's recovery and getting to those next steps of finally getting to the point of his independence.

Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers and take care and stay positive.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Compared to yesterday, today was amazingly low key. Linda and I got the opportunity to spend some time together, away from the hotel; Grandma and Grandpa were able to spend time with Jason, in case he needed anything (which he didn't); and, later in the day Matt Ferea, a childhood and scouting buddy of Jason's came over and spent a few hours visiting with him. Matt and Jason climbed Mt. Fuji (Japan) back in 1996, as Boy Scouts, and have great memories about that adventure. All-in-all, a very nice and relaxed day.

We got some things done, and were able to enjoy the slower pace while still being productive, Linda even did some laundry for Jason and I. I was able to see a couple of our neighbors and spend a little time visiting with them, and seeing how they were doing. There was a great deal of feedback on the news casts of the Granada ball game, and as expected, Granada did win (17 in a row). One of the folks I ran into yesterday told me that Granada was the number 2 high school baseball team in the nation, and considering that it came from Mike leads me to believe that it is true.

We had a nice quiet dinner and then watched a "home movie" of sorts, and then that was pretty much the end of the day. Tomorrow is going to be another relaxed day, and that is a good thing because I want Jason to spend as much time as he can off of his wounds. Tomorrow evening we are planning to have dinner at Jason's favorite (ours too) Mexican restaurants, La Milpa, located in Milpitas where we lived before moving to Livermore, 25+ years ago. It will be pretty much just family, so we will try to keep the noise level down to a dull roar. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support - Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today was a big day for Jason, as the baseball game, between Granada High and Livermore High was being played. Both he and Chris were on hand for the "first pitch" and both of them did an outstanding job. Unfortunately we were unable to stay for the entire game, I thought it was starting to develop into a nice game, with neither of the teams dominating, yet playing their hearts out. Because we left early I don't know for sure who won, but I believe Granada was leading 5 - 0 going into the sixth, and Granada had a 16 - 0 record for the season (it might be 17 - 0 now).

There were many, many people there and news crews from KTVU, KGO, and KCBS, as well as reporters from the San Francisco Chronicle, the Independence, and probably others that I didn't see. I saw people there I hadn't seen in over a year, some in over two years, while some that I hadn't seen in only a few months. When I was being interviewed I did my best to be consistent in my answers, so that I didn't look too foolish from one channel to the next, and I did my best to put a plug in for the Stars for Heros and Stand-Up-And-Play, since there was a big focus on those two charitable groups today.

Getting over to the ball game was almost as exciting as being there. We left the hotel at about 14:30 (2:30) and were escorted by the Warrior's Watch Riders and got to the school about 20 minutes later. We got the paramobile out of the truck with no problem and then went to get Jason into the unit and found that I had forgotten the chest belt. David (Jason's older brother) drove back to the hotel and found it and brought it back. Fortunately we got everything done just in time to get Jason on to the filed for the beginning ceremony. Jason threw out the first pitch and was then presented with a few gifts and commemorative things like a baseball signed by the players and a Granada baseball cap - though I think they gave him the cap before it actually got started. All-in-all it was great to see it all there and to be a part of this experience. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers, take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jason had a very busy day today, with the morning starting out relatively slowly, and relaxed, and then as the day got going we started getting visitors. We saw Bill Buchanan and then Bill Nebo from church, and then just prior to the Granada High School's baseball team's arrival Marilyn Carter came by, and she and Linda did some decorating of Jason's room. The team came in and the coaches were all there, and they spent a great deal of time with Jason. Along with all this, there were several people from veterans groups and other support organizations, that are just too numerous to mention right now. That's because its late and I need to get up early tomorrow. I do apologize for not putting all your names in here, though we do appreciate all that you have done for us. On top of all that Jason enjoyed the company. Also visiting was a dear friend, Geetha, whom we hadn't seen in several years, and it was good to see her again.

We had dinner with Karen, Mike, Monica and Ross and the meal was excellent. Karen had promised to fix me corned beef when Jason and I came back to Livermore, and sure enough she did ( by the way, the "We" is Jason, Linda, George and George III). I got to watch the Giants game, and it was pretty exciting towards the end, where they tied it up, then something went wrong, mistakes were made and the Giants lost the game in the 11th inning. That's okay, they can win tomorrow. Thank you for all your support and continued prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Today was a relaxed day, and Jason spent almost the entire day laying back in the bed. He did take the time out to shower and I did a dressing change on him, and that was all good. He also took Gracie out early in the morning, as dogs need to get out some times... ;-) The dressing change was a major impact on the decision on staying down. The day prior (the day of travel) he was up for several hours and the effects of that where visible on his wounds. I asked him to take the rest of the day off, and a good part of tomorrow too. We want him to feel good on Wednesday, and I think Jason is fully aware of the importance of taking care of himself.

Meals were pretty simple today- Breakfast was here at the hotel which is included with our stay. Jason and I had waffles; lunch was from Linda, where she fixed sandwiches and fruit; and, then dinner was a wonderful meal prepared by Karen and Mike, that they brought over while Jason was showering, so they didn't even get a chance to talk with him. That's okay, we'll get another chance tomorrow; we plan to have dinner with them at their home.

Gracie was up and out early, as Jason took her out for a short walk, and bio-break; later in the day I took Gracie out, but that was mostly so Jason could remain comfortable in bed. Tomorrow we are expecting a visit from the Granada High School baseball team, and probably a number of other folks who want to come by for a visit. I don't think it will be too much of an issue for Jason, and then he will again do a dressing change, and I'll get to do another assessment of how he is doing. He has a very good history of bouncing back, so I am expecting the same this time. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support and take care and stay positive.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today I am writing this blog from Livermore, CA! Jason's home town. Yep, we finally made it back home, though it is only going to be for a week. That's okay though, because we intend to enjoy our time here, as much as we can. The trip down was uneventful, even if getting on to the plane had a number of challenges. As well, there were a number of challenges getting off the plane. Most of those having to do with the paramobile and how the folks at United handled the challenge.

Typically, they don't have to deal with a passenger who has such serious injuries, so that put them on edge to begin with. Then Jason is bringing along a device (certified medical device - class 3 wheelchair) that most of them have never seen before. It took about a half an hour to instruct them on how it was to be loaded, and thank goodness Anthony Netto was there to help. Finally it was accomplished and I was given my claim stub to allow me to collect it when we arrived in SFO. We were escorted all the way to the gate by one of the airport volunteers and she was not only a God send but also very efficient at getting us to where we needed to be. We were the first to get on to the plane, and Jason rode his power chair right up to the door of the plane and I carried him in the rest of the way. It wasn't too bad, and since no one else was there it went very smoothly. The flight crew of United were very helpful and responsive and helped to make the trip that much more enjoyable. The funny thing is, when we first found out about Jason's injuries we flew United back to Maryland. Here it is, 777 days later (yep, that's how long ago it happened) and were on United again.

We landed at SFO, right on time and we had to wait for everyone to get off first, then they brought the power chair right up to the door and I carried Jason back out to it. We again had some assistance from the United flight crew and all went well. Then we went to go get our luggage. Well, actually first we were greeted by a throng of people all standing at the gate, waving signs and U.S. Flags, and they were all cheering and clapping. I think it embarrassed just a little, especially sine people kept clapping as we moved along. I guess they got special permission to meet us at the gate because they sure weren't passengers. We finally made it back out to where we were to get the luggage and guess what, there was another throng of people cheering and clapping and this time it was even bigger. Linda was waiting for us this time (she had forgotten her I.D. so she wasn't able to make the first greeting).

We went to get our luggage, and the paramobile. The luggage was there but the paramobile was no where to be found. They didn't know what it was, nor where it was. Fortunately I still had my claim stub and the lady sitting behind the counter used it to find out that it had not been scanned when it left San Diego, and because of that it might not even be here. Well, long story short, they found the machine and were able to finally get it to us and we got it back out, and into a truck. The Warriro's Riders were there to escort us all the way back to Livermore, and there must have been close to 50 Harleys, many of them with flags, riding in front of and behind us. We looked like something very special and whenever other drivers were able to pass us they would do there best to see just who we were. It was fun and then we arrived at the hotel.

There were probably another 100 people waiving flags and cheering as we rolled in. It was an amazing site. There were representatives from all sorts of groups and organizations, including the local fire department. I had no idea there were going to be that many people. We took our time in getting into the hotel, and thanked a bunch of the folks for coming, but obviously we were not able to thank everyone. Jason needed to get back down and I wanted to get him into the room. We have a great week ahead of us, and I plan for both Jason and I to get some extra rest this week, despite all the activities that are planned. Thank you, all so very much for all your prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

What an amazing day today was. Jason didn't get out of bed except for taking a shower, and then when we went to the USO Event tonight. I did laundry, and cleaned up around the place and played on the computer for a little while, even had time to participate in a conference call with the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of PMI (I'm on the board). I took Gracie out a few times and she is definitely becoming comfortable with both Jason and I. She even went to the event with us, as it was a dinner event. I have all the medical supplies packed up, and will pack up the rest of Jason's stuff tomorrow, after he showers. I then have to pack up my stuff, but that won't take too long.

The weather has been great these past few days, and we're quite happy about that, except that I really do need to remember to put sun block on, before I leave the house. I expect to have a good tan by the end of the summer, early fall, but then I don't tan much anyway. We're looking forward to tomorrow's trip and so I'm going to be signing off here, so I can get some sleep. I will continue to update the blog on a daily basis while in Livermore, so stay tuned for more exciting adventures... and Linda has said she will read them before I post, so there won't be as many type-o's (I hope). Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Today was one of those milestone kind of days with Jason, as he acquired a service dog. She is a German Shepard and 2 years old. Fully trained and used to various commands. The situation was that she was working with another wounded warrior and that guy decided that the dog was not helping him with what he wanted to do. The guy was not in a wheelchair and was able to get around just fine, and the dog was simply a companion dog so with Jason being in a wheelchair it presents a small challenge for the dog to learn how to be around a wheelchair. So far it looks pretty good and I think in a matter of a few days she will have a routine down that compliments Jason's movements.

Now it sounds like I am talking about current situation, and that's because I am. The dog came into the picture today, and will be traveling with us on Sunday to Livermore. I was a bit concerned about introducing another aspect into all of what has been going on, but apparently it isn't as big an issue as I thought. The dog comes with certifications and documents, and will be allowed on the plane with Jason and I. (I am intentionally not putting in the dog's name, as I don't want people to just come up to it and call its name - at least not yet). Jason seems very happy to have the dog, and the dog's personality seems to be very well suited for this kind of work.

Jason and I had lunch today with the girls, and we had a great time. I was allowed to go over and get Jackie from her room and brought her into Stacy's so that all four of us could sit together. At first Jackie didn't quite understand what was going on, but then figured it out and since she was now sitting on my lap decided to eat from my lunch plate. It was actually kind of cute how she was able to dig right in, and really didn't make too much of a mess.

Later this evening we did have to say good bye to the girls, as their stay with us was over. We will get to see them tomorrow since Stacy has a soccer game and Jason wants to see it. I'll have to do our packing tomorrow, after the game, but it shouldn't be too difficult. As for the logistics of the travel and support Jason will be needing, I think it is all in place, and we're going to have a great time. There are so many people helping us get to Livermore it is amazing. I am truly humbled by all the focus and help being sent our way. I just hope we live up to all expectations. Thank you, for all your continued support and for all the prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today was a very nice day that began with getting the girls up and ready for day care, and then fixing them their breakfast. They both love Cheerios, and so it is easy to get them to stay focused on having their breakfast. We dropped them off at the Child Development Center (CDC) and then took off to take care of our errands and appointments. We came back to their respective class rooms, just as the nap times were ending, and picked up the girls. Tomorrow we're going to attempt to get to their class rooms a little earlier as there is an invitation to have the parents come in and have lunch with the kids. Jason is hoping that his schedule is going to be able to accommodate.

Once we got the girls back home we got them ready to head over to Anthony Netto's place, to have a BBQ and then get to fly a kite. As it turned out Jason bought to "kits" for building kites, and found that one of the kits was missing parts. We ended up with just one kite, and that was probably okay, since Stacy got the one good kite and Jackie didn't seem to be interested in the other one, even slightly. It took a couple of trys, but we finally were able to get the kite in the air. After that I took Jackie over to the ocean and she didn't want to have anything to do with the water. I let her play on the sand and then took Stacy to the water. Stacy was much more at ease, with being in the water, as long as I was carrying her. I walked out with her, to where the water was up to my waist. This means it was almost up to her bottom. We eventually walked out to where the water was a little deeper, and Stacy was a little whet. That was as far as I cared to go, so we soon headed back to Anthony's place, and besides the food was now ready, and everyone was hungry.

All the travel plans seem to be in place and it is getting closer. We are both anxious to get back to Livermore, so this is going to be a  very good break for both of us. Thank you, for all your contined prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I was typing today's blog and was nearly complete when suddenly all of it simply disappeared. I had not selected anything or hit any kind of back space, it just simply disappeared. This is very frustrating, and now I'm tired so I'll only put a little information in the blog for tonight.

The day began with a normal day getting up and getting the girls ready, then we went outside and found that the van had been opened. Not really sure how it got opened, other than that sometimes the electrical signals that come from the base, across the street, will open doors, including garage doors. I have mentioned this in the past, but this is the first time I actually lost something. The GPS was taken from the van, and now I will need to go replace it. I was told that they can be a quick way for the drug users and punks on the street to make a quick buck on Craig's List or Ebay.

Anyway, we got the girls to daycare and then Jason over to his first appointment. He first went to PT, and we got to see Dr. Pyo, who used to be Jason's primary. He is getting out soon, so Jason has a new primary, and we have yet to meet him. With us leaving next week, it looks like it will still be another couple of weeks before we can finally get together with him. The good news for today is that I found out that all the medical supplies I need are finally here (actually arrived today) and so I am much more comfortable about traveling.

The travel plans are pretty much finalized and Jason and I now have "tickets" for our flights home, to Livermore. Well, actually to SFO, but then we'll drive to Livermore. We will be flying in on United and arriving at SFO at 17:05 (5:05pm). Like I said, a van is supposed to be waiting there for us, so we can soon get on our way to Livermore. My guess is that it is going to be a little crazy, but then again that has been our life style for a while now. Thank you, for all your prayers and continued support. Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today was a busy day for us, as it started out with Jackie waking up VERY early and crying. I'm guessing she had a bad dream, so I went down to comfort her. Fortunately I was able to get down fast enough so that she didn't wake Jason or Stacy. I'm kind of a lite sleeper, and it really doesn't take much to wake me especially when it is one of the kids. I rocked her in the chair in the living room for about 20 minutes and then put her back to bed. She slept through the rest of the night and seemed very happy the next morning.

Then when I went in to see how Jason was doing he told me that... "...we have mice." At least that is what he though he was hearing. What happened was that an opening happened on the cage to Stacy's hamster, Patrick,  and he had gotten out sometime during the evening. It was discovered by Stacy, and she just asked me, "Where's Patrick?" Anyway, it only took me about 15 minutes to find Patrick and get him back into his cage. I think went on to fix  breakfast for the girls, and they both were hungry. They wanted Cheerios. Jason had bought them two new bowls, so they were both anxious to use them

We got the girls over to the Child Development Center (CDC) and then headed over to Jason's appointments. The appointments took us close to noon, so we decided to go ahead and have lunch at the base, and it was really good. Jason even had some desert.

Stacy had a soccer practice today, so we got the girls over to the practice at about 17:00, and then allowed Jackie to just run around the field. My hats off to the coach, working with a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds, trying to get them to play soccer, but she seems to be getting the job done. We stayed for the entire practice and Jason got the schedule, so he will be able to see as many of the games as possible.

Not much else happened today - other than the final plans being put together for our return trip to Livermore.We are being flown in on a United Airlines flight, in First Class. We will be staying from the 21st to the 28th, when we'll have to go on back again. We're both looking forward to this coming weekend and getting a chance to see everybody. Thank you, for all the continued support and for the prayers.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Today was a busy day for us, as we had to get going early with the girls, and get them over to their day care at the Child Development Center (CDC). Jason had a formation at 07:30 this morning so we had to have the girls over to the CDC earlier. On top of that Jason had some extra forms to fill out at the CDC, so he needed a little extra time. Well, we got the girls there plenty early, and then because it took a little longer than anticipated to drop them off he couldn't get to the paper work. We went over to Building 26 for the formation and happened to see the First Sergeant, as Jason was getting ready to exit the van. The First Sergeant came over and told Jason that the formation was cancelled due to the rain (more like a heavy drizzle), as he didn't want to have the guys get sick as a result of standing out in the weather. He and Jason talked for a few minutes and then we headed off, and in the firs few hundred meters of travel we must of told a half dozen other Marines that the formation was cancelled. They all seemed very happy to hear the update. We then went back to the CDC and finished the paperwork.

Jason and I did some shopping at Target, and then headed back to the house so he could get out of the chair and back down on the bed. I then made a trip over to the AT&T Store to see why my phone stopped receiving emails, and the answer was actually something I should have guessed. As it turned out, apparently someone had gotten hold of my phone and shut off the data feeds to the phone. It is very easy to do, if you know how to do it, or it can be done accidentally if you're randomly pushing buttons, as some 2-year old's have been known to do. Bottom line was that it was my own fault for letting Jackie play with the phone, and not looking to see what she did. I had not locked the phone so actually, I feel fortunate that she didn't accidentally call somebody in Russia or some other place that would have cost me. I think I learned my lesson on that one. From now on I think I'll keep my phone to myself.

The girls had a good time at the CDC, and about the first thing out of Stacy's mouth, when we got home was, "Can we go to the park?" I told them they needed to get daddy out of bed, and if he was okay to go to the park, then we could go. Stacy is a great sales person, she convinced Jason to get up and head over to the park, and we were there by about 17:10 (5:10pm). There were some other kids there, all of them a year or two older than Stacy. She wasn't intimidated at all, and they were all very friendly towards the girls. They were particularly interested in what I was doing, since I spent most of the time chasing Jackie around and taking pictures whenever I had the chance. One of them finally asked if I was their grandpa, and I said I was, and then pointed over at Jason (he was about 10 feet away) and said, "I'm his daddy." They all had this look of total disbelief, then a couple of them simply said, "Wow!"

After the park, we came back to the house where a soon started dinner and we had a nice bolognese sauce over angle hair pasta. I guess the girls were hungry as they both ate more than I thought they would. The funny thing is, we had just given them snacks before going over to the park area, and Jackie especially ate a good portion at snack time. The girls cleaned up and brushed their teeth, and I then read them a story. Both of them were pretty tired, and very quickly were asleep. I guess the activities at the CDC and then over at the park burned off a bit of their energy.

Now that I have the camera working again, I will do my best to get some of the pictures posted in the next day or two. Of course I have a bunch of other things I need to get done too, so I don't know if I'll have the time for a day or two. Trying to finalize the trip to Livermore is moving along, but it requires attention to make sure things do happen. Thank you, or all your continued support and prayers - it is definitely helping to get us to where we need to be. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Today was a good day, and a not so goo day... The good was that we had a great time with the girls, I made pancakes for breakfast, and was totally surprised by how much Stacy can eat. I already knew that Jackie has a healthy appetite, but usually Stacy doesn't eat that much. Maybe it is because of the pancakes. She ate almost as many as Jason. It has been the first time I've made pancakes in a while (maybe four months) and they did come out particularly good this time. Not sure what I did differently... ;-)

After breakfast we jumped into the van and headed over to the park, to meet with Anthony Netto. He was at Balboa Park (the Malory Sports area), where there was a bunch of archery going on. He had set up a time for Jason to get some shots in, and of course, since I was there I took a few shots as well. Anthony brought along another paramobile for Jason to ride and both the girls got to jump on to the back and were standing there while Daddy took a few shots. Actually it was kind of funny to watch Jason attempt to aim his arrow and then Jackie start jumping up and down on the back of the paragolfer. The other archers were giving him a hard time and asking what was the matter and why was he taking so long to shoot. It was all in good fun, and the girls were enjoying it to. This is where the not so good news comes in - I was attempting to use my camera when it just simply decided to stop working. I have plenty of battery and all the settings were in the right place. I'm going to have to take it to someone who knows a little more about it than I do.

We got back to the house a little later than we wanted, so the girls had to have a quick lunch and then go down for their naps. It is really kind of amazing to me how well they do go down, and seem happy to take their naps. Most other kids I've seen always want to stay up, even if they are very tired. They slept for a couple of hours and then got up. While they slept I did a couple loads of clothes, and even did a couple more before the day was done - now I have a bunch of folding to do.

Finally, after dinner (spaghetti and meatballs) they went up for their bath. I called Grandma while they were in the tub and let her talk to them for a couple of minutes (speaker phones are great). It is so good to hear Jackie talking as much as she does. You can only understand about half of what she says, but she just keeps on talking, and she is just as happy as can be. I put them to bed and then read them Goldie Locks and The Three Bears, then we all sang Itsy Bitsy Spider and they went to sleep. I threw the last load in the drier and then made sure Jason didn't need anything. I came up here and got the blog out of the way before I went to bed. Tomorrow is an early day, so I need to get to bed early. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers and Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Today started out very early, especially for the girls - We needed to get them to Stacy's soccer game, and then found out after getting there that the game was actually a hour later. I ended up "running" around the field with the girls and we had a great time. The game started and Stacy kicked the ball right into the net, just a few minutes after getting on to the field. Of course, the level of play was very good, as all the players were either four or five years old, and their experience was limited. All the parents there had a great time and cheered on ALL the players and every score (there were plenty).

After the game we headed back to the house and the girls were happy to lay back down and they took a little nap. After getting back up, a little after noon, we went over to Anthony Netto's place to have a BBQ, and got to visit with a couple of our other friends as well. We stayed for a couple of hours and then decided it was time to head on back home. There really wasn't much else the happened today, except for the girls getting their bath. The reason this was "special" was due to the fact that Jackie has a bit of a skin condition that has been bothering her, off and on, for about a year or so. When I went to put the medicated lotion on her back (after the bath) it really looked good, and in fact I didn't see much evidence of the irritation. I'm hopeful that perhaps the lotion is really doing it job. There are a couple of other spots on her arms, but the ones on her back were the ones that bothered me the most. It was nice to NOT see them. Her arms are looking much better too.

I read the girls a bed time story, and Jackie was actually asleep before I was done reading it (Stacy picked out, "I Love You Stinky Face." Tomorrow should be a more relaxing day, and we're looking forward to just taking it easy. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Friday, April 12, 2013

It was a good day for Jason as he finally finished up that neuro-psychology testing. He had a couple of other appointments, but they were much easier to deal with, and effectively in-and-out kind'a appointments. We got up relatively early and had a quick breakfast, then we were off to the Naval Medical Center at San Diego (that's the official name of the hospital).

After we came back to the house and had lunch, we had two visitors from NMCSD, Lus and Bobbie, two recovery case nurses. They wanted to see the environment at the house, and just a quick "get-to-know-you" kind of visit. Finally, a bit later, the girls showed up and we were happy to see them. They were happy to be home with Daddy and Papa, so it was a good night for everybody. I fixed hot dogs, beans and french fries for dinner and both the girls were very happy about that. Actually I was too, it is an easy dinner to pull together, and clean up is pretty easy... ;-)

Bath time was fun, and both of them were making quite the mess. I kept asking Jackie to stop dumping water outside the tub (one of their favorite toys is simply a plastic cup), so she started dumping water on Stacy, and Stacy didn't seem to mind at all. When I was getting the girls ready for bed I brushed Stacy's hair, and kept telling her to stand still so that I could brush her hair. It quickly became a game for her and I kept telling her that if she kept dancing around her hair was going to get tangled and it was going to be difficult to brush out. I let her dance around all she wanted, and we finally got the hair brushed out - then I braided it. Linda told me to do that before putting her to bed, to help with getting her ready the next morning. It was time for bed so I read them a book, Cars, and it was nice because even Jackie is understanding what is going on in the story.

Once the girls were taken care of I turned to Jason, as he wanted to take a shower. He was in the shower pretty quickly and the dressings were back on, and he was ready for bed. We both need to be up early tomorrow, to take the girls to soccer practice early in the morning. We were informed that practice starts at 07:30 so I need to get them up and fed by 07:00... Should be fun. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support, and take care and stay positive.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trying to get Jason up to Livermore is becoming a bit of a challenge. Right now I don't know if the flight is going to be coming through, and that means I need to attempt to get a different means of getting him up there.  I like the idea of a motor home, as that will allow him to lay down, and we can stop as frequently as we need. Typically it is an eight hour or more drive from San Diego to Livermore, but that's okay we can do that. We need to be up there, so how ever we end up getting there, it is going to be worth the effort.

Jason only had two appointments today, with the first one being the optometrist. Normally that wouldn't be too bad, except they dilated his eyes, and right after that appointment he had to go attempt to finish up the testing. He said he had a heck of a time because he had to keep his sunglasses on. I thought he was just being "cool" and he thought he was a sharp dressed man (ZZ Top).

We went to In and Out Burger for lunch. We had a gift card so we decided to use it. I think all Jason really wanted was a chocolate shake. The rest of the day was spent at the house and we just kind of relaxed and took care of a few little things. The girls are supposed to be coming over tomorrow, so I need to make sure the house is in order, before they get here. Then I need to figure out what to fix for dinner...assuming that I will be cooking dinner for them. Then, again, I may only need to fix dinner for Jason and I.

Tomorrow we have some more appointments to get to, but generally a relaxed day. Thank you, for all the prayers and continued support. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another day, another appointment - Actually, Jason only had the one appointment today, and it went for almost four hours. It was supposed to go eight, but because he can't stay in his chair that long they cut it in half. Or, at least that is what I was told originally. I spoke with Jason after we got back home and he said they only got about a third of the way through the testing. I really don't know what it is they are testing, other than neurological activities, and it is comprehensive; and, he doesn't look any worse for the wear when he's done with it. I suppose they will be able to direct some part of the recovery with the results, but my guess is that it won't be announced until sometime this summer.

The plans are well under way for our trip up to Livermore. The one missing piece is the transportation, once we get there. I think I have located a wheelchair accessible van, for our use, however we need to secure a couple of other things first. My guess is that it will suddenly all come together just before we leave the house, or maybe even just as we arrive at Livermore.

I spent a good part of the afternoon cleaning up around the house. The floors are a lot cleaner now, and the laundry is done. I won't have to do that stuff again for at least another two days (or maybe at most). I think Jason and I are getting settled in pretty good now, and that feels good. Once I get my bicycle down here I'll be able to get out and do some riding again, and then I'll be happy.

Tomorrow is more neurological testing for Jason, and I hope they can get it completed, or be able to finish it up on Friday. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support - Take care and stay positive

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just a quick post for tonight, as there really wasn't much going on today. Jason had a couple of appointments and one errand to take care of, but otherwise we spent the day at home. No change to his health status (nor mine), and we are going to be working to get things together to help insure we do get back up to Livermore by the 21st. The challenge I have right now is with  transportation, once we get there. Jason needs a specialized wheelchair-van, just to get around town in. I have one here, but at present, I don't plan to bring it with me. Tomorrow I will be contacting a few places in the Bay Area and hope to hit something, we'll just have to continue to take it, one day at a time.

Other than doing some cleaning and putting things away, and then preparing meals, I  have had a relatively easy day. Tomorrow might be a bit more exciting, we'll just have to wait and see. As an aside, I did speak with an Andrew Ross, today. He is a reporter with the San Francisco Chronical, and he is developing a story that he wanted to collect some data on, and he thought I could help. I don't want to spoil it so that is all I'm going to say right now, but I will say he found me as a result of some of the other print that is out there.

Well, that is all there is for today - Thank you, all for all the continued support and prayers coming our way. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A bit of a laid back day today, though we started out a bit different. Since the girls spent the night with us we had to get them up early, to get them over to their day care, at the Child Development Center (CDC). The reason we had to get them up early was because Jason had a formation, and that was also early, and then later he was to go to an appointment. Well, this is how it actually went---

We got up and got ourselves ready then woke up the girls. Jackie was already awake, so she was easy, Stacy, on the other hand doesn't like to get going in the morning (not a morning person). She did see how much fun we were having with Jackie and soon was up and wanting to play, too. We all loaded up into the car and we dropped Jason off then dropped the girls off. Not too much of an issue as the girls are quite comfortable with their CDC classrooms, and they know they'll be picked up later in the day. Once that was done Linda and I hurried back over to the house to pick up her luggage so she could get to her flight on time. The time issue was more a result of the fact that we were headed back to pick up Jason and then we were going to breakfast. One of the things Linda wanted to do when she came down this time was to go out to a breakfast meal, at least once, while she was here. She ended up staying one extra day and the opportunity finally presented itself.

We went and picked up Jason, who was just leaving his gathering and we headed over to the Broken Yoke. It is a restaurant that we hadn't been too in many years, and as it turned out, we were glad we finally did go. We walked in and the place was nearly empty. By the time we left it was nearly full. Breakfast was good, and we enjoyed each other's company. We finished the meal and headed over to the airport to drop Linda off. Now Jason and I were on our way over to his appointment, and mine (yeah, occasionally I have an appointment too).

Jason's appointment was over way before mine was and he was waiting for me. Kind of a turn about, but he didn't have to wait too long. We headed back to the house and he took a shower; I did his dressing change; and, he got back in bed. I noticed the wounds are looking better, though one of them is still much larger than I would like to see. The rest are getting close to closing up, and then his body will be able to direct all its energy on that one remaining wound. Once that happens we can move on to another aspect of his recovery.

We spent the rest of the day at the house. I made him some lunch; he played some of his video games; and he played with his new little pet. I put away dishes that Linda had washed the night prior and clothes that she had washed. Generally the house looks pretty good, I even put away stuff in the girls' room, and I haven't had to do that in a long time. Not too much else happened, other than dinner, and that was just left overs this time. Tomorrow we have another early start, but not as early as today, and a lot less hectic. Thank you, for all the support and prayers - take care and stay positive.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good day today. We started the day with the girls and we ended the day with the girls. Actually they were supposed to have gone back to their mom, but she asked us to keep them over night and to take them to the day care in the morning. Jason was more than happy to oblige, especially since both Grandpa AND Grandma were both still here. We don't know why she wasn't available, all we know is that we still have them and that is the bottom line. Another bonus for today was a visit from Joe and Terry A., from Livermore. They are actually on their way back up to Livermore, from a vacation, and were able to take some time to stop by and visit. It was the first time for them to see Jason, in over four years and I think it was good for everybody to get some face time. Actually, a little later in the day we also had a visit from Gary K., a good friend who is local here. We hadn't seen him in almost 10 months, so all around it was a good day for catching up with friends, as well as things in general.

Linda's travel plans got a bit out of sync and she found out that a mistake had been made (she made the mistake, so we can't blame anybody else) and she wasn't going to be able to head back to the Bay Area until tomorrow morning, at the soonest. Then it wasn't until late morning that a spot was open. Obviously there was good and bad to this as I was happy to have her stay around for another night; the girls were happy to have her around for awhile longer; Jason was happy to have her around a little longer; however, now she had to scramble to cover her day care business. She has clients that depend on her being there, so they can drop off their kids and they can get to work. Linda worked some of her organizational skills and made some quick phone calls. Julie, our awesome neighbor will be able to open in the morning and Linda's flight arrives early afternoon in time before the kids get out of school.  Julie has helped us out a numerous times (actually her entire family has helped us), and we owe her (them) big time.

I was glad that about the only thing Jason did today was to get up and take a shower (I did a dressing change) then spent the rest of the time in bed. Considering how much went on over these past couple of days I was glad to see him take it easy. I was able to get some time to do a first round of clean in the backyard and patio area, and I figure it is only going to take me another 10 - 12 hours to get it back in shape. One of the disappointing things was that when I started cleaning up the backyard area I found tools for grilling. It seems they had been left out when Jason had left for Bethesda, and remained there until I brought them in today. As you might expect, there are signs of weathering. I think they are still usable, they're just not as pretty as they used to be.

Tomorrow Jason has a formation at 07:30, and while he is doing that we (Linda and I) will be dropping off the kids at Day Care. We will attend to some appointments, and also get Linda over to the airport so she can get back up to Livermore. Not sure if we will be picking up the kids, but I guess it really doesn't matter right now. Thank you , for all your continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Got up this morning and had one of Jason's favorite breakfasts... oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar. The girls like it too, so it was an easy sell. The only problem / challenge is that we need to get a pan that is the right size. Actually the pan I used was big enough, but I would have liked to have had a little more cushion, and not have to fill the pan completely. The next size up is about 8 quart, and that is just a bit too big, as far as I am concerned for cooking that much oatmeal. Then again, it could be just me... ;-)

We had a great day with the girls. We got Stacy's trike out and she was happy with it, but then Jackie wanted to ride it too. Fortunately Linda brought a little scooter (kind of a mini razer) and Stacy was totally thrilled to have it to play with. This left the trike available for Jackie. Sounds good so far... as soon as we got out side, Jackie saw her old scooter (4-wheeled) and completely forgot about the trike and was happy to just scoot around on her own scooter. Fortunately neither of the scooters were particularly fast, and the backyard patio is limited in size, so there wasn't too far that they could go. We got some pictures, and I still haven't down loaded the camera, so I will get to it tomorrow, and post a few shots.

Late in the morning we headed over to Anthony Netto's as he invited us to come for a "picnic" and to grill some steaks and sausages. We also had some hot dogs for the girls, and from what I could tell, they must have liked them, 'cause all the hot dogs were eaten. There was another family there as well, though they didn't stay very long. The daughter is a quadriplegic and Anthony was showing them the paramobile. She did really good considering that she had only been on it once before. She went for a stroll around the grounds with her dad and it was good to see the happiness in their faces as they took off. Anthony is doing a great service to help those injured and who have lost the use of their legs, to regain some of their life back. Jason got on to one of the other units and was moving about with it. By the time we had left I asked him if he was feeling okay, and he said he felt much better than if he had been in his power chair for the same amount of time. If any of you know of someone who might gain from a paramobile, please check out Anthony's web site: standupandplay.org.

Linda had actually came back to the house earlier and put the girls down for a nap. I brought them all back to the house and helped to get the girls down, then headed back to pick up Jason. We all took a little bit of time to just relax (or sleep) and enjoy the time to rest. Dinner was pretty simple, as we had some left overs, as well as being able to make up some sandwiches. There is a play kitchen for the girls to entertain with, so while dinner was being prepared Stacy was also "preparing" food. She was having a great time and Jackie was getting comfortable with the house again and playing with her books and dolls. Eventually they had to head up for their baths, and then shortly after they went to bed.

We had a very good day. There was lots of sun (and we had lots of sun block on) and it was nice and warm. It wasn't too hot and we had people to have fun with. We were thinking that perhaps next time we'll be able to take the girls down to the water and let them play there, since it is basically a lagoon and the water is both calm and relatively warm. Thank you, for all the prayers and continued support. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Today started early for us, as there was a 07:30 formation, and then Jason had to attend some mandatory training. The training went on until nearly noon, so by the time we finally got out of there he had already been up in his chair for several hours. We headed over to the CDC (Child Development Center) and found out that all the kids were either down, or going down for their nap, and that both Stacy and Jackie were already asleep. It was a little disappointing, as we really did want to see the girls, but it worked out okay anyway.

We headed back over to the house, and prepared some lunch. Linda cooked up some of the fresh vegetables we had received from Tom and Carol Lightner, and they were good. We ended up eating all the new potatoes and a bunch of the spinach and kale, that we made into some tasty veggie wraps. Just so that it wasn't too healthy, I threw in some bacon.

After lunch Linda took off for a trip to one or more of the thrift stores (she loves walking around in those stores and looking for "gold nuggets"), and I waited for the shipment of Jason's belongings from Bethesda to arrive. They showed up at a little after 14:30 (2:30pm) and the guys in the truck were great. They helped to carry the new bed up the stairs, and the two sections of the bed (an adjustable Temperpedic) each weighed over 120 lbs. I would have struggled to get them up, if I had to do it on my own. The bed is together and works great, and we'll be sleeping on it tonight. I still think I may have tweaked my back a little getting the old bed down, but with a good rest I'm sure I'll be fine in the morning.

Once that was all done we began to put some of the stuff away when Jason was contacted and we found out that girls were coming over. They came over, just as I was able to get the old bed out into the garage, and it was wonderful seeing them. Jackie yelled out "Papa!" and ran over to me, and gave me the biggest hug while Stacy jumped on Jason and then both of the girls ran over to Linda, saying, "Grandma!" We had a great time with them, and they will be staying with us for the weekend. This is particularly good for Linda, since she is going to be going home on Sunday, after the girls leave.

The plans for the trip up to Livermore are coming together, and it looks like we could be flying up, though a specific date has not been set yet. We hope to be able to bring the girls with us, but that still remains to be seen right now. All-in-all, today turned out to be a very good day indeed. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jason had a pretty good day today, though he still did not get a chance to spend any appreciable time with his girls. The thought is that early next month there will be a decision made about custody and then he will know when he can have the girls, without wondering what is going on. When we have seen them at the Child Development Center (CDC) they seem to be in very happy spirits and are always very glad to see us. Jason took some pictures of them this last visit, and it made him feel pretty good.

Jason had a couple of appointments today, with one of them being plastics and the other wound care. The plastics visit was simply an in and out kind of visit. It was a quick check and then off to wound care, must have taken all of 10 minutes. Wound care was another story. We arrived on time, actually a little early, and ended up sitting in the exam room for nearly an hour. The poor wound care nurse (actually I think she is a nurse practitioner) was really backed up with patients and she was on her own. Not sure why, but anyway it took awhile to get to our turn. She remembered Jason from when we were here last year, and she was impressed with what had been done. She was also sorry to see that the wounds were still in the healing mode rather than completely healed. I showed her the new products we were using and she was familiar with them, so that was a simple hand-off of sorts. They don't have a bunch of the Hydrofera Blue right now, but that is okay because what we brought with us, and with what little they did have (I now have it) we should be okay until some is ordered.

After the appointments we just headed back to the house and took care of a few of the little tasks that we have regularly around here, like cleaning up, laundry, taking care of his new pet, etc. It was just the two of us for most of the morning as I took Linda up to a dentist, Dr. Kevin Salgado, who has offered to provide dental care at no charge. He and his wife have a practice (wife, Stephanie, is the hygienist) and they came with a very strong endorsement from a friend who lives down here. Actually it was great timing as we had not been to a dentist in over two years (no insurance coverage). When Linda did finally get back to the house she was very happy about the visit, and the work that was done. I will be going in next week or so.

Jason will have to get up early tomorrow, as will I, for a 07:30 formation. Linda and I will take him and then probably go get some breakfast. Fortunately I don't have to be with him for this activity... and in fact should not be with him as it is a pure Marine gathering. He has one appointment after that and then we will head back to the house, though we may go see the girls first. Later tomorrow, sometime after 14:00 (2:00pm) we are supposed to receive the rest of the stuff shipped from Bethesda, mainly the paramobile. It will be good to see it back in his possession again, and at least here he can use it more freely. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One heck of a busy day for Jason. We began with appointments and then visited with Stacy and Jackie at their childcare center. The girls were very excited to see us, and I did get some pictures (to be posted tomorrow). We stayed for a little while, and were even invited to have lunch with them - tempting because they were having tacos - but we needed to get back to the house. Jason had been up for several hours by now, and he needed to get back down. It was so refreshing to see the girls and see how well Jackie is progressing. It can really be seen just how good the childcare environment is helping her develop. Stacy is getting so big and growing up so nicely. It was great seeing her in an outfit that Linda had purchased for her, and it fit her so nicely.

Linda and I went to pick up a few things at the post office, mail packages that had come in. There was also a package from FedEx that Jason had been looking for. It was the one with his EOD painting and his award for crossing the Equator, while he was out on the MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) . There is a big tradition in the Navy for crossing the Equator and Jason felt that this was something very special for him so I was glad to see it come in. The EOD painting was an original, done just for Jason, so that made it pretty special for him also. Anyway, they're both here now and he can relax a little about them.

Looks like we will be able to get back up to Livermore a little later this month. I am working with a couple of other folks right now who are helping with the transportation needs. A direct drive up to the Bay Area is just about out of the question right now. It would probably take us two and a half days to get there from here, as we would be stopping frequently. There are a bunch of folks who are anxious to see Jason, and we expect that there is going to be a good time when we get there. The unfortunate side is that he won't be able to get back into our home, as there would be far too much needed, in the way of modifications, to allow it to happen. Eventually, Jason will be needing to build his own home, and that's where he will be able to live, as comfortably as anybody else. There have been a few discussions about what he plans to do over the next couple of years, so when this is all finally settled he will be in his own home, going to work, and being a part of middle America, just like Linda and I. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today did not go as we would have liked it to go, but we are still moving forward. Jason is still looking forward to having his girls spend some time with him, in his own home, but for now we must wait a little longer. There was a meeting today, and as far as I am aware, it went about as smooth as one might expect, considering the subject and the attendants. The out come was supposed to be an agreement for time sharing of the girls, but it didn't happen.

Jason had one appointment today, and a formation. Actually, it was the other way around, and Linda and I simply waited until he was done. We got back to the house and did a little cleaning and fixing some snack, I was getting hungry, then Linda and I went up stairs. The meeting took place, and we were not invited, as we really didn't need to be there. Actually, I'm not really sure how many people were there, but I think it was either seven or eight, and they stayed for about an hour. After they left Jason got back into bed and rested.

Linda fixed him a sandwich and a bowl of soup, and then Linda and I went off to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things. I wish we could shop there all the time - they have some very nice things. The rest of the day was spent visiting with some friends and taking care of phone calls and emails. Tomorrow Jason has a couple of appointments, and we'll be meeting with his Recovery Care Coordinator to see what the plans are for the next few months. We also found out that he has a "new" primary doctor, so we're hoping to meet him and see what his thoughts are. Otherwise, that is pretty much it for today, so I would like to thank you, all for your continued support and prayers being sent our way.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday, after a holiday (even Easter) that happens on the weekend, for the military, usually ends up as a day off. It is usually referred to as a 96, meaning that they all have at least 96 hours off, or four days. Obviously the guys really enjoy this break, because it gives them enough time to go do something a bit more off the "normal" routine of a regular weekend, and they often come back either very tired or refreshed. In Jason's case, it is going to be more of the refreshed variety. We ended with today pretty much staying at home and Jason staying down.

He spent a few more hours than he would normally spend, due to visiting with friends, and this was all good for him, spiritually and mentally, though it took its toll physically. I was glad that he spent the day in bed and got the rest he needed. His wounds are getting to a point where there is good healing going on, and I would like to see that continue, so I'm going to be nagging him a bit more the next couple of days to stay down more, though he usually is pretty good about it anyway.

Tomorrow starts with a very early appointment (07:30) and then we'll head back to the house. There are a couple of other things he wants to get accomplished, and then back to laying back down and relaxing again. I mentioned earlier that he had gotten himself a new pet, and it has given him something to focus on, besides the video games, TV and movies. I think this is going to be good for him, and it is a relatively easy chore that give him the feeling of accomplishment. Thank you, for all the continued support and for the continued prayers.

I'd also like to say that I am going to do my best to stay focused on Jason and his recovery and not allow myself to be distracted again. I appreciate your tolerance, as I should not have gotten distracted, again, thank you.