Today I am writing this blog from Livermore, CA! Jason's home town. Yep, we finally made it back home, though it is only going to be for a week. That's okay though, because we intend to enjoy our time here, as much as we can. The trip down was uneventful, even if getting on to the plane had a number of challenges. As well, there were a number of challenges getting off the plane. Most of those having to do with the paramobile and how the folks at United handled the challenge.

Typically, they don't have to deal with a passenger who has such serious injuries, so that put them on edge to begin with. Then Jason is bringing along a device (certified medical device - class 3 wheelchair) that most of them have never seen before. It took about a half an hour to instruct them on how it was to be loaded, and thank goodness Anthony Netto was there to help. Finally it was accomplished and I was given my claim stub to allow me to collect it when we arrived in SFO. We were escorted all the way to the gate by one of the airport volunteers and she was not only a God send but also very efficient at getting us to where we needed to be. We were the first to get on to the plane, and Jason rode his power chair right up to the door of the plane and I carried him in the rest of the way. It wasn't too bad, and since no one else was there it went very smoothly. The flight crew of United were very helpful and responsive and helped to make the trip that much more enjoyable. The funny thing is, when we first found out about Jason's injuries we flew United back to Maryland. Here it is, 777 days later (yep, that's how long ago it happened) and were on United again.

We landed at SFO, right on time and we had to wait for everyone to get off first, then they brought the power chair right up to the door and I carried Jason back out to it. We again had some assistance from the United flight crew and all went well. Then we went to go get our luggage. Well, actually first we were greeted by a throng of people all standing at the gate, waving signs and U.S. Flags, and they were all cheering and clapping. I think it embarrassed just a little, especially sine people kept clapping as we moved along. I guess they got special permission to meet us at the gate because they sure weren't passengers. We finally made it back out to where we were to get the luggage and guess what, there was another throng of people cheering and clapping and this time it was even bigger. Linda was waiting for us this time (she had forgotten her I.D. so she wasn't able to make the first greeting).

We went to get our luggage, and the paramobile. The luggage was there but the paramobile was no where to be found. They didn't know what it was, nor where it was. Fortunately I still had my claim stub and the lady sitting behind the counter used it to find out that it had not been scanned when it left San Diego, and because of that it might not even be here. Well, long story short, they found the machine and were able to finally get it to us and we got it back out, and into a truck. The Warriro's Riders were there to escort us all the way back to Livermore, and there must have been close to 50 Harleys, many of them with flags, riding in front of and behind us. We looked like something very special and whenever other drivers were able to pass us they would do there best to see just who we were. It was fun and then we arrived at the hotel.

There were probably another 100 people waiving flags and cheering as we rolled in. It was an amazing site. There were representatives from all sorts of groups and organizations, including the local fire department. I had no idea there were going to be that many people. We took our time in getting into the hotel, and thanked a bunch of the folks for coming, but obviously we were not able to thank everyone. Jason needed to get back down and I wanted to get him into the room. We have a great week ahead of us, and I plan for both Jason and I to get some extra rest this week, despite all the activities that are planned. Thank you, all so very much for all your prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.


  1. Welcome home, Jason! I'm sure everyone in Livermore is so excited you're there for a visit!

  2. Sitting here in tears! You deserved every second of that tribute! Both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Know that you're always in my thoughts and prayers!
    Romans 5:1-4 Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope:
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