Today was a much better day, as far as Jason's physical condition is concerned. He felt better and was up and ready to go kind of early. He had formation at 07:30, so we had to get over to the Naval Base early. When we got there most of the guys were still getting their stuff together and all were getting organized, and it felt pretty much like a "normal" kind of day. After formation we got a chance to chat with SSGT Lacey, as we hadn't seen her in several months. Apparently she has been injured and is now a Wounded Warrior just like the others. Only her's is from a motorcycle accident, where this guy kind of ran into her with his truck, while she was sitting at a stop light. Fortunately, the injuries are much less than what they could have been, but that's easy for me to say... she is still requiring some surgery and rehab on her shoulder.

Once Jason and I had all the little things done at the hospital, and headed back to the house, I went up to Los Angeles to pick up my bike. Jason was all set in his bed; he had a few hours worth of work to get done; and, should there be a need, he had video games available for him to play. I had originally planned to coming back later in the day, so I made sure he wasn't going to be needing anything in the way of food or drink, and it looks like all went well. When I came back from David's house (more on that later) Jason wanted to take a shower, and get the dressings changed. That was okay by me, as it was late enough that I was getting tired, but not too late that it couldn't be done.

When I made it to Los Angeles, and to David and Miriam's house, it was about 13:15 (1:15pm), just like I said it would be, when I got there. I felt pretty good being able to call it that close. I had a great time with the grand kids, both Dylan and Ethan were up and having a great time. Dylan was particularly energetic today, and very happy to see me. He and I played with his bubble wand, and went for a walk, and then played with a bunch of his blocks and toys, in the house. Ethan wasn't really sure what to do about me. I think it was the first time that he has seen me, and able to determine that I am someone different from mommy and daddy. As a result he was a little standoffish. I still had some fun with him, but Miriam had to be involved with just about all aspects. Like I said, I had originally planned on coming back a little later in the day, and staying up and having dinner with the family, but something told me to get back down to make sure Jason was okay. I got back to the house and Jason was fine, so it was just me being a little overly cautious. He did want to take a shower, and if I had not come back when I did it might not have happened.

Tomorrow we have appointments and things to do, so it is going to be an early and busy day for us. Thank you, all for continuing all the prayers and support being sent our way. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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