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October 31, 2014

Feliz, Dia de los muertos ... Okay, some people don't use the "los" in the greeting, but that is how I learned it... It goes along so well with Halloween and All Saints Day that I wanted to include it. I hope you all had a great Halloween - we did.

The day was a little busy at first with taking care of a few chores around the house and then Jason wanting to get over to the Men's Warehouse. He has a tux that needs to be altered for a black tie event that we're gong to next month. He purchased the tux there so they will make the alterations. The challenge is that his arms have really gotten pretty big and he can just get the jacket on. The tailor came out and measured him and marked the jacket and said he cam make some adjustments, but wasn't to sure how much he could improve the sleeves, since there isn't much 'extra' material there. Jason took it in stride and basically said, "Okay, we'll see what it looks like when done."

After that…

October 30,2014

Today was quite the exciting day - First it started out with me attempting to get in a nice bike ride, and I did manage to get in about 12.5 miles. The challenge with the ride was that I felt like I hit nearly every red light on the course and for whatever reason the crazies were out in force, in their cars. I spent about as much time on the 12.5 mile ride as I would if it had been over 15 miles. After the ride Linda had to get to a doctor appointment, and that was about the smoothest thing that happened today.

Linda got to the doctor's office, almost exactly when the appointment was supposed to be and within a few minutes she was in with the doctor. The visit didn't last long and we were back on our way back to the house. We were both thinking about the luncheon with the Nice Guys and both looked at the radio clock at about the same moment. It was one of those moments when you both start talking about the same thing at the same time - nice to know we think similarly. She call…

October 29, 2014

November is just around the corner and that means the holidays. I know, some of you are already in that mode, but for me, it has to be November before I can start to think of them. Today also marks the end of the baseball season - completely, with the end of the World Series. Most of you already know I am a Giants fan, so I'm pretty happy about the end results for this year. I have to say, though, that the Royals were nearly there, instead of the Giants. Both teams played well, and it was an exciting series this year.

Today we saw the girls off to their school, and we won't see them again for a couple of days. This is going to be a little strange for us, since they have been with us for 16 days straight. They will be back though, in a couple of days and staying with us again, for five days. I am happy to say that they seem to be adjusting to the changes to the schedule and are very happy, Linda has all their Halloween costumes ready and even if they should make a last minute c…

October 28, 2014

Another busy day, and just a bit more productive this time. The morning started off pretty much like the other mornings, with us getting the girls up and off to school. The difference being that Linda and I were both doing our best to get some exercise in, as we've found that it really does make us feel better, and what the heck... it's healthier.

Jason had an appointment with the folks at Physical Therapy (at Balboa), and he worked with Mike. He also did a number of exercises on his own, and stayed very busy during that hour (more like 75 minutes actually). Afterward we headed off to the Ability Center and Jason was able to pick up his truck. There is an inherit problem with the contact switch, so he will have to remember to insure the door is closed and that once closed, nothing hit the handle. He's talking about putting a sign on the door to discourage other folks from attempting to open it from the out side. The folks at the dealership (Chevy) said that about the only …

October 27, 2014

Busy day today, and it was the kind of busy where you're moving all the time, but it doesn't feel like you're getting much done. We got the girls up and to school on time and then the day went a little crazy. First we had to get Jason's truck down to the Ability Center to get a warning light adjusted - it kept indicating the door was ajar, when it was completely closed, and it was on the side where Jason gets in. We had to drive two vehicles because we didn't know what was going to be happening, and it was good that we did because the truck spent the day there and is still there (we pick it up in the morning).

After dropping it off Jason wanted to get over to So Call Guns, and look at some of the equipment there, and normally that's just fine. Today, though, I had made plans to get up to Anthony Netto's and help him with his Quick Books, and to get some things in order. That meant Jason's visit to So Cal was cut short. I ended up taking Jason back home …

October 26, 2014

Today was a pretty amazing day, and it wasn't because the Giants won their 3rd game of the World Series, though that was pretty good. It was because we got up in the morning and got the girls ready to go to church, after breakfast. I know that sounds pretty normal, but another thing was also going on, and that was Jason was getting ready to go off and have a lunch meeting with some friends. This was the first time for Jason to venture out, on his own and go to a "social" engagement without me or Linda tagging along. That is pretty amazing, in my eyes, and he had a good time.

He went out at a little before noon, which means Jason did not go to church with the rest of us. That's okay, as he was out socializing with some of his friends from when he was stationed in Okinawa. Linda and I, along with both Stacy and Jackie, got back to the house about 12:10, and Jason was gone. We fixed lunch for us and made ready for the girls to go take a short rest (actually they just so…

October 25, 2014

A very nice day, to be sure.

We got up this morning and I went for a short bike ride. First ride in several weeks - well a few days ago I did get out and rode 2 1/2 miles, but I don't count that as a ride, since I had to turn around and get back to the hospital, to pick up Jason (he was literally done 2 hours earlier than originally planned). Anyway, I got out for a 10 mile ride and it felt good, and when I returned to the house the girls were up and in watching cartoons with Daddy. I think Jason looks forward to Saturday mornings as much as the girls do.

I did have to be the spoiler as we needed to get ready to head over to the University of the Nazarene, where they were holding the Fall Festival (11th annual) and it was something that Linda and the girls were especially looking forward to. We originally planned to be out the door by 10:00, and finally got moving by 10:30.

By the time we arrived there were very few parking places left, and it was quite crowded. Funny thing is, I …

October 24, 2014

Yesterday and today were nice and relaxed and we're all doing well. Jason's wounds continue to improve, and I think a big part of that is that he is staying down and not allowing things to get in the way of his healing. We have some events coming up in the next several weeks and I think he is wanting to be as healed as possible so that he can enjoy being out and with people. Another thing is that for about 10 days now the girls have been with us, and I think that has been beneficial for him as well. 
I have been busy with Stand Up and Play, or I guess I should say Stand UP USA, since that is where I am actually putting most of my effort. The good news is that most of that work is done and from here on out it should flow much more smoothly, and with that I can get back to my bike riding. In fact I have already made plans to go for a short ride tomorrow. I want it to be a short ride so that I can build back up again. The other good thing is that Linda continues to stay focused o…

October 21, 2014

World Series got started tonight and the Giants made a fast start out of the gate.

We had a nice day today, and about the only update for today is that we had a meeting about Jason's home, and things are progressing. We still don't have a solid date for when the house will be completed, or even started for that matter, though progress is being made. As more develops I will be providing you all, more information.

The rest of the day is basically taking care of business and keeping our focus on Jason's healing. He is doing well, though there does seem to be an issue with the SP catheter. We'll be going in tomorrow to have them take a look at it. We don't think it is anything serious, just that every now and then it feels uncomfortable for Jason. During the procedure Jason requested it changed out, and they did, now he has moments of discomfort... something wasn't set right.

We're getting closer to Halloween, and the girls are getting more excited about it. Th…

October 20, 2014

A relatively busy day for me, as Jason had to get into Balboa this morning for a procedure (laser), and before I could get that done, Linda and I had to get the girls to school. Actually, when I woke up this morning I fell victim to the morning being later for a sunrise. I woke up and thought it was earlier than it was. I intended to get up and head over to the gym to get a little bit of a workout in, since I had not been doing much lately. I got out of bed and headed over to the bathroom, and looked at the clock. It was already 06:35, and that meant we needed to get going anyway. So much for the morning work out.

We got the girls up and going, and after breakfast, off to school. Linda and I walked back to the house, and that was about the only real "alone" time that the two of us had. It was kind of nice just walking back together, though both of us were going about 90 mph in our heads. I needed to get Jason to Balboa by 08:30, and as it turned out we made it, in time... so…

October 19, 2014

Wow, just to think, this month is almost over, and that will bring us to the final two months of the year... and that'll take us to 2015! That is an amazing thought as those of you who remember Marty and Doc, and their travels through 2015. We should have flying cars in the next couple of weeks, I guess. Anyway, today has been a nice day.

We got up and we got ready for church. Actually, it was more like the girls came up to our room (we sleep upstairs, like it is almost a separate apartment) and jumped on us, just to see if we were awake, I guess. Jackie was up first and then Stacy came up a short while after. They love to play on the bed, with the two of us still trying to wake up, and hoping they will retreat back down to their own room - but that never happens. Linda usually gets up first, as the girls are usually sitting on top of me, or even jumping on me. They followed grandma down stairs and I started to move.

Within a matter of a half an hour I was making breakfast, or som…

October 18, 2014

As you may have noticed, I am starting to back off the daily posts, simply because I don't feel there is a great deal to post about. Like yesterday - it was a good day, and we did have some general fun around the house, but not much to write about. I did grill some burgers, and just as I was finishing the cooking we ran out of fuel for the grill - but that really isn't too exciting. The food was done and they tasted pretty good.

Today wasn't much different, though I did get in a short bike ride - and that was the first ride in several days (a few weeks?). I am still recovering from whatever it was that hit me, and I just really wanted to get out on my bike for a little ride. I went about 7 1/2 miles, and didn't go too far from the house. I felt pretty good afterward, and surprised myself in that I wasn't sweating too much.

The rest of the day was again spent around the house for the most part, and just relaxing and doing some of the things that need to get done. Li…

October 16, 2014

I'm feeling much better today, and I can say that after a good rest tonight, I should be back to just about 100%. That means I might even want to see if I can get back on the bike, and get going again. I am so glad to have the awful feeling go away - well, at least most of it. The doctors said that the numbness may linger on for a while longer or may not go away at all. I guess they're hedging their bets, so-to-speak, because they aren't sure what it is. You just got'a love the world of medicine.

Today was a nice relaxed day, with Jason and I going in to Balboa Hospital to get a prescription going and to visit with a couple of the medical teams. There is going to be another procedure done on Jason, on the 20th, and he wanted to be sure he had all the right things taken care of. He could have done it via the phone, but being there, face-to-face is always better, if you have the time. The funny part is that we got to the base and realized we had transferred all the placa…

October 15, 2014

The crazy schedules seem to be continuing for us. Jason had an appointment with the VA today, so we went in at about 10:00 this morning. This, in and of itself is no big deal. What happened is that we were contacted by Urology, and they wanted to also meet with Jason, at close to 14:00 (2pm). This gave us time to get lunch, and then make it to the appointment, so that's what we did and didn't go very far away from the hospital. The appointment was very thorough and the doctors (there were three of them) all seemed very interested in finding ways to help Jason. The idea is to allow him to get away from the suprapubic catheter, and to find something that is less irritating to the body. My guess is this line of investigation is going to continue on for several more months. With the appointments being as they are, it provided time for Gracie and I to just sit back and wait... the challenge with this is that I really can't afford to just wait. Anyway, we were on our way back ho…

October 10, 2014

I guess I'm probably back to about 95% and should be back to normal tomorrow. I got up this morning, feeling pretty poorly, and fortunately that only lasted for about an hour or so. I was thinking that I was suffering a relapse and going the wrong way with the healing, and then started to feel better. by the middle of the morning I was doing okay, but feeling a bit weak and awkward. As the day progressed I gained more strength and stability and was playing with the grand kids by this evening (not too much, but much more than in the past several days).

Jason is feeling pretty good, and his wounds are looking better again, with the left side almost back to where it was a couple of weeks ago. The real positive is the right side continues to progress, and is much better than it was a few weeks ago. We didn't have any medical appointments today, but will be looking at a couple with the VA tomorrow. A real special happening for today was that Linda got to ride in Jason's new tru…

October 13, 2014

What a very "different" kind of day for us.

I got up this morning, very early, as I still wasn't sleeping well through the night. Because of how I have been dealing with this intestinal infection/virus, it has really been starting to get to Linda. I finally agreed to call the V.A. hotline (24-hour Nurse support), and I figured I'd end up getting an appointment set for Tuesday or something. Well, there was a new development with my symptoms, a sort of a numbness on parts of my back and left side, and even down my triceps on my left arm. When I began talking about this the nurse immediately thought I had either experienced a stroke of some kind, or was in the midst of having one. She insisted that I get down to the VA hospital as quickly as possible (she quickly determined that if we drove it would be faster than taking an ambulance).

Linda was getting ready to go work out on the elliptical so it really didn't take long for us to get out of the house and down the r…

October 12, 2014

Better day for me, today. It started out a little bumpy and I nearly went in to the ER, as I was feeling very poorly. Fortunately, I began feeling a bit better once I started moving around a little, though it wasn't until several hours later than I felt significantly better. I am still focusing on clear liquids, as my stomach is not back to its normal self, and I figure I'll need to take it easy tomorrow, then I'll be as good as new.

Jason had a day of spending most of his time in bed, and that was what I was hoping for, yet I was a bit disappointed to see the wounds on the left have expanded some. It is very frustrating to see this when the treatment is basically the same, with regular visits to Wound Care, and activity has been kept to a minimum. The right side, however, seems to be doing better and that is a good thing, I'd just like to see the left side close up. Otherwise, Jason is doing well and in very good and positive spirits. There are no appointments tomorro…

October 11, 2014

I slightly better day for me, as I continue to fight the bug that seems to have landed in my belly. I called the 24-hour Nurse Hot Line and we talked for about  30 minutes, or so. She said it is likely not the flu but more of a intestinal virus, and suggested that there are a few things I could do. I followed her advice and within about eight hours I was feeling a bit better, and then it progressed upward from there. That conversation took place at about 02:00 this morning. I still didn't get much sleep the rest of the night, but was able to catch up on some later this morning and into the afternoon. Now, with the day over, I'm feeling much better, and on top of that the Giants won over St. Louis. Bumgarner was pitching, and he has been awesome all year and now well into the playoffs.

Jason rested for most of the day, and Linda worked on things around the house. Jason did have visitors, while I was resting. I did get a chance to get up and say, "Hi!" but I didn't…

October 10, 2014

I pretty much stayed away from everyone today, though Linda was brave enough to come spend some time with me. I did find out that what I have is a gastrointestinal virus, but I'm still going to call it the flu, cause that's what it feels like. Not sure where it came from, and I don't have a feel for how long it is going to last, just that it is a real pain.

I did get some time to work on a couple of other things, that I have been pushing aside a bit, over these last few weeks. Since I was spending most of my time upstairs I had time to sit at my "desk" and get on the computer (Desk is in quotes because it is really more of a large shelf, but it works). I made a few efforts to lay down and just rest, but wasn't really successful. I'm progressively feeling a little better all the time, so I'm hopeful that by tomorrow I'll be feeling much better.

Linda went with Jason to his appointment today, and I guess it went okay, as they didn't report anyth…

October 9, 2014

It has been a good day, and fortunately I was able to relax for most of it. We did have a meeting with the home builders, and things are progressing with Jason's house. I asked them when they thought, realistically, when the house would be ready for us to move in, and the response was late summer, next year. Still too many variables out there to nail it down any tighter, and I'm okay with that, I just wanted to know what to expect (I do wish it was sooner, but I can deal with the time line - I appreciate their honesty)

I am apparently dealing with some sort of flu right now, at least that is what it feels like, I feel pretty good in the morning but as the day wears on I start to wear out. By the end of the day I feel like I've been beat up or something. Linda is doing a great job of keeping things going, and fortunately, right now the girls are not with us. I have a couple of days to beat this thing. And, Jason is driving now, so if he needs to get to an appointment I don&…

October 8, 2014

What a difference a day makes. Today, Jason had just the one appointment and for the most part he just stayed down. Linda and I took the girls to school this morning, and I guess I could tell a little about their reaction when we got home yesterday. Apparently they didn't quite understand that we were going to be gone for a couple of days and kept asking Grandma (Linda) where Daddy and Grandpa were, or wanting to know when they were going to be coming home. I picked up the girls from school and they were both quite excited to see me, and continued to be when they got back to the house. It always makes Linda and I feel happy when we see the girls jump up on to the bed with their daddy, and they start playing or want him to tell a story. Not sure how long they were there, but it did seem like a little more than usual.

The rest of today was definitely more relaxed and Linda and I were able to finish up on some of our personal chores. I woke up this morning with a bid of a soreness in…

October 7, 2014

Hello, everyone, we're back!

Jason and I were invited to head up to Pelican Hill Resort, along with other Wounded Warriors and their caregivers, to attend a long weekend (Saturday to Tuesday AM), and see if we could shoot some clay pigeons and do some golfing. Since neither of us had much experience with either of these, it seemed like a good idea. It was put on by the Carrington Charitable Support Group and the Gary Sinise Foundation, with support of the Veterans Airlift Command. Please go on line and check them all out to learn more about what they do. Who knows, you just might be moved to send a donation their way.

Anyway, we left Saturday afternoon, to drive up to Newport Beach area, where Pelican Hill Resort is located, and we stayed until late this morning. What was really cool about this whole thing was that Jason was able to do the driving, with his new truck (it was just about a 90 minute drive, which is getting real close to his limit of driving - more on that some other…

October 3, 2014

Well, it started out today pretty much as most of these days have started out, and that is with Linda and I getting up to get some exercise in. We have not only discovered that exercising and eating better is good for you, we have fully embraced the idea. It is almost as if it is something we have to do now, and when we don't, we feel a little out of sorts. Actually, I didn't get to do much exercising this morning, though that was my plan. I ended up getting pulled in to a few things going on with Stand Up and Play, and lost track of time. By the time I realized how late it was, it was too late to get started -- Jason had a couple of appointments he wanted to get to today, and there were other things we (Linda and I) needed to get done.

The appointments went well, though one of them took a little longer than normal - it wasn't a VA appointment, so it wasn't a VERY long time, just longer than usual. Linda needed to get going, as she was taking the girls up to her parent…

October 2, 2014

I got up this morning and decided I wanted to get out for a bike ride. We had a few things going on a little later in the morning, so that actually meant I could go for a little longer ride. Linda got up with me and jumped on the elliptical, so that means we're both burning some extra calories - and that's a good thing. Anyway, I got in over 22 miles, and made it to the top of Mission Gorge, again - it is quite a hill to get up. I figure that when I can finally do Mission Gorge without feeling like my legs are about to fall off, then I'll be ready for Torrey Pines. That hill is about twice Mission, so yes, for me it will be a significant challenge. 
Jason decided that it was a good day to get some shopping in. Well, initially we went over to the DMV (yeah, I know - a gluten for punishment) and found out that he could expect to receive his new plates (purple heart and disabled veteran) in about 2 months. Apparently they are, like everybody else, running a little behind. I h…

October 1, 2014

Well, to begin with - The SF Giants are still in the game and go up against the Nationals on Friday. They did an awesome job of beating the Pirates, and the best part is that I actually got to watch a big chunk of the game. I was, as you can probably figure out, very happy to have this happen. I am hopeful that this is just another of their weird comebacks for the season... but now on to the regular blog.

Jason and I headed off to the appointments today, with the first being at Balboa and Wound Care. It was a nice visit and they were quite happy with his progress. Both the wounds are improving and the left side is just about closed up - another two or three days and it should be there. The next appointment was with the VA, and Jason's Case Manager/Social Manager. It is her responsibility to insure that Jason continues on his journey to recovery, AND to make sure that the VA is doing all it is supposed to be doing to help him get there. Having said that, she was informed about the …

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January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office