Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29, 2012 - Happy Leap Day

The way I feel right now it must have been a leap day for sure. The day started early, with me leaving for Los Angeles at 08:30 and not getting back until 15:10. I went up there to pick up Jason's truck, the one he had before the injury. It is VERY unlikely that he'll ever drive it again, but he feels better knowing that it is in his garage again, and he isn't worried that something might happen to it. There was a problem with getting it started so AAA was called and the guy who came out was great. He took a look at the truck, found out what the problem was and corrected it in less than an hour. There was a need for a new battery, and he was able to provide one for a reasonable price (he wasn't pushy at all and in fact I was pushing him, if anything to get the battery). I was able to spend a little time with my son David and his family, and even played with my grandson Dylan for a little while. I couldn't have asked for it to be any better. David bought us all lunch, and after we finished eating I was back on the road, with Jay, the Marine who brought me up, following close behind. Traffic wasn't bad in either direction, though there were pockets, so we completed the journey in about the time I expected.

Jason had a couple of appointments today, and picked up an additional appointment for tomorrow. Its with wound care so we don't mind, just wish they were all a little closer together. But the big thing that happened for Jason wasn't even his truck showing up... it was his hand-crank bike was delivered today, and it dind't come until we were all at home. It came via Conway Trucking and the drive was a great guy as he brought it to the door and then helped me get it into the house. I think he figured out we were happy to see it, since everybody was pretty excited to see it. Jason still won't be riding it for a few months (my guess), until his wounds are healed up and we can figure out what kind of seat he'll be getting. I need to send a special thank you out to Team E.X.T.R.E.A.M, and GynSgt Matt Small, for sticking with this, and getting it to us. I know there were some challenges and they didn't let them stop it from happening. As soon as it is assembled I'll take a picture of it and get it posted.

Not much else going on. I'm hoping the rest of the week is a little more relaxed, though I know how things go. Thank you, all for all your prayers and continued support.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012

Jason went in to PT and OT today and did pretty well. They try to tailor the activity to Jason's ability to tolerate the discomfort, so he won't be in too much pain. This all went well today, until he had to go pick up his prescription. I think it was a combination of the therapies and then the extended waiting in the pharmacy that caused him to start experiencing some muscle spasms and then ultimately the need to take a few extra meds. The extra meds are medications that he has always had with him, for as long as he has been an out patient. He just doesn't need to take them very often anymore. The main one is Valium, a muscle relaxer, and then helped to keep the spasms in check. The down side is that it also makes him sleepy. He got home from the hospital and within a few moments he said, "I need to get off my feet." (That's what he says when he wants to lay down, and he is really tired.) Within a minute of him getting settled in his bed he was out. The new prescription, the one that caused all this extra fuss, is actually something that the urologist wants Jason taking now, to help with some of the transition he is going through - I hope it does what it is supposed to do.

Jason also had the opportunity to stop and speak with another patient. It was an Air Force sergeant and was relatively close by... AND had a service dog. It was a German Shepard (a big one) and apparently the training program that the Air Force has for their security dogs is such that some of the dogs just don't quite have the right disposition for that kind of work. They have gone through an extensive training program, so they're used to the rigors of training, and actually only need a little "cross" training to get them to become service dogs. They exchanged contact information and I do believe Jason is going to follow up with this, especially since they tend to work with German Shepards, the dog Jason wants.

I will be heading up to Los Angeles tomorrow, to go pick up Jason's truck. This is the truck he owned prior to going off with the 26 MEU, over a year ago. Originally it was going to be shipped to San Diego, but then we initially didn't have a place to have it shipped to, so David (Jason's brother) volunteered to have it sent to his house, until we had a place to store it. That is the case now, and we have been able to get things in order enough that we can now bring it down to Jason's house. We realize that it will have to be sold or traded in, as Jason will not be able to drive it, and to convert it would be cost prohibitive. It is an asset though, and he can use it to help defray the cost of a new vehicle, when that finally comes along. In the mean time I will probably be driving it occasionally.

That's it for now - I was going to be telling the girls another Bible story tonight, but they both fell asleep as we watched Ice Age. I think they were tired since they didn't get much of a nap today. Stay tuned to see what happens tomorrow. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

Today was a good day, and a not so good day. The good part started with having the girls here and up early; full of energy and bringing a happiness that only kids can bring to a home. The day was full of looking for things and then actually finding them and deciding what the next step(s) should be. It also had a bit of a sad side, in that Linda had to go back up to Livermore tonight. The girls really like being around Grandma, and Grandma really likes being around the girls (Grandpa and Jason like having her around too!). We chose not to take the girls to day care today so that they could all spend some time together. The will, however, be going tomorrow, so that we can get a few other things done, including all the appointments Jason has. Speaking of day care, Linda and I went over to a possible day care provider's home, to see if it would be a good place for the girls to go. We had the girls with us, so they could see the place as well, and it gave us a chance to see how they might fit in. We were pleasantly surprised at how well they did fit in, and with the provider. Linda made the comment afterward that it was amazingly fortunate to find a place like that, and on the first try.

We spent a big part of the weekend working on getting the house in order and putting some of the pictures and other things on the walls. I think we still have as many boxes to go through as there originally were at the beginning (before we arrived with the truck load of stuff), its just now there are fewer places to put things. I was hoping to get in some additional ride time on my bike, but it rained so much today that I didn't get a chance to get out. Funny how the weather is going right now. Will all this rain down here its like we got Northern California's weather pattern. A concern is that there might be a drought, but I don't want to be the one who makes that call.

Tomorrow we have several appointments at the hospital. We will be taking the girls to the drop in day care, so they can have some fun and good social time. Jason will be meeting with a few different folks, and then I'll need to get him back to the house to lay back down. My main effort right now, besides getting him to heal is to have in down as much as possible. The good news is that he is very much cooperating with this, as he understands the need as well.

Tonight I told the girls a bedtime story, a short while after dinner, and they were all ready for bed. I told them about Noah and the whale - it was actually a giant fish, but for whatever reason the modern versions tend to talk about a whale. Anyway I told them the story and they liked it almost as much as Jack and the Bean Stalk. I guess I need to work on my Bible stories more... Tomorrow, David and Goliath! Thank you, all for your continued prayers and support.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012

Jason got up this morning and decided that he was in need of a shower. Of course I wasn't going to argue with him, I thought he needed a shower, too... ;-) As it was, his wounds were looking really good, and it appears that they are making more progress all the time with healing. The one thing I didn't get done was take some pictures to send to Dr. Malone, so she can see what progress has been made. He'll be taking another shower in a couple of days, and I'll get some shots in at that time. He is no longer taking the I.V. antibiotics; he is cutting back more on the pain meds he has been taking; and, overall he is feeling much better. I think a big portion of that is the fact that he spends most of his time in bed, and the extra rest is helping with the overall healing. On top of that his attitude is very good, and we're getting the house totally set up the way he wants it, including pictures on the wall and some recent new furniture pieces. Actually he talked about doing some rearranging of the furniture, so that we could all comfortably watch the T.V. while sitting at the couch.

The girls came back to the house tonight, and will be with us for the next couple of weeks. We had a great time with them, and Daddy even gave them a bed-time story before they went to sleep. Both Grandma and Grandpa stepped out of the room to let them be their own little family for a change, and I think it was good for all of them in multiple ways. Stacy was telling us all about some of the new things that Grandma (and Grandpa) brought down from Livermore and Jackie was walking all over the house. It felt pretty good to have them here again.

Tomorrow Jason has an appointment, though it is later in the afternoon, so we will have the morning to do whatever we want. We actually plan to get out and do a little checking with some of the available day care centers, and see what we can do to get the girls into a regular program. Its great having them here, but we would like to allow them to have some social interaction time as well. Anyway, we'll see where it takes us tomorrow. Then finally, Grandma (Linda) will be headed back home tomorrow evening, and we won't get to see her again for three weeks or so. It will be rough, but we've done it before.

We have been doing some planning for Easter, so we are hoping to have a few extra kids around the house. We'll have an egg hunt in the backyard, and probably do too much, but hey, that's Easter. Jason and I have also been talking about which church we're going to start looking at. He is able to stay up in his chair better now, so we can finally start going to services. We both miss the services and just the social gathering and fellowship. I'll keep you posted, and Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support. We will probably never be "normal" again, but we will get much closer.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012

Last night we were up a bit later than usual, and it was a busy day for all of us, so we all managed to sleep in some today. Sleeping in for Jason and I means not having to start moving about until after 07:00. Still, he has the 06:30 meds to take, but he doesn't have to do much of anything else, at least not for a little while.

We really didn't have anywhere special to go today, and other than unload the truck, there wasn't any scheduled or planned activity that needed to be done. I made some oatmeal (with raisins) for breakfast, and afterward went out and unloaded the truck. Linda provided a bunch of help, and we were able to get it all done in less than an hour. Of course that didn't include the time it is taking to put things away, and that could take days. The girls are coming back to the house tomorrow night so we want to have most of it done before they get here.

One of the big things brought down from Livermore, for me, was my bike. I did get a short chance to ride it today, and I figure I'll be getting to ride it a little more each day, until I'm back up to longer rides, like I was doing before. The big challenge right now is finding places to ride. It would be great if we had the Iron Horse Trail equivalent around here. I found that since it has been about a year since being on a bike, my bottom didn't feel as good as I thought it might... ;-) That's okay, I can rebuild my tolerance slowly. One of the things we need to follow up on is the status of Jason's hand bike. We haven't heard anything in a while, so I will be reaching out to my contact and getting an update.

Tonight we watched The Princes Bride, and that is one of those movies you can see over and over, and not get too tired of it. I guess, that's as long as you have some time space between each viewing. We actually ate dinner while watching and enjoyed all the humor and story that it had. Now we're getting ready for bed, and tonight we'll be sleeping a little earlier than last night.

Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers.

Friday, February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012

I woke up this morning at about 04:00, not because I needed to, but because I was so worried about over sleeping, I woke up early, and then couldn't get back to sleep. I finally got up and got ready for my flight up to Oakland. The flight was uneventful, just the way I like them, and I was back up in Livermore by about 10:00. We had a couple of things to do, before leaving, so we didn't get out on the road until almost 10:45, then drove back down to San Diego. The drive really wasn't bad, and the traffic was only an issue for a 10 mile stretch through Los Angeles. Originally I had told Jason we would try to get back by 19:00 (7pm), but due to a few things happening we did not arrive until 19:45, so it wasn't too bad. Within a few minutes of getting here we were off to go have dinner. Jason hadn't eaten and neither had we, so we were all hungry... we went to the Olive Garden.

Jason had treatment with Wound Care and with Physical Therapy. From what he has told me, and from what I was able to hear when I called him, it sounded like he got a good work out, and that's what I like to hear. The Wound Care treatment went well also. The nurse wanted to try a new type of pad, to see if that would help with some of the drainage as well as comfort for Jason. Over the next day or two Jason will be making an assessment.

Otherwise, there really wasn't much more to talk about today. I had made arrangements to have people here with Jason, for as long as I was going to be gone, and it all worked out well. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012

Today was a little more laid back, to begin with, then ramped up for me a little later in the day. Jason had a single appointment today with OT and we got there with no problem at all. I also had an appointment today, but not until the afternoon, so that made the transportation a little bit of a question, at first. I made a call to the Marines and everything was set and readied. Actually, they were planning on coming to the house and picking him up, but since I was going in anyway I brought him in, and the Marines were there to get him home.

Tomorrow will be another big challenge, in that I am flying up to Oakland, and then ultimately to Livermore, to help Linda drive a truck back down to San Diego. Total time at home will be less than an hour, and probably less than 30 minutes. It is a long drive, and I don't want to be away any longer than I need to be. I have set up for others to be at the house, for the entire time I am out, so that makes it a little easier, but I'm still a bit of a worrier when it comes to Jason right now. I wish I had more time at home, but that is something that will just have to wait right now.

Not much else to write about right now, so I'll be hitting the sack a little earlier than usual, so I can get up earlier. Flight departs at about 07:00, so I need to be up by 04:45, at the latest. Marines are taking me to the airport and I don't want to make them wait, since they had to get up too... ;-)

Thank you, for all the support and prayers coming our way, and God bless you all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

Jason went to go see his doctor today - his main doctor while here in Balboa, and it turned out to be a very good visit. Dr. Pyo first talked about the medications that Jason was currently taking, and which of them had he been cutting back on. He was pleased with what Jason has been doing, and thinks we are doing fine as it relates to the amount of medication we are still working with. He suggested that we can begin to pull back even more on some of the pain meds, though we need to do it carefully, and paying a great deal of attention to how any of the changes make. Jason was totally on board with that, and so we changed topics to how the wounds were healing, and what we can do differently to better help the healing. Dr. Pyo also spoke about bringing in the doctors from Bethesda, since they have a more intimate knowledge of what Jason's wounds are, from the inside. They were the surgeons, and Dr. Pyo is not a surgeon, so they have a different perspective. There might be some surgeries coming up for Jason, in the next few months - maybe several weeks, though that can only be decided after the conversations have been completed, with all the doctors, Jason and me - yeah, they even want me there... ;-)

Once the conversation ended, on the wounds, Dr. Pyo wanted to actually see the wounds and so Jason got up on the exam table and I assisted him in taking the dressings off; doing a pretty good exam; and, then putting new dressings back on. We even had to retrieve a new pair of shorts for Jason, as the old ones had gotten a little dirty, or soiled from the wounds draining some.

When the appointment was over Jason was ready to head back home. It was a good thing there was only the one appointment, because it was a long one. One of the items that we touched on was appointments in general. Jason will begin having some of the treatments at the house here, so he can avoid getting on the chair, and just staying in bed to help with the healing. Everything seems to be pointing to better healing while he is laying down, so we want to go that way. Not sure when the house visits are going to start, but I'd expect to see it next week, or possibly the next.

Not much else going on with Jason's recovery, so I'll sign off with my usual Thank you, for all your support and prayers. We do appreciate all of you...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Jason's IV treatment is almost over... One more tomorrow evening and that will be the last of it - I think. I always have to put in the caveat, because with medicine it is both science and art, and sometimes things happen that are not expected. Still,I will remain optimistic, and believe that tomorrow will be the last one. Actually, we will be meeting with the doctor at about 11:00, and discussing this and a number of other issues. I spoke briefly with the doctor today, and because it was brief we just sort of "brushed" over some of the issues, and we will delve into them more tomorrow. While I was talking with the doctor Jason was at his OT appointment and had a great session. We talked about it a little while afterward and he said he was glad that it was set up the way it is. Most of the work was on his hands and arms, and therefore it was at this almost circular table. Also at this table were other Wounded Warriors, all receiving their treatment, and it effectively turned into a social gathering for the guys, while the therapists worked on the individual arms and hands. I think the social side of the visit is as good for Jason, and the others, as is the therapy that is given out.

We got up this morning, knowing that we had an appointment, a little later in the morning, so we folded some clothes that Mom, Linda, has washed while she was here. I actually did almost all the folding, while Jason did some directing and assisting with where to place some of the clothes, and even on which of the clothes should be kept or thrown out for rags. Unfortunately (maybe fortunate) there weren't too many rags, so we won't have many in the garage for any projects we get into. We still have some cleaning and boxes to empty from the garage, so we don't have to worry about that right now.

After the appointment Jason wanted to head over to the barber, to get another hair cut - wants to look like a Marine - then we headed back to the house. We had some leftovers for lunch and then just kicked back for the rest of the day. Yesterday Jason had purchased a power strip to hook up some of his electronic equipment (XB0x to the T.V. and stuff), and when I went into his room I noticed that it was just laying on the floor. I asked what was wrong and he said it was non-functional, and he was a bit irritated with that. He also said he still had the receipt so I said I would take it back and get another. I went to the store and picked up a new one, and brought it right back. It took me about two minutes to get everything hooked up, and then another five minutes to cycle through a couple of boot cycles, and then everything was working again, the way he wanted it, with the surge protector-power strip.

Not much else going on today, and dinner was pretty simple. We had hot dogs with baked beans. I'm making a stew tomorrow. I think that will be a meal for a couple of days, if I do it right. Thank you, all for all your continued prayers and support as we go along this journey.

Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012

It was great having the girls here today. Jason was showing some signs of being very happy with the girls being here, and the girls reciprocated. Jackie was walking all over the place, and Grandma (Linda) was doing her best to wear out the battery on my camera (see took about 70 pictures today). She said she wanted to go through them before I can post so apologies to all, but at least you know the pictures are here. At the end of the day the girls headed back home, so we won't have them here again until next week.

Jason had a pretty good day, though there were some times when the pressure points did get to him, and he needed a little extra pain meds. We will be going in tomorrow to take care of appointment, and I am also going to be going over to his "main" doctor to find out just what the plan is for doing something to alleviate those darn pressure points. I do believe that once they have those under control, or removed, he will feel so much better, and any healing that is left to be done will do so quickly. We are both anxious to get things going with more of his rehab, just that some of it can not take place yet, and may not be able to be done for several months, as long as the pain continues.Don't get me wrong, Jason is doing well, and his spirits continue to ride high, we just have some continuing challenges that we need to deal with.

Linda was able to get through a bunch of his clothes that had been in boxes, and she was able to launder them and put some away. Others will need to be simply gotten rid of, or donated as he won't need them any longer. Other stuff we still need to get through are some of the items that came back from Afghanistan, and he needs to identify what is going to be done with that.

We took Linda back to the airport this evening and when we got there she was surprised by the number of people, and cars. I kind of reminded her that is was a holiday and that it was normal. I guess she made it to her plane, since she didn't call me to come pick her back up. Of course that would have been okay with me, but it might have been somewhat of a problem for the day care, back home.

Thanks, for all the support and continued prayers for Jason and all of us.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012

Today was a bit like yesterday, only totally different today... ;-)

No one to pick up at the airport, and no support nurse came in today. Not sure how they are going to be filling that need, though they tell me they're working on it. Not a problem today though. Both Mom and Dad are here to help Jason with anything he might need, and in fact I think Jason was in a really good mood since we were able to go through a few more of his boxes of things, and get several more things put away. When Linda gets it in her head that she wants to get things put away and/or cleaned up your best bet is to just help out, cause its going to get done.

One of the things that Jason has been wanting to do, and looking forward to is being able to take a shower. He has had a special treatment on his wounds, and they didn't want him to take a shower for 10 days after the application. Today, Sunday is the end of that period and the wound nurse even told us he could take a shower today. He was in the shower for probably 10 or 12 minutes, and he felt pretty good afterward. The treatment did some good, so when I put the new dressings on, using the metahoney it went very fast, as well as reasonably comfortable for Jason. The still need to figure out what to do about the HO, so we will be talking with the doctors next week about that.

We had Togos Sandwiches for lunch and then leftovers for dinner, and to be honest about it, we were all still pretty full from the sandwiches, so dinner was quite simple. We got all the stuff cleaned up and put away when we got a real nice surprise with the girls coming over for a night. This way they get to spend a little time with Grandma and Grandpa, and then they'll get to do it again next week end. The last time they were here Jackie was taking a few steps at a time, and we saw her walk up to 11 steps. Tonight she was walking all over the place, and showing a great deal more confidence in her steps. When the girls came in, one of the first things they asked for was a bed time story from Grandpa. I've told them the story about Jack and the Bean Stalk several times now (each time a little different), and each time Stacy likes to act out all the stuff that Jack does. My guess is that Jackie will be doing it too, just as soon as she learns to bounce around a little better.

We put the girls to bed, and Grandma read them the Lady Bug story. That is another favorite. They are amazingly easy to get to bed, once they have had their stories, and we like to do that anyway. Once that was done I came up here and got the blog going. So thank you, all for all your prayers and continued support. We saw some real signs of improvement with Jason today, and are looking forward to seeing more.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Today was another day of relaxing and doing things that we want to do, but only if we really want to do them. Linda came in at about 8:45 this morning and I picked her up at the airport. Jason stayed back in bed, and Tom, the nurse support person, was there with him. Linda and I went to breakfast, and then went and bought a hammer. She has been after me to get a hammer for weeks now, so I guess it was time to get one. She is interested in putting some things up on the walls, and having a hammer does make it easier - trying to drive even a small nail with a knife or spoon really isn't the best idea. I know a bunch of you are out there saying she's right, and I'm not arguing with that, I just wanted to be sure that when the hammer was purchased it was done with Linda around - didn't want to get the wrong hammer... ;-)

This afternoon we all went out and did a little shopping for Jason, as he wanted to get an entertainment center for the front room. Something to put his television on, and to hold some of the things he has sitting around in the front room, sitting on tables. We found a nice cabinet that is a good height for him, where he can reach just about every place, with only a couple of small areas on the bottom that are out of his reach - at this time. As he gets better with his rehab, and further along with his healing I would think that he will be able to get to all places on the cabinet. It is supposed to arrive sometime late, tomorrow morning

Tonight was another first, for the house. We all sat out in the front room and watched a movie. The movie was Sahara, with Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz, and it was the first time I'd seen it. We had a great time just relaxing together and talking about the movie as it went along (yeah, we talked during the movie - we don't do it at theaters though). After the movie we all decided it was time to just do a little clean up (put a few things away) and then go to bed (well, I came up to do the blog post). And that about does it for today...

Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. We're making progress, even if sometimes it seems slow, it is still progress.

Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

I know today is Friday, but it sure felt like a Saturday. With the appointments taken care of yesterday, there were none for today. Jason didn't have to get up any earlier than he wanted, and he didn't have to do anything, unless he wanted to. About the only thing we did was go to the grocery store and pickup a few things, so that I could roast a chicken for dinner tonight (which I did, and it came out great). We did still manage to forget a couple of things, but they were things that we really weren't out of yet, and can get tomorrow or even Sunday.

They changed the dosage of the antibiotic that he has been taking for the past 14 days, to a reduced amount. It makes setting up the I.V. just a little easier, but not by much. It still has to be set up, and I still do it in the evening, and it still runs for about 30 minutes (+/-). Once a week they do a bit of lab work on his blood (a registered nurse comes in to get his blood each week), and I guess they determined that he could be taking a lesser dosage now, and we will be finishing out the treatment with this lowered dose.

The other thing I finally was able to get accomplished, was to get his truck registration for California brought back up-to-date. Now all I need to do is to find the time to get up to Los Angeles and bring the truck back down. It currently sits at his brother David's house, and will soon be back at Jason's house. We'll need to decide if it goes into the garage or sits in the driveway.

Well, that is about all for today - Linda (a.k.a. Mom) will be back down again for this weekend, so I'll be picking her up at the airport in the morning. Jason said he is okay with not going, and just wants to laze around the house for most of the morning. Perhaps we'll get him out and do some furniture shopping tomorrow (he wants a work station/desk). Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

Today Jason had one appointment at the hospital, and like other days where he has had "only" one appointment, it turned into almost half a day at the hospital. Things came up and different people wanted to talk to him about something or other, and it was only going to take a couple of minutes. The good part about all this is, those things they want to talk to him about are things we might have had to come back to take care of anyway, so it actually saved time - just wasn't in our original schedule.

The Marines are coming in the morning to pick him up, and because they use a larger van, bus really, the ride to the base is a little bumpy for him. He calls me to ask me to come get him for the ride back. This time because the ride was smoother and due to the fact the Marine bus was also going to be making multiple stops and turn the 15 minute ride into close to an hour. He was ready to lay back down, and that is still a very high priority for me as well. He did get to see the Wound Clinic today, and we got to take a good look at his wounds, but I didn't have my camera with me. This is one of those that we didn't know we were going to go to today. Next week, when we go, I will bring my camera so I can get some pictures to send to Dr. Malone. Some of the areas were doing well, others were not doing much of anything. We used Jason's phone to get the pictures today, and I hope they're good enough.

The rest of the day Jason spent back in bed. He and I get to have our talks there, and we do our best to make plans for the coming days/weeks. Sometimes it works out and other times it does not. He will continue to heal up and progress will be made, just that it reminds me of that famous prayer... "Dear Lord, please give me patience, and please hurry!"

Thank you, for all your support and continued prayers. I keep remembering it is a marathon, it is going to take as long as it takes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

Well, today certainly got off to a much better start than yesterday. Jose wasn't caught up in traffic and got here on time (a little early actually). The one real main difference was that Jason didn't have any appointments at the hospital or C5. As Jose arrived I took off to the gym and did a little cardio on the stationary bike, and then came back to the house. I'm doing too much at the gym as I want to get back into it a little on the slow side. My foot still a little tender on the heel so I guess it is still heeling itself. (For those wondering... I had surgery on my foot a short while before Jason was injured and for whatever reason my heel is taking forever to heal).

We did get to go do something a little out of the ordinary, and that was to go to Costco. We hadn't been to a Costco in over a year, so it was kind of a new adventure for us. Funny thing is, we drove over to the Costco, and Jose was with us; on our way over to the Costco Jose said, "You know, there is one closer to you." Well, as we continued on our way he also mentioned that he didn't know about this other Costco, and it is closer to his house. He was going to the one closer to where we live, now he is going to switch. We bought a few things and then headed back to Jason's place. He was ready to get back in bed and out of the chair.

Not much else to write about, other than the rain. We're on our third or forth day of rain now, and it is actually heavy at times. Not like the usual weather they have around here, but that's okay - I like it. Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers. Our lives are getting better all the time.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14, 2012 - Happy Valentine's Day

Today started out a bit rough, for a couple of reasons; first we had to get up and ready a little earlier, since Jason's first appointment was at 08:00; and, secondly, our support nurse was supposed to be at the house by 07:30 but was stuck in traffic and wouldn't make the 07:30 mark. We waited a little while, but by 07:45 we needed to be on the road or we were going to be late. As it turned out we were still a little late, but not so much that it messed things up, other than the fact that I was there, when I was supposed to be back at the house.

I wanted to be back at the house because there were people coming to the house to work on the house and work on the van we were using. I contacted the right people and was told a Marine would be coming over to help Jason, and I was going to get a ride back to the house. While I was waiting for the ride back to the house I was able to call the mechanic and told him what was going on, and he was okay with it because he too had been stuck in traffic and wasn't quite to the house yet. Then as we were coming around the corner to the house the maintenance folks called and I said we're coming down the street right now, and it all worked out. The real cool thing is that all the maintenance was done pretty quickly, and they were out of the house; and the work on the van was just a matter of flipping a switch that apparently had been bumped and now everything was working again. That's the kind of problem I like, easy to fix. It was on the kneeling mechanism of the van, that's to make it easier for Jason to get in and out. I asked the mechanic why there wasn't a manual that I could just reference next time and he said he didn't know - it was supposed to be there.

You know, it just dawned on me that I forgot to thank a section of folks out there for a nice package that came a few days ago, with a bunch of stuff from Las Positas college. There were a couple of shirts and a nice folio and some notes from some of the veterans at the school. Thank you, all for thinking of Jason with this gifts, they are appreciated.

The rest of the day was fairly laid back. Jose did make it to the house, and he stayed late to make up some of the time. I honestly believe he was caught in traffic and that he thought he was going to be at the house on time. I was now able to go take care of some of the things I wanted to get done, and Jason and Jose could just relax at the house. The really good thing also is that the doctors are beginning to draw back on some of the meds that Jason has been taking, and we're very happy about that happening.

A nice end to the day was the fact that Jeff, Jason's cousin, was able to come by and spend a few hours with us. He is actually a pilot with the Air Force and due to the current mission he is on he was able to come visit with us. We all went out to dinner, so we could just talk and not have to worry about cooking and cleaning. The only problem with that is that we all forgot that it was Valentine's Day and the restaurants were all going to be busy. After dinner Jeff had to get going and then he said he hoped he would be able to get out this way again, but he didn't know when that might happen. It was good for him and Jason to talk, because they are just about the same age and both military so they had a common base in many ways.

After all that Jason just went to bed and I came up to work on this blog. We're both kind of tired, though it has been a rewarding day. Thank you, all for all your continued prayers and support.

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13, 2012

Today was a pretty good day for Jason, and a rather unusual one for me. One of the ideas that has been talked about is having the Marines transport Jason to his daily appointments, both to and from the hospital. This is to allow me some free time, and even a chance to possibly go out and once again find employment (I have a few years left before retirement, and quite frankly I enjoy doing my job - IT project management). Well, today was the first day of this new routine, and it worked great for Jason; and, it felt a little strange for me. For right now I chase them to the Naval Hospital and back again, and I still spend the most of the day with him, but it just felt a little strange.

Jason's appointments were without any special updates, other than all is going well, and they want to see him back next week. Actually, as he regains his lead on the healing part, and his wounds are once again cooperating as they should, he will be having several appointments every week with OT and PT. For now though he will be going in only a few times this week and next week.

Otherwise, not much to report on for today. We'll probably go shopping tomorrow, as we're running low on some food, but that's about all. Not until his I.V. treatments are all done will he be able to venture out for a movie or something like that. Thanks, for all your continued support and prayers.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012

This has been an enjoyable weekend for many reasons, but one of the best was because Linda was able to come down and spend it with me. That means that Jason was able to spend some time with Mom; the girls were able to spend some time with Grandma; and, I got to see my wife! All because of one little visit... ;-)

Jason was feeling pretty good today, though I think he may have done just a little too much, by the time he got back in bed. I checked the wounds and their dressings, and everything looks okay, so I think that it was just a matter of him getting worn down a little bit more than usual, and Jason is the type to want to push it sometimes. We had a new nurse come in, Terry, and he seemed like the right type to be working with Jason. He is a retired military corpsman, so he has a very good understanding of what Jason was doing. He has spent some time over in Iraq, as well as working with some of the returned military (all branches). He and Jason hit it off pretty well, and I over heard Jason telling Terry all about how he was injured, and I think it was actually good for both of them. He stayed for his 8-hour shift and then had to go, and he made the same comment that the others have said... Jason is really an independent kind of guy.

About the only thing that we did outside the house today was to go shoe shopping for Stacy. We went over to Target, I saw this pair of shoes on top of the rack. I checked them against Stacy's feet, and then she tried them on. She liked them; Jason liked them; and, they were on sale. It was a win situation no matter how you looked at it. We were done with the shoe shopping in less than 15 minutes and the tennis shoe with little pink stripes makes Stacy happy. We also picked up some food items, since we were there, but there weren't many things to get.

Grandma and the girls went out in the backyard and Stacy blew some bubbles with her new wand and solution. Jackie was having a great time being walked around by Grandpa; she was in some nicer pants that were not for crawling around on concrete. Actually Jackie is doing a bunch more walking lately. Linda got to see her take a bunch of steps (I think she said 11) in a row, getting across the room. Too, bad she didn't have the camera with her when that happened. We did get a bunch of other pictures, and I'll work to get some of those posted over the next couple of days.

Linda had to catch a flight back to Livermore, where Rob and/or Karen is going to pick her up at the airport. She will be back down again this coming weekend, so we don't have to wait too long to see her this time. We won't have the girls with us, but we should the next time she is here.

Thank you, for all your support and continued prayers. Jason is doing well, and we're about half way through the I.V. treatment. Once that is done he'll be able to really get going with his rehab.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012

Today has been a great Saturday for all of us here. Jason was feeling pretty good, in general and on top of that Mom (Linda) is here for the weekend. She made it in late last night and when she got up this morning the girls were very excited. I have to admit, I was pretty excited too.

We had a nice breakfast, and Grandma played with the girls for most of the morning. Jose came in today (normally he is off, but the guy who was supposed to come in was not available). I think part of the reason he came in was because he missed a day last week. This afternoon Susan S. came by and we did some picture taking for the documentary that she is working on - Over Fifty and Out of Work. She also has been following Jason and his progress for almost as long as we have. It was great to see her, Sam and Joram again.

The girls got a chance to play out side, as the weather was still nice, even though it was a little cooler than yesterday. Then on top of that, Charlie, one of Jason's buddies, came over with his two girls and the four of them (all about the same ages) had several hours of great fun. Charlie and the girls were able to stay for dinner, and dinner was provided by Bob H's wife, Debbie. She cooked up this dish she calls Spaghetti casserole, that I had never tasted before. Wow, it was very tasty, and there wasn't any left when we were done. Because of all the activity today I guess I possibly stayed a little too active, and I am tired. Linda is tired too, and she is already in bed. With that, I'll say good night, and wish everyone pleasant dreams.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers

Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10, 2012

Well, Jose was back on duty today and both Jason and I were happy to see him. He just wasn't up to it yesterday, and it is probably better that he didn't come in, as I don't want any sickies around. Speaking of sickies being around - both girls have been going to the drop-in day care all this week and have not picked up any bugs to share. This is both a wonderful happening, and it has been a very good experience for them . They both enjoy going to day care and interacting with the other kids. The social aspect is something they both need.

We got up at about our usual time and then had breakfast. Jose came in at his regular time and we just hung around the house for a little while. Jason had an appointment at 10:00 so we had some time to just goof off a bit. We loaded the van up and headed off to the hospital, and day care. As it turned out the proximity of the day care and Jason's appointment couldn't have been planned much better. We actually got to the appointment about 25 minutes early, and then they took him in early.

The appointment was good on many levels. Jason's wounds were looking so much better now; a new treatment was applied to the wounds; and, it gave Jose an opportunity to actually see what Jason's wounds looked like, rather than just talk about them. The a-cell treatment was applied again and the nurse and doctor were very pleased with how everything thing looked (as was I). The only "down", if you want to call it that, was that Jason was feeling a little pain on his left side after the visit, and it made the ride home a little more uncomfortable.

Because Jose was here I was able to take off for a couple of hours and do a few things, and then came back to go get the girls. Once I was back home, and then Jose left we kicked back and watched Sponge Bob Square Pants (I think that was only the second time that I actually sat down and watched it - I still think its nuts). The next thing I know is that its time for dinner and so I put the rice cooker on; get the broccoli going; and finally put the salmon in the oven. Dinner was quite good, if I do say so myself. The last thing for the evening was the girls bath, and then they were off to bed. All together I'd have to say it was a good day.

Thank you, for all your prayers and support, and for staying with us over these past several month

Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

Today started out as a great day, considering the night we just slept through, or should I say, tried to sleep through. Not sure what was going on with Jackie, but she woke up three times, and each time it woke both Jason and I up. I'd go down and get her up, walk around with her and take her into see daddy; she'd calm down and then I would put her back to bed. She wasn't wet, and she calmed down quickly, so I am guessing that she was having bad dreams or something. First time this has happened, so I really don't know. After about midnight there were no more disruptions and we slept through the rest of the night, and she woke up just as happy as could be. The amazing thing was that Stacy slept through everything - sound sleeper for sure.

We got up and had cereal for breakfast, and then got a phone call that Jose was not going to be coming by, as he wasn't feeling well. This was inconvenient, but I'd rather he not come by if he is ill. The folks from Maxim, where he is employed, called and said they would attempt to find a replacement, but since they would not be able to have anyone here until the afternoon I told them not to bother. It would have been a couple of hours of support, but in all honesty it would probably have been more disruptive than helpful. Hopefully there will be coverage for tomorrow, and we can get back on a regular schedule.

Not much else going on today, out side of the norm. The girls did go to day care where they made some paper towel roll decorations for Daddy; and, aside from a couple of errands, I was able to keep Jason in bed and out of his chair. I think he is getting better and feeling more confident with the ceiling trapezes, as he is able to transfer much more quickly, and comfortably than he was just a few days ago. Those kinds of improvements really make me feel good, and I am hopeful that I'll see more of those kinds of things, once he gets off the I.V.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers - it is appreciated.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

Today started out as a wonderful day and ended on a pretty good note, too. We got up and dressed, and we all decided we just wanted cereal for breakfast today. There was also apple and orange juices, but that was it. Jose, Jason's nurse arrived on time, and actually it was kind of funny. I happened to look at the clock and said, "Jose should be here any moment." And, within just a few seconds of saying that, he knocked on the door. I must be getting psychic or something... :-)

Once we finished breakfast and got all cleaned up and dressed we headed off for one of the small parks that they have here at Gateway. Jackie had a good time, though she didn't seem to know what to do; and, Stacy had a great time. She ran all around and played on the rocking horse type animals, and finally went all over the play gym. Jose ran back to the house to get a towel to dry some of the equipment off, from the rain yesterday and Stacy was very appreciative. I got some pictures and will be posting some of them tomorrow. We didn't stay as long as Stacy wanted, but we had to get going, since we had a few errands to take care of, and we didn't want to have Jason in his chair any longer than we needed.

Jason was hoping to get a new photo ID for himself, so we all went down to the barber shop, after we dropped the girls off at day care. Actually I took advantage of the fact that we were there, because I needed a haircut too (and beard trim). We headed back to the house right after that, as Jason was beginning to feel the pain coming on, from already being in the chair longer than he wanted, and longer than I wanted. We did see some of the folks we have been working with, and that was nice, since they were all happy to see us, and they all expressed that they were anxious to get working with us again, next week. I think Jason is getting anxious too.

We came back to the house and Jason laid back down. We all had lunch, and Jose even fixed lunch for Jason. I think he was just happy to have something to do, besides standing around waiting for Jason to ask for something. I think Jason is getting to be comfortable with Jose, and he is doing a good job for Jason, I think Jose wasn't prepared for Jason to be so independent.

I made rigatoni with a nice meat sauce (spaghetti sauce), and the girls loved it. It is very enjoyable sitting around the table with the girls each evening, and watching Jason help Jackie eat her dinner. He cuts up the pasta for Stacy, and then she pretty much eats on her own, whereas Jackie needs more help, otherwise she will wear it more than eat it. Sometimes she can get to be a real mess, but what the heck, she's happy. Speaking of messy, the girls had a bath tonight and again I let them play in the water, probably longer than I should have, but hey, there were still bubbles!

Shortly after the bath they put their pj's on and were in bed. From what they are telling me at the day care, they are not getting as much nap time as they have been so I suspect that to be the reason they do go to bed so easily. They manage to get up in the morning, though, so it all seems to be working out. Maybe they're just morning people, like me... ;-)

Thank you, all for the continued support and prayers. I know I've continued to ask for these prayers and support for nearly a year now, and please understand I wouldn't if it were not needed. Jason is getting better and stronger all the time. We have had a few set backs but for the most part we continue to march forward. Stay positive and keep smiling.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7, 2012

The great news today is that Jason spent nearly the entire day in bed. He got up and moved around a little, but then went right back to bed. I was very happy about that, and I believe it is so much better for him right now, even if it does drive him a little bonkers to have to stay in bed. Fortunately the television is working just fine, and he can also play video games on his laptop (as well as his iphone).

Okay, "So what's the bad news?" I can almost hear you ask. Well, it is real terrible and I almost can't type it... The folks from Furnishing Hope came by to swap out the smaller table with a little larger one, and they didn't have matching chairs.... Okay, so it really isn't bad news, but that's as bad as it has gotten today. We had rain, and the freeways were crazy slow (people around here are the worst drivers I've encountered, for rain - they are so spoiled with all the good weather they have forgotten how to drive when it gets wet). I was just glad I didn't have to drive anymore than I did today.

The girls are really enjoying their day care, though it may be short lived. It looks like they are going to be going to a more permanent type setting, since right now they are in what amounts to and elaborate waiting area, while patients have their appointments, the kids go there. They had a great day as they got to go play at their new day care and then go play in the rain as grandpa pushed them in the stroller, back to the van, so we could get home. It actually rained pretty hard for a while, and that was a bit surprising (I didn't think it rained that hard down here), but it wasn't too bad.

Not much else to talk about tonight, other than I need to get Jason's meds to him, and then we can both go to sleep. Thank you, all for all your support and continued support.

Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Today was kind of busy, but it also felt pretty good because we managed to get several things done. The morning started out with an oatmeal and raisin breakfast, and the funny thing is that Stacy began with a protest and then was the first one finished. She ate every bit of her cereal, and seemed quite happy when she was done. Actually, there wasn't any left when we were done... ;-)

Jason's support nurse came today, the one that will be with him five days a week. He really wasn't much different from Toliver, other than the fact that he was born in Peru. When he first came in I thought he was Mexican, then he started to talk, and his accent was just a little different so I had to ask him where he was from. He has been in the U.S. for about 15 years and is working towards his RN degree. He made some of the same comments that Toliver made, about Jason being so independant already and that he felt like he really wasn't doing that much. I talked to him about Jason's meds, and he said he could, and would, make sure that Jason had them on time. He really only has to take care of the late morning and early afternoon doses, so it isn't much, but it does help - one (two?) less thing for me to have to worry about.

When we took off, to take care of a couple of errands, he jumped right in and helped with making Jason was secure in the van. And of course the van has to start acting up today. Not sure where the problem is, but some of the electrical is not working properly. I used to be able to hit one button and the door would open, the chassis would lower and the ramp would come out. It stopped working today so now we have to hit three different buttons to do the same thing. I'll be giving the Rolex people a call tomorrow, since they are the ones who put the ramp in and set up the hydraulics. The safety isn't compromised, so I have no problems continuing to use it.

One of the big things we did today was to get the girls enrolled in the drop in day care. It did take a little time, but it is something that I only have to do once and now I know there is a good place for them to go, and it is safe. When we have the girls and Jason has an appointment we can just take the girls over there and then head off to the appointment. We are also on the wait-list for the regular child day care (also known as: CDC), though we don't know when that is going to be available for us... soon I hope.

I made spaghetti for dinner tonight, and I'm not really sure what I did differently this time, but the sauce was excellent. Stacy and Jackie were both eating with a high degree of enthusiasm, though Jackie did look like she tried to wear almost as much as she ate. That's not to say Jason and I laid back, we managed to get a couple of good sized plates also.

After dinner, I took the girls upstairs and they got a bath. I let them play in the water for a little bit and then got them out. They were excited because tonight they got to put on their new pajamas, that Jason bought, a couple of days ago. Jackie as tired, so she went to bed first and then I told Stacy a bed time story and then they were both in bed. Tomorrow is going to be a little more relaxing for Jason (and me), so all in all, today was a very good day.

Thank you all, for all your support and continued prayers.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

Today was an adventurous day for Jason as we took the girls shopping. The girls got a bath and I shampooed their hair, so naturally I looked for a brush after we were done. There was none to be found. Not sure where it went, but it really didn't matter since we didn't have one. Anyway, we went to where we thought we would be able to find just what we were looking for, Babies R Us. Well, as you can imagine, Jackie is growing rather quickly, and some of her clothes no longer fit, and Jason wanted to get her some new pajamas anyway. We found some on clearance, and then also found a nice dress for Stacy, along with everything else we were now buying. We eventually got out of there for a little over $100, and my comment to Jason was, "That was an expensive hair brush." All he said was, "Yeah..." I guess I'm just not much of a shopper, and it looks like Jason isn't much different. Next time we'll wait for grandma, and let her have fun, since she enjoys it.

Not much else going on today. The Super Bowl wasn't important, as neither of the teams were important to us. In fact, Jason didn't watch it at all. I did watch most of it, since it was a time when I could just kick back and relax (the girls were down for a nap), and Jason was laying down in his room. Tomorrow we have a few errands to attend to, but again, I am going to push to keep Jason laying down as much as I can.

I'm feeling much more comfortable with the I.V. that Jason is on now, and I'm able to get it going and then finished without any problems. About the only challenge, if you want to call it that, is keeping up with his schedule. So far I've been able to do it, and I have a chart that just about anyone should be able to follow, if I need to hand it over to someone else. I don't think that will happen while the I.V. is going, though that will only be another 17 days.

Tomorrow we will be getting the girls enrolled in day care, and I think that will be good for them. The social interaction will be good for them, and I also think it will help them begin learning some of the needed basic skills for getting into kindergarten. Well, anyway, like I said, it was an adventurous day for Jason and the girls, but also an easy day.

Thank you, for all your support and prayers.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012

The girls are back with us now, and Jason is very happy about that. They were picked up early this morning, about 09:00, and the girls seemed quite excited to be coming to "Daddy's house." Toliver, Jason's new support person and nurse, went with us to get the girls, so they had a new person to meet as well. Toliver will be working with Jason on weekends, or possibly another person, he wasn't quite sure how it was going to be work out. During the week there will be a different person, another nurse, whom we have not met yet. We'll get to meet him on Monday. At this point we don't have a person coming in on Sunday, though I am asking them to continue to search for someone who is available.

We went over to Office Depot to pick up a couple of things for Jason, and while we were there he wanted to take a look at their office furniture. They had a desk there that was a nice desk and when Jason moved up to it with his wheelchair he fit like it was made for him. I think that he might have wanted to buy it right there except we didn't have anyway to get it back home (I was thankful for that). I would rather he do a little more searching and research, rather than just buying the first desk that looks like it works. He could end up spending several hundred dollars more than he has to. We'll be going to a few other places over the next several days (weeks?).

The girls went to bed early tonight, and very easy actually. They went to bed so easy that it left me a little concerned, like, "why are they so tired?" They did have a busy day, so that could be explanation enough. Toliver made the comment about how well behaved the girls were, and that he wished his girls would have been more like them, when they were growing up (he told me his girls are 17 and 19 now). Jackie is starting to walk a little more now, though she still seems to prefer the crawl.

Tomorrow is going to be a nice relaxed day here. We're supposed to have some very nice weather so we may take them over to the park to let them play outside for a little while. Jason still can't be up on his chair for too long of a period, so we won't be able to be out long regardless of where we go. From what I understand the girls are wanting to watch some of the Super Bowl, anyway, though they don't really care who wins.

Thank you, for all your prayers and continued support.

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012

Jason had a good day today, and went to his one appointment at Wound Care, where they did another application of the A-cell treatment and then told him he would not need to change is dressings for a week. This is all good except that it also means that he won't be able to take a shower for a week, and he does enjoy a shower. Especially now that we have the trapeze in place and a new shower bench in place. Oh well, he'll have to wait a week to try them out.

Jason will be having a nurse with him for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, and the first day is tomorrow. He will be coming over at 08:00 and staying until 16:00 (4pm) each day. Sunday will be the only day that we don't have the extra help. This also provides a bit of a rest for me, so that I can now get out and go for a walk or just sit back and read a book. I'm not sure what I will be doing, but it will be very interesting to see what happens and how it develops. The guy coming in is a licensed nurse, and is familiar with all of the things Jason is dealing with, though he can not touch the dressings or deal with the medications. That's okay, as I will continue to do that so it is a good balance.

Over the past few days we have received several boxes of medical supplies, so that we can be assured that we won't run out of anything, as long as Jason's wounds continue to heal. Considering all that was sent, I would have to say that I think we just might have enough to see us through. Actually it feels pretty good to have all this stuff, even if it totally dominates one of the linen closets.

These next few weeks are going to be interesting and fun, and then when Jason is done with the I.V. antibiotics he should be able to do a little more, and be able to get out and away from the house more. Most of his time will be laying down or in the recliner, so that his wounds can continue to heal up, and I think with all the treatment he has had over these past couple of days it should truly accelerate some of that healing, so wish us luck.

Thank you, for all your continued support and all the prayers you continue to send our way.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012 - Happy Ground Hog Day

According to the movie, "Groundhog Day" nothing ever changes, except for the main character (Bill Murray), and this just repeats over and over again. Well, that is definitely not the way it is with Jason and me, now down here in San Diego. Each day brings something new and sometimes very exciting to get involved with, like today.

Today was Jason's first full day back at the house and he got up for a little while, so that we could have breakfast together (we had oatmeal with raisins - pretty tasty actually). Afterward he went back to the bed and laid back down, and I was happy about that. He has been riding in his power chair more, and I've put his seat from the manual chair where the form-fitting seat was. It seems to be more comfortable, so we will stick with it for now. As soon as we can get with Van again, I'll find out what it going to be done about the seat that doesn't work.

After he was in bed for awhile, David, his brother, showed up and it was really good to see him. We visited for a little bit, then since it was afternoon, he took us to lunch. We went and had Mexican food, at a nice restaurant, and the funny thing is that we all ordered the same thing. That doesn't happen very often. When the server came he said, "Wow, that's easy." We had one small errand to take care of then headed back over to the house, so Jason could get back into bed. I took a quick look at the wound dressings and they looked pretty good, so I felt good that we hadn't been out too long. Tomorrow morning we both have appointments at the Naval hospital, and they're early, though not too early. Jason's appointment is with the wound care nurse and I'm going to go talk to someone to learn how to relax a little better. Everybody thinks I'm working too hard so I've finally agreed to go talk to somebody about it.

The girls came for a visit tonight, and that made Jason feel good. He misses his girls, and the events of this past week kind of prevented him from being able to see them. They'll be coming back to the house tomorrow, and staying with us for all of next week, and that will be really good for Jason (me too). It was a lot of fun having them here tonight, and they seemed to have almost as much fun as we did. The fact that Uncle David was here too made it all that much better. David did finally have to leave, and then the girls left about an hour after that.

Now, I"m up here trying to get the blog finished. I gave Jason his meds, and even helped with his I.V. antibiotic. I will be doing it completely on my own tomorrow, as today there was a nurse who came in to show me how it is supposed to be done. He was a pretty cool guy and does things a little different from how they nurses in the hospital. Jason will be getting the I.V. for three weeks, and then he should be in much better shape, and he should be able to begin to crank up his rehab work and get that going again.

Thank you, all for all your support and all your prayers. I wish there were an easy way for me to personally thank each and everyone of you, though I don't even know all your names. Believe me, you are appreciated.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

Today was a much better day for Jason, and (drum roll please) HE IS SLEEPING IN HIS OWN BED AGAIN! He got to come home from the hospital tonight, and though it was after 19:00 (7pm) when we did get home, it felt very good to do so. There is still a level of concern with the infections, and they are treating them with antibiotics, with them being administered via I.V. A nurse will be coming to the house tomorrow to go over the procedure, and make sure we don't have any questions, and I got to do the disconnect and line flush in the hospital tonight. I've seen it done so many times that I am comfortable with taking care of this. Jokingly I made a comment to the nurse that I was just about all the way to corpsman, and she said, "No, you're ahead of them, as the corpsmen don't get to touch these I.V. lines." I'll be doing it daily starting on Friday, this week, with the nurse coming in and doing it tomorrow, though I guess I could be doing it tomorrow if she wants me to.

Not much else going on today, other than a wound dressing change, and that looked good, from my perspective. There is a concern that the infection has gotten in a little deeper than we thought, but Jason is feeling pretty good right now, so we're not too worried about it right now. My main job, besides the meds and stuff, is to make sure Jason doesn't stay up in his wheelchair too much. I think that was a major contributor to this latest problem.

I'll be updating more tomorrow, but for now I think I'll be calling it a day - right after I give Jason his meds. Thank you, all for all your prayers and continued support.