February 16, 2012

Today Jason had one appointment at the hospital, and like other days where he has had "only" one appointment, it turned into almost half a day at the hospital. Things came up and different people wanted to talk to him about something or other, and it was only going to take a couple of minutes. The good part about all this is, those things they want to talk to him about are things we might have had to come back to take care of anyway, so it actually saved time - just wasn't in our original schedule.

The Marines are coming in the morning to pick him up, and because they use a larger van, bus really, the ride to the base is a little bumpy for him. He calls me to ask me to come get him for the ride back. This time because the ride was smoother and due to the fact the Marine bus was also going to be making multiple stops and turn the 15 minute ride into close to an hour. He was ready to lay back down, and that is still a very high priority for me as well. He did get to see the Wound Clinic today, and we got to take a good look at his wounds, but I didn't have my camera with me. This is one of those that we didn't know we were going to go to today. Next week, when we go, I will bring my camera so I can get some pictures to send to Dr. Malone. Some of the areas were doing well, others were not doing much of anything. We used Jason's phone to get the pictures today, and I hope they're good enough.

The rest of the day Jason spent back in bed. He and I get to have our talks there, and we do our best to make plans for the coming days/weeks. Sometimes it works out and other times it does not. He will continue to heal up and progress will be made, just that it reminds me of that famous prayer... "Dear Lord, please give me patience, and please hurry!"

Thank you, for all your support and continued prayers. I keep remembering it is a marathon, it is going to take as long as it takes.


  1. Hi Jason - the "Moms" were up at Bethesda yesterday. On CNN last night they had the 1/6 visiting their brothers at Bethesda, don't know if you saw it. How's that red book coming along? I figured you might run out of pages soon.

    Take care Jason, prayer today for the continual healing of your wounds. You are so strong, determined and composed, those wounds are sure taking their sweet time.
    Katie a Marine Mom

  2. Jackie checking out Grandpa's beard. Looks at this little baby's face :-) So adorable. Grandpa makes her laugh :-)

    I'm glad that there is SOME progress with those wounds. I wish they could do stem cell treatments where new skin would magically grow and cover up the wounds.

    I do visualization prayers where the Grace of God flows through your body and golden white light cleans and renews your wounds. I think I need to do them more often.

    Thanks for doing your part and staying down and out of the chair. I really look forward to the day that you are healed up enough to get in the water.

    Thank you Dr. Malone and everyone working with and for Jason's healing.

    All our best and continued healing prayers,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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