August 17, 2017

Happy Birthday, Babe! I call Linda, my wife, Babe. I won't mention how old she is today, but she is four years younger than me and this past July I turned 65... ;-)

This past week Jason and the rest of the family (me, Linda, Stacy and Jackie) all went to a hockey game. It was one that a friend of his was playing in and he had invited Jason to come out and watch. It was kinda fun and quite cold (we were right at the ice and were not dressed for it). "Mac" (One of Jason's EOD buddies from Okinawa) and his team won their game, and apparently it was a first round playoff game. Afterward we were all talking and Jason said he would have enjoyed playing and we found out that there is a league of disabled players playing what is called sled-hockey. This coming weekend Jason and I will be heading out to find out a little more about it, and see if it is something he can get into. The real fun part is that we need to be there at 06:30 in the morning and it is about 30 minutes a…

August 11, 2017

I truly intended to make this post yesterday, but was just too tired to get it done. We had just gotten back from a short camping trip (4-days) with the girls, and it wore us out. We did, however have a great time, and Jason was even able to come for a visit, to our camp site. But, more of that later.

Over all, things are going well. Jason's wounds are continuing to improve, again and that makes all of us very happy. The weather here, has been pretty good, though a bit on the warm/hot side. Most of the days are up in the 90's and some are hitting the triple digit region. I generally have to put on a good amount of sun block every day, as do Linda and the girls. Jason seldom puts on sun block, though he does spend most of his time in doors. He does get out and takes care of his chickens, and other things, but most of his time is in the house... and we're okay with that.

This past Monday we rented an RV and took the girls to Santee Lakes and Park area. It wasn't what we …

August 3, 2017

Well, it kind of feels like we're getting back into a more normal routine and back to a regular flow of things. Over this past week, Linda has been in New York City, with the Blue Star Mothers (their 75th anniversary) and our oldest son, George, has been here with Jason and I, along with the girls for a few of those days. Tomorrow the girls will be back at the house, in the morning; George will be traveling back up to Livermore, in the evening; and, Linda will be coming home in the evening as well. Then we all get to settle back down in the house for a day or two and then we go camping!

The really good news is that Jason's wounds are beginning to heal up much more now, and he can get up and around in his wearable for longer periods. The camping we're getting ready for is relatively close by, so when Jason is feeling up to it, he will be able to come to our "camp" site (we'll be in  a motor home) and spend some time with the girls in a whole new setting. Linda…

July 27, 2017

We got back from Colorado, and doing our best to get back into our normal way of life. Of course that implies we have a normal way of life, and for the most part, that's true. Its just that our normal probably isn't the same as your normal. Jason had some specific things he's wanted to do around the house, particularly with his chickens, and then on top of that the filter system on his fish tank has decided to stop working. The dogs both needed to get to the groomer, and the house, itself needed some attention (Linda and I are constantly cleaning up after the animals, yet we just can't seem to keep everything as clean sas we'd like it). Then there is the garden...

The garden is doing great, despite the water problems. We have an irrigation system and it has failed twice. Fortunately, the failures have been caught, and the plants were without water for only a day or two, and nothing died. Some of the produce was impacted, but only some. We were able to harvest a bun…

July 24, 2017

Well, I'm finally back to the blogger, and can make another update. I have been trying to get back to this point for about 3-weeks now. A number of requests came in, asking that I make some updates and changes to the appearance of the blog, and I thought it was probably a good idea. Afterall I've been blogging for over 6 years with this now, and a change was due. Problem is, I wasn't ready for the change, and I didn't understand exactly what I was doing. When I finished making the updates I exited and when I attempted to get back into it, I couldn't figure it out. Previously I was able to just get on to my blog and I knew what to do. with the new environment I was effectively locked out. Well, enough of that, I'm back in and now I know what to do.

Okay, we went to Colorado, back on July 9, and remained there for 9 days. The folks at Aspen Seating had been contracted by the VA to create a new prosthetic for Jason. This was very exciting for us, as Jason had been…

July 6, 2017

I said I would be posting on Thursday, and I also said I'd get some new pics posted. Well, I'm posting that I need to continue to get better organized, so that I can get the pictures updated. We've been dealing with a bunch of different things, with the most important, right now, being the trip to Colorado. We'll be heading out that way on this Sunday, and will probably be there for 8 days (maybe a little longer).

Jason is doing well, and spending more time in bed than he cares for, so the healing has been happening somewhat. The new prosthetic from Aspen/Ride Design - in Colorado, is going to be very helpful once he has it. There are still multiple challenges, and we're dealing with them as they come along, AND we're all managing to stay positive. The girls are concerned that the Summer is going to fast, but then again I can remember having those same concerns when I was back in school (LOL).

Thank you, for your patience with me getting this updated and "…

June 22, 2017

Well, we got some good news today, and that is that Jason will be heading back to Colorado for a new prosthetic device, next month. At least that is the plan for right now. I spoke with Jason's coordinator and she said she is doing her best to get all the right players coordinated, so we can have another one of those group meetings, getting the final details. When we did this last time (about 18 months ago) the meeting itself went pretty smoothly, and most of the required people were able to make it. Because it is still a hospital type environment sometimes things happen that don't allow everyone to be at the meeting, no matter how much they want to.

Jason is doing well, and he has just about all the needed things in place for his chickens to survive. The last thing is an invisible fence to help keep the dogs back. Even when the dogs are simply being curious about the chickens it causes them to be frightened. The invisible fence is going to keep the dogs back at a safe distanc…

January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office