Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30,2014

Today was quite the exciting day - First it started out with me attempting to get in a nice bike ride, and I did manage to get in about 12.5 miles. The challenge with the ride was that I felt like I hit nearly every red light on the course and for whatever reason the crazies were out in force, in their cars. I spent about as much time on the 12.5 mile ride as I would if it had been over 15 miles. After the ride Linda had to get to a doctor appointment, and that was about the smoothest thing that happened today.

Linda got to the doctor's office, almost exactly when the appointment was supposed to be and within a few minutes she was in with the doctor. The visit didn't last long and we were back on our way back to the house. We were both thinking about the luncheon with the Nice Guys and both looked at the radio clock at about the same moment. It was one of those moments when you both start talking about the same thing at the same time - nice to know we think similarly. She called Jason to ask him to start getting ready, so that we could get going shortly after we got home.

We arrived at the house and I immediately grabbed the vacuum, so that I could clean out the dog hair in the back seat. We wanted to have the truck looking nice, since it was the Nice Guys who were able to assist and make Jason getting this truck a reality. We then drove through a car wash, and from there on to the restaurant. We had a great time at the restaurant, and it was fabulous finally getting to meet the Nice Guys members, and for Jason to be able to thank them personally. We left the restaurant feeling good and feeling full.

Finally back at the house, Linda and I decide to walk over to Target - it is about a mile from here, and we needed to walk off a little of the meal. On the way back we stopped at the "Family Fun Day" that was going on here, at the Gate Way, and looked around a bit. It was something they had done for the kids in the military housing, and I think they did a good job of it. The rest of the evening was spent at the house, where we had a nice simply dinner and Linda and I watched Brave Heart (for about the 6th time). I was amazed... it still ended the same way... ;-) Thank you, for all the support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 29, 2014

November is just around the corner and that means the holidays. I know, some of you are already in that mode, but for me, it has to be November before I can start to think of them. Today also marks the end of the baseball season - completely, with the end of the World Series. Most of you already know I am a Giants fan, so I'm pretty happy about the end results for this year. I have to say, though, that the Royals were nearly there, instead of the Giants. Both teams played well, and it was an exciting series this year.

Today we saw the girls off to their school, and we won't see them again for a couple of days. This is going to be a little strange for us, since they have been with us for 16 days straight. They will be back though, in a couple of days and staying with us again, for five days. I am happy to say that they seem to be adjusting to the changes to the schedule and are very happy, Linda has all their Halloween costumes ready and even if they should make a last minute change, she will be able to adjust.

Jason went to a Wound Care appointment today, and it was good. They are very pleased with the way the wounds are doing, and it seems the prognosis is continuing to be positive. The challenge is that we do have some things coming up, along with his appointments, and the more active he gets, the more there seems to be set backs with the healing. We're just going to have to be balancing the social interactions with the activities and not allow it to get out of control.

Not much else going on right now, other than Jason, Linda and I heading to a Nice Guys luncheon tomorrow, so he can thank them in person, for the truck. It is also going to give us chance to actually see, face-to-face who these folks are, and to get some pictures. I suspect that it is going to be a good time. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October 28, 2014

Another busy day, and just a bit more productive this time. The morning started off pretty much like the other mornings, with us getting the girls up and off to school. The difference being that Linda and I were both doing our best to get some exercise in, as we've found that it really does make us feel better, and what the heck... it's healthier.

Jason had an appointment with the folks at Physical Therapy (at Balboa), and he worked with Mike. He also did a number of exercises on his own, and stayed very busy during that hour (more like 75 minutes actually). Afterward we headed off to the Ability Center and Jason was able to pick up his truck. There is an inherit problem with the contact switch, so he will have to remember to insure the door is closed and that once closed, nothing hit the handle. He's talking about putting a sign on the door to discourage other folks from attempting to open it from the out side. The folks at the dealership (Chevy) said that about the only thing that can be done is to disconnect the switch, but then that would pose a number of other issues and reduce the safety factor. He will just live with it, as it is, for now.

This evening, and tonight we had baseball food for dinner (hot dogs) and the girls were very happy to have them. The only problem was that the Giants were not cooperative, and started out very poorly. Funny how one day the team can be hot, and then the next day it would be amazing to see a single hit come out of them... and don't get me started on pitching. Anyway, we're ready to continue to watch the game another day, and then we can really appreciate the level of effort of both teams. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayer. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Busy day today, and it was the kind of busy where you're moving all the time, but it doesn't feel like you're getting much done. We got the girls up and to school on time and then the day went a little crazy. First we had to get Jason's truck down to the Ability Center to get a warning light adjusted - it kept indicating the door was ajar, when it was completely closed, and it was on the side where Jason gets in. We had to drive two vehicles because we didn't know what was going to be happening, and it was good that we did because the truck spent the day there and is still there (we pick it up in the morning).

After dropping it off Jason wanted to get over to So Call Guns, and look at some of the equipment there, and normally that's just fine. Today, though, I had made plans to get up to Anthony Netto's and help him with his Quick Books, and to get some things in order. That meant Jason's visit to So Cal was cut short. I ended up taking Jason back home and Linda was getting ready to take off for her errands, and Jason was left at the house with Gracie. That's okay, though as he is getting around much better now and can take care of a few things on his own now.

While I was up at Anthony's and we were going over a bunch of business stuff, I received a call from Linda and she asked me where I was. It was about 13:25 when she called and asked if I had forgotten about taking Jason to his 14:00 (2 pm) appointment. It was still in my head that he had his truck and I didn't need to take him, and Linda reminded me the truck was  in the shop. Also, Stacy needed to be picked up at the same time. We decided that Linda was going to take Jason to his appointment and I would just have to get back down to Stacy's school as quickly as I could, though I ended up being about 20 minutes late (and by the way, Linda had just come back from her errands so she didn't get her lunch - so neither of us are eating).

As I said, I managed to get back and picked up Stacy, and about 30 minutes later I was back to pick up Jackie. Just a few minutes later Linda and Jason returned from his appointment. Now we needed to turn back around and get Stacy out to her appointment, and again, Jason was going to be left at the house, as for him to come back out with us would have been a very long day for him to be up in his chair. Linda and I took both Jackie and Stacy, and then after the appointment we went to Chili's for dinner. Jason had sent me a text letting me know that the freeways were reporting big accidents so it was probably better for us to get something to eat, rather than just sit in traffic.

We finally almost got back home and Jason asked us to stop and pick up some Taco Bell for him. By the time we walked into the house, I was pretty tired. The girls were tired too, until they saw their Frozen costumes for Halloween sitting on the couch. Once that happened they wanted to dress up and Stacy even did a performance for us, and sang Let It Go - she did a pretty good job of it, too. They're in bed now, and I'm thinking I'm going to be headed that way soon. Tomorrow should be a little less crazy, but we'll see. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 26, 2014

Today was a pretty amazing day, and it wasn't because the Giants won their 3rd game of the World Series, though that was pretty good. It was because we got up in the morning and got the girls ready to go to church, after breakfast. I know that sounds pretty normal, but another thing was also going on, and that was Jason was getting ready to go off and have a lunch meeting with some friends. This was the first time for Jason to venture out, on his own and go to a "social" engagement without me or Linda tagging along. That is pretty amazing, in my eyes, and he had a good time.

He went out at a little before noon, which means Jason did not go to church with the rest of us. That's okay, as he was out socializing with some of his friends from when he was stationed in Okinawa. Linda and I, along with both Stacy and Jackie, got back to the house about 12:10, and Jason was gone. We fixed lunch for us and made ready for the girls to go take a short rest (actually they just sort of laid down in their room and rested, but I don't think they ever slept). Linda and I took care of a few other things and I even took a short nap. Jason got back to the house at about 14:20 (2:20 pm) or so, and he looked pretty good and was in high spirits. I think the opportunity to meet up with his friends was something he couldn't pass up, and the benefit was excellent. I hope there are other opportunities like this in the future.

The rest of the day was relaxed, though we did go to Costco - and it was packed. I thought that with the football games going it would have been slower in business, but it wasn't. We came back from Costco and put everything away and then shortly after that Linda made dinner, while I turned on the World Series. It was a good game and Madison Bumgarner was absolutely commanding with his pitching. The rest of the evening was pretty much as it always is, and we even managed to get the girls to bed right on time, with me reading a couple of stories (of their selection). About the last thing I did tonight was to help Jason with his shower, while Linda took care of some laundry. That was the end of the day, and we felt pretty good about it. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25, 2014

A very nice day, to be sure.

We got up this morning and I went for a short bike ride. First ride in several weeks - well a few days ago I did get out and rode 2 1/2 miles, but I don't count that as a ride, since I had to turn around and get back to the hospital, to pick up Jason (he was literally done 2 hours earlier than originally planned). Anyway, I got out for a 10 mile ride and it felt good, and when I returned to the house the girls were up and in watching cartoons with Daddy. I think Jason looks forward to Saturday mornings as much as the girls do.

I did have to be the spoiler as we needed to get ready to head over to the University of the Nazarene, where they were holding the Fall Festival (11th annual) and it was something that Linda and the girls were especially looking forward to. We originally planned to be out the door by 10:00, and finally got moving by 10:30.

By the time we arrived there were very few parking places left, and it was quite crowded. Funny thing is, I had not heard of it before, and now it looks like we're already making plans to go next year. There were all kinds of things for the girls to do, and there was even a booth from Rudolph and Sletten (I worked for them from 2005 to 2008). I didn't know any of the guys there, but it was still fun to see them. We stayed for a couple hours then Jason needed to get back to the house. I took him back and left Linda and the girls there, so they could enjoy a couple of other things, like the pony ride. We were all back at the house by 13:00 (1pm) or maybe a few minutes after.

After lunch Jason wanted to head out and get over to Sprint. I needed to take care of some business too, so he and I went together. They were very busy so we ended up just waiting around for a while and then that gave Jason some time to look around. He found a new "toy" to play with, and ended up purchasing a remote controlled robot thing (not sure what else to call it) that he could control from his phone. He was having a great time with it, after it got it home.

Finally the rest of the day was wearing on and then it was dinner time. We had dinner and then I turned on the World Series and suffered through the first few innings and loved the last several. The Giants were all over the Royals, and they have now tied up the series 2 - 2. I do believe that this might go the full seven games, and that's okay by me. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

October 24, 2014

Yesterday and today were nice and relaxed and we're all doing well. Jason's wounds continue to improve, and I think a big part of that is that he is staying down and not allowing things to get in the way of his healing. We have some events coming up in the next several weeks and I think he is wanting to be as healed as possible so that he can enjoy being out and with people. Another thing is that for about 10 days now the girls have been with us, and I think that has been beneficial for him as well. 

I have been busy with Stand Up and Play, or I guess I should say Stand UP USA, since that is where I am actually putting most of my effort. The good news is that most of that work is done and from here on out it should flow much more smoothly, and with that I can get back to my bike riding. In fact I have already made plans to go for a short ride tomorrow. I want it to be a short ride so that I can build back up again. The other good thing is that Linda continues to stay focused on her health plan and is eating right and exercising regularly. She is feeling much better... and that makes me feel better.

We let the girls stay up a little later tonight, since tomorrow is Saturday, and the World Series was down to the last couple innings. The only problem with that was that the Giants didn't prevail. When the girls did go to bed they informed me that they were having a slumber party - just the two of them - and that was okay by us. We are so happy that they are happy and energetic, and they always make it a point to go in and say good night to their daddy. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.