Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014

One of those days where things just sort of go right, for the most part. We got up and dressed, and had a nice breakfast (I fixed some oatmeal). We got ready and then we headed over to the Ability Center, to see Jason's future truck and van. We got there (Linda, Jason and I) and Terry, the owner, was soon right there greeting us and asking us to come to the back, where they were working on the vehicles. The truck is awesome, and Jason got to sit behind the steering wheel, and he looked very pleased with being there (check out the pics below). After getting the required measurements and some initial adjustments, we went over to the van, and that one was just about as awesome as the truck. The truck is a crew cab, but due to the equipment that has been installed it will only be able to carry four people, or maybe three and Gracie, the dog. The van is a full sized Ford Econoline Passenger van, and will carry as many as seven as a time, so one is definitely for his personal use and the other is for family adventures. Linda and I were very happy to see how everything was coming along, and Terry said that both of them should be ready at about the same time - about a week.

The rest of  the day was relaxed and Linda was able to even squeeze in a nap. I got to play some games on the computer and just relax for a change, and about the only thing that I didn't do, that I felt a little guilty about, was to get out on a bike ride. I won't be riding tomorrow either as I will be taking Jason in for his laser treatment/procedure, and that is going to happen in the morning. We don't expect it to take much more than a few hours, from the time we get there until we get back home, so it should be a relatively easy time.

Tonight we had some pasta and a nice mushroom and meat sauce. It was pretty good but I have found that I am eating less, and it has become more voluntary, rather than forcing myself to eat less. I am doing all I can to drop some pounds, and so far it seems to be working. I've lost 15 lbs. so far, with at least another 15 to go. The bike riding is a big part of this, so that is why I want to ride all the time. Linda is also determined to loose the weight, and I'm not sure, but she may be ahead of me. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14, 2014

Wow, two weeks into September already, and it seems like last Christmas was just here. The girls have been growing quickly, and we've gotten into a much more stable routine (though there are still plenty of times when we get surprised). Jason is continuing to get healthier and healing up nicely again, and now he is a civilian, just like me - they just seem to treat him better at the VA than they do me, and I'm glad they do.

This weekend was relaxed and we were able to get some simple chores done around the house. It also afforded us the time needed to get some solid planning for Stacy's up coming 6th birthday. Well, Linda is doing most of the planning and Jason and I are more like consultants. From what she has done so far I'd have to say it is going to be a very nice party, and it really isn't going to cost very much. Jason's biggest expense (I think) is the jumpy house that he ordered, and that shouldn't be more than $150.00, or maybe even less. Invites have gone out to her Kindergarten class, and there have been several responses so far, so we're expecting a bunch of kids, as well as a bunch of relatives (cousins). Anyway, its happening Saturday.

Funny thing happened to me, today. I was sitting at my computer, upstairs when the cover to the light fixture fell and landed on me. Fortunately it is made of lite plastic and so didn't fall to fast, and startled me much more than it hurt. Looks like one of the latches that holds it in place just wore through and that allowed the cover to slip away. I'll get it fixed tomorrow.

Jason and I will be heading over to The Ability Center, where they are building his vehicles. They want to make sure he is able to get into the driver area/compartment, with his wheel chair. I'm looking forward to seeing just what they've done. If I can, I'll get some pictures and post them tomorrow for everyone to see. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Friday, September 12, 2014

September 12, 2014

Jason has been really focusing on getting his wounds to heal, and he and I both share the same sentiment, that the more he is "off" the wounds, the better they'll do. So far it seems to be working in his favor, and ours too. We did go into Wound Care, at Balboa, today, and they were pleased with the way the left side was looking. The right side also has shown improvements over these past few days, so over all things are much more positive. Next week he will also be heading in to the VA for a follow up visit, with their Wound Care folks, and I think they'll be pleased as well.

The rest of the day was spent taking care of other errands and cleaning up around the house. The weather has been warmer than normal, and more importantly the humidity has been high. This makes the task of walking around, outside, kind of uncomfortable. The evenings are better, so we make our mail box run a little later in the evening. Tomorrow is Saturday; Linda will be attending a San Diego Blue Star Mothers meeting and Jason and I will be taking Gracie to her training, and when that is done, doing our best to get back to the house as soon as we can. I'm sure there will be other fun things to do, but right now my focus is just to relax a bit and enjoy the weather - I kind of like warm weather. Thanks, for the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 2014

September 11 is one of those days that has a special meaning to Jason, and that is besides the obvious remembrance of those who were killed and injured as a result of the strike on the twin towers. It is also the original day that Jason was supposed to begin his career with the Marines. He was waiting, along with a bunch of other guys, to head off to Boot Camp, down here at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, and all transportation suddenly stopped. Well, at least the airlines did, and they couldn't get any ground transport that would accommodate all the guys going off to their various points. Anyway, he basically just waited a week and then his career began, so he actually has two days that he remembers, and always will.

Today was a day for him to remain down and the positive out of that is that the wounds are doing much better. Both of them are showing positive signs, with the one on the left looking like it will be closing up here in a matter of just a couple of days. We are staying vigilant in taking care of them, and it is a joint effort, so both of us are very much involved. Even Linda has gotten involved with all of care for Jason, and that is another good thing. Not much else to write about for today, other than Linda and I worked a little on the garage, and later went to have dinner with Robb and Pauline Frank. Otherwise it was a nice day to just catch up. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 10, 2014

We had a great day today, with Jason and I going over to Balboa, and working with Dr. Shue (Jason's primary), and the folks at prosthetic fitting. They brought in an outside party, call Ride Design, and they seem to have some good ideas on how to make Jason more comfortable, as well as allowing him to sit up and not put pressure on his open wounds. This is the biggest challenge they have with Jason, and if they can get beyond the pressure challenges I do believe Jason will be so much better. They appointment lasted for a little more than an hour, and then there were a couple other things to be done, then we were on our way back to the house.

The rest of the day was pretty much laid back and relaxed. This evening, Linda and I were able to go out and catch a movie. We have found this smaller theater that still shows first run movies, but the prices are much lower. We saw the movie If I Stay and I have to admit that I wasn't too excited about going, but Linda wanted to see it. About 10 minutes into the movie I recognized it from some previews I've seen and realized that it WAS a movie I wanted to see, and I had to let Linda know she picked a good movie. Funny thing was that the theater was virtually empty, except for the two of us... we had a private showing.

Jason basically spent the rest of the day resting in his bed and that is a good thing. The more he is off and out of the chair, the better. I am hoping that there is continued progress and when we go in to Wound Care (Balboa) that they recognize the improvement. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 9, 2014

A good day for everyone here, and we hope you had a good day also. Jason didn't have any appointments, and didn't have to go see anybody, so he basically stayed in bed, and that is a very good thing. When he is not in his chair it allows for healing to work so much better, and progress is again moving in the right direction for him.

I did, however, have to take the Rollx van in for servicing, and that was quite the experience. I took the van to Rancho Dodge, because that is where I have been told to take it. If it wasn't for the fact that the van belongs to the folks in Minneapolis, and they pay for the service, I wouldn't go to Rancho Dodge. They are, by far, the worst run business I have ever had to deal with. The mechanics seem to be competent, and most of the service people want to provide help, but the management side is really out of touch with what needs to be done. They consistently bring in more vehicles than can be handled, and apparently the management does not treat their employees very well. I say this because there is always (or at least the few times I've been there) more work than they have staff to handle. Anyway, the van is done and I don't have to deal with them again. Jason should have his vehicles by the time there is a need for another service visit.

I did, however, get a nice bike ride out of the deal. Round trip 15 miles and I got an opportunity to ride up a very challenging hill. I was able to get up the hill with less trouble than I expected, and that made me feel pretty good. I'm going to have to see if I can find more hills to challenge now... ;-)

The rest of the day, and evening, was pretty laid back. Linda fixed a very nice salmon dinner and then we got to help Stacy with her "homework." Jason did come out of the bedroom, after his shower and checked out the homework, and visited a little while with us, and it just felt very much like the way families are supposed to be. No appointments tomorrow, so I might take off for another bike ride, or Linda and I might just go do something together, we'll just have to figure that one out. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

Today was another good day, with Jason's back not bothering him too much, and mentally ready for the VA visit, to their La Jolla VA Hospital. I found out recently that the La Jolla VA Hospital is rated as THE Best of the VA hospitals, and I guess we are fortunate to have that available to us. I know I have had a few challenges with them, so when we went there today I was a little apprehensive, to say the least.

When we did get there, about 20 minutes prior to the appointment, we were directed to the area Jason needed to be at (for those that don't know, the La Jolla Hospital is very large), and this was all done very efficiently and quickly. He notified the receptionist that he was there, and why, and within less than 15 minutes we were back with the Wound Care folks. We both thought we were going in to see someone else, but that was due to our own ignorance. Their naming structure is such that Ortho care and Prosthetic care, also means Wound Care. Anyway, we went in and met some very nice people who showed a high level of interest in working with Jason, and an eagerness of wanting to make sure he was comfortable. They seemed very competent and it was very easy discussing the different aspects of Jason's care with them. The Nurse Practitioner who was in charge of the area arranged for Jason to be seen by Prosthetic Care almost immediately, and that was again shown to be a good group of people who were most interested in helping to be sure Jason was comfortable. We will be working closely with them over these next several months, and we're both excited about complementing the work at Balboa (the Naval Hospital) with the work at La Jolla.

Jason and I were back home at just a little after noon, which was good since we were both hungry. We had not planned on being out as long as we were, but the time was well spent at La Jolla. There were a few other things to be done, and Jason wanted to get back down (lay down on the bed) as soon as he could, so the timing worked well. Over these past few days Jason hasn't been up anymore than he needs to be, and it is beginning to show with the wounds. There is some solid progress in how they are progressing, so we are again hopeful.

The rest of the evening was spent with the girls (they were both home before 15:00 (3pm)) and it was a continuation of the positive day. They were both filled with energy and quite happy with all they had to get done (Stacy is bringing home Home-work now), with a big part of that being time to be spent with Daddy, reading. As you can imagine, Linda and I are very supportive of this. I would guess tomorrow is going to be similar, though there are no medical appointments. I do have to take the van in to have the front end aligned, and with that I will combine it with a bike ride, again. I also have a bunch of work to get done for Stand UP And Play, so I will have a busy day again. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.