May 26, 2012

Today started out a bit rough, but ended nice. Jason hasn't been feeling particularly comfortable in his chair, and has been dealing with different periods of pain, associated with the HO, over the past several days (couple of weeks?). Today, with Linda being home we were hoping that he would be up for maybe going out to breakfast, since we haven't done that in several months. Well, he said he would rather just have a bowl of cereal and stay in bed, and not move around too much. I understand about how he is feeling, as I have been watching him over these past several days, and I really wasn't surprised at what he said. I got the stuff together for breakfast and then Linda actually stayed in his room, while the enjoyed breakfast. It was still early in the morning so I decided to take advantage of the fact that Linda was here with him, and I went for a short (12mile) bike ride.  When I got back and cleaned up Linda and I decided that we could run a couple of errands, as long as we weren't gone too lone. I don't mind leaving Jason alone, as long as he has had his meds, and he can get to them should he need to. While we were out we got a call from Tom Lightner and they were able to get a patio set and barbeque grill to us. It was great because that means we were going to be able to grill some food for dinner, and Jason and I have been talking about how we would really enjoy that.

We got back to the house and found out the girls were going to be getting back to the house sometime this afternoon, and that just made the day that much better. By the time Tom and Fred arrived it was getting to be about mid afternoon. I helped them unload the patio furniture and grill, and then we put it all together. By the time we had just about finished the girls showed up, so the entire family was there, and they got to meet Tom and Fred. Tom let me know that the patio furniture and the grill were donated by Home Depot, as it was part of a program where they do what they can to help some of the Wounded Warriors. Jason will be sending a thank you back to the manager of the store, where the equipment came from, and possibly a picture or two.

I used the grill, and the girls played in the backyard, and the first thing I did was cook some hotdogs. Because it was getting to be closer to dinner, I didn't cook too many; and, they were some of the best grilled dogs I have eaten in a long time. For dinner I grilled some steaks, since we had a couple of them, with baked potatoes. Everything worked out great and we were all happy with the results. Jason still ate in bed, but that's okay, he has the tray to eat off of now, and it is much more comfortable for him.

Thank, you for all your continued prayers and support.


  1. Bummed the HO is doing this!! Wow, kind of a helpless feeling, all I can do is pray and turn it over. I sure hope the medical community on this good earth can come up with a plan to get Jason some relief from this!!

    On a side note: YIPEEEEE for the new patio things. Wow, how wonderful!! Hawaiian bbq may just happen after all??

    You guys are always in my hopes and prayers. Hang in there everyone. "Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven".

    Love you Ross Clan,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Know that I'm always here praying so very, very hard!
    Philippians 4:6-7 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
    My email address

  3. I read about Jason in the NYT today and it made me want to know more about him. I have been reading your blog and just wanted to express my admiration for Jason and you and your family and friends. I am very sorry for your son's injuries. I am deeply humbled by the high price he has paid for his service. Your love, and Jason's spirit, is an inspiration. I pray for the safety of all of the young men and women in the war zones and for their speedy return.

  4. Best personal wishes from a Canadian visitor to your blog. I read about your son in the New York Times and wanted to find out more about his progress. I didn't expect to find this very moving blog. I feel privileged to get a little window on your family's immense personal sacrifices. I'm so glad your son came back from the brink and now can look forward to a long life. Jason is a fine man and so is his father. Please take good care of yourself too, George.

    - Sue

  5. NY Times article even includes a great quote by Jason, and a link to this blog


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