May 9, 2012

Jason had a pretty good day today, in that yes we had appointments to  attend to, and they were all done without event. In the middle of them, however, Jason and I were able to go make a couple of pens. There is a group of retired vets who work with the AS/YMCA, or Armed Services/YMCA. They have set up a little wood working shop where the patients can come and turn wood on their lathes. You can make a number of different things, but the main item is to make pens out of wood. The mechanical workings, inside are from Cross Pens, so the quality is pretty good, and when you need to get a refill all you have to do is go to a Cross dealer and buy a new one. This isn't the first pen that Jason has made there, but it was my first, and I'm happy to say it came out looking pretty good. I got a couple of pictures of Jason turning the wood and working on the lath, so you get to see exactly what he is doing.

One we were done with the activity and with the appointments we headed back home. Jason was ready to sit back and eat lunch and so was I. We relaxed for a little bit and then received a call from the New York Times - one of their reporters who works on the artistic articles. She heard about the drawings that were done of Jason, by Victor Juhasz, while he was out at Bethesda and wanted to get Jason's take on what they mean. He and I spoke with Carol Kino for the better part of an hour and actually, Jason did most of the talking. It seems he likes to have new ears to hear his story and I think it makes him feel better, being able to tell it. I provided some details, though for the most part just watched.

We relaxed most of the rest of the day, except for some of the clean up I had to do around the house, and then the dinner I made. We were going to be going to the movies tonight but Jason wasn't feeling up to it, so our plans changed. I had most of the ingredients for beef stroganoff (spell check thinks its spelled wrong - I think its correct), so that is what I made. It tasted okay, but didn't have the "zing" I usually have when I make it. Oh well, next time. That's about it for today, and tomorrow we head back out for a few more appointments. As long as nothing else happens I just might go for a bike ride tomorrow.

Thanks, for all your support and continued prayers.


  1. Praying for continued healing for you, Jason. I'm glad you are taking care of youself and getting off "your feet" when you recognize the need for that. Today was a really pretty day here in Livermore, warm but not too hot. Unfortunately, the Giants aren't too hot either and it is painful to watch them melt down. Hope you have a good day tomorrow and continue to make progress in your healing.

    All my best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Im just now getting on to comment, as I went right from San Diego to another trip...but I wanted to say that it was such a pleasure meeting Jason and we hope/plan to continue our partnership with you all and Livermore Veterans Assn. He truly helped make our tournament a success and we will continue to impact military families because of your support. Thank you George, Linda and Jason.


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