May 18, 2012

Today was a nice easy type day, that started out slow and really never got going fast - it might have gotten up to a medium pace, somewhere along the line, but not for too long. Jason had the one appointment with PT, and it wasn't until 11:00. That meant the girls got to sleep in, and didn't get up until almost 08:00 and Grandpa (me) was able to play with them while getting breakfast and getting dressed in a much more relaxed manner. We were on our way to take Jackie to her day care center (today was her last day there) a little later than I originally wanted, but that was okay as it was still plenty of time to get to the Naval Base. It just meant that I had to take Stacy into the "drop-in" day care center by the hospital in stead of Jason being able to do it (it was Stacy's last day there too). Next week we begin to take them both to the same day care center and that will make it much easier on everyone.

Anyway, Jason went in to his PT session and he found that Dawn was back - we didn't expect to see her until next week, so that was a good thing. Jason had been working with Mike, and even though Mike is good it is always better to have the continuity of working with just one main person. She worked on Jason's arms and shoulders, with a special focus on his right side. He has gotten most of his range in motion back with his right side, hand to shoulder, and on his left side it is complete. The biggest thing they need to work on is the shoulder area, and that is just going to take time. When the PT session was over we took off to go have lunch with Bob Hammer, and we (Jason, Larry and myself) all drove over to the Boll Weevle hamburger place, and we really enjoyed the food there. It was good to sit down and have a relaxed conversation with Bob, too. After that we headed back home so Jason could take a shower and lay back down; then a little while after that I took off to go pick up the girls.

Jason and I decided that we just wanted to have Pop Eyes for dinner, since I hadn't planned anything for dinner tonight - actually, I didn't know I was going to be making dinner. The chicken nuggets were just what the kids wanted, and we were able to get side dishes to make it balanced. The one thing that I found a little surprising was that Stacy wanted honey on her nuggets, yet she had never had honey on a biscuit before tonight. She was very pleased to "discover" this new flavor combination (Grandpa worked the honey). Not sure what we're going to be doing this weekend as we don't have a bunch of things planned. I am thinking that I will get out and go for a long bike ride, and maybe explore a little farther up this one ride I took past weekend. Oh, and today was laundry day - I got all my laundry done!

Thank you, for all your continued prayers and all the support you've been sending our way. God bless you all.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
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