January 6, 2012

Jason was finally able to get his hair cut in today, and I think he feels more like he is supposed to now. I wasn't able to get a hair cut, but I think I can probably get one in on this weekend. Jason was up early this morning and was able to get his clothes, and into his chair, and out to the kitchen all on his own. I was impressed, to say the least. He said it was a challenge, but he managed to get it done, and he was still feeling pretty good comfort-wise. All that is great, and I know it is good to hear about it, though there is a down side to getting into the chair that early. He has a tolerance level that allows him to stay in the chair for so long, then he needs to lay down to relieve the pressure. Today, that time coincided with his visit to PT, and fortunately they have several places where he is able to just lay down. It was actually his first visit with PT, this year, and when he went down he saw several people he knew, and it was a nice feeling going in. We had the girls with us, and they were being looked after by four or five of the other therapists, as the girls are pretty cute, if I do say so myself. The visit lasted for about an hour, so it gave Jason enough time to relieve the pressure just as it was needed.

The stuff from North Carolina came today, and Jason was able to get the important things he wanted, packed away at our house. Actually, we have a few things to take care of now, like getting his TV set up, and cable to the house. Who knows, maybe we'll have it all done in time to see the Super Bowl. Okay, maybe I'm being too optimistic, but it does give me something to look forward to... ;-)

The exterior of the house was painted today, and the movement of the boxes did not cause any problems either way. Jason went out in his chair and did some supervision of the unloading, just like a good Staff Sergeant would do - got'a love the Marines for being that way. There were five guys from the Wounded Warrior battalion who came over to lend Jason a hand, so it was done very quickly.

This weekend we are going to be working on getting some things put away, and even put together. Then we're going to take some time to relax and rest. I think I'll do my best to get some time to go over to Balboa Park, and enjoy a little more of San Diego. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers, and please keep in mind all the others who also need help in so many different ways.


  1. Congratulations Jason, you are incredible!! I hope the new chair and seat has some better support for you and it will let you extend your time in the chair. Wouldn't it be cool if they invented a chair that reclined with a push of a button. Hey someone at MIT, get on it for our Jason!!

    George, sounds like your PM skills are being put to good use!! Seems like everything is getting streamlined, very cool. Glad to hear that you are scheduling some down time, MUCH needed! Keep up the good work you guys!

    Will be helping Mama Ross tomorrow.

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends
    Still Praying!


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