January 23, 2012

Today was one of those days where there really wasn't a great deal going on, so much as time consuming events. The first appointment was with Physical Medicine, and going to see Dr. Pyo (I think I spelled it incorrectly the last time). Well, being that this was the first time going to see him, rather than him coming to see Jason, we needed to find out where he is, or more specifically, where his office is. Well, first off we looked for Physical Medicine - It was located on the 4th floor of the C5 building. He wasn't there, and in fact the receptionist we spoke with didn't even know who he was. Of course she worked in urology so that is an entirely different area. We went down to the 2nd level, and there was actually another Physical Medicine area there as well, but again, he wasn't there. Okay, now we were beginning to wonder what was going on. We figured we'd go back up to the 4th and do a little more looking and perhaps we just missed a sign or something. Just as we were getting to the elevators when a couple of wonderful nurses who know us, run into us. They asked how we were doing and other greeting type conversation and then I say, "we're looking for Physical Medicine." Their response is, "Are you looking for Dr. Pyo?" and since we were we thought, "great, somebody knows where we need to go." They took us down to the 1st floor and right to his office. Apparently there was a recent change and not all areas had been updated on where he was now.

Okay, so now we're in his office and we get ready to go over the wounds and some progress and some other things with Dr. Pyo and figure we'll be out in a relatively short time. The appointment was set for only 30 minutes, so we don't expect to be staying very long. WRONG! By the time we were done we had been there for nearly two hours, and as you might imagine, Jason was ready to leave... me too. We did pick up a few more supplies, and while Jason was with the good doctor I took care of a few other little things that I wanted to do. All-in-all the time was used, we just didn't know it was going to take that long.

The only other thing that Jason had going was a meeting (or muster) with the Marines in building 12, later that afternoon. It was an informative meeting, and they gave out a few things to the attendees, so I think Jason was glad he went, I know I was. One of the things they got was a medication dispenser system, and I think that will help in keeping track of Jason's meds.

Along with an interesting and busy day at the hospital, Uncle Larry came down to visit. It was good seeing him, and he and Jason had a chance to talk about all the different things going on. He arrived early enough that we were able to go have lunch, so we did. We also spent some time with Boomer, and did a little work on his training, as well as building up his comfort level with these "new" surroundings. It was kind of funny when Boomer first met Uncle Larry. I don't recall why, but Larry said something in Spanish and Boomer immediately began to bark at him. Both Jason and I were kind of surprised, and I think Uncle Larry might have been as well. We calmed Boomer back down and basically just kicked back for the rest of his visit. He stayed until early evening and then headed off to go see Katie, his daughter and Jake (her husband) and their family. The rest of the day was simply resting and now me doing the blog. Oh, one last update... Jason hasn't had any more phantom pain since that one spike that hit yesterday. The doctor wasn't too concerned with it, as long as it doesn't happen frequently, so we're looking at it as a "one-off" occurrence.

Thank you all for all your continued support and all the prayers you've been sending our way.


  1. Boomer doesn't speak Spanish yet! He was telling Uncle Larry to speak in English and was giving him a piece of his mind. Boomer is spunky, that is good. I'm glad he calmed down too. Sounds like a productive day all around. I'm so glad the phantom pain went away, I was praying it would.

    Have a good session with OT and PT and a good day tomorrow. Looking forward to pics of the pup.

    Getting over the 49er loss.

    Have a good day tomorrow,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends
    PS Still praying!!

  2. So glad the phantom pain is gone! That has to be so very strange and hard to deal with!
    Praying right now!
    Isaiah 26:3-4 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.
    Prayer Bears
    My email address


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