January 30, 2011

Today was definitely a better day than yesterday. Jason still had some problems with his stomach and there were a couple of moments where he felt a little out of sorts, and almost like he had the flu or something. Only he didn't have a fever, and all his vital signs looked normal or better. At one point his blood pressure did seem to drop a little, but that was only for a short while, and within a couple of hours he was feeling much better. By the end of the day, when I had to head back to the house, he was actually feeling pretty good, and eating a very nice dinner. They are talking about him leaving the hospital tomorrow, and then he can get back home and back on track to his recovery and rehab. There a few things that he wants to get done, since he has been in the hospital for so many days here, that he is thinking about taking a few days of leave. This way he can get his personal business out of the way, and then he can focus entirely on rehab, and not have to push to get all the things done while also having to make it to appointments. Besides, he has so much leave built up now that he just wants to use some of it up, so it can get off the books. We'll talk more about that tomorrow.

Well, the trapezes finally got here, and I've already spoken to the facilities folks here at this community, and they will be getting them installed tomorrow morning. The other positive in the Hoyer Lift arrived today (above I mentioned that I had to get back to the house - it was because the delivery guy came at 18:30 this evening to deliver it - working late I guess) so that will make it a little easier to more about the house. I just hope he likes it. One other thing is that I put the seat from his manual chair on to his power chair, to see if that works for him. The molded seat doesn't do a very good job right now, so I hope this works better.

The general came by to visit with Jason today, and that helped to bring his spirits up. They talked for a while and then he had to get going, as there were a couple of other guys he wanted to talk to. He said it might be a year before he gets back since he was headed over to Afghanistan again. I know Jason will miss him, but he also knows that going to Afghanistan is where the general's skills are needed.

Not much else going on today, though I think it was busy enough for the both of us. I will be headed back over there in the morning in hopes of us leaving by late morning or early afternoon. Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers, and I ask you to continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we get through all this.


  1. Praying for continued healing for Jason. I'm glad that the support apparatus arrived and equipment can be installed. I will pray for focus and then peace for Jason so he can move on and concentrate on his health. I hope the chair can get comfortable enough for him while he has to be in it these next few days.

    Please continue to take care of yourselves and remember that you have many, many, folks praying for you and your family.

    We went to the gym tonight and I spoke with the teacher of the water aerobics class about Jason being able to do some work in the water eventually. She reassured me that as long as he has upper body strength he can do alot for his recovery in the water and the benefit of it.

    All our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livemore Friends

  2. I'm surprised that he has to take leave. I thought he was just doing what he needed to do to get better. He has responsibilities he's supposed to be doing? And I missed that Boomer had died! Oh I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!
    Praying right now!
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  3. what a week, eh? I know that there are things Jason wants to get taken care of, and I know the medical needs have to trump those right now...sending hugs and hopes for the chance to do what you and he want to do...your Livermore friends think of you all the time, and send hugs. If there is anything else we can do up here, let me know.


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