March 26, 2011

Today was a good day for Jason, and the rest of the family. We actually took the first part of the day to go over to Arlington National Cemetery and look around some. Sean had never been to Washington, D.C. so we figured since he is leaving tomorrow he should get a chance to see something of the historical places here. Prior to going we went over and spent some time with the girls so that Bridgette and her mom, Yvone, could go and see Jason. We then took off to Arlington. We got back about 4:15PM and then picked up the girls and went to go over to see Jason. We stayed with him until about 8:30PM. and then came back to Bridgette's room to wait until she and her mom returned.

While visiting with Jason we got to talk with him in shifts, and he was in a very positive frame of mind. Linda and I were able to feed him his dinner, and again he really went for those vegetables (today he had green beans). Funny thing though, for whatever reason, the hospital staff decided he needed extra jello. They put the jello in plastic cups, and he had three of them, all stacked up on his tray. I asked if he had requested jello and Jason said no. He was able to eat about half of it and about half of the rest of his dinner. We got to talking about some of the treatment he was receiving and some of the personnel, and the environment in general, and if it weren't for the fact that he was in a hospital bed you might have thought it was a normal conversation around just about any dinner table. The high point of the talk was when he said he would like to see the girls, Stacy and Jackie, and that he wanted Bridgette to bring them around tomorrow. We were all very happy about this as we were anxious for him to get reacquainted with Stacy and Jackie. Jackie is too young to remember her daddy, but Stacy talks about him every day.

Sean and George will be headed back to California tomorrow, and we are going to miss them. They will be coming back when they can, and I really feel that Jason has benefited from them being here. Yvone is going to be headed back home also, as she came out for the weekend, and will probably be able to come more often, since she doesn't live too far away. She told me the flight here didn't cost too much so she would be coming as often as she could.

One last thing... Apparently my email was hacked and someone decided to send out a SPAM email to my entire email list. I apologize for the trouble this may have cause anyone, and I hope it doesn't happen again. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers - we are getting messages from all sorts of people, letting us know they're praying for Jason and us.


  1. Sounds like a great day. I have something for the little girls, I'll mail it Monday. He has alot to live for and is so lucky to have you guys :) We're glad Jason is eating well and feeling better today. We've talked about him and all you folks everyday. I've asked my Aunt Nellie (81) to please pray for Jason and also the CSA farmers in Pleasanton. You've got alot of support. Have a good day tomorrow. Prayers continuing from us, Karen & Rob

  2. I am getting ready for church but had to find out how Jason is doing. I'm glad I did. Great news. There definately is power in prayer. I am so glad to hear that he asked for his daughters. There is no greater medicine than having and feeling the love of your entire family. And that Jason has. Have a good Sunday. Love ya all.

    Yolanda ( Nina)


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