March 18, 2011 - Day is done...

Jason had a good day today, with a successful 6-hour operation and initial close up of some of his wounds. The way the body works on wounds is that when the body feels that the wounds is ready to begin healing it will cause the wound to contract, and pull together. In Jason's case the wounds are so open that they can't close on their own, and need some help from the doctors. The doctors are allowing some of the areas to do some closing, as it will help in the long run, towards general overall healing, and then when they need to go back in - probably in a few days - they will be able to open them up easily enough, without causing additional damage. At least this is how I understand it, from what they tell me. The bacterial infection is pretty much at a minimum, the fungal infection is almost gone, and there was little tissue being removed today. All this was positive, and we're pretty happy about it. Funny, what makes one happy now.

After his surgery he was brought back up to his room and all he had was a cannula, to help with the oxygen, and then about a dozen other hoses hooked up in various places. This is so much better than when he first came in. Now, when he is somewhat recovered from the drugs, he can carry on a conversation, and you can actually understand what he is saying. Today, after the surgery, he asked the doctor when he was going to be able to eat. She asked him what he would like and he said a chocolate sundae, and spaghetti dinner. It was good to see him thinking about food now. Shortly after this he went to sleep, and we were told he would probably be out for the rest of the day. Bridgette spent the most time with him today, but in all honesty, there was a great deal said, but not necessarily with words. A real positive outcome from today's surgery was that he doesn't have to get his next visit to the O.R. until Monday.

There was a dinner for the Wounded Warriors and their families, and it was the first time we got to see several of the service men, getting out. They were all much further along than Jason, in their healing and rehab, and it was good being able to see how well some of them were able to get around. Even those with injuries similar to what Jason has. The amazing aspect is that from what I could tell, they all strong positive attitudes and accept what has happened as simply a change in coarse for their lives and that they don't show any despondency or dis-pare. We want for this to be a good and enjoyable weekend for Jason, and aside from a few things we need to get done, we will be spending most of the time with him. Stay tuned for more on Jason's progress, and thank you all, for all the kind words and prayers.


  1. George, Thank you!! Thank you for taking the time with this wonderful media tool to let us know day by day the progress. Please tell Jason hi from all of the O'Rourkes. Bryan is home from college this weekend and we have shared some nice stories of the years past. Your family is an inspiration. Jason is a hero in our book.

  2. Thank you so much compadre and you too comadre for keeping us informed on a day to day update. I have a picture of Jason eating a spaghetti dinner in the Hi-chair, but he had more on him than what he got in him.
    I am so happy to hear the progress Jason has had. I know he will be one of the ones that is not going to let this get him down. He has to much to offer. Please let him know how much we love him and we are praying for him. Have a wonderful weekend.


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