March 28, 2011 - Just another Monday

Today was a good day for Jason, in that he felt much better going into the late night, from last nights problems. and he did well with surgery. Then after surgery, though he was uncomfortable, it wasn't anywhere near the discomfort he had felt, so overall he said he felt pretty good. He looked a whole lot better too. The only challenge is that he is back on the 3rd floor, as they work to clear the blockage, and that should be done by tomorrow. He will be able to head back up to the 5th floor and once again work towards that next level of healing.

I was able to get over to the post office today, while Jason was still in surgery and picked up some mail, and a poster (haven't opened it yet, so don't know what it is), I think. We took them, all were for Jason, to Jason's room and there they sit, waiting for his return. He can't have things in his 3rd floor room right now, that aren't a part of his medical treatment. Well, that's not quite true - I was able to bring him a magazine, one of the gamer magazines that Sean brought for him, and Jason liked it, even though he has trouble turning the pages. It is something Jason is into, video games, and it is a fairly new magazine that he hasn't seen.

Linda and I spent some time with him, and while we were there Bridgette happened to call, to ask if I'd relay a message to Jason. I did one better, I just gave the phone to Jason and let him talk with her - I think it made both of them very happy, for a little while. Bridgette is still on target to return by Wednesday, and then Jason should be able to finally see his girls. Linda and I stayed with him for a little while longer, and watched the Simpsons with him (his choice). After that he felt kinda tired and said he wanted to sleep. That, in itself, was good news to hear, as he had been having some difficulties sleeping. Perhaps he will get closer to a more regular sleeping pattern now.

I would like to thank the people who have sent in cards and pictures and a poster (I think), as I am anxious to read them all to him - okay, Linda will probably be reading them, but the bottom line is that he will finally get to see and "read" them. All of the support is really showing and the prayers are very important, so please continue. We are hoping to have more days like this one, showing progress and improvement. Thank you, and bless you all for keeping Jason in your hearts.


  1. Sean and George home safe and sound last night. Glad to hear about today's progress despite being back on the 3rd floor. Keeping good thoughts and prayers for Jason and Bridgette and all of you. Love and Hugs, Karen

  2. A box is coming from us. Just something to look forward to. :) Thinking of you guys! -Conner, Grace, and Gia

  3. Good to hear his discomfort level is getter better. I mailed a letter and picture this morning and am working on something else to send. A bright room indeed makes a big difference! Hugs and warm thoughts to you all.

  4. Good to hear that Jason is feeling better.
    We continue to pray and he is always in our daily thoughts as well as you and Linda, Bridgette and the girls.

    Hello from sunny (yes, I did say sunny)
    Livermore CA



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