What Happened - II

This entry is to provide a few more details to let those who want to know, what happened, and how did Jason receive these injuries in the first place. This information comes from the wife of the man who actually saved Jason's life, GSgt Rickabauh. We had the good fortune to meet her a few days back and she offered to provide the information.

They were out on patrol, and cleared a village in the northern part of the Hilmand district. They had finished clearing the village and left, only to learn the next day that the Taleban had come back in and set more I.E.D.'s so the patrol began clearing again. Jason was in full gear and leading the group, when they approached a masque. I was the last area needing to be be cleared again when he stepped on a hidden pressure plate. They don't use nice, well defined materials for their pressure plates, so not only was it hidden, it was not detectable with the metal detector. The explosion hit all the guys, with Jason obviously taking the brunt of the blast. GSgt Rickabauh was right behind Jason and put a tourniquet on him and then he was taken to the closest medical center.

From the center they stabilized him enough to get him to the next level medical center, still in Afghanistan where he was again stabilized and then flown to Germany, where they began treating him further. Fortunately, they were able to get Bridgette, his wife, out to be with him and they road the med-evac flight back to here, Bethesda, where Mom and Dad were waiting, and the treatment continues now.

More udates later today, but right now I'm headed over to be with him...


  1. God puts angels in our paths. This time in the form of Gsgt Rickabauh. In all of this there is a reason. Prayers for a better day today. Love to Jason.

  2. Please know that my prayers are with you and your family during this time with Jason. My bible study group is also praying for Jason and all of your family. Please let Linda know that I am keeping all of you close to my heart and prayers. Much love to all of you. Thank you.

    Teri Wendt
    fellow day care provider

  3. Linda and George, You and Jason and all of your family are in our prayers. I have added Jason's name to our prayer list's and to our church prayer list. Blessings for your family.
    Jeanne Virgilio, Las Positas College

  4. George and Family - We thanks God for Jason and thanks God for Gsgt Rickabauh for being there to serve Jason when this happened. They are both heros and I know that God is with you all as you navigate through this.

    Don't give up - Stay encouraged - Be blessed - Be strong - Be still and know that you are loved and surrounded by prayer warriors across the Country.

    Thanks for the updates - It's the first thing that I read every morning!

    Hugs to you, friend,

    Dean Tracy

  5. George and Linda - Our heartfelt prayers to you, Jason and the family. Jason's situation was presented to my church family at St.Matthews Baptist Church where a collection was taken up. We are praying for you! The prayers of the righteous availeth much. VFCCA also sends their prayers for your strength and Jason's recovery. We all care deeply. Vicki VFCCA VP president and friend.

  6. So wonderful to see Jason had a great day. As a family member that has witnessed a cousin lose both legs, I so understand phantom pain. I so look forward to meeting Jason and your family with Jason walking on his new legs!! I will always remember the day in the early 80's meeting my cousin walking on his new legs!!!

    GO JASON!!!!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Jason and your family always!!

    Always, Becky and LaMar a USAF family in Pleasanton

  7. What a story! I am also with Becky, I hope to meet Jason some day and love the fact that he too will have new legs again. But for now, the praying will continue for a full healing. God bless you George, Linda, Bridgette and family.


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