August 26, 2012

First, an apology to all, for not having put a post up sooner, I know some of you really enjoy reading the updates, and to be honest, there have been a couple.

We all know that Jason is now in Bethesda, with his wife Bridgette, and they are doing well. Jason has a surgery scheduled for this coming Tuesday, where they plan to remove some of the HO to primarily allow him to be more comfortable and to get rid of some of the pain. There will be some other reconstructive type surgery, if the situation allows, and that is basically to remove scare tissue that is also causing some difficulties. The remaining HO is to be worked on/removed at some later date down the road, and that means it could be a matter of weeks, or a matter of months. Linda and I enjoyed a lengthy conversation with Dr. Malone today, as she was able to fill me in on some of the details, and it reassured both of us that Jason was in the right place. I don't want that to sound negative about San Diego, as there are some very good people there. It is, in my opinion, simply a matter of Jason's injuries being more difficult to deal with, and Bethesda having the better resources to work Jason's injuries.

We had a nice celebration for the girls tonight, Jackie's birthday was yesterday; and both of them seemed to have had a great time. I think they ate too much chocolate cake because they were both running around full of energy and doing their best to wear me out. The good news is that by bed time they were both pretty well worn down and they went to bed very easily, and I'd guess they'll sleep solidly tonight.

On a more personal note - I have been riding more and getting ready for the October 2-day ride, and I am getting closer to that $5K level. If you're interested in learning more check out the website for the ride at: and play with some of the pull down menus.

Thank you for all your continued prayers and support - it has gotten us this far, and I'm sure that it will get us even farther down the road.


  1. Thanks for the update! I thought he was supposed to have surgery last Wednesday. Good to know what's going on! Always praying!
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  2. You are amazing parents and grandparents. We think about you often. God bless you.

  3. Hi, George. You and Linda came to our farm in Gettysburg last summer while at Walter Reed. We actually live and spend most of our time in Bethesda very close to Walter Reed, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to help while Jason is here. Jason and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers. God bless! Laura Klein

  4. SO glad to know what is going on...and will keep Jason in my thoughts tomorrow. I know his team at Bethesda is amazing, and they will do all they can to help him...even if as you say the best result will require doing things in stages. Hugs.


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