October 18, 2016

Today began this past Saturday...

On Saturday we took the girls to the High Caliber Equine Rescue Ranch, it is one of the largest in the country, specializing in horse rescue. It was  a great day and Jason had a pretty good time with the girls; learning about the horses and getting a chance to even feed some of them. The horses were all, or at least most of them, friendly and we all had a good day. After the visit we headed back to the house and it was now getting later in the evening and Jason wanted to fix dinner - something he does every now and again. I could tell he was tired and I suggested that he go lay down, a few times, but he wanted to fix dinner. Dinner was very good, as it was chicken breasts stuffed with cream cheese and spinach. Even Jackie liked the new dinner, and finally Jason got to bed. And yes, there was the regular dressing change and shower.

Sunday, Jason stayed in bed, almost 100% of the time. He complained about sourness, like it was muscles that had been worked hard the day before, and he and I both figured it was because of how much he had done the day before. Neither of us thought much more about it, except that I did notice how subdued he was, and Linda commented on it as well. We had a nice relaxed Sunday, with Linda and I taking the girls to church and me replanting some lemon trees I am attempting to grow - from seed. The day ended very much like Saturday with the girls going to bed and Jason having the dressing on his wound changed and a shower.

Yesterday, Monday, Jason felt a little better, though he didn't want to get up anymore than he needed. He took care of his pets, which included the fish, and he had a nice relaxing day in bed. In the evening he came in to the dinning room and I mentioned that due to his continued discomfort that he should consider going in to Balboa, tomorrow, to see his primary doctor. He said he wanted to do just that and asked if we could head out a little earlier than we usually do. We agreed that Linda and I would take the girls to school and as soon as we got home we'd head in to Balboa, and that ended our Monday. Jason had his shower, and dressing change, and he also told the girls a bed time story that they really all enjoyed. Lots of laughing and playing, the way a good daddy plays with his kids.

Today, I checked on Jason and he wasn't feeling any better, and in fact felt like maybe something else was going on. Linda and I got the girls ready and got them to school, then immediately headed back to the house. Jason and the dogs were in the van and we were on our way. Linda stayed back at the house with the idea that she would take care of a few things and do some cleaning. It did not seem like we were heading to a long day, but it did turn into one.

Jason and I arrived at Balboa, and the traffic to get on base was backed up significantly. I got in the line that we usually get into and we were fortunate enough, because it moved pretty steadily. When we got there one of the "prime" C5 parking spaces was available, so I took it and decided that it was a good omen. We went over to see his primary and she had a few patients ahead of Jason, and asked us to wait until she could see us. Jason had not made an appointment so she was getting us in, as soon as she could. Instead we went over to the PT gym and Jason laid down on one of the tables and Mike, one of the physical therapists started to work on Jason's shoulders. As it turned out, Mike was done long before we got to see Jason's primary doctor. In fact both of us kind of fell asleep for about 15 minutes just sitting there.

Dr. Granney came in and we all went to her office, where we talked and Jason described what was going on. After going over several things she decided that a CT Scan would be good so we went over to radiology, where they do those. This only took about 2 hours and went back over to Dr. Granney's office. Again we talked for a short while, while we waited for information from the scans, and the information wasn't real good. Jason has a blood clot on one of the veins coming from his lungs, and apparently it was critical enough that she walked us over to ER herself and made sure we were seen very quickly. They did a few more tests and more information from CT Scan came in and Jason was admitted to the hospital, for treatment. All total, we were at the hospital for nearly 12 hours and then he was admitted.

They believe they know what is going on and have a plan of action, but won't have a final plan until tomorrow. Linda and I will be taking the girls to school in the morning, and then we'll head over to the hospital. That's when we'll find out if Jason can be treated with just medication or if there is to be another surgery, in order to clear this out. We are praying that the medication will be enough and he won't have to be in the hospital for more than a day or two. As I find out more I will post it here and do my best to keep everyone up-to-date. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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