July 24, 2017

Well, I'm finally back to the blogger, and can make another update. I have been trying to get back to this point for about 3-weeks now. A number of requests came in, asking that I make some updates and changes to the appearance of the blog, and I thought it was probably a good idea. Afterall I've been blogging for over 6 years with this now, and a change was due. Problem is, I wasn't ready for the change, and I didn't understand exactly what I was doing. When I finished making the updates I exited and when I attempted to get back into it, I couldn't figure it out. Previously I was able to just get on to my blog and I knew what to do. with the new environment I was effectively locked out. Well, enough of that, I'm back in and now I know what to do.

Okay, we went to Colorado, back on July 9, and remained there for 9 days. The folks at Aspen Seating had been contracted by the VA to create a new prosthetic for Jason. This was very exciting for us, as Jason had been without his previous one for nearly 6-months and it was beginning to be a bit of a problem for his skin and ultimately for his wounds. The skin broke down and the one last open wound reversed itself and started to grow. By the time the new prosthetic had begun we were now dealing with two larger open wounds and Jason could no longer be up in his chair for more than a couple hours, max.

Anyway, July 9 was a Sunday, so on Monday we went to Aspen Seating and the work began. By the end of the third day they had constructed a new shell, and though there was a need for some minor tweaking and adjusting, it looked like we were  well on our way to being out a little on the early side, and things were getting better, all around. We were supposed to have a day off, on Thursday, but an adjustment need was recognized and so we went back in and spent a few hours there, where they made the adjustment (increased the support on Jason's right side, to make him feel like he was sitting more correctly upright). As a result of this visit, we ended up going to Aspen all five days that week. The idea was to come back in on Friday, which we did, and some minor adjustments and features, such as the handles that make it easier for Jason to but the device on.

That weekend, Jason was told to wear the prosthetic (wearable) for as long as he felt comfortable, and the best way for that to happen was for him to be involved in something, so that he wasn't simply waiting for the time to pass. There was a Viking exhibit at the Denver Nature and Science Museum, so we went to see what that actually meant. There were several different things to see and experience, and even one display with actors, portraying the people of what we would call one of their settlements. Because of the way that Jason looks, with his long hair and beard, he kind of fit right in with the rest of them, and they all seemed to enjoy talking with Jason, and Jason enjoyed it as well. We also found out that the word Viking isn't in reference to a person, or even people, but instead was the term used when they went out on their boats. It could be a fishing trip, a commerce trip, or going out to raid a settlement. They had many things to look at and read about, and we could have stayed there much longer, except that Jason did begin to feel worn, after being up for a few hours.

As stated earlier, Jason had been without the Wearable for about 6-months, and his body had kind of gotten used to the wrong posture, again. Now he was being "forced" to sit up right and it was causing him to get tired a little sooner than he had previously. Now that he has had the wearable for a few weeks, he can stay up in it for several hours, though he still gets pretty tired.

Well, after the activities on the weekend we were to go back in to Aspen and basically touch base with them, one more time, prior to us flying home. We have now been there for eight days, and the wearable seemed like it was going to be working out. We left the clinic and headed off to the airport. We had coordinated with the air transport (because of Jason's needs he can only truly travel in an air ambulance, comfortably - we're hoping that eventually he will be able to travel commercial in the future, but that remains to be seen...) to meet us at Centennial Airport at about 3:00PM and we got there by 2:45PM. The plane arrived right on schedule and we had driven our van on to the tarmac so we could easily load the plane, and then the pilot said, "We're not going to be able to go back, due to bad weather." Our reaction was simply to say that we could spend another night in Colorado, and that we would rather they be safe, and we didn't argue, at all with the pilot's decision. Of course he was very apologetic and seemed honestly sorry that he might have caused us an inconvenience, but I told him that we were okay with his decision.

Jason immediately got on the phone and called our hotel back and we got the same rooms we had before. As it was, we originally thought we might be staying until Wednesday, as it wasn't known what was going to happen. We were coordinating with the VA and they were being very flexible with the schedule, so it all worked out. One of the other great things was that the transport company sent a driver to the house, who drove our van all the way out to Colorado, so we'd have it there; and, then drove it all the way back. It was waiting for us when we arrived, and got back to the house the day after we did. It was as if we were only without the van for a matter of a few hours, and having it in Colorado was so much more convenient than renting one. We were also compensated for its use, so despite the wear and tear, all things worked out.

We managed to get out there and have the needed work done, and at the end of nine days we were back home, with a new prosthetic (the wearable). We got to see some of the folks as Aspen, again, and it was nice being able to visit and it felt comfortable to be there. We're hoping we don't have to go again for a couple years, but then we also recognize things sometimes change and we may have to get back out there sooner. I have written a pretty big post this time, so I'm going to stop now, and on Thursday I'll do my best to get the rest of the adventure caught up. Thank you, all for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


  1. What an adventure! It took a lot of work but sounds like it was worth it!
    Lifting up prayers to the Only One who can hear and answer according to His Will!
    Psalms 34:4, 6-7 I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. (6-7) This poor man cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles. The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.


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