Iwo Gima

Iwo Gima
Marine Corps Marathon

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013

Jason and I went and looked at trucks today, and fortunately Anthony Netto met us at the dealership. Anthony has some experience in purchasing vehicles that need ADA modifications, since he has to get around in a wheelchair he knows what to look for. As it turned out they did have a truck there that Jason liked, and it was a very nice F250- Lariat diesel. The problem was that the price was WAY beyond what we thought Jason was going to be spending. Now, it also needs to be said that the price being shown (I don't think I can actually say, "quoted") was without any kind of reductions or discounts. I'm sure the final price would probably be a bit lower. Anyway, it was fun to go, and at least make a first step in that direction.

Actually, we first got up this morning and headed over to Miramar to pick up his Dress Blue uniform. It only took them about 3 months to get the jacket made (and that's all that it was, they didn't have to make any trousers). Jason tried on the jacket and it fit him a little large, or baggy, so the one lady had to tailor it a bit more and Jason should be able to pick it up in another couple of weeks. While we were there he ordered a couple of other pieces of uniforms, since he is planning to stay in, if the right job is available.

Tomorrow we'll be going out again and doing some shopping, both grocery and furniture. The grocery is simply because we're low on some food, and the furniture is for a new mattress and support (box spring I think) for Jackie's new bed. We hope to have it all up and together before the girls come back to stay with us next week. Anyway, that is about all for today's activities. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Today was a laid back kind of day for the two of us, with not much traveling around all day. At one point Jason thought he might want to go take a look at some trucks (he eventually wants to get a truck for himself and wants to start looking now), so we got into the van and headed over to the dealer. My guess is that the moving around at the stadium yesterday has caused him to be a little more sensitive, by the time we got to the dealership he was ready to just turn around and head back to the house. I suggested that we can go again tomorrow, after Gracie's training, so I am guessing that's what we're doing.

I mentioned that Linda wasn't feel all that well, yesterday, and I spoke with her today and by the end of the day she was feeling much better. I was happy to hear it in her voice that she was doing better.

Not much else to write about, other than I plan on catching up on some sleep tonight, so don't expect me to be up before 07:00. I'll probably wake up anyway, but I'll give it the old college try... ;-) Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support - take care and stay positive.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29, 2013

Jason and I just got back from the Forty-Niners/Chargers pre-season game, and at the time we left it looked like the Niners were doing quite well, and from what I can tell with the current score at 34 to 6, I think they will probably win. We left early for a couple of reasons... 1) We didn't want to be caught up in the crowd, as it was a major pain just trying to get into the stadium; and, 2) Jason was ready to leave, and didn't want to have to sit in his chair any longer. As it turned out, we weren't the only ones leaving early, as I said, the Chargers were not scoring very well. McCoy was doing quite well, though he wasn't as good as Kaepernick, and I don't think he was expected to be. Anyway, we were glad we went despite the early challenges we encountered.

When we first arrived the parking situation was horrible. Unfortunately we didn't get out of the house until about 15 minutes later than I wanted, so we literally didn't get to the stadium until the kick off. When we first got there, there was no handicap parking left, and the parking attendant told me to park in a specific space, after I explained to him that I needed to be sure I had ramp space for Jason (more on that later). We made our way up to the entrance and we were allowed to go around the line because of the wheelchair and then the real fun began. I asked the person at the gate, "Where do we go to get to these seats?" I thought it was a reasonable question. They pointed us to section 11, as the tickets said and then we were on our own. The only challenge with that is, that section 11 has no means for Jason to get to his seats. I asked another staff person, and she said we needed to get over to the elevators to get down to the right area and walked us over to the elevators (a good distance away) and we went down to the locker room area. Again, I asked the next staffer by the elevators down where we were and she pointed us to a "blue" line that took us out to the field area. There were no seats to be seen at this point, and another staff worker came by and asked us why we were there and I showed  him our tickets (this is where it gets good). He said, "Oh, your seats are back up there, you need to take the elevator to get back up there." This is where I expressed a little frustration and said, "Wait! The people up there said to come down here and now you're saying to go back up. Can you tell me where our seats are?!" At this point a supervisor came over and apologized for the confusion and said we needed to get back up to the Plaza Level and I requested an escort, since I didn't not know the stadium and we were lost. He agreed to take us himself. As it turned out the original directions were completely wrong and we ended up going in the wrong direction to begin with. Once we got to the right area the supervisor  took off and another "senior" member took over and asked to see our tickets (OK, get ready for it). "Oh, you're in the wrong area, your seats are up there." Pointing to another area. I looked around and asked how are we supposed to get up there? Fortunately, at this point Anthony Netto happened to come by (he was at the game) and he said there were seats open over by where he was sitting and we could join him there. He is already in a wheelchair so it is accessible for Jason. By the time we finally go to that "new" location the first quarter of the game was over.

We stayed through the half time show (pretty good show actually) and into the third quarter. Jason said he was ready to get going so we all (all four of us now) decided to leave. We had to traverse quite a distance back to where we had originally come in. When we first came in we traveled nearly half way around the stadium to get to our final seats. When we finally did make it back out to he car (I mentioned this earlier) I noticed that the parking lot idiots parked someone right next to me and thus prevented me from being able to extend the ramp. I had to pull out and then extend the ramp and Jason was able to get in, and we were finally on our way. It wouldn't have been so bad except that this was the first stadium event that Jason felt comfortable enough to go to, and then all the troubles happened. I will be writing to the Chargers and letting them know they need to work on their support staff.

Otherwise, today was a pretty laid back day for Jason. He started out with formation and then we had breakfast and until game time (well departure time to get to the game) he pretty much stayed in bed. I had to make a run back to the base to pick up some meds (for me), as the doctors want to apply some preventive medicine, since I was exposed to Linda, and they were concerned with what she had. I don't have any of the symptoms, and neither does Jason, so it can be looked at as one those ounce of prevention opportunities. I get to sleep in a little tomorrow, and I am a bit tired, so I'll sign off now. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support. Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013

Felt kind of strange for Linda to be gone again, but that is the reality of the day again. The girls were dropped off at Day Care and we won't see them again until Monday, so now it is just the two of us again. We had a good day, with a visit to the barber shop and an appointment with PT, and then we both had appointments with the mental health doctors, who have been seeing both of us on a regular basis. By the time all the appointments were done it was getting close to 11:00 and Jason wanted to get back to the house so he could get his shower in.

As usual, I did a dressing change, along with the shower and the continued improvement of the wounds was very welcome. I told Jason that I am hopeful that possibly by the end of October, as long as they continue to close up as they are, most of the wounds should be closed. Having said that, I am also aware that in the past I have seen the wounds get better to suddenly make a 180 and start opening up again. That's where I am looking to the laser treatments to help with this, and perhaps get past that issue. Still some ground to cover before getting too excited, but it is still good to see the improvement.

Tomorrow Jason will have to go in for a formation, before their Labor Day break starts, and then we effectively have the rest of the day off. At the end of the day we will be going to the Forty-Niner/Chargers game and Qualcom Stadium. This will be the first game Jason has been to, since coming to San Diego, and mine too. The tickets came from the ASYMCA (Armed Services YMCA), as a gift from a group of retired Navy Chiefs (at least I think they're all Chiefs).

Linda got home safely and she was also able to get into the doctor's office this morning and had an exam. I was glad to hear that someone had seen her, and even more pleased with the fact that they were willing to work with Linda (and effectively "us") on the cost. She got a couple of prescriptions and she should be feeling much better in a day or two. We're also investigating a health care program that Linda can sign up for, that we can actually afford, and then we'll know she has health care again, and I'll be able to relax a little. So for now I feel like things are getting on a stable footing again, and we're headed in a positive direction. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and positive support. Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27, 2013

Jason and I had a great visit today with Wound Care, though it wasn't the visit we thought we were going to participate in. The doctors we were supposed to meet with (at least I thought we were supposed to be meeting with) didn't show up. Not sure what happened, or if we simply got the date wrong, but they sure weren't in the room with us. There was, however, another person in the room with us, Van, from Mobility Solutions, and that turned out to make it a very productive visit anyway. Van had not seen Jason's actual wounds before, and he was trying to design a chair and seat based on information that was given to him from others, as well as what he could see while Jason was dressed. He could see much more clearly what Jason was going through and how his seating and posture were affecting the healing of the wounds. He intends to go and suggest a new modification to Jason's chair and that should allow for greater pressure relief and thus help with faster healing. We will now just have to wait to see how well this works its way through the system and chain of command.

We spent most of the rest of the day at the house, where Linda was still trying to catch up on some of her rest, so that she could fly back to Livermore a little more comfortably today. Yeah, she had to fly home today and we are again living in two different houses. We will be so glad when all the stuff is completed at the house in Livermore and she can be down here full time. There is much still to be done so we don't have a date yet, but stay tuned for more exciting developments. Oh, and I received a confirmation email from Patrick L. that Home Depot would be able to get started with some of the work on the house in October. I think close to the same time that the Kenny Loggins concert is going to be happening at Wente, for the Wounded Warriors of the Tri-Valley.

The girls will be going back to their mom tomorrow, so it will be Jason and I again for a few days (five) and in that time I'm guessing we're going to be working to get a few things done around the house. One of the big things we want to do is to get Jackie out of her crib and on to a "regular" bed... the twin of Stacy's bed. It has been sitting in the garage for months, so it is time for us to put it together. Another thing we're hoping to do is to go to the Forty-Niner vs. Chargers on Thursday. I received an email from the YMCA and they have some tickets, so I asked for a couple. I just hope they can accommodate Jason's chair. If not we'll have to watch it on TV like everyone not at the game.

Not much else going on, just getting ready to go to bed. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

Today was a rough day for Linda, as she continues to battle with the "bug" that has been bothering her for the past several days. I am hoping that she feels better tomorrow, and that the plane ride home is truly uneventful, so that she can get there with some level of comfort. She will be heading the doctor's office on Wednesday, and what I suspect they will say is something like this: "You have a virus that is going around and bothering some folks. You just happen to be one of them. It just has to run its course, and then you'll feel better... probably in a matter of 7 to 10 days." He might also be able to provide some medicine that will help her feel better.

Jason didn't have much going on today, other than PT and that actually lasted a little less than an hour. Once that was done we headed over to the pharmacy and picked up his new medication, along with a couple of refills. He has gotten off of one of the opiates so they now have him on another type of pain medicine that is supposed to be much less of a load on his system, while providing pain relief. Tomorrow we will be heading over to wound care and talking with the folks there, as well as possibly having a couple of the other doctors come by to take a look at his wounds. Because of the ever changing nature of the wounds they want to see what, if any, progress has been made, and I'm happy to say there has been some. I just hope at least three of the doctors show up. It would be really cool if all of them dropped by, it might be a little crowded but that's okay. I understand they have busy schedules and sometimes it can be tough to get that much coordinated, but at least some of them should be able to come.

Today I also got the chance to speak with George B., who is responsible for putting together the October 10 event, and he has done an outstanding job. Everything is on track to happen and the ticket sales have begun. There are several folks here who have said they would like to attend the event, and I hope they do. It would be nice to have some of the locals here meet with some of the folks where Jason grew up. We still have to make some final travel and accommodation arrangements, but those should be rather easy to do, compared to the rest of what happened. Jason is actually pretty excited about coming and seeing everyone again. I'm going to attempt to post the information about the event on the blog, so that you can all see when and where it is going to take place. I then need to take care of a couple of other issues and then I'm going to call it a night. Thank you, for all your continued support and all the prayers being sent our way. Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am now back on my own computer (Thank you, Sue) and will be doing my best to keep things going with the blog.

Jason has had a good couple of days and even a productive procedure, where they were checking out his vascular issues (checking to see if there is enough blood flow in the right areas). Jason thought the procedure was interesting and did his best to stay awake, so he was able to watch some of the procedure via video. I, on the other hand, was sitting with Gracie and occasionally taking her out for a walk and "stretching" both our legs. I was glad they finally got this done so that now they can all talk in the next 10 days or so. I've even contacted Dr. Malone and asked her to get back in the mix, since she knows Jason about as good as anyone, and probably better than most of these doctors. Anyway, I suspect that it will be a very good talk for all of them, and we're hopeful for a good direction to come of it.

The girls are all getting much better now, and even Linda is feeling better. They were all pretty sick for awhile, and I was running around like a headless chicken. The truly unfortunate aspect of the illness was that this past weekend was Jackie's third birthday, and Linda had planned a birthday party for her. We basically had to cancel at the last minute, and that was disappointing, as well as challenging. That's okay though, there will be other birthdays to have plenty of fun and cake... ;-)

Also, the October event is now all together and over the next couple of days I am hoping to have a link to the event, on this blog... maybe even some pictures... ;-)

Well, that about does it for tonight. I thought I would be able to write more, but it is getting late and Jason has an early formation tomorrow so I need to get some sleep. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22, 2013

Today was a very eventful day for Jason and family.... not the type of event like we had yesterday, with a retirement ceremony (even Jackie was a part of that one - more later); this day was filled with Jason and I visiting Northrup Grumman, with a bunch of other Marines. We got there and were given a tour of the facility, and taken into their lab and then production facilities. One of the thing
s that was particularly interesting was the talk that was initiated in the lab and Jason was very actively engaged in that discussion. They are building a unit that can be used by Marines, to help protect them, and because of Jason's experiences he was able to talk with them about some of the possible uses and applications of the unit (Sorry, I can't say more about it - I was just happy to see Jason being engaged in a lively technical discussion.

We all finished the tour and had a great talk with a couple of their employees, who happened to also be Marines, and they gave some great guidance to the Marines who were visiting. Afterward, we all went to lunch and this gave Jason another opportunity to socialize with some of his piers, and I think just being with them was good for him. We headed home after that and then it was more of a typical afternoon, where Jason took his shower and I helped him with his dressing change. The wounds are slowly looking better in most of the areas, so I am continuing to be cautiously optimistic about the healing. Tomorrow we have to be over to the hospital early so that they can do a procedure on Jason, that should help to determine what needs to be done, if anything, about his blood circulation. It is supposed to take a few hours, so I will have some time to spend on reading. Linda is not feeling as well as we would like, so she is going to be staying home to get some rest.

After we were at home for a short while I received another phone call from George Bowen, a good friend of ours, and found out that he got a final step accomplished, and a benefit concert is going to be put on, in the Livermore area, at Wente Vinyards. Kenny Loggins will be the headliner for the show and Jason and I will also be there, along with the rest of the family. From what I understand we should be looking at about 1800 guests, with tickets going on sale real soon. I'll provide more information on this, as it becomes available.

The girls are here tonight, and will be with us until next Wednesday. Jackie's birthday in this Saturday, so they will be spending some time with their mother, though not the entire day. Both girls were recently sick, but seem to be doing much better now. Neither of them have a fever and both are full of energy, now I just have to get Linda back feeling 100% again. Thank you, all for all your continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20, 2013

Okay, another brief update on what is going on.

Jason is doing well, especially considering that he has gotten away from one of the most addictive opiates around. He went through some withdrawal issues and they all seem totally behind him now. The wounds have kind of stalled out a bit, but at least they aren't going backward. Actually, the one on the far right side is still progressing nicely, so there is some progress to report. One of the big plusses of this is that I am back down to a single sheet of the hydrophara-blue, when changing his dressings, and that is a good thing, considering not too long ago I was using two full sheets.

We're currently making plans for Jackie's birthday celebration, coming up this weekend, and we are all very hopeful that it will come together nicely. Right now Jackie if fighting off a viral infection and the doctor said it could take up to 10 days to run its course. If it does take the full 10 days that would mean she would be completely well by this coming Thursday. Now we just have to make sure that Stacy doesn't get sick... ;-) About the only other thing I am a little concerned about is that the weather report indicates that we could have thunder storms this  weekend, and that would not be a good thing.

Linda will be here until the 27th, and then have to head on back home. We have really enjoyed this time together, and tomorrow night we will be going out for a little one-on-one time. We don't seem to get much opportunity for that to happen, so we're both a bit anxious for it to happen.

As for my computer - I am hoping to be back up and running in a few days, but then it all depends on a couple of things happening. Once I do have my own system to work with again, I should be able to consistently provide updates again. Right now I am using Jason's system when I can, and that means I have to take it when he isn't doing something else with it... which isn't all that often. Anyway, thank you, all for all the continued support and all the prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15, 2013

For all you folk out there who are wondering what is going on... My laptop hard drive has broken. Not really sure exactly what is wrong, but the system will not boot. I have it in the shop for repair, and it is hopped that they can. Worst case would be that I would have to acquire a new system, and that might take a little longer, but in the mean time I will be posting as I get a chance. I do not have access to this system on a regular basis, so please forgive the gaps in updates.

As for Jason's status - We met with the doctors and they are still struggling to figure out what the best coarse of action is. Some of what they told us was quite sobering, and Jason has taken what they said very seriously. There is some talk about additional surgeries; while also talk about eliminating some of the surgery that they thought might be needed. The biggest challenge right now is vascular, where any hope of wound healing is based on a need for a good blood supply, and right now that is the problem.

Otherwise, Jason is doing well, and his spirits are still very strong. We're having fun with the girls, when they are with us, and right now with Linda being here it is that much better. Jackie turns three in about 10 days, and we're planning to have a nice birthday party for her. Linda is directing that part of life around here and doing a really good job of it. It looks like we could have as many as 20 kids show up, if they all come.

One other item I need to inform you all about - I had mentioned in the past that I was going to be riding again in the EOD Ride, taking place in October. Because of other obligations it looks like I won't be able to be a part of that event after all. I truly apologize to you all, for setting those expectations, and I really was looking forward to it, but it wasn't to be this year. I would, however, still encourage you all to sponsor the event, as it is a good way of showing support for all those EOD guys, like Jason, who have been injured. Thank you, for all your continued support and take care and stay positive.

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Not a great deal to write about today. There were a couple of appointments that took place, and they were after the usual Monday morning formation. The girls were taken over to the CDC (Child Development Center) and had a great day with all their friends, though we were given a notice that Jackie was being moved "up" to the next age group, in couple of weeks.

We came home and it was pretty much the norm for a week night, with the girls. I read each of them a story, from the books of their choosing, and then we played for a few minutes before bed. Tomorrow Jason does have a little earlier than usual appointment, though it still isn't so early that we need to hurry about in the morning. Heck, in fact I'm going to be cooking some French toast for everyone, and I haven't done that in awhile. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

Nice easy day today, with about the only thing that happened, out of the ordinary was that Jason and I took the girls to a birthday party. One of the other kids in Stacy's class turned five and the entire class was invited to the park to celebrate. The girls had a great time and Jason and I got worn out. It was a very sunny day and several hours in the sun kind of wears just about anybody down. Fortunately there were plenty of shade trees for Jason, so his time in the sun was limited, though he was still affected.

Linda (Grandma) wasn't feeling well this morning, so she stayed back and rested. When we got home we all took a nap, and felt better afterward. Tomorrow Jason has formation so we have an early start, so the girls will be up at a little after 06:00, as will the rest of us. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

Today started with a wonderful event, as Linda flew down to be with us for the next 17 days. What really surprised me was the timing of her arrival, and our arrival at the air port. Typically I need to circle around multiple times before she comes out - this time I only had to go around once, and there she was. We got her all loaded up in the van and then we all went for breakfast (it was an early flight). Right after breakfast we headed north to go up to Oceanside so Jason could take his dog, Gracie, to her training session. The class is held at Buddy Todd park, and has all kinds of things there for the girls to do, and it gave Grandma and the girls some time to reconnect. As usual, Stacy and Jackie headed straight to the swings. Stacy road for awhile and then went on to do other things, but Jackie just couldn't get enough of the swings. I stayed with Jackie while Linda chased Stacy all around the rest of the play area - and quite a bit of the rest of the park.

Towards the end of Jason and Gracie's training session we started to walk over to where they were, and by the time we got there the head instructor was assigning their homework and stuff. She also wanted to do some work with Gracie afterward, just to check out how she has been progressing. As it turned out, there are a couple of things she needs to improve on, and so the instructor gave Jason some suggestions, and then we were able to head back home.

As it was the traffic wasn't too bad and we were back at the house a little after 13:00 (1pm), and so we put together a quick lunch for everybody, and then the girls went down for a nap. The house was pretty quiet now, so the rest of us took a nap too. When we got up, it was because Stacy and Jackie had gotten up and came in to see where we were - Actually, I think they wanted to see where Grandma was, and they went in and did their best to wake her up. In a matter of about 10 minutes of playing around, everybody was awake and heading back down stairs. Grandma was playing with the girls and shortly afterward Grandpa was putting dinner together. The rest of the evening was mostly the girls playing with Grandma and then she read them a couple of books - it was now bed time. Linda has had a busy day, so after the girls got to bed, the biggest girl also wanted to get to bed and finally sleep. I'm working the blog and soon I'll join her. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers, and Take care and stay positive.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013

Today was a pretty big day for Jason, because he finally got his new seats for his wheelchair. He got two of them, and he said they were both comfortable, and felt better than his previous seats. Along with the two new seats he got two new wheelchairs; and they are really cool. The power chair is Giants Orange and is very similar in design to the "old" chair, yet with some new improvements. The manual chair is way different from his previous manual chair in that it does not weigh half what the previous one did, and can be folded up, like a typical manual chair. The previous one had a support bar to give it some rigidity, and also gave it a lot more weight. The really cool thing about the manual chair is that it glows in the dark, so that if all the lights went out you would still be able to spot him easily.

Van was here about 40 minutes, making sure the two chairs were what Jason wanted, and that they fit him physically. There were a number of adjustments that he had to do, in order for Jason to be able to use them, and on top of that we had a great conversation with him. The challenge we have now is to figure out what to do with the previous chairs. I will be contacting a few non-profits and maybe even the VA to see if there is a need for a couple of very nice chairs. The power chair still has a long life ahead of it, and the manual chair has hardly been used.

The rest of the day was seeing what could be done about getting Stacy enrolled into a kindergarten class, but there are still a couple of hurdles that need to be overcome before that is accomplished. Along with that the window of opportunity is closing real fast, so something has to be finalized very soon. The other thing that we did was to take care of some paperwork, and get the findings report, on Jason's medical review. Jason's medical report is probably one of the largest out there, and the process is that this has to be processed by a couple of agencies and/or departments. Once this is done the findings report is put together. This report is much smaller that the initial collection of the medical report, though it is still plenty big (about 200 pages). He has to familiarize himself with it and then it is signed and becomes a formal document in his records. The funny thing is, we have recently been talking to a couple of doctors who thing there is a good possibility of another surgery (or more) and if that is the case this whole process starts over again.

Anyway, no appointments tomorrow so we can sleep in a little bit (I'll still wake at about 05:50 so I can call Linda, to make sure she is up), and then I'm going to be going for a bike ride, after I get breakfast for Jason. Other than that we really don't have much planned. I have some other things I need to work on anyway, but it isn't often that we have this much "spare" time. Thank you, for all your continued support and for all the prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6, 2013

I know I said I wasn't going to be posting every day, unless something special came along... Well, today was a special kind of day. We met with the Ortho doc and had a great conversation with him, mostly about what needed to be done for Jason, to make him more comfortable. There was also a detailed and technical conversation that provided us with a bunch more information, that was had not been presented before. He seemed to take that next step very seriously, and even got hold of the Plastics doctor and they had a brief meeting today, and to us, that was big.

Some of the options the doctor presented were not very attractive, yet sobering. One of the things he said was that Jason needed to get to the point of where the wounds were healed up, to help prevent infection from setting in to the wounds themselves. If infection were to set in it could potentially be life threatening, and that just came across all too real, for both Jason and I. There are options that could possibly insure that the closure could happen, but the end result of Jason's comfort and ability to sit up would be thrown out the door... so to speak. The knowledge base here in Balboa has improved, and there is finally a gathering of the minds, of all the specialists involved. We don't know what is going to be done right now, but at least they are talking, and we are going to be getting some options as to what we can do.

Aside from that it was a very busy day, considering that we only had two short appointments, and those turned into a couple more, and then some insurance issues that needed to be corrected, so we didn't get done until after 14:00 (2pm), which means Jason was in his chair longer than we like him to be. We did finally leave and Jason was back in bed shortly after we got home. We grabbed a quick lunch and then I came and picked up the girls from Child Care. Jocelyn was at the house with Jason, so everything was good. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Got a few things done today that I have been wondering when we were going to get a chance to begin moving forward, so to see it happen on its own made me feel a bit better. You have to appreciate military medicine, in that some of the doctors are only there as long as they have to be, while others are very dedicated and professional. In Jason's case we have been blessed with mostly the professional ones, and that has been a blessing. Anyway, one of the areas that has been a challenge with Jason has been with urinary, and today the primary doctor who has been following Jason came out to us and stated that they wanted to set up a meeting with a couple of the specialists, to see what was needed to move forward to get the repair work going. To say the least, both of us were pleased with this.

Jason also went to visit Wound Care and that was the shortest visit we have had with them since being here. They were happy with how Jason's wounds were doing and there were definite signs of improvements on most of the area, with a couple still showing signs of needing extra care. This is a major improvement, as not too long ago almost all the areas needed extra care. We are hoping that this is just the beginning of the good news coming our way, and that over the next several weeks (months?) we are going to be getting more and more good news. On top of all this, we picked up the girls from day care today, and it is always good to have them at home and spending time with Daddy.

I gave the girls a bath, after dinner tonight, and then braided Stacy's hair (Jackie's hair really isn't long enough to do a real braide yet) after brushing it out, and then the same for Jackie, minus the braiding. They both looked like they had a fun day at day care as they looked totally disheveled, with they hair going all over the place. It was one of those times when I wished I had had the camera, they both looked so cute. Anyway, tomorrow will be a little easier start, as Jason's first appointment isn't until 09:00. I'll get them all up; fix some breakfast; and, then we'll be on our way. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers, Take care and stay positive.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013

Today was another uneventful day, and just the kind I like to have. We went to Miramar to visit the Exchange, as Jason needed another blouse for his Charlie Uniform. We also had lunch with Anthony Netto, and that was a nice change. It gave us a chance to just sit and chat and talk about stuff without worrying about who was cooking what, and there was no clean up. The only reason that ended was because Jason needed to get of his chair and back on to his bed. He also wanted to take a shower, so that was done just a short while after we got home.

Otherwise it was a nice relaxed day and evening. I got a chance to talk with Linda a couple of times, and there were no interruptions. The challenge associated with that was with my phone. I think there is something wrong with it as the volume on phone calls isn't very loud, and I have been unable to figure out how to make any adjustments. I'll be taking it in to ask the techs to see if they can figure it out. I suspect tomorrow is going to be similar to today, and that it will be rather uneventful. As a result of these types of days I am going to be cutting back on my blog updates. I will first attempt an every other day pattern for updates and see how that works out. If something should happen on one of the "off" days, then I'll update on that day, but otherwise I will be cutting back. I hope this doesn't bother anyone - Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive

Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2, 2013

Jason got the lazing done to his wounds today, and both the dermatology docs involved were very pleased with how the wounds have been responding. If the treatment, combined with the collagen treatment, fulfill their potential, then Jason will be much better off than he is right now. It is simply something that we have to continue to be diligent with, and making sure that the wound area remains clean and free from infection.

The rest of today was simply spent at the house, and when the new home health aid came (Jocelyn - sp?) I made an attempt to go for a bike ride. As it turned out, Fridays, after 14:00 (2pm), are not very bicycle friendly. I made a quick ride around the "block" and just came right back. I rode just a little under 2 miles, and in that short distance dodged about half a dozen vehicles. People are sometimes oblivious to what is going on around them, and when there are densely packed areas, it becomes even worse. I really do wonder sometimes how some people get their driver licenses.

Anyway, tonight I watched the Batman movie with Michael Keaton, and enjoyed seeing it again (its been awhile). Jason rested from the procedure and we just had soup for dinner. Neither of us were very hungry, so it was no big deal. Tomorrow we will be headed up to Miramar to check out a few things for Jason, but otherwise we won't be doing much of anything else. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1, 2013

This year has been such a fast year for us. I guess that's because it has been such a busy year. We began in Bethesda, MD, and went through a few changes there; then moved back out to San Diego, to endure a few more changes. These changes were medical changes, emotional changes, and personal changes; and, I am happy to say that Jason has gotten through all of them in pretty good shape. Now, we are approaching another set of changes, with one of those being associated with a biopsy that was done today.

Jason's day began with a short visit to the folks over at building 26, where there was a formation for the Marines, as Gunny Holmes was being promoted to Master Sergeant, and officially becoming their First Sergeant (he has been the acting First Sergeant for several months) of the Wounded Warrior Battalion. As it turned out, Jason was not able to stay for the ceremony and we had to get over to the good folks at the dermatology clinic, so that the biopsy, mentioned above, could be taken. The company doing the expensive process of growing the collagen for Jason had to coordinate their time with the procedure and a couple of other things, and that all come together this morning. The biopsy is taken back to that company and in another 90 days, or so, the next step can be taken, and it is hoped that that process won't take any more than another 90 days to complete. Assuming it does complete this time (first time attempted it failed), it will potentially  provide Jason with a little more, and possibly even a lot more comfort when he sits up. And, potentially allow for other procedures to be done that will make his life a little more tolerable. I am optimistic that things will continue to develop positively, and perhaps we can begin to see a pathway to the end of his medical recovery.

The rest of the day was pretty much spent at the house, where I did a couple of loads of laundry - one of those being Stacy's Lion Chair. It needed to be fluffed up and since I had previously done Jackie's Giraffe Chair yesterday, I felt I needed to do the same for Stacy' chair. Now both chairs are nice and fluffy, as they were when new. We had tacos for dinner, and it was both simple and good. Tomorrow is another day for another procedure for Jason, where they will be lazing the wounds to help them to better heal, and again that will be in the morning. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and support - Take care and stay positive