August 26, 2013

Today was a rough day for Linda, as she continues to battle with the "bug" that has been bothering her for the past several days. I am hoping that she feels better tomorrow, and that the plane ride home is truly uneventful, so that she can get there with some level of comfort. She will be heading the doctor's office on Wednesday, and what I suspect they will say is something like this: "You have a virus that is going around and bothering some folks. You just happen to be one of them. It just has to run its course, and then you'll feel better... probably in a matter of 7 to 10 days." He might also be able to provide some medicine that will help her feel better.

Jason didn't have much going on today, other than PT and that actually lasted a little less than an hour. Once that was done we headed over to the pharmacy and picked up his new medication, along with a couple of refills. He has gotten off of one of the opiates so they now have him on another type of pain medicine that is supposed to be much less of a load on his system, while providing pain relief. Tomorrow we will be heading over to wound care and talking with the folks there, as well as possibly having a couple of the other doctors come by to take a look at his wounds. Because of the ever changing nature of the wounds they want to see what, if any, progress has been made, and I'm happy to say there has been some. I just hope at least three of the doctors show up. It would be really cool if all of them dropped by, it might be a little crowded but that's okay. I understand they have busy schedules and sometimes it can be tough to get that much coordinated, but at least some of them should be able to come.

Today I also got the chance to speak with George B., who is responsible for putting together the October 10 event, and he has done an outstanding job. Everything is on track to happen and the ticket sales have begun. There are several folks here who have said they would like to attend the event, and I hope they do. It would be nice to have some of the locals here meet with some of the folks where Jason grew up. We still have to make some final travel and accommodation arrangements, but those should be rather easy to do, compared to the rest of what happened. Jason is actually pretty excited about coming and seeing everyone again. I'm going to attempt to post the information about the event on the blog, so that you can all see when and where it is going to take place. I then need to take care of a couple of other issues and then I'm going to call it a night. Thank you, for all your continued support and all the prayers being sent our way. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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