August 31, 2013

Jason and I went and looked at trucks today, and fortunately Anthony Netto met us at the dealership. Anthony has some experience in purchasing vehicles that need ADA modifications, since he has to get around in a wheelchair he knows what to look for. As it turned out they did have a truck there that Jason liked, and it was a very nice F250- Lariat diesel. The problem was that the price was WAY beyond what we thought Jason was going to be spending. Now, it also needs to be said that the price being shown (I don't think I can actually say, "quoted") was without any kind of reductions or discounts. I'm sure the final price would probably be a bit lower. Anyway, it was fun to go, and at least make a first step in that direction.

Actually, we first got up this morning and headed over to Miramar to pick up his Dress Blue uniform. It only took them about 3 months to get the jacket made (and that's all that it was, they didn't have to make any trousers). Jason tried on the jacket and it fit him a little large, or baggy, so the one lady had to tailor it a bit more and Jason should be able to pick it up in another couple of weeks. While we were there he ordered a couple of other pieces of uniforms, since he is planning to stay in, if the right job is available.

Tomorrow we'll be going out again and doing some shopping, both grocery and furniture. The grocery is simply because we're low on some food, and the furniture is for a new mattress and support (box spring I think) for Jackie's new bed. We hope to have it all up and together before the girls come back to stay with us next week. Anyway, that is about all for today's activities. Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers - Take care and stay positive.


  1. Can't believe that it could take that long to get a jacket! Hope he can work out getting a truck!
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