March 25, 2017

Apologies to all, in that it has taken me a little longer than I should have taken to provide another update.

Jason does  not, and did not have MRSA. He has a basic staff infection (which can still be very uncomfortable), and therefore it was not as serious an issue as we initially though. A culture was taken at Balboa, and as a result of the initial treatment and antibiotics he is doing quite well. He is still having to spend more time in bed, and he hates it, and the wounds are all getting better. The big challenge now is getting him back into the wearable. Not sure how long that is going to take, but I'm guessing in a matter of a week or so.

On another front, Jason is scheduled for surgery in April, so again he will be required to stay down for healing, only this time it is elective. They are going to be able to go in and reconstruct his urethra and, assuming all goes well he will no longer have to deal with a catheter. This is something we have been looking to happen for a couple of years now. I know it is a matter of Jason's being ready for it, and being healed up enough, but it has taken a long time to get there.

In the mean time, we had George, III (Jason's oldest brother) to the house and celebrated his 40th birthday. It was a fun time for everyone, and we all dressed up in super  hero attire, as that was the theme of the party. George stayed for a few more days, afterward and then had to head back home... something about needing to get back to work... ;-) Anyway, George will be coming back down on a more regular basis and Stacy and Jackie will be able to get to know their Uncle George more.

David and Sean were also at the party, and that was the first time in about six years that all four of them have been together. It was particularly good for Linda and I, as we miss having them around. We need to come up with more reasons to have all of them here, with the entire extended family. It is always fun to see all the grandkids playing, and they all keep growing so fast. Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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