Jason had a great workout at the MATC today, with his new PT Mike working him pretty hard. I think it did a great deal to helping Jason feel better, since it did cause him to work up a good sweat. On the other hand it caused me a little concern since we had a good snow last night and I didn't want him to go out in the cold being all sweaty. After the PT workout he had a couple other appointments, in the hospital, so we didn't have to go back outside and he was pretty dry when he was done, so it all worked out.

Yes, I did say it snowed last night. It really wasn't much snow, only about an inch or so, on the ground, and it did look pretty when I first looked outside. It probably could have been fun to go play in, if it hadn't been so darn cold. It was down around 18 degrees F, with a slight breeze, so that made it that much colder.

The girls are headed back to California, tomorrow morning, with Bridgette, and Jason is going to be missing them very much. I've done my best to make sure there was adequate face-time for Jason to be with the girls, though I'm sure he would have liked more. Of course the girls really don't understand what is going on, only that they are going on a trip tomorrow and that Daddy (or Grandpa) isn't coming with them. Jason and I will be headed that way, eventually, but we just don't know when that will be right now.

Tomorrow we will again have some appointments to deal with and then  I'll be moving in with Jason, so that I am in his room for the remainder of my stay here. This will be a little easier for me, so that I don't have to go completely across the building to get to him. The other positive is that he can leave his door open now, if he wants to, since she will be gone. I ask now that you please keep Jason in your prayers, and also his family, to protect them on their journey, and I thank you for all your support during these trying times.


  1. Always in our prayers!

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends


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January 2017
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