June 1, 2012

Today was a good day, though Jason did have to deal with an elevated issue of discomfort and the occasional spike in pain. The good part is that it only comes once-in-awhile, and it really doesn't last too long, but he would really rather not have to deal with it at all. It kept him in bed for most of the day, though he was up a few times and came out to play with the girls for a little while. Linda and I bought Stacy a tricycle back at Christmas and she has only recently gotten big enough to ride it correctly. She is always wanting to go out in the backyard and ride her "bicycle." Jason was able to get out and watch her ride and it made her very happy and Jason really enjoyed being there for her. Jackie likes to get out in the backyard as well, and she also has a little scooter type rider. The rider has four wheels, so it doesn't fall over, and it is very lite weight. The challenge is to get Jackie to want to use it. Stacy is riding all over the patio and Jackie is just as happy as can be, running around and picking up leaves and things.

There were no appointments today so we didn't have to go in to the hospital. It turned into a busy day for me personally, as I started out helping Jason with a shower, and then I did a dressing change on his wounds. They are looking better, I think from the laser treatment, though there are some new areas where you can tell the skin is breaking down, so I am hoping it is just from the laser treatment. After I had the new dressings all in place he was able to get up and move around, so I got up and went for a bike ride. I wanted to ride over to the bike shop I found and pick up a couple of inner tubes (you always need to carry spares if you're going to do any serious riding) and I guess I was out and back in about an hour. Then a got a call from Anthony Netto and he invited me to come do some golf practice drives with him. The fun part was that I've never done any golfing, other than the putting I did, the last time Jason went golfing. I guess I did alright for a first timer, and Anthony was really patient with me, in giving me instructions. Jeff Harding was also at the golf course and he came down to hit a few balls as well. He also got some instruction from Anthony, and the good thing is that he doesn't have much more golfing experience than I do - that means we don't have any bad habits to unlearn. Anyway, after the golfing we went over to Jeff's business, Recycle San Diego, where he runs a green business and recycles all kinds of stuff. He told me about a need for his company, with their IT environment and phone systems and now I'm going to be doing some work for Jeff. It was truly a great time to learn how to golf. I have been wanting to get some sort of employment going and at least I know have a start.

By the time I returned to the house, Steve and Yolanda had shown up, and Larry had just left for the day. Yolanda was in the kitchen working on dinner and Steve was in the backyard with the girls. The girls have really taken to them and it has been great having them here for these few days. Unfortunately they have to get back home this weekend, and tomorrow is going to be the last full day that they will be here. Tomorrow is still kind of an unknown, depending on how Jason is feeling. We might be able to go do some sight seeing, or we may just laze around the house. Whatever it turns out to be I'm sure it will be a good day.

Thank you, for all your continued support and prayers, and thank you, for reading my blog. I know some of you have been steady and have stayed with me from early on, and I appreciate it. I also appreciate all the others who have joined along the way. I feel like it has created a giant prayer chain that has circled the globe. -God Bless you all.


  1. Dear Mr. Ross: My husband John and I are Pleasanton Military Families Members in Livermore. Our son is x3 yrs USCG straight out of GHS in Livermore. Last week I stopped at the stop sign at J and 3rd right by Der Weinerschnitzel and looked across the street to the back entrance of bank of the west to look at my son's banner longingly, and when I looked to my left to see if it was clear to go, my eyes rose upwards - and there Jason's banner is steadfast to the lightpole right across the street from our son's!!!!! Mr. Ross, please hug Jason for us, kiss him for us, thank him for us. We pray for him always ALWAYS. We are very involved in our Veterans' support and military groups, and we pray for you ALl all the time. With deepest respect and gratitude and God's blessings on you all,
    Mrs. Nancy Johnsen, Springtown, Livermore


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