June 14, 2012

Today was Jason's first full day at home, since leaving the hospital (for the third time) and he spent most of it in bed. Linda and I spent more time at the hospital as we both had appointments, and then there were several people who wanted to just talk with us, especially since Linda was here. I guess it is because some of them have heard me speak of her several times, and now they can finally get a chance to meet her face-to-face. We even had lunch at the galley, and they were serving enchiladas and fajitas (chicken), along with a number of other side dishes. Anyway, after the appointments and we were all done, we came back to the house. There were a number of other errands we wanted to get done, and we did do most of them, with a few left over for tomorrow. Tomorrow is also a big dinner for Jason, and Linda and I, as we are going to be headed to the Ritz Carlton to listen to and then have dinner with Oliver North. There is also going to be someone there that I have been wanting to meet, as he has provided assistance to us directly, and I've never even met the guy, so I'm anxious. He is even providing us with a room for this dinner, so that Jason will have a place to go lay down, if he should get tired or uncomfortable. My guess is we'll need to use the room

We also had a couple of visitors at the house, Monica (she's been here before) and Austin, her boyfriend. They came down to get some vacation time in, and then to also see us. I grilled some steaks and corn on the cob, and we had a very nice dinner in the backyard. They stayed until Jason had to go lay back down, and then a little later. Jason actually came back out, as they were leaving - he is such a gracious host. Once he was back down I got him hooked up with the antibiotics from the IV line and got the first one out of the way. I was originally told two weeks on those, but the shipment only contained 12 more, so I'm guessing that the two doses he received while still in the hospital. Once that was done it was real close to bed time for all of us, and we went to bed. Of course me writing this blog was done first.

Thank you, all for all the support and prayers you have sent our way.


  1. Went to the Mariner/Padre game last night so was too tired to check in on blogs. Of course the Padres won...So you'll be happy to know the Giants are here now! Of course they won tonight!
    Know that I'm always here praying!
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