February 5, 2015

Today was a busy day, right from the beginning. We first had a visit from the Caregiver Resource specialist, from the VA. The problem with that is that neither Jason or myself understood that BOTH Jason and I had to be available for that meeting, we both thought it would only require me to be there. Jason had another appointment at the same time. The good thing was that Mr. McMillan (that is his name) arrived early, so Jason only had to delay his departure only slightly. He only needed to speak with Jason for about 10 minutes, and the rest was with me. When we were done I worked on my bike and got the flat tire fixed. I had to get over to the bike shop to purchase a new tube, but that didn't take too long, and I actually purchased a spare to carry.

Right after Jason's appointment he was to meet with the specialists who have been working with his daughter, Jackie, for her I.E.P. (It is a development plan so that Jackie and work through some of her challenges and still not drop too far behind the other children in her class - Linda was also there, since early childhood development is her specialty, and Jason wanted her there.) Anyway, Jason had to move quickly so that he wouldn't be any later than necessary. The meeting went for a couple hours and Jason and Linda walked back to the house.

We were supposed to be going to Miramar, the Marine Air Base, for a shooting event tomorrow, but found out that it had been called off. This meant I needed to get in touch with some of the folks at the Gary Sinise Foundation (GSF), and tell them that they would not be going. Originally we had invited them, and I was their contact person. In hind sight, perhaps it is good it was cancelled, as it provides me with some extra time to prepare dinner for tomorrow, because those same folks from GSF, and a couple others, will be coming to Jason's house for dinner. We ended up going shopping for all the dinner items tonight, at Costco. It was kind of fun with just the three of us, and fortunately Costco wasn't too busy.

After returning home from Costco it was getting late and Jason treated us to dinner; it has been awhile since just the three of us have gone out to dinner. After returning home Linda and I kicked back and watched a little TV, and Jason laid back down. Jason's wounds are looking very good right now, and we're all hopeful that the left side will close completely tomorrow, or the next day at the latest, and that it will stay closed. The right side is still more challenging, and will take another couple of months to close. I will be so happy when everything is closed, and that affords Jason the comfort of knowing a source of possible infection has been closed off. Thank you, for all the continued prayers and all the support. Take care and stay positive.


January 2017

January 2017
Jason gets a visit from Gen. Jon Monett

January 2017

January 2017
With Gary at the GSF Office

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