June 21, 2015 - Happy Father's Day

Well, about mid-day, yesterday, we experienced the summer solstice, and today we enjoyed the first full day of Summer! Oh, yeah, and a Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there, and even to those who are only at the point of thinking about becoming a dad. Do think about it though, as it is a very big responsibilty, and shouldn't be appraoched lightly.

Today we enjoyed having the girls come over to the house at a little after 08:00 this morning, and they were all excited about seeing Daddy and Grandpa. They gave Jason his Father's Day gift, and then I received one as well. Linda had put all this together before she left, part of her on going effort to make sure things go right, even when she isn't here. I guess that's why she was working so hard before taking off to go with her parents.

A little after the girls arrived, and the Father's Day gifts were given I told the girls we would still be going to church, and they were going to be able to go to Sunday School. Both of them became very excited and wanted to know when we were going to leave. First they had to get dressed, as I did not feel what they were wearing was appropriate for church. They were definitely wearing their "kick-back" clothes and looked "comfortable." I also had to take care of their hair, as it had not been brushed, and I know God doesn't care what you wear, or what you look like, but I think that if you can go looking better then you should.

After church we stopped and picked up a chocolate donut for Jason, and a couple for the girls. They wanted to be sure that Daddy got one. There really wasn't a great deal more done today, other than me making a quick run to the store, and me making some phone calls. I spoke with my sons, when they called me, and I also spoke with two of my brothers, when I called them. I also coordinated with a few of our friends and arranged for them to come to the house, just for a visit with Jason. I think he would like to have some visitors, just so he can look at someone, other than me. I'll make some more calls tomorrow, and see if I can get a few more friends to drop by.

We had salmon, mashed potatoes and vegetables, with a fruit salad for dinner, and I prepared it all myself. Then again, for those that know me, this is no big deal, as I like to cool. The girls got a bath and I washed their hair and even brushed it out afterward, before they went to bed. Heck, I even braded Stacy's hair and tried something different with Jackie (she didn't want a brade). I just hope they don't have a bunch of tangles in the morning. There is no school now, so they can sleep in some, and that means I can too... ;-) Thank you, for all the continued support and prayers. Take care and stay positive.


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