July 1, 2012

You know, if someone would have asked me, even a year ago, if I thought I'd still be with Jason on July 1, 2012 I think I would have said, "I hope not. I would hope he would be well beyond that, and I would be back home." Well, now it looks like I am going to be going home, and the best date we can come up with is July 16th, the first Monday of trying to get things a little closer to normal. We actually had planned on making the 13th our last day, but I ended up with tickets to Wicked, and it shows on the 15th. Jason is totally okay with Linda and I staying a couple of extra days, and I think he actually wants us to. Sort of a chance to take a couple of days unwind before driving back to Livermore.

Yep, I said driving. Jason has a Ford Explorer that we both recognize he will never be driving again. The cost of converting it over so that he could drive it would far exceed the value of the truck. As a result he is "giving" it to me and I will be loading all my stuff up in it and driving home. Heck, it runs well, looks pretty good and it provides me with a way to get my stuff home a little more easily. Then for Jason, it is one less vehicle he has to work with, and he will no longer have to insure so it is a win for him as well.

Okay, on to what happened today. We got home quite late last night (or early this morning if you like), and we were both very tired. The good news is that they did not find any reason for his fever or his elevated pain; and, the bad news is that he had a fever and elevated pain with no apparent cause. They are doing some other lab test and those won't be complete until today, or perhaps early tomorrow. If nothing shows up with those then we don't know what to say other than stay vigilant and continue to work with the medical staff. He was feeling somewhat better today, for the first couple of hours this morning, then as we were going to get ready to head to church he started to feel some sharp pains again, just when he moved. It didn't take a great deal of movement to generate the pain, so we decided to not go. Later in the afternoon he was still very uncomfortable and as a result he just spent most of the day in bed. He did get out long enough to take a shower and for me to address the dressing changes.

The girls are here with us now, and it was great seeing how they are acting with Daddy. For a little while both the girls where in bed with Jason and they were all having fun, though Jason had to be very cautious as to how he moved and played with them. It really made my heart feel so much better watching them and seeing both girls lay their heads on Daddy's shoulders. I initially wanted to take some pictures, then realized that doing so, at that moment would have taken away from how it really was, and was satisfied that I got to see it. We did get some other pictures, and they'll be posted shortly.

Not much else happened today, other than us playing with the girls  and the normal activities of daily life. Thank you all, for all your prayers and for all the support you've been sending our way... and now a number of you have started to support me on the bike ride as well, thank you for that as well.


  1. Praying right now!
    Psalms 43:2-5 Thou art the God of my strength . . . O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto thy holy hill, and to thy tabernacles. Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy: yea, upon the harp will I praise thee, O God my God. Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.
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  2. will miss reading about Jason recovery. Glad you are able to get home and back to somewhat of a normal life.

  3. Mr./Mrs. Ross,

    I would like to come down and visit Jason. I was stationed with him at EOD School and then Japan. If you could give me a call at 951 595 2011 for when would be a good time to visit.

    Ken Sawyer


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