July 6, 2012

Jason had some difficulties today with his pain management, and as a result did not attend his hyperbaric dive today. In the past the medical staff at UCSD was able to help him deal with it, and there was no significant delay in getting the session, or dive, underway. Today was a bit different in that there was a new doctor there, and he seemed to not be able to deal with Jason's condition and therefore offered to send Jason down to the ER. This would not have been a good idea, considering Jason is military, and the Naval Hospital is only a couple of miles away. The doctor in charge, in the past, as always been able to prescribe something for Jason and he just went forward, this time it didn't happen. To say the least, Jason was a bit frustrated with the personnel at UCSD and basically suggested today was being staffed by the second string team.

We really didn't have much new going on, other than Jason had a couple of early appointments, and we had to get the girls up a little earlier than in the past. They still got to their day care and they still has a great time, while there, so it all worked out. We picked them up, late this afternoon and then Linda and I headed over to Costco to do a little shopping. This was the first time the girls got to ride through Costco with Grandma and Grandpa. I think Stacy really liked the idea of the food samplers... ;-) She also became somewhat choosey in what free samples she wanted - just like a seasoned consumer.

Jason spent the most part of the day in bed, once he was back at home. After being there for a couple of hours he was feeling better and fell off to sleep. I talked with him a little later this evening and he showed me where his pain was coming from and it looked to be the same general area as before. It is something that he is going to be dealing with for the next few months, if not longer, and he will need to work with his primary doctor to see if they can get the pain levels back down to a manageable level. Tonight though, he is more comfortable, so it is something we need to watch, but not necessarily worry about tonight.

Thank you, for your continued prayers and being there for his support. Not sure if there is going to be an entry for tomorrow, so I'll just play it by ear for now. Thank you, and good night.


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January 2017
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January 2017
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