July 16, 2012

Well, today was supposed to be the first day of me totally stepping away from supporting Jason's needs for his recovery. It didn't quite work that way. I asked him if he had contacted Maxim (the company contracted with) and he said he had sent them a text message last night letting them know he needed someone here by 06:30. By 07:30 I had gotten his breakfast; helped him get his clothes together; and, assisted him in getting out of his bed. There was no transportation so I took Jason to his appointments and it happened to be the same time we needed to get the girls to day care, so that was no big deal. The challenge was connecting up with the Maxim folks. It took five phone calls and three trips back to the house before we were back on track. It was also noon time, so at least they were there to help with his lunch. Jason was feeling pretty good today, so that was a big plus, as well as very helpful in getting beyond the frustration of their stumbles.

Tomorrow we are again looking to find transportation and the Maxim folks here in time to get him to his first appointments, and again it will be about the same time we are targeting getting the girls to day care. I hope it goes better than today, though I am a realist and expect some goofs. I guess it is a good thing we're staying around for another few days, otherwise Jason might find it a bit of a challenge to eat. The good thing is that he does have the Medic Alert system now, so if he does find himself alone and in need of help, he can get it with a push of a button.

Take care and stay positive - I'm expecting to hear something from the doctors tomorrow - probably through Jason - about what they think should be happening next. I am also hopeful that we'll find out about if/when they want to get him out to Bethesda for the pre-op work. Thank you, all for continuing to pray for Jason and for providing the support.


  1. Jason and George and Linda,

    I have read each and every blog. I couldn't go to sleep until I read it. In the beginning I would wake up at 2 am and come out to the living room to log on, hoping that it was a good day. Jason has been so blessed to have you as his father and caregiver the past 17 months. Thank goodness you were able to be there with him. Remember when the specialized bed deflated while he was in Bethesda? Through that chaos you were able to "bark orders" to the nurses that were a bit panicked. What a journey this has been for you folks. Being an empathetic person here, belive me, I have rode on that roller coaster right along with you all. Being able to "be there" for Linda helped me feel not so helpless, like I was able to do SOMETHING to help out. Thank you for being our friends and I hope we have been of some help for you folks. I look forward to all goodness that is in the Ross Family's future and hearing about Jason's continued healing and recovery. I will miss the blog each day, but, will continue to "stay tuned" for future postings. We look forward to having you back in Livermore, at least for the time being. Safe travels and,

    All our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. I keep praying that this will work out!!!!!!
    Isaiah 41:10, 13 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. (13) For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee.
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