July 13, 2012 - Post No. 500

Wow! I would not have believed that I was going to be putting up 500 posts, over the coarse of 17months, but here it is. Jason has made some amazing strides in these 500 different entries, with some of them better than others, and Jason consistently demonstrating a positive outlook. It makes me very proud of him, though I guess Linda and I have always been very proud of him - and all of our sons.

Today was a good day for Jason, in that we were able to get with Dr. Pyo and talk about some of the progress that Jason has been making and some of the ideas of what else can be done. We also spoke about the things that didn't work so well, such as the hyperbaric chamber; some of the early first wheelchairs; even some of the early wound care, and despite the set backs, how it all has come together in a positive way. There have been some significant positives and successes along the way as well. Such as Jason being able to transfer himself sooner than they thought would happen; Jason beating every infection that he has come up against; Jason's body and constitution having the strength and resilience to mend in so many different ways.  Jason has contributed so much to the body of knowledge, within the medical field and now it looks like there is going to be more. There is to be a meeting, on Monday, of all the heads of the different teams Jason has been associated with, in one manner or another, and the out come of that meeting is a possible road map for his next steps. Jason, Linda and I are all excited to hear about what they come up with.

Next week will be a continuation of his appointments, and even though Linda and I will be here, we will not be participating in working his schedule. For example, on Monday he does have two early appointments but the only thing Linda and I have to focus on is getting the girls over to their day care. This next week is a transitional week, so that he will be able to keep things going as "normal" as possible without our involvement. The next week we will be back in Livermore, with the girls and the dynamics will have made a major shift. We have been working towards this for some time, so I have a high level of confidence everything will be alright. We just need to see it work. Once this week has gotten past us the blog will be making a transition of its own, to a weekly update, or whatever works best for us. I don't want to close the blog, but I also know I won't be able to provide updates as regularly as I have in the past. Having said that...

Thank you, everyone, for all your continued support and prayers. God has truly blessed us with all of you.


  1. Thumbs up and big hugs to all!!

    All our best,

    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

  2. Good luck with the upcoming transition! It is so encouraging to witness such a supportive family and network for Jason, as I'm sure that has largely directed his recovery and positive outlook.


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