July 3, 2012

Well, today was definitely different from yesterday. Jason went to the hospital again today, though he didn't have any appointments this morning. Actually, what happened was that Jason and I had breakfast at the house with Linda and the girls, then the two of us headed off to the hyperbaric treatment center at UCSD Medical Center. We did get a bit of a late start because Jason wanted to take a shower this morning, and then I did a dressing change. Once that was accomplished we were ready to have breakfast, and so was everyone else. The girls had gotten up and Linda (a.k.a. Grandma) was getting breakfast for the girls. We all had cereal for breakfast, and we had fun doing it. Both Jackie and Stacy kept coming up to me eating my Rice Krispies, because Grandpa's is always so much better than their own. Jason finished first and then me, and then we were off to UCSD. Afterward I came back to the house and got Linda and the girls and took them over to their daycare.

I received a call from Anthony Netto, and he invited me over to hit a bucket of balls, over at the Riverwalk driving range. While I did that Linda was over at the mall, looking around. She did make a few purchases, but for the most part she just looked. It is amazing the patience that Anthony has with me, as I am probably one of, if not the worst golfers there is and he continues to steadily help me figure out how to hold a club... I even sometimes hit the ball. I'm beginning to enjoy the game, and I might start to play more regularly, as time permits. Anyway, I did that for about an hour and then had to head back over to pick up Jason. As it turned out, they were a bit late again, though I didn't have to wait too long. Once we were back in the van we had to head back over to Balboa and pick up some prescriptions for Jason.

Jason and I finished all the running around at the Naval Base Hospital and all he had to do was pick up the Rx, so I said I'd go pick up Linda and he was good with that. Actually he knew it would take awhile so he went to the store in the hospital to pick up a few things (mostly candy), instead of waiting in the pharmacy. Linda and I got back and he was back in the pharmacy waiting. Since it was now getting later in the afternoon I went over to pick up a couple of sandwiches for the three of us, and by the time I got back Jason's Rx was just about ready. Jason was now getting pretty worn out so we decided to just get him back home and then come back and get the girls from day care.

Jason laid down and in a matter of just a few minutes was sound asleep. Linda and I headed back over to the day care, since it was getting late (about 17:00 - 5pm). This is when the day really fell off the track. On the way back home traffic was a bit heavier than usual (tomorrow is a holiday) and so as traffic rounded this turn I saw an alternator, laying in the road. I had nowhere to go and I was going too, fast to stop. I did my best to line up the alternator so that it would do as little damage as possible and then we hit. BANG! BANG! CRUNCH! And I said, "I don't like the way that sounded." We stopped over at the Target parking lot and I could smell coolant, and then I saw coolant. The alternator had broken a line and it was draining fast. We had the girls with us, and we needed to get a couple things so we went inside and it was probably the fastest that Linda has ever moved in the store (I guess I was kind of anxious). We made it back to the house and then I immediately took off again to see if I could get the van repaired. There is a Napa Auto Repair center not far from the house and they agreed to take a look and fixed it, all within an hour. A line had been ruptured and it was amazing that more damage hadn't been done. For awhile I was sweating bullets, trying to figure out how we were still going to do the plans we had for the fourth, and now we can. The day got a little rough, but in the end it was okay.

Tomorrow we are planning a little picnic and barbeque, and as long as I don't run over anything else, it should be a great day. Thank you, for all your continued prayers and support, and Happy Fourth to everyone.


  1. Have a fun July 4th Holiday!!

    All our best,
    Karen & Rob
    Livermore Friends

    Timmy has melted. Go Giants!

  2. Praying that these words give you comfort!
    John 14:1-3 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.
    My email address

  3. Fouth of July

    Thank-You Jason for your love and sacrifice for our Country and for all of us American Citizens. You are a true American hero. Thank-you for the courage that you show everyday, it is truly an inspiration to all of us. God bless you always!
    Paula Gentile, Pasadena, Maryland

  4. Wow! That was quite a story about the alternator and the subsequent damage. I am glad it was taken care of so quickly. Hope your 4th was as good as ours. Ruth and I and Dick and Cindy Danielson from church are here on O'ahu. We spent the day at Schofield Barracks at their Independence Day celebration with the army personnel, including people freshly back from combat. It was an amazing patriotic experience. Peace, Bill


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